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Vox: Watch the rapid evolution of the American diet over 40 years, in one GIF.

I look at these, and become surprised that none have been correlated against disease (‘the reduction in whole milk perfectly tracks the rise in autism!’ etc.). Correlation, causation, and the whole internet amateur-research phenom ... then again, wait five minutes and check Twitter.

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NY Times: I Run a G.M.O. Company — and I Support G.M.O. Labeling.

Foods with bioengineered ingredients are safe, but shrouding them in secrecy breeds doubt and fear. Clear, informative labeling is a first step toward transparency that can build trust and educate consumers. But trust has to go both ways: Biotechnology companies and food producers must trust consumers to educate themselves and make informed decisions.

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Guardian.UK: Glyphosate unlikely to pose risk to humans, UN/WHO study says.

Playing games. Move those goal posts. Cancer isn’t the major concern; the detrimental effect on gut bacteria is. Many medical studies to back up even small amounts having great effects on the gut. This is not anti-GMO; this is overuse of pesticide. They’re using this stuff to dry out wheat crops for easier harvesting. By the millions of gallons. You’re getting more than you realize.

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nakedcap: Preparing to Collapse in Place with Permaculture.

The way to avoid the rush is simple enough: figure out how you will be able to live after the next wave of crisis hits, and to the extent that you can, start living that way now.” Not really a source I’d go to for permaculture advice, but interesting nonetheless.

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Mashable: Small enough to fit in your pocket, this device can tell if your food is gluten-free.

Expensive, but compared to losing three days of work ... ?

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AuthorityNutrition: Are Oats and Oatmeal Gluten-Free?

They are, but cross-contamination is a huge problem. I eat oats only when I know I can ‘take a chance’ with my health.

I’ll take the opportunity to interject another interesting cross-contamination source. Coffee. I bought some mass market coldbrew coffee, and had some problems. I chalked it up to acidity (even though cold brew is supposed to be lower), kept drinking, and had worse problems. Doing research (I’m SO sick of researching things) ... coffee in America is of course not subject to cross-contamination in general. It’s the source countries. They use the same trucks for the coffee harvest that they use for hauling wheat and other grains. So some, especially cheaper coffees, can be significantly contaminated.

Unfortunately, everyone changes their sourcing all the time. I stick with one brand until symptoms start, and then start gently trialing others.

Celiac/gluten issues blow the big one. I hate it.

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TBTimes: At Tampa Bay farm-to-table restaurants, you’re being fed fiction.

Hmmm. I wonder about other ‘local source’ restaurants around the US. Santa Fe, we’ve had our share of pretentious hokum over the years. A local newspaper should do an in-depth story.

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SF New Mexican: Raid, payroll issues at Santa Fe Baking Co.

Backstory. The penalties and interest on back taxes are crippling.

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SF New Mexican: Longtime customers stumped by locked doors at Santa Fe Baking Co.

Good grief. Even Mary-Charlotte can’t get her stuff! Hope this gets cleared up soon. Another ‘anchor’ spot in Santa Fe, at risk.

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UPI: Study links Splenda to higher risk of leukemia.

Knew there’d be issues. Even having a piece of gum with Splenda sends me to the bathroom. Those I know who have imbibed for a long period - now that I read the article and make a correlation (which is not causation, but interesting nonetheless) - I realize they’re largely all dead of various cancers.

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WSAZ: Anonymous tip claims raw milk caused illnesses at Capitol

In the weeks after passing a bill allowing West Virginians to drink raw milk, one delegate brought the drink in to celebrate and, eventually, several lawmakers have gotten sick.” The CDC says raw milk is one of the riskiest foods to consume.

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co.design: How Bon Appétit Shot Its March Issue With An iPhone.

Like trying to squeeze a bowling ball through a keyhole. Some think it’s funny, some find a ‘zen’ moment (of dubious value), others say “why would you even bother”?

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Mashable: This cinnamon roll donut will make your dessert dreams come true.

Breaking my gluten-free heart ... (cinnamon being one of my favorite flavors) ...

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Authority Nutrition: Fresh vs Frozen Fruit and Vegetables - Which are Healthier?

Interesting! I supposed ‘canned’ didn’t make the cut. I’ve always preferred canned corn to frozen, for some strange reason. More ‘tooth’, al dente ... mouthfeel.

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The Atlantic: Tea Consumption in the United Kingdom Show Steep Decline.

A study of consumer purchases mixed with decades of data from National Food Surveys reveal that tea consumption has fallen steadily over the course of two generations.” Oh no!

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Authority Nutrition: Synthetic vs Natural Nutrients - Does it Matter?

Intelligently argued.

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SciAm: How Your Gut Affects Your Bones.

In fact, the microbiome is now known to influence heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease and obesity - and scientists are discovering new links every year. The microbiome is no longer just a preoccupation of microbiologists. It’s finally getting the attention it deserves across all areas of medicine.” I tell you, if I had my career to do over ... researching gut bugs.

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US News: The ‘lower risk of Alzheimer’s’ MIND Diet - What To Know.

Not draconian. I’d like to see the research first, though.

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BBC/In pictures: Inside former Swiss army bunkers.

No foolin’? Shiitake mushrooms, grown in WWII Swiss Army bunkers. I marvel at another piece of worthless-but-fascinating trivia.

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Guardian.UK: Meat eating could save the planet.

Interesting arguments I’ve not heard before.

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Archaeology News Network: Prehistoric teeth reveal how our ancestors ate 400,000 years ago.

Grab some aurochs steak – or whatever is on the menu – with one hand. Grip it between your teeth and, with your other hand, use a small flint blade to slice off a manageable bite size. But watch out because those flint tools are sharp and if you’re not careful, you could chip or graze your own choppers.

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Vox: The Great British Baking Show breaks all the reality TV rules.

I took a shot and previewed it on Netflix. And got addicted. They’ve only got Season One available for viewing, but I’m already slavering for Season Two. And I wonder why everyone in the UK isn’t the size of a bleedin’ house.

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SF Reporter: Bobcat Bites It - Sale would end tradition along old Las Vegas Highway.

Maybe. Unless someone buys and revives it.

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MeFi: His Noodly Appendage.

Cool. I’ll have to try this with a gluten-free dough.

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TED/Ideas: Should you stop eating fish?

Some vectors most don’t consider.

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