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The Nation: Scientists - We Cannot Geoengineer Our Way Out of the Climate Crisis.

The climate ‘doesn’t go backwards. It goes different. And we don’t even understand where that different state ends up.’

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SciAm: Bald Eagles Prove Full of Flame Retardants.

The gods are playing with us. There’s something terribly ironic about legal flag-burning and now having fireproof eagles ...

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SciAm: Here’s why 76 beavers were forced to skydive into the Idaho wilderness in 1948

Now, here’s a quirky link I just couldn’t resist. Skydiving beavers. Who’d a thunk?

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SciAm: Penn. Gov. Bans New Oil and Natural Gas Leases on State Land.

Easier now, with lower gas prices ...

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SciAm: What Do Farmers Think about Climate Change?

Given the stats, that looks to me like roughly 68% would be open to attenuation and preparedness measures. That’s a pretty good ratio.

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AdWeek/TVNewser: Why 2 Feet of Predicted Snow Was More Like 8 Inches.

The Weather Service has launched the new multi-million dollar GFS Model, to compete with the European model.”  They got the right forecast, they just didn’t believe it.

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Guardian.UK: White House unveils plan to open Atlantic waters to offshore oil drilling.

Like our shorelines can bear more pollution. Thanks for nothing, O.

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NY Times: How Much Snow Has Fallen.

The second map. If true ... *yawn* ... some Governors are going to look pretty silly.

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PS Mag: Whatever Happened to ‘Eco-Terrorism’?

*Ahem*. George Washington Hayduke lives ... in t-shirts, anyway.

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The Atlantic: The Texas Miracle.

Say it, Atlantic. Fracking rendered these numbers, not any policy miracle (other than letting energy companies have free rein).

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Guardian.UK: ‘Fifty miles out we could smell the pollution’ - sailing amid the ocean lit

It’s my biggest fear. [snip] There’s nothing you can do except keep your eyes open during the day and keep the watertight doors closed in the bow at night in case the worst happens.

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Albuquerque Journal: Judge overturns Mora County’s drilling ordinance.

Historically, a county cannot enact or supersede federal law.” I understand why, but it’s still a sad loss. Mora hasn’t much water underground, and the area is just gorgeous. Golden eagles nest in pines on the cliffs. I hope low oil prices kill off any potential development.

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Coconino National Forest: FS seeking info on vandalism.

If you can identify any of these individuals, won’t you help the Forest Service out?

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Guardian.UK: Benzene found in Montana water supply after Yellowstone oil spill.

Elevated levels of benzene were found in samples taken from a water treatment plant that serves about 6,000 people in the agricultural community of Glendive, near the North Dakota border, officials said.” Leukemia is usually the result of being around benzene. Even just getting it on your skin. Nasty stuff. And yet, “Exxon Mobil is facing state and federal fines of up to $3.4m from the spill. The company has said it spent $135m on the cleanup and other work.” The main water source is likely destroyed. Price tag?

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AP/Bigstory: Pope’s climate-change stand deepens conservatives’ distrust.

What they’re worried about is the solution. [snip] Climate change is the ultimate collective-action problem. It’s going to require local, state and national policy change, and it’s going to require international cooperation, which means the United Nations.

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naked cap: Money Dries Up for Oil and Gas, Layoffs Spread, Write-Offs Start.

Their hope rests on cutting operating costs and capital expenditures, and coddling every dollar they get, while pushing production to maximize cash flow, which ironically will contribute to the oil glut and pressure prices further. They’re hoping to hang on until the next miracle arrives.” Good luck with that.

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Carlsbad Current-Argus: 10 percent of Yates Petroleum Corporation laid off.

First signs of oil price effects on New Mexico frackers.

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SciAm: Fracking Brings Ammonium and Iodide to Local Waterways.

The estimated volume of oil and gas industry wastewater generated in the U.S. is now more than 837 billion gallons (3.18 billion cubic meters) per year. For comparison, that’s nearly three times the volume of all the oil and gasoline that the United States consumes each year (291 billion gallons).” My emphasis. Completely idiotic, from my spot here in the drought-stricken Southwest.

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SF New Mexican: Texas town that prepared for oil boom now waits for bust.

Just wait until the cleanup and long-term maintenance costs hit. The new ghost towns of the West. New-oil-money Texans have been all over Santa Fe during the holidays; the last hurrah?

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Truthout: Russia Blamed, US Taxpayers on the Hook, as Fracking Boom Collapses.

It has been estimated that the six largest ‘too-big-to-fail’ banks control $3.9 trillion in commodity derivatives contracts, those same gambling instruments that brought us the 2008 housing collapse. And a very large chunk of that amount is made up of oil derivatives.” This one’s going to hurt bad, if it breaks. Folks have no financial padding left.

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naked cap: The Real Cause Of Low Oil Prices: Interview With Arthur Berman.

People keep asking in social situations, conversations.  Here’s one take.

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Guardian.UK: Methane plume over western US illustrates climate cost of gas leaks.

The methane that leaks from 40,000 gas wells near the desert trading post of Cuba, New Mexico, may be colourless and odourless, but it’s not invisible. It can be seen from space.” And encroaching Chaco. This cannot stand.

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ArtDaily: Longwood Gardens commissions Klip Collective to create immersive nightscape.

In the Topiary Garden, for instance, the geometric-shaped yew trees will be transformed into dynamic stone-like sculptures. In other parts of the Gardens, the projections will amplify the colors and textures of existing flora.”  Hmmm. Please, please don’t turn it into Las Vegas.

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FT: Opec leader vows not to cut oil output even if price hits $20.

‘It is not in the interest of Opec producers to cut their production, whatever the price is,’ he told the Middle East Economic Survey. ‘Whether it goes down to $20, $40, $50, $60, it is irrelevant.’ He said the world may never see $100 a barrel oil again.” I plan to remember that quote.

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Automatic Earth: Drilling Our Way Into Oblivion.

Of note. “Anyway, this is what we have on offer: the oil industry faces a triple whammy. Oil prices are down 50%, oil company share valuations are also down 50%, and their production costs are rising, in quite a few cases exponentially so. That’s what they, and we, face while slip-sliding into the new year. Do I need to explain that that does not bode well?” My italic emphasis.

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