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NMFireInfo: Battleship Fire on Santa Fe National Forest.

Shit. There’s no other word for it. Be safe, firecrews.

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Mashable: Brutal and prolonged heat wave about to hit the Southwest.

Yeah, we heard. Not wild about it.

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Smoke from the Dog Head Fire blankets our area.

I walked out to check the horizon. Can barely see the Jemez Mountains. Sandia Crest is obscured, as are the Manzanos (where the fire actually is).

I couldn’t believe it though - two people jogging, and a couple of bicyclists? Crazy. I stupidly went out during the last days of Las Conchas on my bike, drew enough into my lungs to be hacking up black stuff for a day and a half.

Experience talking - just DON’T.

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KOB: ‘Dog Head Fire’ burns nearly 700 acres in Manzano Mountains; wind stokes flames.

Big gout of smoke to the south, this time. It may settle over us shortly. Here we go ... AGAIN. We end up having to close up the house, right at the hottest time of the year.

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Star-Telegram: Earthworks says 2.3M Texans live close enough to oil & gas operations to pose risk.

Chart is #3 in the top image rotator.

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Guardian.UK: Alligator drags two-year-old boy into lagoon at Disney World resort in Florida.

You know, I spent a lot of time supporting sales meetings down in Disneyworld and environs. Every lake, every water feature seemed to have that long silhouette of an alligator or three in it. I wondered why they were allowed to remain, even close to well-trafficked areas. Understand, this was fifteen-twenty years ago now.

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Guardian.UK: UK fracking firm plans to dump wastewater in the sea.

Under EA regulations, the water must be treated on site or elsewhere at a designated treatment facility, before a permit is issued to discharge it. Ineos and the industry trade body said any fracking wastewater would be treated before being disposed of.” But what does ‘treating’ render? What’s left in the wastewater?

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BillMoyers.com: Small-Town America Has a Serious Drinking-Water Problem.

Tip of the iceberg. There are a whole lot of other nasties besides uranium.

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Roads & Kingdoms: A Forest Built By Hand.

We just let mother nature take care of this. [snip] They get them planted. They come out of dormancy. They start growing. It works out really, really slick.

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SF New Mexican: Regulator warns of long, costly cleanup at Los Alamos lab.

It could take another decade and more than $4 billion to clean up the hazardous waste remaining at one of the nation’s premier nuclear weapons laboratories.” It is impossible, IMHO, to completely clean up the Lab. The 60+ year old deep injection wells are percolating to the water table (“Impervious rock layers! Geologically impossible! You’re ignorant if you think it can actually happen!”). As I’ve pointed to for over a decade now: See the Los Alamos Study Group page.

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PS Mag: The Gulf Oil Spill Left More Damage Than We Previously Thought.

As much as 10 percent — or millions of gallons — of the oil spilled during the Deepwater disaster may have ended up on the Gulf’s seafloor this way, the researchers estimate. Those contaminants likely entered the food web.” Color me unsurprised. I called this when the accident was in progress. Gulf (bottom-feeding) seafood? No way, Josè.

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SciAm: New Study Finds That Roof Racks Are a Real Drag on U.S. Fuel Consumption.

I knew this already. Yet my roof rack stays on the car ‘just in case’. I should just go ahead and take the durned thing off. I’ve been chucking my bike in the back of the van, just because of the drag on the roof. In NM’s high winds and weather, a bent frame and tons of bugs are your reward for sitting on the roof. Better the back-of-the-car strap-on dealy.

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naked cap: Clinton Chasing Votes With Fracking U-Turn.

During her term as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton made no attempt to hide her international energy ambitions, which could be easily summed up as more locally produced gas for everyone, and more profits for the American companies that would pump that gas. Pretty much the usual run-of-the-mill approach to nurturing large corporate taxpayers and campaign supporters. Now, it seems, Clinton is ready to antagonize these same corporate campaign supporters in order to win more liberal votes.” OK, now I’m no fan of Clinton’s flip-flops on this, or her pushing of fracking tech across the globe. But I understand why she did it. Reducing the power of OPEC and other traditional oil-producing nations could be considered a proper strategy. But for America, today, now ... we need a solar/wind emphasis like never before. I just wish Clinton could make clear demarcations in her platforms, clearly explaining her evolution in thinking, without the Dukakis-like waffling.

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BBC: Exxon Mobil faces ‘change or die’ moment on climate.

Investors with at least $8tn under management have indicated they will support greater recognition of the climate change issue.” Probably the only method to generate a change in position.

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Guardian.UK: The world’s largest cruise ship and its supersized pollution problem.

Give me a sailing ship any day.

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Vox: Lake Mead helps provide water to 25 million people. And it just hit a record low.


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PS Mag: We’re Inching Closer to Making Solar Power as Cheap as Regular Electricity.

... the SunShot Initiative could create 290,000 new jobs by 2030, and 390,000 new jobs by 2050, if all goes to plan.” Bring it on.

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SF New Mexican: Albuquerque weighs getting more power from solar sources.

300 plus days a year of sun, probably 120 days of wind a year (at least). You’d think it would be a no-brainer. If we’d invested in solar and wind instead of oil and gas, we’d be financially healthy today. But no ... New Mexico must keep its head firmly wedged in its colon. [Excuse the graphical-ness. I’m in the mood to not suffer fools gladly. This was foolish fifteen years ago. Today it’s simply insane.]

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Guardian.UK: Yellowstone bison calf euthanized after park visitors picked up animal on road.

The young bison was released by rangers, only for it to be rejected by its herd following the separation. Yellowstone officials made several attempts to reunite the calf with the herd, to no avail. The calf was then put down by wildlife officials because it was ‘causing a dangerous situation by continually approaching people and cars along the roadway’.” All the harm we humans do. I give up sometimes.

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nakedcap: Preparing to Collapse in Place with Permaculture.

The way to avoid the rush is simple enough: figure out how you will be able to live after the next wave of crisis hits, and to the extent that you can, start living that way now.” Not really a source I’d go to for permaculture advice, but interesting nonetheless.

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SciAm: EPA Will Regulate Methane Emissions from Oil and Gas Wells.

They affect newly-drilled hydraulically fractured oil wells, which studies show are significant sources of leaking methane. At least one-third of human-caused methane emissions in the U.S. come from the oil and gas industry.” This is actually OK because the lifetime of a fracked well is very short (2 years on avg).

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Reuters: Trump taps climate change skeptic, fracking advocate as key energy advisor.

Who did this? Oh, that other candidate. He-who-shall-not-be-named. Bad enough, now made infinitely worse. This means T is going to be for the transfer of Federal lands to State control. Oppose this man with all your might.

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Mashable: Climate pendulum is swinging rapidly from El Niño to La Niña.

... they remark, drily.

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PS Mag: Land Grab Duplicity.

These lands are owned by us — the American people — and held in trust by federal agencies like the Bureau of Land Management and the United States Forest Service. Should the transfer movement succeed, however, they’d be ours no longer.” That’s for bloody sure. Fight this tooth and nail, my friends. Our Federal lands are an investment for the future. These scoundrels want to frack and mineral-extract themselves silly, take the companies bankrupt, and then give the land back to taxpayers once it’s ruined and all but unusable.

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Denver Post: Colorado Supreme Court rules state law trumps local bans on fracking.

I have to imagine those who approve of this measure, have never even visited a fracking area. They’ve not experienced the smell, the noise, the devastation. Or understood the fact that your average fracking well produces for a very limited number of years. Half-life is two years - with multiple ‘frackings’ during that time. Noise, stench, effluence. Hence the huge land-grab - they need acres and acres of new land. The industry wants to destroy as much landscape as possible for their bottom line - and taxpayers will end up on the hook for cleanup and remediation. Keep up the fight, people.

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