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Guardian.UK: Toxic chemicals found in most outdoor gear.

The study showed that toxic chemicals are ‘still widely present in products by brands such as Jack Wolfskin, the North Face, Patagonia, Mammut, Norrona and Salewa, especially in the production of footwear, trousers, sleeping bags and some jackets.’.” It’s a bit naive to want Teflon-like features in outdoor gear, and not expect some entertaining chemical combos to be utilized.

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Guardian.UK: US authorities distorting tests to downplay lead content of water.


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Guardian.UK: Is going off the grid selfish? For many, it’s the only option that makes sense.

New suburbs and sub-divisions are being proposed that will not be connected at all, preferring instead micro-grids that rely mostly on renewable energy and storage. Retirement communities – keen to lock in and control costs – are considering doing the same.” Santa Fe should be doing this!

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PS Mag: What the Fossil Fuel Industry Spilled Into Our Rivers, Towns, and Fields in Just a Year.

Woof. This poor old Earth of ours. If it’s this bad here, imagine what’s getting dumped in Russia and China.

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NBC News/Oregon Governor: Feds Told Us To Keep Quiet About Occupation.

Ball firmly in Obama’s court now. Next?

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PS Mag: 2015 Was the Hottest Year in History.

Our atmosphere turns another dark page, thanks to overpopulation and other excess.

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Guardian.UK: Locals demand Oregon militia leave refuge: ‘It’s time for you to go home’.

Ammon, his brother Ryan Bundy and occupier Jon Ritzheimer all showed up to the Harney County meeting and left without facing any threats from law enforcement. They walked past multiple sheriff’s deputies on the way out to their trucks.” Hmmph. Locals should heat up the tar, split the pillows, and have a rail ready next time.

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Guardian.UK: Leonardo DiCaprio savages corporate greed of big oil: ‘Enough is enough’.

This would have been much more daring in the days of high per-barrel prices. Now? Latest on the bandwagon-du-jour.

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SF New Mexican: More quakes rattle Oklahoma but state avoids tough measures.

A lot of people say we just need the earth to stop shaking, and I understand that, but the fact of the matter is that without the ability to dispose of wastewater, we cannot produce oil and gas in the state of Oklahoma, and this is our lifeblood.” Read that one twice, and see if you have as hard a time believing anyone could state that.

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Guardian.UK: Obama declares Flint water emergency as Sanders blames Michigan governor.

All the politicos are late on this one, IMHO. Where was the EPA, you ask?

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Guardian.UK: New Mexico to sue EPA after massive mining spill filled rivers with toxic waste.

No mention of where any awarded monies will go to. One would imagine cleanup, but history shows this isn’t necessarily a guarantee.

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Mashable: EPA rejects Volkswagen’s U.S. diesel repair plan.

As they should. From my understanding, catalytic converters need lots of heat to work efficiently at removing nitrogen oxide. Diesels don’t generally get hot enough. So this sounds like a BS offer, especially compounded with ‘insufficient detail’. VW seems to be assuming the EPA is a bunch of dodos.

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Archaeology News Network: Melting alpine snow exposes ancient history in Wyoming.

One of the key things about the ice patches is that the record they contain about past environmental conditions is as important, if not more so, than the archaeology they contain. [snip] And as they melt, tremendous amounts of information are being lost.

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Guardian.UK: Meat eating could save the planet.

Interesting arguments I’ve not heard before.

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MSNBC: Flint toxic water tragedy points directly to Michigan Gov. Snyder.

Rachel Maddow lays it out clearly. Watch the whole thing. Snyder aside ... Mr Obama, where’s FEMA right now?

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DeSmogBlog: Eagle Ford Shale Has Peaked, Lifting of Oil Export Ban Could Drain Field More Quickly.

I was skeptical, until scrolling down to the “Oil Production and Producing Well Count” chart. It seems Eagle Ford may truly be played out. The towns in West Texas better start chucking cash into savings for the cleanup.

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Guardian.UK: Flint’s ‘toxic soup’ polluted water worse for children than thought, doctor says.

Worse than San Bernardino. So why isn’t this covered 24/7?

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Guardian.UK: Fracking under national parks approved by MPs amid acrimony.


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SciAm: Pollution from Planes and Ships Left Out of Paris Agreement.

What didn’t go in is regulating as if you left out 164 nations.” Well, you knew they’d leave out something major ...

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Slate: Wild feral horses are bad for the environment in the West.

I love seeing wild horses. But they do need population control, otherwise they become like deer back East. Not enough predators.

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OpenCulture: Marcel Marceau Mimes the Progression of Human Life, in 4 Minutes.

Always amazing. Speaking of Princeton (below), I saw him at McCarter Theatre a decade or so before his death.

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Guardian.UK: Massive natural gas storage leak alarms California residents, climate activists.

Dang. We’re in for a warm summer next year, methinks.

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Guardian.UK: Earth has lost a third of arable land in past 40 years, scientists say.

This is going to be like an axe to forehead of anti-GMO folks. Yields have to increase on available land, faster.

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Guardian.UK: The County - the story of America’s deadliest police.

Guardian, you’re missing an important piece, though you briefly mention it. Oil drilling. Big in Kern County. Where there are oil workers, there is meth. And crime soars, requiring exponential police response. Breeds this kind of behavior, I hate to say. So the blame goes ... ?

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Bicycling: Free Electric Could be The New Power Source of India.

... but I want one!

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