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365/2: 165. #savelabajadamesa

365/2: 165. #savelabajadamesa

A mining concern wishes to strip-mine and gravelize La Bajada Mesa. We oppose such actions. Two color shots, some might like these even better, one and two.

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BBC: GM strains crash mosquito population in lab.

In principle, what you get is extinction.

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DeSmogBlog: Study Dismisses Geoengineering Quick Fix For Global Warming.

Only abatement will give humankind a chance to avoid the worst implications of climate change.

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New Eastern Outlook: Washington‘s Shale Boom Going Bust.

As a whole shale energy companies spend more than they are making in net profit, creating a bubble of “junk” bond debt to keep the Ponzi game going. That bubble will pop the second the Fed hints interest rates will rise, or even sooner.” It’s like a drug, a politico-economic pyramid scheme. When it goes crunch, it’s the people who live in fracking areas who are really gonna get the hurt. Via NakedCap.

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Vox: A day after Obama’s new climate rule, China hints it may cap emissions.

That sure sounds like a breakthrough in international efforts to tackle global warming. But as with many of China’s announcements on energy and climate, it’s worth parsing the details and remaining skeptical.

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Guardian.UK: Republican witness admits the expert consensus on human-caused global warming is real.

They’re winning because they are tying us up by arguing over consensus, rather than allowing us to find workable strategies to deal with the crisis. They are engaging-while-blocking, an old martial arts technique.

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NWS ABQ:1941 Anomalous Precipitation.

A really fascinating analysis of a NM weather anomaly. But also look at the precipitation graph! 1942-1959 was a pretty dessicated period. Bookmarked.

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Smithsonian: Ordinary People Respond More Strongly to “Global Warming” Than to “Climate Change”.

People also said that they prefer to use the term “global warming” in casual conversation with friends and family. And, finally, people ranked global warming as a higher priority for elected officials, the president and Congress to take action on, compared to climate change. ” Very interesting. After Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth, ‘global warming’ caused a large uptick in outrage here in my comments and in others’ comment sections. I switched to using ‘climate change’, and people were able to be reasonable again. Now it seems, I should switch back.

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365/2: 148. Storm behind Lamy, NM’s Cerro Colorado.

365/2: 148.

And a political statement: #nocrudeoilinlamy.  We stand for, what we stand on.

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NPR: From Yellowstone To Grand Canyon, WPA Posters Celebrate National Parks.

If you haven’t seen them in person, these are just wonderful.

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PS Mag: The Disappearance of Fog on California’s Farms.

Fog is a fragile thing; you’d have to live in the desert to realize how fragile (and rare) it is.

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Guardian.UK: Write-down of two-thirds of US shale oil explodes fracking myth.

Given the incredible difference between initial projections of 15 billion barrels and revisions to 600 million, does this not call into account all such global projections for tight oil?” Abso-friggin’-lutely.

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Guardian.UK: BP mounts last ditch effort to limit Gulf of Mexico oil spill settlement.

I wouldn’t limit a situation that hasn’t yet resolved.

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Las Cruces Sun-News: State - WIPP must permanently close underground panels.

Nice to know the State’s not going to sit on its thumbs, as the Feds seem to want to do.  More worrisome is the undelivered containers at various sites waiting to be delivered; if they are also compromised, or potentially flammable … they’re sitting parked out in the open. I wouldn’t want to be downwind.

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The Atlantic: Breakfast Cereals to Get More Expensive, Thanks to Climate Change.

Seriously, you want me to panic over Frosted Flakes?  The ‘staff of life’, bread, is more important on a worldwide basis, and just as under threat.

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Mashable: Earth Just Tied for Its Warmest April on Record, NOAA Says.

Alarmed. And with potential El Niño coming, time to batten the hatches a bit more (heat-proof, waterproof).

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Vimeo: Fracking Threatens Chaco’s Sacred American Heritage.

Longtime readers have heard me discuss Chaco Culture National Historical Park many times. The surrounding lands *must* be protected from fracking. Watch this video to understand more.

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Vox: Why the US is always so unprepared to fight wildfires.

Right now, Congress gives agencies like the US Forest Service a budget for fire suppression that’s based on the average cost of wildfires over the previous 10 years. Of course, if wildfires are getting bigger over time, that’s going to create constant shortfalls.

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Las Cruces Sun-News: Breaking - Obama to make Organ Mountains national monument.

For generations, the Organ Mountains have been an iconic part of the Mesilla Valley. Soon they will be part of a national monument.” Great news.

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BBC: UK’s oil, coal and gas ‘gone in five years’.

The government recently announced it was cutting subsidies for large-scale solar energy and the Conservatives have said there will be no funding for new onshore wind farms if they win the next election.” Woof. Rock and a hard place.

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Vox: Five horrifying maps of America’s massive drought.

Unless El Niño.

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Mashable: Homes Destroyed, Emergency Declared as Fires Spread in California.

My California readers and friends, I am doing rain dances for you.

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Youtube: Watch Tanker10 doing its thing over Lompoc, CA.

The video’s mislabeled, it’s a modified DC-10. But just look at how much retardant that baby can drop. Read more about the plane here. Check their video page for even more. (I’ve linked this before; probably at the start of each fire season.)

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SciAm: Bacteria Left a Methane Mess after Gulf Oil Spill.

Research published today in Nature Geoscience finds that although these bacteria consumed much of the gas, they slowed down considerably after a few months. In fact, bacteria only consumed roughly half of the methane …” Poor little buggers got full!

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DeSmogBlog: Mexico’s Looming Fracking and Offshore Oil and Gas Bonanza.

Looks like we’re about to find out how bad things can get. You remember BP; do you remember Ixtoc?

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