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The Economist: Energy controversies - A frack too far.

Cash in and move out, I assume. They feel left out of the bounty.

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VOX, CEPR’s Policy Portal: The cost of delaying action to stem climate change: A meta-analysis

This analysis concerned the cost of trying to hit the same climate target with a later start date for the policies. It showed that the cost of achieving a given target would rise by about 40%. This, however, is only one factor to consider in assessing the timing and magnitude of action on climate change.

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ScienceDaily: Scientists bring oxygen back to dead fjord.

Of interest.  Could be classified as minor geoengineering.

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Tampa Bay Times: Jeb Bush’s private investments in fracking dovetail with public advocacy.

The intersection between Bush’s private and public life — calls for fracking have been a part of his speeches and came as recently as last month in San Francisco — triggers questions of disclosure.” Double-ugh.

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Guardian.UK: New hopes that tar sands could be banned from Europe.

It would be incredibly useful for responsible investors to be able to look at the carbon intensity of different oil companies’ products – to put pressure on them to reduce it, and speed the shift to a a low carbon economy.” Indeed.

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SciAm: Pig Poop Fouls North Carolina Streams.

Well, I happen to know that NC universities are working hard to try to come up with ways to deal with the problem in-situ. My aunt worked in such research for one of those scholarly institutions. We used to make all kinds of jokes, but after living downwind of a small pig farm, I have to say it’s incredibly important. Until you’ve experienced it, you have NO idea. A smell so bad, you almost vomit on the first wafts to your sinus passages.

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Oil and Gas Wells in Northwest New Mexico.

Encroaching Chaco. Bad form.

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Kickstarter: Chop-E - probably the coolest electric bike ever built.

Cute.  The Zero is more usable in my location. 

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Slate: American oil - Unlike the rest of the world, it isn’t cratering.

Aha, working to lower the break-even price. Do I need to say it? They’ll be eliminating any costly environmental procedures. Wait for it. You’ll hear about contamination within three months, I’ll bet.

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Guardian.UK: Germany moves to legalise fracking.

Germany has proposed a draft law that would allow commercial shale gas fracking at depths of over 3,000 metres, overturning a de facto moratorium that has been in place since the start of the decade.” Oppose it with might and main. I should drive down south of Carslbad and do a video, so you all can see how bad it is.

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BBC: ‘Next Pinatubo’ a test of geoengineering.

Even if the technique remains unused, it is still worth learning about.

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SciAm: U.S. Droughts Will Be the Worst in 1,000 Years.

Some time between 2050 and 2100, extended drought conditions in both regions will become more severe than the megadroughts of the 12th and 13th centuries.” Lovely. Just lovely. And, further ...

Worse, Mora lost their legal challenge against frackers in their area. As if we have the water to support any oil and gas endeavors.

I rend my shirt, scream to the sky, “DOES COMMON SENSE EXIST ANYWHERE?”

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BBC News: Plastic waste heading for oceans quantified

About eight million tonnes of plastic waste find their way into the world’s oceans each year.” So wrong. So wrong.

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Aeon: Welcome to Earth, population 500 million.

Um ... Aeon, meet Wool. I mean, seriously. No need to reinvent the wheel.

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Guardian.UK: US harvest threatened by water-intensive oil and gas boom.

You’re sick of hearing me say it, but I’ll do so again. They frack in the most boneheaded locations - places where water is precious, beyond all other value.

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The Nation: Scientists - We Cannot Geoengineer Our Way Out of the Climate Crisis.

The climate ‘doesn’t go backwards. It goes different. And we don’t even understand where that different state ends up.’

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SciAm: Bald Eagles Prove Full of Flame Retardants.

The gods are playing with us. There’s something terribly ironic about legal flag-burning and now having fireproof eagles ...

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SciAm: Here’s why 76 beavers were forced to skydive into the Idaho wilderness in 1948

Now, here’s a quirky link I just couldn’t resist. Skydiving beavers. Who’d a thunk?

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SciAm: Penn. Gov. Bans New Oil and Natural Gas Leases on State Land.

Easier now, with lower gas prices ...

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SciAm: What Do Farmers Think about Climate Change?

Given the stats, that looks to me like roughly 68% would be open to attenuation and preparedness measures. That’s a pretty good ratio.

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AdWeek/TVNewser: Why 2 Feet of Predicted Snow Was More Like 8 Inches.

The Weather Service has launched the new multi-million dollar GFS Model, to compete with the European model.”  They got the right forecast, they just didn’t believe it.

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Guardian.UK: White House unveils plan to open Atlantic waters to offshore oil drilling.

Like our shorelines can bear more pollution. Thanks for nothing, O.

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NY Times: How Much Snow Has Fallen.

The second map. If true ... *yawn* ... some Governors are going to look pretty silly.

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PS Mag: Whatever Happened to ‘Eco-Terrorism’?

*Ahem*. George Washington Hayduke lives ... in t-shirts, anyway.

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The Atlantic: The Texas Miracle.

Say it, Atlantic. Fracking rendered these numbers, not any policy miracle (other than letting energy companies have free rein).

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