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naked capitalism: With Shell’s Failure, U.S. Arctic Drilling Is Dead.

“On September 28, the company announced that it had ‘found indications of oil and gas in the Burger J well, but these are not sufficient to warrant further exploration in the Burger prospect. The well will be sealed and abandoned in accordance with U.S. regulations.’After the disappointing results, Shell will not try again.” Well, that’s a relief. Now to watch Russia.

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nakedcap: VW Scandal Bad News For Diesel.

Now that diesel is not as clean as it appeared and stricter emissions tests and perhaps even stricter regulation can be expected, one has to ask; does this mean the end of diesel for light vehicles? ‘Yes, it probably does,’ Max Warburton, senior automotive industry analyst at Bernstein Research, said in an interview with the Wall Street Journal.

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NakedCap: Exxon’s Own Research Confirmed Fossil Fuels’ Role in Global Warming Decades Ago.

Seen this before. Still. Worth underlining. See the docs. When I used to do A/V gigs for Exxon in the ‘90’s, right around Valdez time, they were largely a bunch of well-heeled Texas oilmen.

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Atlantic: Volkswagen Says 11 Million Cars Worldwide Are Affected in Diesel Scandal.

The scandal has brought into question the performance of Martin Winterkorn, the automaker’s CEO. Some analysts quoted by Reuters note that he might have to step down over the scandal.” Fat lot of good that will do. The corporation (supposedly ‘a person’) misbehaves, they throw one human under the bus ...

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NPR: Faced With Spate Of Tremors, Oklahoma Looks To Shake Up Its Oil Regulations.


“You said you wanna rock ‘n’ roll instead
We’re just talking about the future
Forget about the past
It’ll always be with us
It’s never gonna die”
— AC/DC.

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Mashable: Colorado park closes because people can’t stop taking selfies with bears.

We’ve actually seen people using selfie sticks to try and get as close to the bears as possible, sometimes within 10 feet of wild bears.” Rank stupidity knows no bounds.

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The Register.UK: Sierra Nevada snowpack ‘lowest level in 500 years’, say tree boffins.

And anyway, if California actually has a water problem, Californians could get their entire public supply from the sea for a few dollars per month per Californian - if they felt like actually doing something about the current supply problem other than pointless gesturing.” Okay, Californians, what do you think of The Register’s take?

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Dissent: What the Animas River Spill Teaches Us.

Hmmmm. Not over yet. Once again, the Navajo take the hit. One wonders if #RedLivesMatter.

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KSL: Rock art allegedly vandalized by college geology students.

Vandalized *with their names*. Easy enough to find ‘em.

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Mashable: El Niño reaches ‘strong’ intensity, will dramatically reshape world’s weather.

It ranks as the 2nd- to 3rd-strongest such event on record for this time of year, as measured by the ocean temperature departures from average and other metrics, forecasters said Thursday.” Yep, snowblower’s on my birthday list.

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ABC: Erin Brockovich Accuses Feds of Lying About Mine Waste Spill.

Navajo officials say the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the EPA have declined the tribe’s requests for continued help, including the appointment of a federal recovery coordinator. A FEMA spokeswoman said the EPA was the lead agency and would be responsible for coordinating with the tribe and other local governments.” Leaving the fox to remediate the henhouse. Thanks, FEMA. Wasn’t this enough?

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Guardian.UK: ‘Bad’ black bears rekindle debate about how to keep nuisance animals wild.

They concluded that food-conditioned foraging is a skill passed from older bears to the young.

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BBC: New Zealand Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior bomber apologises.

Hmmm. The “Rainbow Warrior” now rests deep under Matauri Bay, in NZ’s Cavalli Islands. My good friend Sebia Hawkins passed away due to cancer a couple of years ago, and they permitted her ashes to be placed in the wreck. I didn’t know, until recently, that Sebia was one of the four young Greenpeace activists who climbed the Statue of Liberty to protest nuclear testing, back in 1985. I’d just recently started working in NYC, and watched them from high up in One NY Plaza. Better image.

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Guardian.UK: Can Shell afford Arctic oil?

No-one can have any surety about what is trapped in the rocky structures 2.5km below the surface until the company has drilled into them (the process may take a year). Despite good prospects they may find nothing, as happened to Cairn Energy in Greenland. It could also be gas. If either of these occur, the company has said it will take the hit and walk away.” Interesting backstory we haven’t generally heard.

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PS Mag: The Solar Revolution That Wasn’t.

According to scientific observers from the Department of Energy who studied the plant, bursts of smoke can be seen roughly every two minutes as birds, insects, or other objects cross the mirror’s intense rays. It happens with such frequency that plant workers developed their own term for the phenomenon: “streamers,” so called for the trail of smoke left in the burnt feathers’ wake.

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Guernica: Fukushima and Beyond.

There seems to be no way that deep nuclear disarmament can occur as a result of international diplomacy without a parallel process that involves phasing out the nuclear energy option for all countries.

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FEDDZ - electric motor scooter.

German e-bike design. I like where they put the primary storage - under the top tube. Much more stable. Size-limited, but still ... smart.

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Guardian.UK: Activists threaten lawsuit against EPA over fracking-induced earthquakes.

Other groups involved in the lawsuit include the Natural Resources Defense Council, Earthworks, Responsible Drilling Alliance, San Juan Citizens Alliance, West Virginia Surface Owners Rights Organization, and the Center for Health, Environment and Justice.” Go, Earthworks, go!

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Guardian.UK: North Dakota’s big oil boom in a man’s land - ‘It’s like capitalism on steroids’.

A bit light and fluffy. Is anyone preparing for when the money stops flowing? And no real mention of the environmental concerns. At least the author did hit the infrastructure issue.

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Hemmings: Bonneville Speed Week cancellation spurs proposals for salt flats replenishment.

Potash had been mined from Bonneville since the early 1900s, but it wasn’t until the 1990s that the Bureau of Land Management, tasked with overseeing public lands including the Bonneville Salt Flats, determined that potash mining “may be causing the salt layer to thin and retract” and that ‘such diminshment would degrade the unique geology and historical relevance of the site and would disrupt the recreational opportunities that have been part of the BSF for over 80 years.’

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GlobalPost: It’s official. Earth just had its hottest month ever recorded.

Well, with El Niño, it was quite wet and mild here in Santa Fe. No 100+ degree sweltering-nights weeks. I should be thankful for small favors in the midst of ecopocalypse.

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Guardian.UK: There are 45 fracked wells within 2 miles of my daughter’s school.

Many students at the school suffer from asthma and serious, debilitating illnesses. What is causing this spike in health problems in normally healthy children? Fracking. It exposes our children to unsafe levels of air toxins that can cause a broad variety of serious health complications, including asthma. Students at my daughter’s schools were often forced to stay inside for weeks at a time because of the noxious fumes from the fracking sites. They think it’s strange when people don’t get nosebleeds every day.” Let me reiterate this - you cannot broadcast smells, so noone really understands this fact. Driving through southern NM and the Fort Stockton area of Texas, the stench of fracking is incredible, brain-pounding. Even with your car on a/c and recirculate, you cannot ban it from the passenger capsule. There’s no question in my mind it’s unhealthy. #endtodaysfrackingrant

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Atlantic: New EPA Rules Would Cut Methane Emissions From Oil and Natural-Gas Industries.

Ten years to accomplish this? Too slow. You should see what the fracking fields are burning off. I would give these pirates two years, tops. They geared up to drill in a flash, they should be able to handle capping emissions in a flash, too.

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Archaeology News Network: Corrected sunspot history suggests climate change not due to solar trends.

Of note. Worth a bookmark, if you discuss issues with environmentally-minded folk on occasion. If not sunspots, then what *was* the Maunder Minimum?

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The Nation: The Apache vs. Rio Tinto.

Altaha spoke briefly in Apache before explaining her opposition to the mine, and her fears about the effects a mine would have on the sacred site, the area’s water supply, and on the safety of Apache women.” Wise woman. It’s not just the mine itself, but the consequences of mining. The tailing ponds (Animas River, anyone?), the exploitative labor practices, the increased need for law enforcement, the degradation of infrastructure (roads, water, etc.).

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