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SF New Mexican: Albuquerque weighs getting more power from solar sources.

300 plus days a year of sun, probably 120 days of wind a year (at least). You’d think it would be a no-brainer. If we’d invested in solar and wind instead of oil and gas, we’d be financially healthy today. But no ... New Mexico must keep its head firmly wedged in its colon. [Excuse the graphical-ness. I’m in the mood to not suffer fools gladly. This was foolish fifteen years ago. Today it’s simply insane.]

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Guardian.UK: Yellowstone bison calf euthanized after park visitors picked up animal on road.

The young bison was released by rangers, only for it to be rejected by its herd following the separation. Yellowstone officials made several attempts to reunite the calf with the herd, to no avail. The calf was then put down by wildlife officials because it was ‘causing a dangerous situation by continually approaching people and cars along the roadway’.” All the harm we humans do. I give up sometimes.

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nakedcap: Preparing to Collapse in Place with Permaculture.

The way to avoid the rush is simple enough: figure out how you will be able to live after the next wave of crisis hits, and to the extent that you can, start living that way now.” Not really a source I’d go to for permaculture advice, but interesting nonetheless.

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SciAm: EPA Will Regulate Methane Emissions from Oil and Gas Wells.

They affect newly-drilled hydraulically fractured oil wells, which studies show are significant sources of leaking methane. At least one-third of human-caused methane emissions in the U.S. come from the oil and gas industry.” This is actually OK because the lifetime of a fracked well is very short (2 years on avg).

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Reuters: Trump taps climate change skeptic, fracking advocate as key energy advisor.

Who did this? Oh, that other candidate. He-who-shall-not-be-named. Bad enough, now made infinitely worse. This means T is going to be for the transfer of Federal lands to State control. Oppose this man with all your might.

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Mashable: Climate pendulum is swinging rapidly from El Niño to La Niña.

... they remark, drily.

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PS Mag: Land Grab Duplicity.

These lands are owned by us — the American people — and held in trust by federal agencies like the Bureau of Land Management and the United States Forest Service. Should the transfer movement succeed, however, they’d be ours no longer.” That’s for bloody sure. Fight this tooth and nail, my friends. Our Federal lands are an investment for the future. These scoundrels want to frack and mineral-extract themselves silly, take the companies bankrupt, and then give the land back to taxpayers once it’s ruined and all but unusable.

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Denver Post: Colorado Supreme Court rules state law trumps local bans on fracking.

I have to imagine those who approve of this measure, have never even visited a fracking area. They’ve not experienced the smell, the noise, the devastation. Or understood the fact that your average fracking well produces for a very limited number of years. Half-life is two years - with multiple ‘frackings’ during that time. Noise, stench, effluence. Hence the huge land-grab - they need acres and acres of new land. The industry wants to destroy as much landscape as possible for their bottom line - and taxpayers will end up on the hook for cleanup and remediation. Keep up the fight, people.

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SF New Mexican: Land commissioner slams attempt to create two new wilderness areas.

With the huge drop in oil and gas revenues, beggaring the state’s coffers, it may be a harder sell than they think. [I’m always for more protected lands.]

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Farmington Daily Times: San Juan County earns failing marks for ozone.

As I’ve mentioned many a time, it is a terrible shame scent cannot be broadcast. If so, you would understand why the oil and gas areas are worst. You know, amazing things might happen if we had a way to share smells across long distances. I wonder if anyone’s working on such a device.

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DJ: ‘All Belgians to get iodine pills’ in case of nuclear accident.

The reactor pressure vessels at both sites have shown signs of metal degradation, raising fears about their safety. They were temporarily closed but resumed service last December.” Show some sense. Close ‘em down.

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SciAm: Many More Republicans Now Believe in Climate Change.

Forty-seven percent of conservatives now say the climate is changing, a leap of 19 points since the midterm elections of 2014.” Repeat after me: Solar. Solar. Solar.

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Atlas Obscura: The Epic Century-Long English Battle to Rid Itself of American Squirrels.

Excuse me if I remind our Brit friends that they gifted us with overabundant English sparrows and starlings (to name just a couple of invasives).

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Atlas Obscura: For Sale - Solar Panels at IKEA.

There is no word as to whether IKEA will bring their solar initiative to the United States or elsewhere, but there is no telling how much energy costs could be lowered by creating solar powered bachelor pads the world over.” As I’ve highlighted before, if you cannot afford a whole-house makeover, a room-at-a-time is less costly in the short term (though more expensive in the long run).

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NY Times: U.S.-Mexico Teamwork Where the Rio Grande Is but a Ribbon.

Oh, I remember the river-choking effects of cane down on the Rio. Try clambering back through it after swimming to Mexico ...

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OilPrice: Why Are Bankrupt Oil Companies Still Pumping?

Fracked wells usually start to see a significant decline in production after about two years of operations.” When prices start climbing back up, we’ll be back on the defensive again. Fracking is all about ‘new blood’ ... read, ‘pristine lands’.

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Guardian.UK: Zero-waste bloggers - the millennials who can fit a year’s worth of trash in a jar.

Makes you think twice about what you’re doing daily (hourly) (minutely).

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Breaking Energy: New Study, Continuing Problems With E15.

15% moonshine.

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ExposingTruth: New UN report finds almost no industry profitable if enviro costs were included.

This should be getting much more press. Via Ed Bilodeau on FB.

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NOAA/Climate.gov: April 2016 El Niño/La Niña update - What goes up …

If El Niño was so unusually unproductive, I fear how hot La Niña is going to end up being next year ...

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Mashable: IKEA rides into flat pack transportation with its own bicycle.

What’s not to like? Belt drive and a usable centerstand/kickstand. Well thought out. Put the heavy stuff on the back, though. Never overweight your turning wheel (personal experience - I have the road rash to prove it).

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The Nation: The Democrats’ Fracking Fracture.

... environmental activists have moved the needle on fracked gas. The idea of a ban on fracking is not absurd any longer: New York has done it, and Maryland imposed a two-year moratorium last year. Clinton has said she supports those local decisions.” Yes, but like a good politician, she refuses to specifically eliminate it from her platform. She talks about everything else. Not fracking.

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Guardian.UK: Rooftop solar panels could provide nearly half US power.

Well duh.

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ScienceDaily: Fetal and newborn dolphin deaths linked to Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

Yep. Still not eating anything from the Gulf.

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NY Times: In Wyoming, Hard Times Return as Energy Prices Slump.

As I’ve warned, when there’s a boom there’s always a bust. The American West is littered with evidence of the previous cycles. Going into one, you’ve gotta chuck most of your earnings into savings. One can escape neither history nor inevitability.

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