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Supreme Court splits over protecting wetlands; The Clean Water Act might not prevent building on them.  Nature will not be denied ... just wait for the flood sales.  New Orleans, dans petite.  I can recall a mall built in Chapel Hill near 15-501 in the 70’s that displayed this tendency at least once a year; the locals warned loudly, developers made their cold cash, and the store owners’ insurance paid for the stupidity.  Migrating birds can’t compete with sales on stained sweaters and waterlogged sneaks.

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SF New Mexican:

This is no ordinary drought.  Speaking of which, the Gila is suffering from a number of large fires.

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Local water news:

According to our utility, our water tanks are refilled, and we can recommence Stage 2 watering (once a week, specific days, not between 8AM and 8PM).  My garden’s dessicated, but salvageable, thanks to judicious use of what was left in my rain barrels.

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Backstory: Accidental tourist on the run.  “You can do anything with the nutria: chili, stew, barbecue. They taste better than muskrat.”  That isn’t saying much, in my opinion.  For all these are so common, I’ve never seen one.

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SF New Mexican:

Fire, ponderosa pine ... and people.

Tangentially related: Fire Sale in the Forests.

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They put retaining walls in National Parks for a reason.  The surprising thing is that this made the news; tourists take breathtaking risks with alarming regularity at most parks.

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SF New Mexican:

Grand Jury ruling might offer disclosure of Rocky Flats.  Since we’re about to start manufacturing new triggers at Los Alamos, I think we have a right to know.

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ABQ Trib:

Latest on the Bosque fire.

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SF New Mexican:

Well, you can read about the Bosque and Edgewood fires.  Smoke’s cleared this morning, but the winds just picked up again.  Local television news reported kids running away from the origin of the fire, but that item isn’t present in this particular story.

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It was cool enough to open windows

and catch some of those cooling hurricane breezes, but now smoke is pouring over Santa Fe.  Apparently there’s a fire down near Edgewood, about 45 miles south of my location, as well as a couple down near ABQ.  There’s an awful lot of smoke all of a sudden, and a great deal of gusty wind, too, which doesn’t bode well for firefighters tonight.  I hope there aren’t any fires closer than Edgewood ...

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NY Times:

Bush Plans Vast Protected Sea Area in Hawaii.  And more from the Op-Ed page.  I hate to be a cynic, but this seems a ready-made way to soften his image and legacy.  After all, “There are few opportunities for a president to protect such a large swath of ocean or land at little cost to the government, while garnering strong regional support.”  My italics.

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SF New Mexican:

Fewer fires reported in Santa Fe National Forest.  Knock on wood when you say this ...

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from the Economist:  Nuclear disarmament, Aircraft emissions, Taliban resurgent, Companies and climate change.  All worthy reads, I just don’t have time to comment on all individually.

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SF New Mexican:

Hantavirus claims second victim.  Wear a mask when you start cleaning yard waste, too.

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SF New Mexican:

State backs city well-drilling ban.  “The push for new wells is expected to become more intense as water rates increase and a combination of long-term drought conditions and population growth create pressure for new restrictions on water use. Owners of existing wells within the city limits are supposed to abide by water-use restrictions affecting customers of the city water system.”  Developers will try to circumvent, but the hard part will come when families who have used wells for hundreds of years are refused access to resources under their own property.

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“Polar bears in the southern Beaufort Sea may be turning to cannibalism because longer seasons without ice keep them from getting to their natural food ...”

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NY Times World Business:

Pollution From Chinese Coal Casts a Global Shadow.  “Researchers in California, Oregon and Washington noticed specks of sulfur compounds, carbon and other byproducts of coal combustion coating the silvery surfaces of their mountaintop detectors. These microscopic particles can work their way deep into the lungs, contributing to respiratory damage, heart disease and cancer.”

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SF New Mexican:

More record heat expected.  Pray for early monsoon season.

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SF New Mexican:

Rio Grande Basin: Tapped out.  Not enough drops in the bucket.

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SF New Mexican:

Eldorado water safe to drink. “When you take over a water system, most of the facilities that you have purchased are buried. They cannot be inspected ... [snip] ... You never know what you are going to get.”  Bodes well for the future, doesn’t it?

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NY Times Environment:

Debate Over Wind Power Creates Environmental Rift.  Back East, the same places that have the most wind, are often the most attractive wilderness areas (of which few are left, are shrinking yearly).  I suppose one way to look at it is, perhaps the wind farms will protect the wilderness from proximal development?

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The Economist:

The skyscraper boom.  Every tall building I’ve ever worked in was a pain in the bum.  Express elevators had to be changed to locals when high winds blew; the suction effect over the shaft would cause the elevator to overshoot by ten floors or more.  At that, never enough elevators for the amount of people.  Water, sewage and A/C problems were persistent.  Frankly, I don’t see the need.

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SF New Mexican:

Environmentalists, ranchers say wolf reintroduction program failing.  Nary a mention of ‘why.’

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NY Times Opinion:

An Idea Worth Throwing Back.  Creatine packs water in muscle tissue.  Bloats weightlifter’s muscles, as if you put a fire hose up their butts.  Sure, it helps with fast-twitch, but in fish?  I would think it might ruin the quality of the filets for cooking.  I’d say, catch-and-release only.  I agree with this article; throw this idea back.  Don’t improve on nature.

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NY Times US:

$92 Million More Is Sought for Exxon Valdez Cleanup.  You can see the unwisdom of some countries’ liability laws; I believe a few limit liability to the value of the ship (and contents).

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