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SF New Mexican:

Court: City can regulate domestic water wells.  I have the distinct feeling this isn’t going to go down ‘well’ with everyone.

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The Economist:

The aves, and ave nots.  Migratory birds may not be the main problem; chick imports are implicated.

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Washington Post:

Federal Wildlife Monitors Oversee a Boom in Drilling.  “Recent studies of mule deer and sage grouse, however, show steep declines in their numbers since the gas boom began here about five years ago: a 46 percent decline for mule deer and a 51 percent decline for breeding male sage grouse. Early results from a study of pronghorn antelope show that they, too, avoid the gas fields.”  This is why I went up to Wyoming for vacation ... if this trend continues, the Wind Rivers, and the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, will be a distant memory.

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SF New Mexican:

Preparing for the worst.  “Rossback said one key wildfire indicator — the energy-release component — is at the same level now as it was in May 2000 when the Cerro Grande forest fire broke out near Los Alamos.”  I have some brush piles I have to clean up.  Pray for rain.

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Funds restored to energy lab before Bush visit.  Oh my, is this a flip-flop?

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Tower of London cages its ravens.  The day hasn’t arrived yet.

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NY Times Arts:

Picturing the West: Scarred, Flawed, Beautiful. “Many of the pictures in ‘Turning Back’ linger over stretches of cleared timber, branches littering the foreground like bones at a mass grave, the clinical affect mitigating pictorial theatrics.  The memorial mood is gradually superseded and overwhelmed by the uplifting sense of a photographer who really sees. The grace of well-made art is its own form of redemption.”

“Redemption.”  Hmmm. So many of us go out and shoot the ugliness of our industrial/mass-humanity nation, making ‘beautiful’ photographs of the hideous waste, the destruction, and the erroneous aesthetic that is much of human ‘progress.’  Are not we photographers becoming apologists for humankind’s lack of responsibility?  Some will say, no, you’re wrong ... we’re exposing the ugliness so that it will be changed.  Or, we’re depicting reality.  Ansel Adams put the ‘reality’ falsehood to rest years ago.  And I don’t see a whole lot of change as a result of these types of photos; in fact, more people are going to photograph those ugly aspects to make their own ‘beautiful’ photos.  Ugliness is now being sought out, even preferred.  Destruction is not just being made tolerable; it’s being digested whole. 

Living in the Western U.S. makes this more apparent.  A beautiful shot of multicolored mine drainage means nothing without context; the toxic stew is not really beautiful, smells awful, and rendering it as ‘beautiful’ comes close to celebrating a Holocaust.  If we continue, will this be all that’s left to photograph?

Should we not, at least sometimes, render the hideous ugly?

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NY Times:

Reach of Clean Water Act at issue in two Supreme Court cases.  If they build a mall in the sand-filled wetland, locals should wait for the spring flood sales ... I’ve seen it happen over and over.

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Greenland’s melting much faster than previously thought.

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Washington Post:

Study links 700 deaths yearly to Maryland coal-burning power plants.

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SF New Mexican:

Situation scary.’ Our fire and drought outlook for ‘06.

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NY Times Business:

U.S. Has Royalty Plan to Give Windfall to Oil Companies.  “New projections, buried in the Interior Department’s just-published budget plan, anticipate that the government will let companies pump about $65 billion worth of oil and natural gas from federal territory over the next five years without paying any royalties to the government.”  Uncle Sam puts out his hat: “Brother, can you spare a bill?”  Rather than bash the government, however, it would be nice if the energy industry would do something patriotic, especially in light of their recent unprecedented profit margins.

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NY Times:

International movies are apparently poised to start portraying Americans as the enemy.  The tables are now turned on stereotyping.  Swarthiness may no longer be synoymous with ‘evil.’

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SF New Mexican:

Senate OK’s solar tax credit.

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SF New Mexican:

Well-water woes: Cañoncito residents search for solutions.  The EPA on radium.

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SF New Mexican:

Ongoing drought could cause severe problems in Arizona.  There’s been generous snow in Colorado, so anyone taking water from the Rio should be OK for the first part of the year.  But we’ve had no significant precip since last spring ... last year was generous, but not generous enough to last this long. It’s going to be a tough summer, unless spring gifts us with something.

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SF New Mexican:

Bush administration details $1 billion plan for public land sales.

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Having owned

Nader Khalili’s “Ceramic Houses” book for a while, and doing a little surfing looking at alternative building styles, I ran across a new concept: Earth Bags.  More at Cal-Earth.

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SF New Mexican:

First New Mexico hantavirus case in 2006 confirmed.  Hantavirus and bubonic plague risk make brush pile cleanup, shed cleaning, firewood gathering ... something of adventure.  Some folks just ignore the threat, others go whole-hog with filter masks and rubber gloves.  Best to err on the side of safety.

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SF New Mexican:

Bush budget would phase out funding for timber counties.

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NY Times/SF New Mexican:

Behind the Urgent Nuclear Diplomacy: A Sense That Iranians Will Get the Bomb, and Ex-UN Inspector: Iran’s Next.  Two differing viewpoints.  The latter avoids the issue, the issue I repeat over and over again, that any reactor will supply nuclear weapons materiel.

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NY Times:

Public Misled on Air Quality After 9/11 Attack, Judge Says.  I didn’t believe it at the time, and I’m surprised that folks did.  I’m surprised the media didn’t conduct their own independent tests at the time, or individuals, for that matter.  Perhaps some did.  Asbestos and other tests are rather easy to obtain.  But there are many who still have blind faith in their government’s pronouncements, which makes this inexcusable.

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SF New Mexican:

Don’t eat catfish from the Rio Grande.

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NY Times:

Bush’s Goals on Energy Quickly Find Obstacles. “The president’s tone was so changed, in fact, that some analysts said he sounded like a Democrat.”  Hey, someone else noticed.

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A home-grown solution to African hunger.  A fan of Roman aqueducts puts common sense to work.  A surprising statistic, however: “It’s revolutionary in a country where just 2 percent of farmers’ land is irrigated - despite the close proximity of a lake larger than Lake Erie in the US.”  2%?!

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