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SF New Mexican/AP:

Silicon Valley to market electric cars.  “The Roadster will be able to drive about 250 miles on a single three-hour charge, drive up to 135 miles per hour and accelerate from zero to 60 in four seconds, Eberhard said. It will cost between $85,000 and $120,000.”  I think I’ll wait for the SmartCar.

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NY Times Environment:

How to Cool a Planet (Maybe).

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SF New Mexican:

LANL wants to beef up stock of nuke triggers.  “The plan is laid out in a draft environmental plan posted on the lab’s Web site. The public has 60 days to comment on the proposal.”  Let ‘em know what we all think, here in NM.  Rocky Flats was no picnic, and we don’t want that here ... especially once we start tapping the Rio, downstream of Los Alamos.

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Study suggests link between Parkinson’s disease and pesticides.  And more detail.  If you have small children, do err on the side of safety.  I think of those with pets who routinely have their homes sprayed.  Oh, and this initial linkage includes even small amounts of DDT.

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Embattled buns.  “Of the 280-plus species under consideration for listing, the average wait so far is 17 years, the CBD found. Among those, 79 percent have been waiting to get on the list for at least 10 years, 38 percent have waited for 20 years, and 28 percent have waited since 1975.”

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SF New Mexican:

Forest Service workers report growing dangers on the job.  The National Parks have had to deal with the necessity of more police-trained ‘rangers.’  Now the Forest Service also.

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SF New Mexican:

New blaze scorching S.F. forest.

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Saw “An Inconvenient Truth” last evening.

You get to see Mr Gore in full professorial mode, as well as in more casual atmosphere, thanks to faux film grain and ‘shaky cam’ techniques (to me, a little old-tech).  I itched to edit it more tightly with different camera angles, but I adored the wide screen presentation he uses as backdrop ... I’m dying to know how many video projectors were used, and how they were configured.  You may not fully appreciate Mr Gore’s background; perhaps you have to have experienced living in Tennessee. His morality is that of a fine Tennessee country gentleman, his intelligence an up-to-date modern construct grafted atop.  I kept thinking, during the movie ... we could have had someone who was this articulate for President. 

I did some Googling, on “debunk Gore” and various other search terms, finding only right-wing think-tank and energy industry hacks posting various logical fallacies, attempting to sow ‘reasonable doubt’.  I’ve done quite a bit of searching for facts in my spare time since last evening, and barring a very little stage-drama on Mr Gore’s part, every part of his presentation is verifiable in scholarly sources such as Science.  Take a subject, do a search, read the abstracts.  Everything’s there, including fascinating depth of subject matter that a film can’t portray.

My own observations are not ‘scientific’, but the way I look at things is to build from local effects to extrapolate continental ones.  In looking at the local New Mexican weather patterns and effects on the flora and fauna, one can’t escape the fact that we’re in a very severe and unpredictable trend.  Temperatures are up, weather is more severe.  The almost-unprecedented drought has allowed bark beetles to devastate the local piñon population ... we all drive past hundreds of thousands of dead trees every day, a constant reminder of major climate change.  We take advantage of water that is stored in the form of snowpack, which has been in a downward spiral since the 50’s ... this last winter gave us virtually none.  Many local wells rely on snowpack, and are dry.  Our yearly ‘monsoon season’ never showed up last year, first time I can ever call that happening.  Too many ‘firsts’, too fast.  New Mexico isn’t alone, from what I read these days.

When Mr Gore talked about ‘planting trees’ to mitigate problems, I had a tragic laugh.  We can’t plant trees ... no water, it’s too hot.  The indigenous trees, the ones I’ve never ever had to water, are maximally stressed at the moment; the junipers that are left are slowly and steadily browning right now.  We’re in Stage 2 water restriction due to the poor winter snow, so ‘saving’ them is virtually impossible [I have an acre and a half of stressed junipers; everyone’s invited to come over and spit on my trees].  Some indigenous plants are being prevented from flowering due to the unseasonable heat. 

Ultimately, “desertification” is the eventual dire result.  If this trend continues, Santa Fe will be Phoenix within the next ten years, and Phoenix will be unlivable.  How many other locales will lose the ability to counterbalance CO2 with greenery as the temperatures rise, the weather patterns change, etc. etc. ad nauseam?  I wonder.  Frog-in-the-boiling-pot syndrome.

Just in today’s news: Global Warming Surpassed Natural Cycles in Fueling 2005 Hurricane Season, NCAR Scientists Conclude.  Another debunker’s bunk debunked.

Mr Gore made his case, I applaud the effort.  I’m convinced.  If you see the movie, I’d suggest posting local climate effects you’re seeing as well.  Perhaps Mr Gore will read them, and aggregate it into something useful.  After all, if he ‘invented’ the Internet, he must read it too (grin).

I highly, highly recommend the film, and do get there in time for the previews.  Some interesting ones.  Here’s a link to the site, but turn down your speakers.

Later: I forgot to mention that during the film, there were very vocal reactions to some of the information presented.  I would expect that most people would know of recent environmental events, but I have come to the conclusion that weblogging current events puts us ahead of the game.  The swift degradation of the Antarctic ice shelves brought great reaction from the audience.

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Rising gas prices fire up bloggers.  Interesting stats on webloggers: “Members of Generation Y made up almost 55 percent of the blogging population during the week ending May 28, but they made up more than 69 percent of the posts on the subject.  Boomer males, on the other hand, made up 13 percent of that population, but made just 10 percent of the posts.”

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Lots of smoke

in the air.  Because the fires are not close to SF, it’s just a grey haze ... brown smudge at sunset.  With our extremely arid environment (20% and lower humidity over the past few days), it sits like a clot at the back of your sinuses, that mild smoke taste and dry feeling in the nasal passages and throat.  You can just barely see the Sandia Crest from here.

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The Economist:

Bolton vs. Gore.  “Given a notional $50 billion, how would the ambassadors spend it to make the world a better place? Their conclusions were strikingly similar to the Copenhagen Consensus. After hearing presentations from experts on each problem, they drew up a list of priorities. The top four were basic health care, better water and sanitation, more schools and better nutrition for children. Averting climate change came last.”

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NY Times Business:

Timber Becomes Tool in Effort to Cut Estate Tax.  “The House bill is similar to a compromise that Senate Republicans circulated two weeks ago, without success. But it includes a tax cut that would save timber companies about $900 million over the next three years, a new twist that could win as many as four more Democratic votes in the Senate.”  Watch for wobbly Democrats and let them know your feelings on this one.

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US News & World Report:

“World oil prices could double or triple over the current painful $70-per-barrel level if diplomacy failed and military conflict broke out over Iran’s nuclear ambitions, Saudi Ambassador Prince Turki al-Faisal warned this morning.”  You’ll have to wait ... we have this urgent need to pass a flag-burning amendment.

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SF New Mexican:

Full House to consider Udall bill to ban drilling.  In the beautiful Valle Vidal, that is.

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Wildfires scorching Western U.S.  Better info on our fires.

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Europos Parkas,

A Museum set in Nature.”  Dig around.  Very cool.

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Supreme Court splits over protecting wetlands; The Clean Water Act might not prevent building on them.  Nature will not be denied ... just wait for the flood sales.  New Orleans, dans petite.  I can recall a mall built in Chapel Hill near 15-501 in the 70’s that displayed this tendency at least once a year; the locals warned loudly, developers made their cold cash, and the store owners’ insurance paid for the stupidity.  Migrating birds can’t compete with sales on stained sweaters and waterlogged sneaks.

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SF New Mexican:

This is no ordinary drought.  Speaking of which, the Gila is suffering from a number of large fires.

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Local water news:

According to our utility, our water tanks are refilled, and we can recommence Stage 2 watering (once a week, specific days, not between 8AM and 8PM).  My garden’s dessicated, but salvageable, thanks to judicious use of what was left in my rain barrels.

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Backstory: Accidental tourist on the run.  “You can do anything with the nutria: chili, stew, barbecue. They taste better than muskrat.”  That isn’t saying much, in my opinion.  For all these are so common, I’ve never seen one.

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SF New Mexican:

Fire, ponderosa pine ... and people.

Tangentially related: Fire Sale in the Forests.

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They put retaining walls in National Parks for a reason.  The surprising thing is that this made the news; tourists take breathtaking risks with alarming regularity at most parks.

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SF New Mexican:

Grand Jury ruling might offer disclosure of Rocky Flats.  Since we’re about to start manufacturing new triggers at Los Alamos, I think we have a right to know.

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ABQ Trib:

Latest on the Bosque fire.

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SF New Mexican:

Well, you can read about the Bosque and Edgewood fires.  Smoke’s cleared this morning, but the winds just picked up again.  Local television news reported kids running away from the origin of the fire, but that item isn’t present in this particular story.

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