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Discovery Channel:

Here’s a full-blown gonzo moral conundrum: environmentally-friendly explosives.

Wonder if they’ll combine it with depleted uranium slugs ...

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SF New Mexican:

Wind energy gets boost in Colfax County.

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Discovery Channel:

Smart Lubricant Slashes Oil Need.  I wonder if they can manufacture it out of renewables ...

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SF New Mexican:

Ski season’s last gasp.  “It’s the worst year that I have experienced in my 11 years up her.”

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America’s national parks: no longer ad-free zones?  “If these rules go through, our national forest vistas could include giant inflatable beer bottles, banners for chewing tobacco, and snack-food kiosks.”  No, no, no, no.  If this happens, I don’t think I’ll be the only one thinking about doing a Doc Sarvis.

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Bird flu expected to hit U.S. West Coast by summer.  Go down to the beach more this summer, snort salt water.  Make a hostile environment for those intra-nasal buggies.  Otherwise, use one of these.

Yes, I know H5N1 is more of a deep-in-the-lungs bug.  But surely this can’t hurt as a preventative. It has to reach the lungs somehow.

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SF New Mexican:

Bioneers honored for environmental, social leadership.

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Yahoo News:

Caribbean Coral Suffers Record Death.

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London Review of Books:

Imagined Soil.  “The ‘conquest of nature’ can never amount to more than an armistice.”  Thank goodness.

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Agence France-Presse:

US to test 700-tonne explosive.  “I don’t want to sound glib here but it is the first time in Nevada that you’ll see a mushroom cloud over Las Vegas since we stopped testing nuclear weapons.”

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A scourge of the ‘70s returns to Great Lakes.  “Nonpoint sources of phosphates, such as regionwide fertilizer runoff, could be part of the reason, he and others say. So could storm runoff from urban areas.”  Hmmm.  We should all insist on organic corn, sugar cane, etc. for our ethanol.

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SF New Mexican:

Senators fear cuts will harm ability to fight Southwest wildfires.  “President Bush’s proposed 2007 budget, for the fiscal year beginning Oct. 1, reduces fire preparedness by $10 million on top of a similar cut last year. It proposes cutting fire management assistance to state foresters by almost 20 percent, while increasing the money going to promote timber sales in the Northwest.”  The Administration is preparing to pull another “Katrina.”

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SF New Mexican:

Gas use drops this winter.  Of course it did.  You could see it everywhere, the increase in haze from burning wood fuel.  But perhaps that isn’t all bad.  Depends on who you ask, of course.

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SF New Mexican:

Pay a buck, fill a river.  $1 a month to keep the Rio Grande flowing?  Hmmm.  If corporations (artificial entities) have rights, shouldn’t rivers?

03/28/06 • 10:31 AM • EconomicsEnvironmentalNaturePolitics • (0) Comments

SF New Mexican:

Drought shouldn’t dampen outdoor recreation this summer ... unless you’re a backpacker.

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SF New Mexican:

The northwest is challenged with pine beetles too, I see.  It’s been so dry here, I’m expecting a resurgence in the beetle population ... nailing what’s left of our piñons.

03/24/06 • 10:01 AM • EnvironmentalNatureSanta Fe Local • (0) Comments

SF New Mexican:

Environmental group sues over endangered Pecos bluntnose shiner.  They’re talking downstream in southern NM, I believe.  The northern part of the river has seen major challenges, due to historical mining.  Still, the remnants of leaching must be a factor, even that far downstream ... ?  Just thinking out loud.

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Carbon cloud over a green fuel.  Burning coal to manufacture ethanol.  “Should coal become a standard for 30 to 40 ethanol plants under construction - and 150 others on the drawing boards - it would undermine the environmental reasoning for switching to ethanol in the first place ...”

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Statue of Liberty to go all ‘green’ ... power.

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CBS News:

Wily Coyote Captured in Central Park.  Oh, come on.  Coyotes aren’t a threat to people.  Pets, yes ... but what pets are loose in Central Park?  You could support a very healthy pack on the rats therein ... a big benefit for the park and its patrons.

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New Scientist:

Small heat rise may offer big boost for malaria.  “... the mathematical models suggest a 3% rise in local temperature from one year to the next can mean a 30% to 40% increase in mosquito abundance.”

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The Art Newspaper:

Keeping Mont-Saint-Michel afloat. Somewhat easier than Venice; all you need do is dig.

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The Economist:

A modern philosopher’s stone.  “It may be possible to destroy much of the world’s long-lived radioactive waste, if a new experiment in Japan proves successful.”

03/20/06 • 01:55 PM • EnvironmentalScience • (0) Comments

NY Times Washington:

Utilities Offer Energy Dept. Site for Waste. The Skull Valley Goshutes have a site on the subject, as well.

03/20/06 • 11:44 AM • EconomicsEnvironmentalHuman RightsPolitics • (0) Comments
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