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NY Times:

W.H.O. Rules May Increase DDT Use for Malaria.  The knee-jerk reaction, which I used to share in, would be to condemn this immediately.  Further reading, done the last time this subject came up, seems to indicate this use of DDT is relatively safe, with little exposure of nature and humans to the negative aspects of DDT.  The safety or danger is in the application.  I hope they begin monitoring women and children for long-term effects immediately, in concert with this.  The scientific consensus seems to be that it will save many more lives than it might harm.

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CNN Science:

Study acquits sun of climate change.  I find this unconvincing, knowing of the historical trends in sunspot cycles.  2000, I believe, was even more active than previous cycles.  How can it not have any effect?

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NY Times Europe:

In the Netherlands, Life Runs on 2 Wheels (Sometimes 3).  Hooray for my ancestors.

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SF New Mexican/AP:

Acreage burned by wildfires in 2006 sets 45-year-high.

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300 mile wide crater seen beneath Antarctic ice sheet.  “Some scientists have long suspected that the extinction at the boundary of the Permian and Triassic (PT) Periods could have occurred quite abruptly - the result of environmental changes brought on by the impact of a giant space rock.”

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The Economist,

which I will again remind some of my readers, is not an unconservative magazine ... and sees the need for addressing climate change.  “So is it really worth using public resources now to avert an uncertain, distant risk, especially when the cash could be spent instead on goods and services that would have a measurable near-term benefit?  If the risk is big enough, yes. Governments do it all the time.”

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NY Times:

Oil Prices Fall Below $66 a Barrel.  “... he [Iranian oil minister Kazem Vaziri Hamaneh] doesn’t want to see crude fall below $60 a barrel.”

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“Carbon dioxide levels are substantially higher now than at any time in the last 800,000 years, the latest study of ice drilled out of Antarctica confirms.”

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NY Times Environmental:

Landscape corridors work.  For plants, anyway.

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Did you know

the Air Force nuked Albuquerque?  Well, sort of.  Not intentionally, anyway.  I’ll have to find the site and take a photo or two.

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NY Times Business:

New Oil Field in Gulf May Yield Billions of Barrels. Drilled almost as deep as Mt Everest is high.

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Not that many have to worry

about heat now, but GoLite has the umbrella for sun walkers.

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When genetically modified plants go wild.  “Some amount of movement of GM crops outside their containment areas ‘is virtually inevitable’ ... [snip] ... bentgrass may pose no significant danger, he says, but ‘would we feel differently’ if it were a plant that produced pharmaceuticals?”

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The Economist:

All aboard!  On light rail and buses in America.  The new Rail Runner in Albuquerque is waiting for delivery of tracks; apparently railroad track manufacturers are backed up with work.  These schemes will only succeed if housing developments and mercantile areas are designed for them ... currently, everything’s been designed for the automobile.  Sure, you can rail to downtown, but how to you get out to the mall, buried in the suburbs?  Spend a half-hour on a train, then a frustrating wait for a bus, negotiating transfers with shopping bags and kiddles?  Or will big box stores move into downtown areas?

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NY Times Middle East:

Highly Enriched Uranium Found at Iranian Plant.  Not ‘leftovers’, but seemingly ‘fresh.’

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SF New Mexican:

Nature in bloom: Rain brings wildflowers in abundant.  [sic] We are awash in little yellow flowers, “DYC’s” ...

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SF New Mexican:

Scientists pinpoint polar cataclysm date.  I’m getting kinda curious about how fast global cooling happened, to create those subglacial lakes.

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SF New Mexican:

Nuke plant nears construction.  An enrichment plant, not a nuclear power station.  “The state, which complained it was largely excluded from the licensing process, developed its own agreement with LES over waste storage at the plant. The agreement requires LES to limit storage of depleted uranium hexafluoride in New Mexico to an amount equal to what the plant could produce over eight to 10 years at full capacity. The agreement also states all waste must be converted or disposed of outside New Mexico.”  I don’t believe the State can play an oversight role, because nuclear waste is legislated on a Federal level.  Or so I understand.

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NY Times:

Blistering Drought Ravages Farmland on Plains.  The interactive map doesn’t tell anywhere near the whole story, if you look at the Santa Fe area of New Mexico.  “No drought.”  Hah.  In spite of all the water we’ve had (and we’ve had a generous amount), it will take a couple of years of this to bring us back to ‘normal.’

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“Nuclear energy produces no greenhouse gases, but it has many drawbacks. Now a radical new technology based on thorium promises what uranium never delivered: abundant, safe and clean energy - and a way to burn up old radioactive waste.

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NY Times Business:

Promoting Alternative Energy Without Being Too Green.

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SF New Mexican:

It seems the DOE is talking ‘peak oil.’

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SF New Mexican:

“We’re switching from a drought management to a flood-management strategy ...”  The Santa Fe River will flow again, uncharacteristically late in the season.

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SF New Mexican/AP:

Judge axes timber plan for sequoia preserve.

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SF New Mexican:

Rain’s mixed blessings.  “On Aug. 6 alone, 44.57 million gallons poured into the reservoirs.”  Excellent.

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