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Statue of Liberty to go all ‘green’ ... power.

03/22/06 • 03:04 PM • Environmental • (0) Comments

CBS News:

Wily Coyote Captured in Central Park.  Oh, come on.  Coyotes aren’t a threat to people.  Pets, yes ... but what pets are loose in Central Park?  You could support a very healthy pack on the rats therein ... a big benefit for the park and its patrons.

03/22/06 • 10:50 AM • EnvironmentalHome & LivingNature • (0) Comments

New Scientist:

Small heat rise may offer big boost for malaria.  “... the mathematical models suggest a 3% rise in local temperature from one year to the next can mean a 30% to 40% increase in mosquito abundance.”

03/21/06 • 08:34 PM • EnvironmentalHealthHuman Rights • (0) Comments

The Art Newspaper:

Keeping Mont-Saint-Michel afloat. Somewhat easier than Venice; all you need do is dig.

03/21/06 • 06:56 PM • ArtsEnvironmentalHistoryTravel • (0) Comments

The Economist:

A modern philosopher’s stone.  “It may be possible to destroy much of the world’s long-lived radioactive waste, if a new experiment in Japan proves successful.”

03/20/06 • 01:55 PM • EnvironmentalScience • (0) Comments

NY Times Washington:

Utilities Offer Energy Dept. Site for Waste. The Skull Valley Goshutes have a site on the subject, as well.

03/20/06 • 11:44 AM • EconomicsEnvironmentalHuman RightsPolitics • (0) Comments

NY Times:

Two passings of note, very different:  Luna Leopold (son of Aldo Leopold), and Oleg Cassini.  Rest in peace, gentlemen.

03/20/06 • 11:41 AM • DesignEnvironmentalHistory • (0) Comments

NY Times:

Plant Operators Must Install Pollution Controls, Court Rules.  Court upholds the Clean Air Act. Bravo.

03/17/06 • 06:51 PM • EnvironmentalLawPolitics • (0) Comments

NY Times:

Nuclear Reactors Found to Be Leaking Radioactive Water.  “This month, workers at the Palo Verde plant in New Mexico found tritium in an underground pipe vault.”  Bad enough they’re leaking, but to find Palo Verde’s moved from western Arizona to New Mexico?  Boy, Phoenix will be surprised.  Seriously, how can we get behind ‘modern nuclear power’ if it ends up being a repeat of the old ... plants built badly by lowest-bidding companies?

03/17/06 • 10:50 AM • EnvironmentalNews • (0) Comments

NY Times Travel:

Teeing Off in Indian Country.  Our New Mexican golf courses.  Water immediately ‘springs’ to mind, but they are correct when they say agriculture swallows most of our water.

03/17/06 • 09:05 AM • EnvironmentalSanta Fe LocalSports • (0) Comments

SF New Mexican:

Drought sparks tighter city fire restrictions. *Sigh.*  Here we go.

03/16/06 • 09:59 AM • EnvironmentalNatureSanta Fe Local • (0) Comments

SF New Mexican:

State’s snowpack season hits new low.  “Three sites — Rio en Medio, Wesner Springs at the headwaters of the Pecos basin and Hidden Valley on the Navajo Nation — have no snow for the first time in their recorded history.”  Don’t talk to New Mexicans about disbelief in climate change.

03/15/06 • 12:30 PM • EnvironmentalNatureSanta Fe LocalScience • (0) Comments

SF New Mexican:

There’s enough snow on the ground; let’s go burn some slash piles before it’s too late.

03/14/06 • 08:45 AM • EnvironmentalNatureSanta Fe Local • (0) Comments

SF New Mexican:

  Go green, New Mexico.  Get really low-cost trees.  Acquaintances of mine (on a generous well) have practically turned their property to forest through this program.

03/13/06 • 09:01 AM • EnvironmentalNatureSanta Fe Local • (0) Comments

SF New Mexican:

Snow fun, but not enough to relieve drought.

03/13/06 • 08:46 AM • EnvironmentalNatureSanta Fe Local • (0) Comments

NY Times Business:

No Time to Be in the Chicken Business.  Okay folks, every chicken is a sick chicken.  Even before this bird-flu epidemic ... chickens (and other domestic fowl) must be thoroughly cooked to eliminate a host of bacteria and disease.  What else can one do, for this specific situation?  Wash eggs to remove droppings, cook chicken at 167 degrees F or higher for at least one minute, and wash your hands.

03/10/06 • 09:34 AM • EnvironmentalFoodHealthScience • (0) Comments

NY Times:

Pale Male and Lola are back.

03/10/06 • 09:04 AM • EnvironmentalNature • (0) Comments

SF New Mexican:

LANL blasts excess explosives: Mesa-top detonation rocks area homes.  I have heard, but not experienced, that some of these explosions will rattle windows in Santa Fe.

03/10/06 • 09:00 AM • EnvironmentalSanta Fe Local • (0) Comments

LSU AgCenter:

Efforts under way to prevent spread of Formosan subterranean termites in mulch from Louisiana following hurricanes Katrina and Rita.  And we use lots of mulch around these parts, especially during dry seasons.  We already have termite problems, thanks to the massive piñon die-off of the past few years.  Eldorado, terrible problems in Rio Rancho ... be careful with mulch!

03/09/06 • 03:41 PM • EnvironmentalHome & LivingNatureSanta Fe LocalScience • (2) Comments


Almond farmers seek healthy bees.  “The US is in danger of running out of honey bees to pollinate its almond crop - the country’s number one horticultural export.”  You learn something new every day.  I never knew almonds were our prime horticultural export.

03/08/06 • 04:50 PM • EnvironmentalFoodNatureScience • (0) Comments

Foreign Policy:

The Green Bullet.  Making ethanol from switchgrass may be better than corn, better for the environment than corn, and put a small dent in oil imports.  I remain skeptical because of the pesticide/environmental component.

03/08/06 • 01:34 PM • EconomicsEnvironmentalPolitics • (0) Comments

SF New Mexican:

A bit of Capitol roundup: Governor vetoes eminent domain legislation.  Self-interest; he’s thinking of his railway.  Governor signs new DNA requirement, more money for fire departments.  The fire departments will need the cash, given our severe drought.  And finally, Governor signs bill to increase tax credit for film production.  I was hoping for more $$ for law enforcement, personally.

03/08/06 • 10:36 AM • EnvironmentalHuman RightsLawPoliticsSanta Fe Local • (0) Comments

NY Times:

Recent Spread of Bird Flu Confounds Experts.  Migration has become something to be dreaded, in Europe ... perhaps North America.

03/06/06 • 10:35 AM • EnvironmentalHealthNatureScience • (0) Comments

SF New Mexican:

Proposed well sites up for discussion.  Do read the comments, for some local flavor.

03/06/06 • 09:45 AM • EnvironmentalSanta Fe Local • (0) Comments

SF New Mexican:

Governor signs solar tax credit, education bills.  “The tax credit, when used in conjunction with a federal solar energy tax credit, could shave nearly one-third off the cost of installing systems for heating homes and hot water ...”  Great.

03/04/06 • 09:10 AM • EnvironmentalPoliticsSanta Fe Local • (0) Comments
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