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NY Times Business:

Exxon-Mobil profits up 75%.

Later: Shell, too.  “Exxon Mobil exceeded $100 billion in revenue for the first time. Revenue rose 32 percent to $100.7 billion, dwarfing the economies of such countries as Egypt and the Philippines. Shell’s revenue climbed to $94.7 billion from $89 billion.”

Note, one of the numbers to watch is “refinery margins”.

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NY Times:

Republicans Ask Oil Industry for Help With Fuel Prices.  Fair weather friends.

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SF New Mexican:

Sandoval Co: 1872 law might allow mining firm to buy BLM land dirt-cheap.  “The deals fall under an 1872 mining law that lets the government sell public lands that contain minerals for just $2.50 or $5 an acre. This type of sale, known as a patent, gives companies absolute title to the property.”  I wonder if private citizens can get in on this, if they own a shovel.

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SF New Mexican:

Good news:  Administration drops plans for nuclear bunker-buster.

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Washington Post:

Investigators Link Levee Failures to Design Flaws.  Just out of curiousity, I did a quick search on ‘sue army corps of engineers’ ... looks like a popular pastime.  I theorize that, even if some of the pilings failed, the interconnections between panels should have secured the structure and distributed the load.  I’m curious if there are areas where the pilings held, or only slightly moved, but the interconnections failed.

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NY Times:

Bottom line, recycle your PC.

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NY Times International:

Behind Gold’s Glitter: Torn Lands and Pointed Questions.  “Some metal mines, including gold mines, have become the near-equivalent of nuclear waste dumps that must be tended in perpetuity. Hard-rock mining generates more toxic waste than any other industry in the United States, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. The agency estimated last year that the cost of cleaning up metal mines could reach $54 billion.”  We still have large untouched expanses here in the Western Rockies, but in a day’s driving you’re usually sure to come across more than a few tailing piles.

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SF New Mexican:

Residents to see large increase in gas bill.  “As prices for fossil fuels rise, Sardella said, it is becoming increasingly obvious that everyone must make the switch to renewable-energy sources.  The best way to have those energy sources benefit the local economy is to keep them locally owned ...”

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SF New Mexican:

Chimayo’s red chile, close to extinction?  Say it ain’t so!  “The chile, grown locally since the 17th century, is close to extinction. But if they get their way, ChimayĆ³ red might not only make a comeback, it might wind up listed as a featured ingredient on the swankiest menus in the country, like the Meyer lemon, the Vidalia onion or the Key lime.”  And so it should be.

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NY Times Editorial:

National Parks under siege.  The parks have been ignored, defunded, gored by popularity ... and now they want motorized vehicles?  Sorry, not on *my* watch.  If you want to wait for embryo-free embryonic stem cells, I want you to wait for electric silent leave-no-trace vehicles.  Then again, perhaps the wolves and grizzlies of Yellowstone will see people on ATV’s as “meals on wheels” ... our parks are intended to be the original dark and mysterious jungle, not the predictable zoo with near-domestic animals.

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NY Times:

Arctic Map Vanishes, and Oil Area Expands.  Reminds me of the old treaty shenanigans of the 1800’s.

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SF New Mexican:

Brick by brick: A century’s worth of repairs ‘undone’ on Santa Fe’s Oldest House.  I remember Groucho’s comment: “Stucco?  Oh how you can get stuck-o.”  Cement stucco destroys adobe, whereas ‘old fashioned’ mud plastering each year preserves it.

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NY Times:

Old Ways of Life Are Fading as the Arctic Thaws.  The opposition to ‘global warming’ is getting more and more ridiculous in the face of clear and present evidence.  Statistics can lie; nature doesn’t.

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How could I miss this?

Gordon Coale’s got the goods on motorized bikes ...

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Senate panel OKs oil drilling in Arctic refuge.  “As much as 10.4 billion barrels of crude could be recovered from the refuge’s coastal plain, according to government estimates.”  My italics.  As much as?  Our daily consumption is on the order of 23 million barrels a day.  Do the math.  That’s roughly 434 days of supply.  As a ‘cushion’, that isn’t much ... unless the government significantly steps up conservation and efficiency measures.

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SF New Mexican:

House approves new wilderness for New Mexico.  But will the President sign it?

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SF New Mexican:

You’re buying a ‘cord’ of wood, but is that what you’re getting?  Usually, no.

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2005 lining up to be the second hottest year on record.

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Times Online.UK:

Britain isn’t waiting around.  Bird flu alert: one million children need jabs.  And, Thousands of secret tests to find first signs of disease.

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NY Times Op-Ed Contributor:

After the Deluge, Some Questions.  Match point.

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SF New Mexican:

Testing under way for chronic wasting disease.  For science, it sounds like a great idea. For saving human lives, eight to ten weeks of freezing meat before eating may be an unrealistically long lead time ... especially with the other financial challenges this coming winter.  They should let people know when the meat is ‘clean’, not just when it’s contaminated.

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Clean Water Case Gets Supreme Court Review.

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NY Times Science:

Foal by Foal, the Wildest of Horses Is Coming Back.  Tangential: I pride myself on my spelling abilities, but can never, ever spell this one right on the first go.

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NY Times:

Fearing Heat Costs, Many Take Preventive Action.  I’m working on putting plastic in my windows, postponing firing up the boiler for the radiant heat.  Burning wood to bring temps up, using ceiling fans to distribute the heat.  Wearing more wool.  Computers and printers are quite efficient little heaters, really, too.  Note, burning more wood or other combustibles, noone’s discussing the environmental effects.  Yet.

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SF New Mexican/AP:

Richardson not only governor parking gas guzzler.  Governor Richardson takes repeated beatings in New Mexico.  No state likes being a perceived stepping-stool to higher political aspirations.  I saw a bumper sticker the other day:  “Richardson in 2008; Why should we be the only ones to suffer?”  That gives you the flavor of how some New Mexicans feel about our Governor.  Many New Mexicans take the ‘glass half empty’ view, I’m afraid.

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