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SF New Mexican:

Rio Grande Basin: Tapped out.  Not enough drops in the bucket.

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SF New Mexican:

Eldorado water safe to drink. “When you take over a water system, most of the facilities that you have purchased are buried. They cannot be inspected ... [snip] ... You never know what you are going to get.”  Bodes well for the future, doesn’t it?

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NY Times Environment:

Debate Over Wind Power Creates Environmental Rift.  Back East, the same places that have the most wind, are often the most attractive wilderness areas (of which few are left, are shrinking yearly).  I suppose one way to look at it is, perhaps the wind farms will protect the wilderness from proximal development?

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The Economist:

The skyscraper boom.  Every tall building I’ve ever worked in was a pain in the bum.  Express elevators had to be changed to locals when high winds blew; the suction effect over the shaft would cause the elevator to overshoot by ten floors or more.  At that, never enough elevators for the amount of people.  Water, sewage and A/C problems were persistent.  Frankly, I don’t see the need.

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SF New Mexican:

Environmentalists, ranchers say wolf reintroduction program failing.  Nary a mention of ‘why.’

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NY Times Opinion:

An Idea Worth Throwing Back.  Creatine packs water in muscle tissue.  Bloats weightlifter’s muscles, as if you put a fire hose up their butts.  Sure, it helps with fast-twitch, but in fish?  I would think it might ruin the quality of the filets for cooking.  I’d say, catch-and-release only.  I agree with this article; throw this idea back.  Don’t improve on nature.

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NY Times US:

$92 Million More Is Sought for Exxon Valdez Cleanup.  You can see the unwisdom of some countries’ liability laws; I believe a few limit liability to the value of the ship (and contents).

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SF New Mexican:

Forest manager nixes thinning project.  Well, they did thinning along the road in the Hyde Memorial State Park section of the Ski Basin Road, and it looks fine now.  It was a bit ugly for a while while they gathered the trash alongside the road in order to haul it off, but I believe the undergrowth is filling in very nicely this year.  We’re getting so dry, there’s really no point is risking our watershed.

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Earth’s ozone shield is poised for recovery.

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NY Times Environment:

Studies Portray Tropical Arctic in Distant Past.  Bacteria in bikinis.

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Ever hear of “strawjet” construction?

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Washington Post:

Blueprints in Green: Home Designs That Earth Can Live With.

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NY Times Dining & Wine:

Holy Mackerel and Other Guilt-Free Fish.  The linked list also lets you know how often (times a week) you can eat each type of fish.

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SF New Mexican:

Officials weigh cost, benefits of supertankers.  Flying a 747 at 400 feet ... sounds damned exciting, somehow, but lacks the romance of four props.  They’ve done low altitude testing, but I wonder about testing in the thermals that hot fires create ... I don’t believe passenger jets are rated for the same G forces as old bombers.  Imagine if one of these babies crashed ...

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SF New Mexican:

Subdivision won’t get county water.  I’ve seen too many of these developments using the “recycled water” and “space for farmers” markets’ as leverage.  Recycling for plants and such is nice, but it doesn’t speak to supply for the numerous houses.  Talk generous cisterns on every roof of every house, you might have something that will mitigate the impact.

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Bush energy plan whacks conservation.  “If Congress accepts the Energy Department’s proposed 2007 budget, it will cut $152 million - some 16 percent - from this year’s budget for energy-efficiency programs. Adjusting for inflation, it would mean the US government would spend 30 percent less on energy efficiency next year than it did in 2002 ...”

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What is Beauty? Or, On the Aesthetics of Wind Farms.  In Santa Fe, every architect wants to do contemporary, not southwestern.  We end up with unholy mixes of the two (excuse me: ‘innovative and unique’).  Southwestern matches the history, tradition and landscape.  Contemporary, to me, is a fashion still undergoing change.  What surfaces and textures are contemporary today, are being ripped out for whatever flavors are current tomorrow.  They are stark, a blank canvas to counterpoint the more interesting landscape; a valid interpretation, but like good jazz, require active appreciation.  Stuffing modern efficient windmills in our southwestern natural environment is necessary, but couldn’t they make some that look like household fans from the 30’s?  There’s an Ikea-ish sense about these wind turbines, that becomes cloying after a couple of viewings.  Instead of Swedish, how about Myst?  Send out the contract to Aermotor?

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SF New Mexican:

What’s open in NM for Memorial Day.

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SF New Mexican:

Not just environmentalists are noticing the effects of global warming, but Bush-supporting hunters and anglers, too ...

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NY Times:

Home on the Range: A Corridor for Wildlife.  Gorgeous, almost surreal photo in the header.

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Earth-solar cycle spurs greenhouse gases - studies.  I linked another bit of research before, that said the Sun wasn’t a major factor.  Turn around, find a new ‘mitigating factor.’

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Oil sinks to six-week low.  The problem with paranoia-driven pricing is that paranoia is generally short-lived ...

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Business Week:

Oil at $100? It’s No Longer a Pipe Dream.  Just a short while ago, many were poo-pooing this.

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SF New Mexican:

Santa Clara Canyon: Signs of life after 2000 blaze.

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SF New Mexican:

APS weighing two new reactors at Palo Verde nuke plant.  What concerns me most about this nuke plant is that it is west of Phoenix, in an area where winds are predominantly westerly (blowing west-east).  That, and the proximity to our unsecured southern border.  I hate to sound paranoid, I disdain conspiracy theories, but this plant is one of the fattest terrorist targets around.

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