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SF New Mexican:

Crews corral northern N.M. fire.  I took a little drive up the Ski Basin road to Aspen Vista, before they close the forests down.  It’s dry, dry, dry up there.  Only a matter of days/weeks, I think.

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SF New Mexican:

A big start to our 2006 fire season.  Firebombers have been droning overhead for the last two or three days.

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Washington Post:

As the Rich Ride In, Many Are Priced Out of Homes on the Range.  It was indeed strange to walk the boardwalks of Jackson Wyoming last summer in hiking boots, smelling of tent camping, among perfumy tittering twenty-somethings in their next-to-nothing finery.  Where did they come from?  A local told me, “We’ve been priced out of our own town.  Money talks, dude.  Jackson’ll never be the same.”

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NY Times:

Analysts Say a Nuclear Iran Is Years Away.  Of course they’re years away.  And that’s for an airplane-dropped bomb, or an in-place bomb.  It takes a huge facility like Los Alamos or Sandia to create ballistic nuclear weapons (I believe Pakistan also used tritium to make their bombs lighter and more powerful for missile launches, a very advanced technology).  Likewise, the centrifuges being used are something of first-generation centrifuge tech, very old by modern standards; it’s a long way from 3% enrichment to the 90% required for weapon-grade uranium.  Yet, having centrifuges is weapon-empowering, no question.  And everyone, not just America, believes Iran was a benefactor of at least a portion of A.Q. Khan’s nuclear knowhow.

The bottom line is, we have do have a decent segment of time to deal with this ... not minutes, as the Administration seems to be pushing on the less-gullible (I hope) citizenry.

The irony of all this is not lost here in New Mexico, where the Bush Administration wishes to build its own uranium enrichment plant, LES, down in Lea County.  “Do as I say, not as I do.”  Iran can very easily point fingers and cry ‘foul’, yet I hear no talk of Iranian surgical strikes near Hobbs, NM.  Urenco is part of the consortium to build this plant, last time I looked ... the same outfit whose security was allegedly so lax that Khan could steal what he needed to create his own nuclear weapons.

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NY Times:

A Long Row to Hoe, to Avoid a Store-Bought Tomato.  “The cost of creating the vegetable garden was considerable — $16,565, not counting yearly expenditures on seeds and plants.”  Ye gods. Did he bury a stable of Troy-Bilts in the garden?  Gardening need not be expensive, nor does it require destroying your spine.  It does require a bit of fitness, and the patience to learn by experience; books only take you so far.  My own attempts at gardening pale in comparison to my late father, who was a full-time attorney and a very successful gardener ... for a mere sliver of the above price.  We had corn, leeks, lettuce, tomatoes, beans, rutabagas, melons, and more ... all in suburban Princeton.  And not a single Miracle-Gro product purchased.

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New Scientist Weblog:

Hacked signs for next ten miles.  Nice.

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NY Times Opinion:

Military Fantasies on Iran.  “An American bombing campaign would surely rally the Iranian people behind the radical Islamic government and the nuclear program, with those effects multiplied exponentially if the Pentagon itself resorted to nuclear weapons in the name of trying to stop Iran from building nuclear bombs.”  Even if Mr Hersh is engaged in ‘fantasy’, this had to be said.

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NY Times:

Rounding Up Nature to Preserve Under Glass.  “He and friends, finding birds’ nests in the spring at the edge of encroaching construction — mallards, moorhens and bitterns — would climb the landfill and pull the spark plugs and distributor caps off the bulldozers ‘to slow them down, so they wouldn’t dump over the nesting birds’ ...”

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NY Times Tech:

The Long-Distance Journey of a Fast-Food Order.  This is just plain bizarre to me, too.  Why waste such huge amounts of bandwidth and energy on something that should be done locally?  Then again, why use humans at all?  Rather than force humans to be minimum-wage robots, why not have touchpads in the drive-up lanes, a la ATM?

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NY Times Travel:

Tune into the ‘vortex vibe’ in Sedona.  As more move in, the big-box stores won’t be far behind.  See it sooner than later.

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Times Online.UK:

No carrot is safe as monster rabbit goes on rampage.  Looks like “Wallace and Gromit” may end up being a documentary ... ?

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SF New Mexican:

Renewable energy: Biomass proposal gets second look.  “Western Water & Power met a requirement that says a renewable-energy proposal can only increase rates by 1.6 percent by 2009, but missed a cost requirement of $62.54 per megawatt hour by 68 cents on one proposal and $1.35 on another, according to a chart provided by PNM.”

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The Independent.UK:

Just wait ‘til hybrids go lithium-ion.  But do recycle; lithium is quite poisonous [scroll down].

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NY Times Europe:

Article on Bird Flu Criticizes Effort to Monitor Cats and Dogs.  American pet owners, I suspect, would risk dying of bird flu to keep their pets ... until the disease started carrying off their children and grandchildren.  I’m jumping the gun, however, there’s no factual information yet.  Some have even reported that a majority of cats even reject the virus.  In the meantime, there’s a Bird Flu page for Pets you might be interested in.

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A little rain today,

but more importantly, the first hailstorm of the year.  I’d forgotten about having our plants massacred by hail last spring ...

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Discovery Channel:

Here’s a full-blown gonzo moral conundrum: environmentally-friendly explosives.

Wonder if they’ll combine it with depleted uranium slugs ...

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SF New Mexican:

Wind energy gets boost in Colfax County.

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Discovery Channel:

Smart Lubricant Slashes Oil Need.  I wonder if they can manufacture it out of renewables ...

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SF New Mexican:

Ski season’s last gasp.  “It’s the worst year that I have experienced in my 11 years up her.”

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America’s national parks: no longer ad-free zones?  “If these rules go through, our national forest vistas could include giant inflatable beer bottles, banners for chewing tobacco, and snack-food kiosks.”  No, no, no, no.  If this happens, I don’t think I’ll be the only one thinking about doing a Doc Sarvis.

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Bird flu expected to hit U.S. West Coast by summer.  Go down to the beach more this summer, snort salt water.  Make a hostile environment for those intra-nasal buggies.  Otherwise, use one of these.

Yes, I know H5N1 is more of a deep-in-the-lungs bug.  But surely this can’t hurt as a preventative. It has to reach the lungs somehow.

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SF New Mexican:

Bioneers honored for environmental, social leadership.

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Yahoo News:

Caribbean Coral Suffers Record Death.

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London Review of Books:

Imagined Soil.  “The ‘conquest of nature’ can never amount to more than an armistice.”  Thank goodness.

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