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Bush energy plan whacks conservation.  “If Congress accepts the Energy Department’s proposed 2007 budget, it will cut $152 million - some 16 percent - from this year’s budget for energy-efficiency programs. Adjusting for inflation, it would mean the US government would spend 30 percent less on energy efficiency next year than it did in 2002 ...”

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What is Beauty? Or, On the Aesthetics of Wind Farms.  In Santa Fe, every architect wants to do contemporary, not southwestern.  We end up with unholy mixes of the two (excuse me: ‘innovative and unique’).  Southwestern matches the history, tradition and landscape.  Contemporary, to me, is a fashion still undergoing change.  What surfaces and textures are contemporary today, are being ripped out for whatever flavors are current tomorrow.  They are stark, a blank canvas to counterpoint the more interesting landscape; a valid interpretation, but like good jazz, require active appreciation.  Stuffing modern efficient windmills in our southwestern natural environment is necessary, but couldn’t they make some that look like household fans from the 30’s?  There’s an Ikea-ish sense about these wind turbines, that becomes cloying after a couple of viewings.  Instead of Swedish, how about Myst?  Send out the contract to Aermotor?

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SF New Mexican:

What’s open in NM for Memorial Day.

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SF New Mexican:

Not just environmentalists are noticing the effects of global warming, but Bush-supporting hunters and anglers, too ...

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NY Times:

Home on the Range: A Corridor for Wildlife.  Gorgeous, almost surreal photo in the header.

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Earth-solar cycle spurs greenhouse gases - studies.  I linked another bit of research before, that said the Sun wasn’t a major factor.  Turn around, find a new ‘mitigating factor.’

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Oil sinks to six-week low.  The problem with paranoia-driven pricing is that paranoia is generally short-lived ...

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Business Week:

Oil at $100? It’s No Longer a Pipe Dream.  Just a short while ago, many were poo-pooing this.

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SF New Mexican:

Santa Clara Canyon: Signs of life after 2000 blaze.

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SF New Mexican:

APS weighing two new reactors at Palo Verde nuke plant.  What concerns me most about this nuke plant is that it is west of Phoenix, in an area where winds are predominantly westerly (blowing west-east).  That, and the proximity to our unsecured southern border.  I hate to sound paranoid, I disdain conspiracy theories, but this plant is one of the fattest terrorist targets around.

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SF New Mexican:

Expert touts drip system for turf lovers.  At some point, folks have to get over the concept of green grass in the desert.  It is beautiful to those of us who do not have it, but it also represents a terrible wastage of water, a sign of affluent dissipation (or stubborn refusal to accept reality).  Whenever I visit an area that supports natural grass now, I stand amazed at the fact that it doesn’t require daily care to maintain.  I know for many of you in wetter climes may not believe it, but it’s genuinely hard to grow Kentucky bluegrass here.

Still, after being in the desert now for 8 years straight, I have this inner craving for green grass sometimes.  It’s like an addiction, it pulls at you.  Though I think it’s the occasional desire for humidity, and green grass is the most visible marker of that environmental state.  REI down in Albuquerque sits next to an office complex with the most lovely green lawn.  Whenever I go down for some bit of gear, I make it a point to plop my ass in the grass for a short period of time.

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SF New Mexican:

Locals look to protect ChimayĆ³ Chile name.  Unless they can gain control of the name, it will undoubtedly become as commonplace a name as ‘chipotle’ ... and as meaningless (flavorless).

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SF New Mexican:

Colorado farmers near breaking point after state shuts down wells.  Some ruthless individuals buy land, separate the water rights from the real estate, and sell both.  Ignorant empty-nesters buy the land, build huge homes ... but have no official water rights, though they may have wells.  When drought comes, tough luck.  You didn’t read the fine print?

This is one of those cases now where knowledge of history is vital.  This is why New Mexico can’t go back and renegotiate for more water from our neighboring states ... we have fewer Congresspersons than we had at the turn of the century, in ratio to our neighboring states.  We’d lose what little we have if we made even a peep.  There’s a whole lot of grandfatherin’ goin’ on ...

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SF New Mexican:

State accepts Los Alamos plan to study chromium contamination.

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SF New Mexican:

Comforting, when your local utility says ‘the era of cheap energy is over.’

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Gila plans to use herbicide to kill salt cedar.  See the comments area at the bottom for a link to a PDF about the herbicide.  Salt cedar is the West’s equivalent to the South’s kudzu.  Pretty when it flowers in pink, but water-hungry.  With the drought firmly in place, we can’t be complacent about invasive water-wasteful species.

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SF New Mexican:

Air Force says munitions started last year’s 27,000-acre fire near Floyd, N.M.  A donation to the local fire departments wouldn’t be a bad thing, either.

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West’s cultural treasures could be history.  Energy, minerals and livestock are taking precedence over science, history, culture, posterity.

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SF New Mexican:

Wind gusts kick up damage.  I had to pile boulders on my lawn furniture last evening to keep it from sailing away.

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US farm economy revs up ethanol-fueled engines.  There’s a shortfall now, and it could be filled in the short term by cheap Brazilian ethanol, bringing down the price of gas relatively swiftly ... except we have a $0.54 cent ethanol tariff.

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SF New Mexican:

Missing the flow: Reservoirs along the Rio Grande predicted at lowest levels since 2002.  Firefighters battle blazes near San Marcial, Shiprock. Valles Caldera bans cattle due to drought.

Yesterday we had about 12 hours of spitting rain via thunderstorms, though the local weather stations are reporting only trace amounts (in the thousandths of an inch).  I know I had at least a 1/4 inch of hail on the ground for a while there, so I wonder at the accuracy of those precip measurements.  And the mountains usually get more ...

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Hey ...

we’ve got thunderstorms  [12:13PM MST]. Brings much-needed water, and I’m grateful ... but also brings lightning, a huge risk for our very dry landscapes draped with thousands of dead piñon trees.

[1:25PM MST] Graupel and hail have now shredded the first iris of the season.  Bummer.  At least I got the potted flowers under the portal ...

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Evolution happens faster at the equator.  “The researchers found that tropical plants had more than twice the rate of base substitution compared to their temperate cousins.”

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SF New Mexican:

Solar panels to provide new bright spot along I-25.  Not very extensive, but read at the bottom of the article how you can join PNM as a private power-collector.

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Discovery Channel:

Norway’s First Dinosaur Found.  “... the sea region consisted of dry plains crossed by large rivers during the dinosaur era.”  That’s been a very long while ago, methinks.

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