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The Air Force can’t find their missing nuke.  Sometime in the future, I guess, a hurricane may deposit it on a beach someplace.  As when the tsunami hit the Somali shores, throwing up barrels of nuclear waste.

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SF New Mexican:

Local lakes are full to brimming.  A ‘normal to dry winter’ is predicted, so as they say in this article, enjoy it while you can.

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Sounds like climbing Mt. McKinley is more gross than challenging, at the moment.

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Slow maturation ‘helped to wipe out’ Moa.  Took each bird over a decade to reach sexual maturity.

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Agence France-Presse:

Iran admits to processing plutonium in 1998: IAEA.  The “I’m innocent” line is less and less convincing.

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The Economist:

OPEC’s symbolic move.  “Until the world develops some spare capacity, the road ahead looks sure to be bumpy—particularly if you are driving an SUV.”

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SF New Mexican:

The Administration official who ‘corrected’ climate change reports gets hired at Exxon.

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It’s interesting how life twists and turns.

I see Y-12 in Oak Ridge, Tennessee is opening its doors wider. Synchronicities: My late father got his bunk on a cross-country train ransacked because he said “hello” to Robert Oppenheimer in the dining car during WWII.  I visited Oak Ridge, K-25 and Y-12, as a boy.  Then, when I found myself working in Big Bend National Park during college, I stayed in huts that were ‘surplus’ from this atomic bomb effort (little white shacks with green tar paper roofs).  Now, I’m within spitting distance of Los Alamos.  If I looked through uranium-colored glasses, I could say my life has been framed by ‘the bomb’ ...

Later: Trivia.  Did you know most GI’s in WWII wore radium-dial watches?  The safety of which, at this late date, remains dubious. And don’t forget the “Radium Girls”; the manufacturing sites are apparently still being cleaned up via Superfund.

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An odd couple and the energy bill.  “Two senators from New Mexico - and a new sense of urgency - buoy quest for new policy.”

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SF New Mexican:

Forest Service ends fees for recreational areas.  I’m surprised by this; they could certainly use the money, and I don’t believe anyone would begrudge them the fees.

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NY Times:

After 2,000 Years, a Seed From Ancient Judea Sprouts.  “We’ve bred for yield and taste, but not hardiness, so we have a lot of plants as hardy as French poodles, so we have to spray to protect them, and then we pay the price ...”

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NY Times:

Editor of Climate Reports Resigns.  Gone, but the damage is not addressed.

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NY Times Science:

Fungus Fatal to Mosquito May Aid Global War on Malaria.

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An attack of no-see-ums

has left me with some lovely welts this morning, including one on my left eye.  So if I commit typos today, you’ll know why.  I want to itch, itch, itch, but if I do, hell will break loose.  So I’m sitting here working with clenched teeth.

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HK Disney answers ‘soup critics.’  You order shark’s fin soup, you get a leaflet explaining the environmental impact of your choice.  Learn more about shark finning. “Sometimes sharks are dead when they’re pulled into the boats, but often, they’re still alive as their four fins are cut off with a knife. When they’re thrown back into the ocean the sharks either bleed to death, or they drown, because sharks can’t swim without fins, and they need to go forward to get oxygen. Divers have discovered hundreds of dead finned sharks at the bottom of the ocean in huge shark graveyards.”

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NY Times Editorial:

A (White) House Party for Lobbyists.  “Mr. Cooney spent his immediate pre-White House years as a lawyer at the American Petroleum Institute, where he helped organize the oil industry’s fight against limits on greenhouse gas emissions from factories and automobiles.”

Broadening the scope for a minute, there’s consulting experts in the field, and then there’s cherry-picking for specific results.  Sort of the same situation as weblogging ... where we often only hit those sites that agree with our own ideologies.  One must guard against sticking with what’s comfortable ...

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SF New Mexican:

Eastern Colorado dump site wins permit for radioactive waste.  If America rekindles the nuclear power plant effort, think about where in your local environs the government may consider dumping their nuclear waste.

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The Economist:

Cars in China.  Even when I was in high school (the early-mid ‘70’s), we used to wonder what would happen to the environment if China became a car culture.  We’re about to find out.

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NY Times:

A Week in Suburbia With a Hydrogen Honda.

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SF New Mexican:

Next oil and gas lease sale to include Otero Mesa parcel.  “This is about protecting the environment through managed leasing.”  Protecting virginity by managed rape, you mean.  Notice they only mention ‘surface disturbance’.  What about under the surface?  The air?  Are the acres to be used contiguous (a small point learned from the ANWR brouhaha)?

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SF New Mexican:

River deaths prompt review of rafting policy.  “Among safety requirements are ensuring that customers wear personal flotation devices and that commercial guides have experience on the section of river they are guiding.”  Yes, but given different water levels and flows, the ‘experience’ may be for naught.  The river’s changing rapidly.

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NY Times:

New England suffers a Red Tide.

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The trusty sword of Truth.  “That wriggle room allows climate change sceptics to argue that the human impact is either unproven or is negligible. It also produces a wide variation of results in models that seek to predict the outcomes of climate change.  So Fox has done what his team at NPL does best - come up with a device that can calibrate satellites.”

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SF New Mexican:

City to end reservoir releases.  The Santa Fe River will stop flowing in the next two weeks.

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First Muslim women conquer Mt. Everest.  I believe I can assume that head coverings were not a controversial item ...

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