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NY Times:

Bush’s Goals on Energy Quickly Find Obstacles. “The president’s tone was so changed, in fact, that some analysts said he sounded like a Democrat.”  Hey, someone else noticed.

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A home-grown solution to African hunger.  A fan of Roman aqueducts puts common sense to work.  A surprising statistic, however: “It’s revolutionary in a country where just 2 percent of farmers’ land is irrigated - despite the close proximity of a lake larger than Lake Erie in the US.”  2%?!

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New Scientist:

Pigeons set up ‘smog blog.’  Can’t break the pay barrier, but you can get the gist here.

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King Midas, he ain’t.  Alternative energy shares fall after Bush speech.

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Did anyone else

do a double-take when hearing Mr Bush’s comments on energy?  Sound familiar?  He’s conservatively cherry-picking bits from Al Gore’s speeches:  Earth Day 2000Partnership for a New Generation of Vehicles 2000.  “I think our friends in the Middle East should know that we intend to be customers, not addicts.”

As usual, I find the SOTU a waste of time, liters of smelly, overtly orchestrated political hot air.  Time to retire the practice.

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SF New Mexican:

Governor says commuter rail on track despite glitches.  I agree with one of the commenters ... look at Colorado Rail Car.

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Group: ‘New car smell’ includes toxins.  Ever walk in the clothes section, or the furniture section of a mall?  The smell knocks me over sometimes.

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NY Times:

Exxon Mobil makes a really big buck.  Perfect timing, perhaps, for Mr Bush’s State of the Union, if it is truly going to be targeted at energy.

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SF New Mexican:

Las Vegas to restrict residents’ water use.  Las Vegas, New Mexico, mind you.  Not Nevada.  This is the result of our nearly moisture-free summer, fall and winter (so far).  More restrictions will come, unfortunately, unless the weather patterns change.

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SF New Mexican:

DOE says Los Alamos must expand nuclear waste dump.  Cost is no object, except when it comes to convenient dumping of nuclear wastes.  The Los Alamos Study Group on Area G.

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SF New Mexican:

Residents urge Forest Service to reconsider herbicide use.  “Taos County has a moratorium on herbicide use, and the highway department has worked successfully with residents since 2001 on alternative weed-control methods such as goat grazing and smothering the plants ...”

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SF New Mexican:

Legislators travel to Netherlands to view uranium plant.  More acres of nuclear byproduct drums.  Is there money for decommissioning, when that becomes inevitable?

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Forecast for Earth in 2050: It’s not so gloomy.  “To put the planet on a sustainable path, he continues, the report makes clear that people must view Earth’s ecosystems as one interlinked system, rather than as fragments.”  I agree, but rather than spouting ‘global warming’ at every weather trend, one can easily see local effects of pollution, and then extrapolate that by multiplying against all the other large urban areas to realize how large the effects are.  One visit to Grand Canyon, to see where the West Coast’s pollution gets dumped all too regularly, is a stark example that should be shown more in this context.

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SF New Mexican:

New Mexico faces heating-pellet shortage.  Three months ago, everyone was pushing pellet stoves as cheap, readily-available, convenient heat.  Great until you can’t buy fuel for them.  A nice page about pellet fuel, and the savings one can realize.

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Attack of the sumo jellyfish!

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NY Times Op-Ed Contributor:

A Bear’s Necessities.

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NY Times:

U.S. Reverses Accord and Opens 389,000 Acres in Alaska to Explore for Oil.  Nice of us to abrogate, seemingly without warning.

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The NY Sun:

Light in the Darkness.  When they’d fire up the Tokamak out in Forrestal Center, Princeton’s lights would dim.

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SF New Mexican:

Environmentalists want alternatives for killing weeds.  Not in my watershed, you don’t use RoundUp ...

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Some folks were wondering

how all these wildfires started here in the West.  Try this: Mouse Thrown Into Fire Sets Home Ablaze.  Thanks, Julian.

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Russia seems to have scared Europe into rethinking nuclear power.  Wikipedia on Europe’s nuclear phase-out.

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NY Times:

Hybrids, hydrogen and hype.  A curious little article, out of the blue.

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The Economist:

Putin turns the taps back on.  Cold comfort.

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SF New Mexican:

Odds are on for a dry winter, dry spring.

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NY Times Business:

Heat From the Earth to Warm Your Hearth.

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