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SF New Mexican:

Nature in bloom: Rain brings wildflowers in abundant.  [sic] We are awash in little yellow flowers, “DYC’s” ...

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SF New Mexican:

Scientists pinpoint polar cataclysm date.  I’m getting kinda curious about how fast global cooling happened, to create those subglacial lakes.

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SF New Mexican:

Nuke plant nears construction.  An enrichment plant, not a nuclear power station.  “The state, which complained it was largely excluded from the licensing process, developed its own agreement with LES over waste storage at the plant. The agreement requires LES to limit storage of depleted uranium hexafluoride in New Mexico to an amount equal to what the plant could produce over eight to 10 years at full capacity. The agreement also states all waste must be converted or disposed of outside New Mexico.”  I don’t believe the State can play an oversight role, because nuclear waste is legislated on a Federal level.  Or so I understand.

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NY Times:

Blistering Drought Ravages Farmland on Plains.  The interactive map doesn’t tell anywhere near the whole story, if you look at the Santa Fe area of New Mexico.  “No drought.”  Hah.  In spite of all the water we’ve had (and we’ve had a generous amount), it will take a couple of years of this to bring us back to ‘normal.’

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“Nuclear energy produces no greenhouse gases, but it has many drawbacks. Now a radical new technology based on thorium promises what uranium never delivered: abundant, safe and clean energy - and a way to burn up old radioactive waste.

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NY Times Business:

Promoting Alternative Energy Without Being Too Green.

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SF New Mexican:

It seems the DOE is talking ‘peak oil.’

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SF New Mexican:

“We’re switching from a drought management to a flood-management strategy ...”  The Santa Fe River will flow again, uncharacteristically late in the season.

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SF New Mexican/AP:

Judge axes timber plan for sequoia preserve.

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SF New Mexican:

Rain’s mixed blessings.  “On Aug. 6 alone, 44.57 million gallons poured into the reservoirs.”  Excellent.

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Ever wonder how much a cloud weighs?  Holy elephant ...

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NY Times Editorial:

A Victory for Cleaner Air.  “But the fact that a distinguished conservative jurist like Judge Posner came down so clearly and sensibly on the side of the law has given clean air advocates hope that they, and the law itself, may yet prevail.”  I am happy for my friends on the East Coast, downwind of the Midwest power plants.

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NY Times:

A Natural Landmark in North Carolina Is Up for Sale.  I guess it’s too much to hope for, that they might consider giving it back to the Cherokee.

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Scientists: Ozone layer recovery will take longer.

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LA Times:

Altered oceans.  “Albatross fly hundreds of miles in their search for food for their young. Their flight paths from Midway often take them over what is perhaps the world’s largest dump: a slowly rotating mass of trash-laden water about twice the size of Texas.  [snip]  Located halfway between San Francisco and Hawaii, the garbage patch is an area of slack winds and sluggish currents where flotsam collects from around the Pacific, much like foam piling up in the calm center of a hot tub.”

Later: This reminds me of how I used to torture a former assistant ...

B: I don’t like swimming in the ocean.
V: Why not?
B: All those ... creatures.
V: Oh, come on. You eat sushi.
B: Yes, but where do they go to the bathroom?  Hmmm?
V: Fish spit?
B: Oh no ...
V: Jellyfish earwax?
B: Stop ...
V: Octopus armpit sweat ... eight armpits per octopus ... probably why the ocean’s warm.
B: (faints in a swoon on the floor)

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Soy replaces silk in the world of sustainable fashion.  Eco-friendly fashion.  Price out a pair of hemp pants, though.  A lot of green, for green.

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SF New Mexican/AP:

Engineered grass found growing in wild.  “... Ellstrand noted the engineered bentgrass has the potential to affect more than a dozen other plant species that could also acquire resistance to Roundup, or glyphosate, which he considers a relatively benign herbicide.  Such resistance could force land managers and government agencies like the U.S. Forest Service, which relies heavily on Roundup, to switch to ‘nastier’ herbicides to control grasses and weeds ...”  Like erosion management in the distant past, we consistently underestimate Mother Nature.  You’d think we’d learn by now there are no ‘closed systems.’

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SF New Mexican:

Unceasing Monsoons.  Note the comment about the Hatch chile crop; I linked a story a couple of weeks ago about the bounteous harvest expected.  If rains continue, that may go far towards further proof one must never count chiles before they’ve “Hatch’d”.

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It virtually never happens in NM ...

we’ve got fog this morning.  Glorious.  Can’t see the mountains.  Must make for interesting driving, with the sun dialing the intensity to “11.”

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Back to the ‘70’s, for Detroit.  Caught out, once again.

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Backstory: Where the fastest commuters are ... ‘slugs.’  Very cool.

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The Economist:

Really Big Oil.  Here’s some interesting information, that needs corroboration ... “Saudi Aramco’s proved reserves alone could keep the world supplied for several decades. But it is only exploiting ten of its 80 or so fields, so will be able to pump at the present rate for about 70 years even if it never discovers another drop of oil. In fact, Aramco and other NOCs are likely to find plenty more if they look, since their territory has not been very thoroughly explored.”  I’m seeing more and more that fear is the driver of profit in our modern world (economic, philosophic, political).  But I digress.

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SF New Mexican:

Farming small - but smart.  “It is possible to grow $40,000 to $50,000 worth of vegetables on an acre of land.”  And that’s in New Mexico, I might add ... a bit arid.

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CNN Health:

Reported U.S. bird flu probably no human threat, feds say.

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New Scientist:

Greenland’s ice cap may be melting at triple speed.  What will be more informative, will be differentiating the inland trend from the shoreline one.  Previous research I’ve seen pointed to slight thickening in the middle, breakup on the edges.

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