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SF New Mexican:

House panel approves wilderness legislation.  “The unanimous votes in the GOP-controlled committee were unusual, particularly since they involved wilderness expansion, virtually always a contentious process.”  You can say that again.  But the right side of the aisle needs to curry what favor it can before the fall elections.

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Spirit Mountain Yurts manufactures yurts right here in New Mexico.  Didn’t know there was one in-state.

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NY Times Opinion:

Roger Kennedy, Houses Built to Burn.  Sadly, ‘tis true.  Leaves more space for tents and bears, however.

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NY Times Home & Garden:

Redefining American Beauty, by the Yard.  Living in the land of xeriscaping, I now look at urban and suburban green gardens and wonder, “do they use a hose, or do they do water catchment”?  It’s as important as using wind or solar power, really.

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SF New Mexican:

Early warning system going up on Colorado peaks to detect warming.  Invasive species are nothing to sneeze at, they impact us in multifarious ways.

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SF New Mexican:

Lake Powell level still down, with below-average flow projected.  “I’d bet all the money I have that Lake Powell will be a muddy pool in five years.”

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Rubber sidewalks go where concrete fears to tread.  “Each square foot of rubberized sidewalk contains almost one discarded tire. Americans generate about 290 million waste tires a year, according to the Rubber Manufacturers Association in Washington - many of which languish in junk yards or are burned. As Smith sees it, there should be no shortage of rubber solutions.”  I assume some of the same caveats as for rubber flooring.

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The Discovery of Global Warming, companion to Spencer Weart’s book.  Extensive footnotes, history, all the details anyone could wish for.  It deals with the Younger Dryas/warm Europe issue and ‘hockey stick’ controversy; be sure to check the footnotes for specifics.  A good ‘starting point’ for learning about the history of climate change.

Dr Weart’s direct commentary on “An Inconvenient Truth.”

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NY Times Opinion:

Drafting the Future of the Parks.  Best quote of the day, “The parks should not be sacrificed to the internal combustion engine.”

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NY Times Mutual Funds:

What’s happening in Alternative Energy.

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SF New Mexican/AP:

Montana inventor says floating islands will clean pollution.  “The islands, acting as a sort of floating filter, are designed to improve water quality with plants that suck up excess nutrients. They also create wildlife habitat, function as small-scale wetlands and add a little visual spice to waterways.”

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The Energizer, and Anything into Oil.  If you’re a vegetarian, consider yourself warned over the picture in the second article.

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Ozone hole watch.

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SF New Mexican:

More from the water wars ...

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Albuquerque Tribune:

Study links wildfires to global warming.  “We’re showing warming and earlier springs tying in with large forest fire frequencies. Lots of people think climate change and the ecological responses are 50 to 100 years away. But it’s not 50 to 100 years away - it’s happening now in forest ecosystems through fire.”

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As oil prices soar, what are the most economical vehicles on our roads?  If you don’t want to spend premium bucks for a hybrid, the Honda Fit has come recommended by friends who’ve shopped the others in that small-gas price range.

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SF New Mexican:

Speaking of which, Santa Fe National Forest is now removing all fire restrictions.  The monsoon season has been more prolific at altitude than down below.

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SF New Mexican:

Check the Plaza webcam, you can see it’s been raining.  There are even puddles.

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Washington Post:

‘Videophilia’ Keeps Americans Indoors.

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The return of nuclear fusion?  All I know is, the Tokamac at the Princeton Forrestal Center would brown the entire city’s lights for extended periods ... which highlights this statement, for me: “If ITER, over the next 30 to 40 years, fails to demonstrate that fusion can generate an order of magnitude more power than it uses, then the whole programme, which by then will be almost a century old, will finally have to be abandoned.”

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NY Times:

Search for New Oil Sources Leads to Processed Coal.  Makes me wonder, sci-fi style, if there isn’t money to be made ‘terraforming’ the remnants of strip mines into proper landscape again.

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St. Petersburg Times:

Drilling bans take a hard hit.  “States also could vote to allow drilling as close as 3 miles from shore, a controversial provision that effectively ends the 23-year-old federal ban on near-shore energy exploration. Those that do choose to drill within 100 miles stand to gain billions of dollars in energy company royalty payments over the years, a strong incentive for cash-strapped states.”  My italics.

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SF New Mexican:

One town has it especially rough in parched New Mexico.  “In some areas, the seven-month period since November is the driest on record. Santa Fe has received 1.2 inches of precipitation, the lowest in 133 years of record keeping, and the 0.41 inches in Albuquerque is the lowest in 114 years of data.”

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SF New Mexican:

LANL program gets help from Senate committee.  “... boosted environmental-cleanup programs at Los Alamos for $141 million, a $50 million increase over President Bush’s budget request.”  Hallelujah.

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Flashpacking clicks with great outdoors.  As long as you don’t leave the backcountry strewn with batteries and broken cables.

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