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Albuquerque Trib:

Study: First responders to 9/11 suffered lung-function decline.  We all knew, looking at the clouds of pulverized concrete, computers and worse ... that it must be a horrible cocktail to breathe ... despite EPA assurances.

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Albuquerque Trib:

Sweltering July was only second hottest on record.  “July 1936 still holds the record at 77.5, while July 1934 fell to third place at 77.1, the agency said.”

Later: The NCDC page on year 1998, compared to the ‘30’s, is of interest.  Particularly this chart.  Not quite the disastrous trend I’d imagined ... though it’s missing our current decade.

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New Scientist:

Monet’s art may reveal Victorian London’s smog.

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SF New Mexican:

Commission OKs fish toxin in streams.  I doubt the toxin is species-selective; they may do more harm than good.  But I’d imagine this is being done in concert with fish hatcheries ... not exactly ‘natural.’

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SF New Mexican:

Public can weigh in on LANL’s future.

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NY Times Opinion:

A Reprieve for Public Lands.  Thank God for the courts.

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NY Times Business:

Biggest Oil Field in U.S. Is Forced to Stop Pumping.  One more international crisis, we’ll be at $100/barrel.  I’m hearing whispers from the local survivalist fringe, “time to stock the bunkers, they’re going to start releasing bird flu soon.”

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SF New Mexican:

Quality chile crop this year.

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SF New Mexican:

State’s gas price hits record high, is expected to climb again.

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SF New Mexican:

Santa Fe national forest service to hold meetings on ATV trails.  Perhaps, with gas prices rising so sharply, making allowances for a nearly extinct species of transportation might also be considered short-sighted.

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SF New Mexican:

State probes contamination of lab well.  LANL tends to believe the rock layer underlying the Lab is impermeable in our lifetimes.  Recent tests are showing how wrong this premise is.

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NASA joins search for elusive woodpecker.  Ivory-bills are not extinct as the result of high-speed foam loss, however.  Just in case you were concerned.

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SF New Mexican:

LANL Chemist creates a safer form of ammo.  Iron, instead of lead.

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Food link of the day:

New Hampshire woman bakes cookies on the dashboard of her RAV4.  See? You don’t need one of those survival solar foil contraptions ...

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The cloud with a dangerous secret.

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NY Times:

Free the salmon.

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NY Times:

Energy From the Restless Sea.  Less aesthetic impact, certainly, compared to wind or even solar.

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I was wondering

what the latest was, on the remainders of the Exxon Valdez oil spill.

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Canada’s largest city has a dirty secret: It ships its raw garbage to another country, the United States.

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NY Times Op-Ed:

Delusional thinking in the Senate.  “The gulf might well yield enough natural gas to make a difference in price. But there is not enough oil there or anywhere else in the United States to make a difference in the price of a barrel of oil or a gallon of gasoline at the pump. Why the Senate persists in deluding itself on this remains one of the mysteries of the age.”  Not so much a mystery, as election-year politics again.

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SF New Mexican:

Wet July doesn’t dampen drought.  I beg to differ; our long-term drought needs more than a couple more months of rain.  At least they won’t be closing the National Forests; plenty of hiking available for the late summer.

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The Washington Post

puts its seal of approval on carrying bumbershoots for portable shade.

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Gasoline’s fledgling rivals: the race to power your car.

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SF New Mexican:

LANL readies high-risk waste for relocation.  As I’ve mentioned before, this waste sits in drums in the open under Sunbrella awnings. You can see the structure from the Santa Fe Ski Basin.

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NY Times:

P What? PZEV’s Are Unsung Heroes in the Push to Clean Up the Air.  “Because a PZEV complies with tailpipe standards for a SULEV, or super ultra low emission vehicle, the exhaust can be as clean as that of many hybrids — yet the cars do not incur the hybrid’s price premium of several thousand dollars.”

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