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30Npire: Johammer J1 Electric Motorcycle.

Bizarre, man. They look like lightning bugs. I’d still like to try one though.

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NMELC/Youtube: New Mexico Pit Rule By The Numbers.


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SciAm: Ohio Links Fracking to Earthquakes, Announces Tougher Rules.

In the strongest wording yet from the state linking energy drilling and quakes, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) said that injecting sand, water and chemicals deep underground to help release oil and gas may have produced tremors in Poland Township last month.

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n+1: What Happened to Canada?

What is happening in Canada is part of a much larger trend: the formidable disciplinary forces of late capitalism are exerting themselves everywhere, including in other western democracies, where governments are scaling back social programs while lavishing tax concessions and subsidies on industry. The European Union and the United States are similarly absorbing market shocks on behalf of business while allowing downturns to undermine the poor and working class.” Been wondering what the blazes is going on North of the border. Via wood s lot.

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Mother Jones: Why This Year’s El Niño Could Grow Into a Monster.

The warm water just below the ocean’s surface is on par with that of the biggest El Niño ever recorded, in 1997-98. That event caused $35 billion in damages and was blamed for around 23,000 deaths worldwide, according to the University of New South Wales.”  I’d better caulk the roof.

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Guardian.UK: IPCC report proposes sucking carbon out of the air as climate fix.

The report refers to the CO2 removal technologies as ‘negative emissions’ instead of geoengineering, a label that certain proponents have been promoting to disassociate the technologies from criticisms of geoengineering.” We end up spending so much effort avoiding ‘trigger words’ … *sigh*.

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Atlantic: States With the Fastest-Growing Wages Are Controlled by Republicans - Coincidence?

But somebody in the energy sector might look at the same list and notice something else: Wages are growing the fastest in states that produce oil. [snip] When you adjust for energy, it’s not clear at all that red states are doing better than blue states.” And that’s the diff. Take away the regulations, drill baby drill, you get fast results. Wait until the back-end cleanup and health costs hit, a decade or so down the road.

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Guardian.UK: Exxon Mobil’s response to climate change is consummate arrogance.

A paraphrase: “We plan on overheating the planet, we think we have the political muscle to keep doing it, and we dare you to stop it.

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ThinkProgress: Drilling Co. Could Force PA Landowners To Allow Fracking Under Their Land.

Oil and gas company Hilcorp is trying to use a 1961 Pennsylvania law that would allow the company to bundle properties of people who don’t sign drilling leases with their neighbors who do, meaning that even landowners who don’t sign leases will be forced to allow drilling under their land if enough of their neighbors sign leases.

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Guardian.UK: UK smog alert - vulnerable people advised to stay indoors.

The unusually high levels of air pollution are a result of inland pollution and powerful dust storms swept in from the Sahara by strong gales.” *Ahem*. ‘It’s all true. Herodotus, your friend … He writes about it.

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ProPublica: In Fracking Fight, a Worry About How Best to Measure Health Threats.

Of note. UK, pay attention.

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PS Mag: An Accident Waiting to Happen - The Peril of Transporting Crude by Rail.

I really dislike when we (on the internet, in the media) talk about a situation, and then through inaction it becomes true. This is one of those times I hope commonsense preparation takes place.

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Guardian.UK: James Lovelock - environmentalism has become a religion.

The government is too frightened to use nuclear, renewables won’t work –because we don’t have enough sun – and we can’t go on burning coal because it produces so much CO2, so that leaves fracking. It produces only a fraction of the amount of CO2 that coal does, and will make Britain secure in energy for quite a few years. We don’t have much choice.”  Last time I looked, sir, Britain was plenty windy.

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Modern Farmer: The Joy of Cooking Invasive Species.

Kudzu, feral pigs, bullfrogs and burdock are just a few of the foods in the invasivore repertoire. These pests are all edible and some are considered delicacies in their native land. Invasivores seek to re-frame these species as an ethical food choice and have a slew of nifty slogans for the cause, like ‘Eating Aliens’ and ‘Eradication by Mastication.’”  Ahem. Deadfood.com, too.  The ‘French Fried Skunk’ recipe’s pretty entertaining (‘skim off scum …’).

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SciAm: No Pause in Global Sea-Level Rise.

When the scientists corrected for this La Niña effect on rain patterns in the past decade, they found that the slowdown in sea-level rise disappeared and fell in line with the 1994-2002 pace, coming to about 3.3 millimeters a year. The results call for re-examination of long-term sea-level records to detect the true warming signal ...

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NM Fishing. Don’t these numbers make you sad?

# of fish you can eat monthly from NM’s lakes and streams. Mercury, DDT and PCB contamination.

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Guardian.UK: Fracking safety: report warns of ‘significant unknowns’.

The report highlights just how important well construction is as part of safe and environmentally sound exploration. Decc and the industry are working together to put in place a robust scheme that would cover monitoring and liabilities even in the event that the relevant operator is no longer in business. Experts will also consider all aspects of the design and construction of wells, including how they will be made safe after they are no longer in use.” Good that the UK is aware of this. For instance, Texas has thousands of old capped wells that are failing. A capped well is something you have to monitor in perpetuity; who should pay for that monitoring?

And this is what the oil and gas folks don’t tell you: the significant infrastructure and maintenance costs they try to duck to keep their profit margins reasonable.

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FT: Checkmate for cheap unconventional gas.

“Essentially, the shale gas boom of the past decade turned a set of engineering advances into a property bubble, in which investors were selling development rights to each other, intermediated by the exploration and production companies. The E&P promoters were spending multiples of their operating cash flow on buying properties and drilling them to show more production, then selling more stock and more debt, etc. Eventually, the promoters could not pedal fast enough.”  Good article.

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ScienceDaily: Devasting consequences of scarcity of ‘knowledgeable elders’.

When the number of informed individuals falls below a certain level, or the strength of their determination to go in a certain direction falls below a certain threshold, the migratory pathway disappears abruptly.” I would imagine political strategists are noting this down ...

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NY Times: Fukushima’s Shameful Cleanup.

It is long past time that the government take direct control of the disaster site.” What’ve I been saying for a year or so?

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SciAm: New Mexico Cancels Permit to Expand Leaky Nuclear Waste Site.

New Mexico on Friday withdrew a temporary permit allowing two new disposal vaults at a U.S. government nuclear waste dump grappling with a release of radiation in February, state regulators said.” Remember, the Feds really wanted to widen the scope of WIPP to detritus with higher radioactive levels. Now they find they can’t even handle the low-grade stuff properly.

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Denver Post: Tensions over Rio Grande escalate with drought.

Ultimately, possession is 9/10’s of the law … right?

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The Radio Ecoshock Show: Climate Dark Age.

Painful to read, but read one must. Via wood s lot.

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DesignYouTrust: Giant Polar Bear Of London.

Not often that you see a polar bear and a London double-decker in the same photograph.

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naked capitalism: Washington Does Not Have a Natural Gas Weapon Against Moscow.

Hmmm. No doubt there are some old-school right-wingers who’d love to link “Drill, baby, drill” to bringing down the ‘new’ Soviet/Communist threat.

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