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NY Times:

Warren Zevon has passed away.  You can sleep now.

Later: Booknotes has the definitive Zevon tribute.  A monumental effort, Craig.

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Johnny Depp may sell his gold teeth on Ebay.  Want a piece of Captain Jack Sparrow?

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iTunes, facelift for a corrupt industry?  Personally, I find MP3 barely tolerable as a listening technology, even at high bitrates.  AAC sounds like its worse [haven’t heard it].  Which reminds me, I need to think about replacing my receiver at some point in the future.  I’ve always admired NAD ... grossly overengineered.  They come highly recommended to me by my former A/V sound engineer pals.

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Big-budget “El Mariachi.”

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Very Short Films:

Elevator Moods.  Try “Ghost in the Machine” ... a familiar moment for most members of modern generations.  The elevator is definitely *not* a neutral character in these pieces.  This must have been a blast to film.

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Atlantic Monthly:

The Age of Murdoch.  The article will sour your stomach; beware.

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“You won’t be missed.”  Sorry, but yes, they will.  The golden age of Hollywood was *all* about escapism and aggrandizing our war efforts, as we reconstructed from World War II and entered the frightening Cold War era; who do you think you’re kidding?

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Text messaging ruining the blockbuster summer.  Nice to have a convenient scapegoat for when your movies simply stink.  Other than banning cell phones in theatres (good luck.), this may raise the quality for all of us.

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Cable TV networks pull Schwarzenegger films.  Might I make a suggestion?  “Raw Deal.”  It’s a howler.  So very bad.  My favorite line: “You should not drink and bake.”

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