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BBC News: Police drummer Stewart Copeland’s Ben-Hur film score premieres in US.

Must-see. Hope it comes to the Lensic here in Santa Fe.

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OpenCulture: A Brief Tour of British Accents: 14 Ways to Speak English in 84 Seconds.

Fun. Remember when Americans believed Robin Leach’s Cockney was a ‘high class’ Brit accent? Many probably still do.

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Vulture: Gay Talese on Mad Men and the Sexual Revolution.

There’s a lack of sizzle. We were all feeling things for the first time then.”  Drunk in Love is something Roger Sterling would consider normal life, I suspect. Not worthy of a song.

Tangential: Study, Estimating the Size and Structure of the Underground Commercial Sex Economy in Eight Major US Cities. My concern is here is the study only has a few paragraphs on truck stops and child prostitution. The fact that Santa Fe sits on I-25, we see a great deal of young women being dropped off, picked up. I suspect this mode of child prostitution is a whole lot larger than they think — and I urge them (if they read this) to research it further.

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538: A Statistical Analysis of the Work of Bob Ross.

So many things of real benefit to analyze, and they choose Bob Ross. Obviously trolling for viral content. Color me disappointed.

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LA Times: Hollywood tries to win Christians’ faith.

Religious moviegoers may be actively searching out more spiritually engaging content, but they remain on high alert for perceived distortions of biblical doctrine or any attempt at a bait and switch.” If they like Noah, it puts the lie to ‘bait and switch’. Magic sleeping draught herbs indeed ...

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Cool Blog Name To Come: The fuss over late-night hosts.

You can say that late night became fossilized long ago, but even if we don’t watch these programs regularly, we get comfort from knowing they are on the air. Late night represents tradition, a powerful idea at a time when there seem to be few certainties.” 

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Guardian.UK: Stephen Colbert to replace David Letterman as CBS Late Show host.

CBS did not directly address the question whether Colbert would continue in character on Late Night, saying only that ‘specific creative elements’ would be announced at a later date.” I was fervently hoping they’d go far outside the list of ‘usual suspects.’

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Telegraph.UK: Michael Palin - A lot of Monty Python was ‘c—p’.

The 21-venue tour, entitled Travelling to Work, will see Palin speak about his career, with anecdotes, photographs and footage ‘looking back at 25 years of exploring the world and nearly 50 years in radio, television, books and films’.”  Sadly, the tour seems mostly in Britain.

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CNN: 50 people turning 50 in 2014.

Sort of astonished at the amount of obvious haircolor being used across all sexes. You don’t reach 50 without some grey; precious little to be seen here.

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Youtube: Chef Official Trailer (2014).

As one commenter astutely observes, “Black Widow, Iron Man and his assistant Happy Hogan take a break from the Avengers to do some cooking business.

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The Daily Beast: Rashida Jones and the Pornification of Pop.

I agree with Ms Jones. Proof? This photo does more for me than any of the current pop-diva video gyrations. Consider what is ‘not said’, the negative space, along with what is patently obvious. Letting the mind indulge in a little fantasy, rather than leaving nothing to imagination and exposing all in technicolor debauchery and hydraulics, would be my choice.

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Adobe Airstream: An Economic Cultural Engine in Albuquerque’s Rail Yards.

It’s a cool location.

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Variety: Mickey Rooney Dead at 93.

RIP. When I first entered the Manhattan work force in the early ‘80’s, “Sugar Babies” was still playing with Ann Miller and Mr Rooney. Made ‘old’ Hollywood seem ageless.

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Tumblr: General Lee.

Okay, now I have to find a way to un-see that, now that I’ve seen it.

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Paris Review: Caleb Crain on Darren Aronofsky’s film ‘Noah’.

Aronofsky thought his Noah needed Watchers, to judge by the screen time he gives them. They’re animated in a style that looks like it’s of Davey and Goliath vintage.” Read the whole thing; sounds overwhelmingly dreadful. Pass.

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Guardian.UK: UK smog alert - vulnerable people advised to stay indoors.

The unusually high levels of air pollution are a result of inland pollution and powerful dust storms swept in from the Sahara by strong gales.” *Ahem*. ‘It’s all true. Herodotus, your friend … He writes about it.

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538: The Dollar-And-Cents Case Against Hollywood’s Exclusion of Women.

Bechdel said that if a movie can satisfy three criteria — there are at least two named women in the picture, they have a conversation with each other at some point, and that conversation isn’t about a male character — then it passes “The Rule,” whereby female characters are allocated a bare minimum of depth.

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The new Godzilla movie has me worried.

Can’t call Mothra in to help, because only one of The Peanuts survives ...

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NY Times: National Geographic Channel Pulls ‘Nazi War Diggers’ Series.

Bad idea from the start. Many are covering this … for example, video, weblog.

Nat’l Geo joins SciAm in my ‘formerly rock-solid authority, but now suspect’ pile.

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LA Times: A treasure trove of silent American movies found in Amsterdam.

Not only does the EYE collection feature shorts, animated films, dramas, serials and westerns, there is also a cache of nonfiction films, including footage from a 1920 Chicago rodeo; 1923’s ‘The Crystal Ascension,’ which chronicles an exploration of Mt. Hood; 1917’s ‘The Dairy Industry and the Canning of Milk’ and 1925’s ‘Uncommon Clay,’ a survey of America’s art pottery heritage.” Fantastic!

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Re/code: There’s a Zucker Born Every Minute (Comic).


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SciAm: Roman Emperor Claudius Dressed as Egyptian Pharaoh in Newfound Carving.

I can’t help imagining Derek Jacobi in a skirt stuttering through Minnie the Moocher.

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Buzzfeed: Killing Conservative Books - The Shocking End Of A Publishing Gold Rush

“The casual Barnes & Noble browser is unlikely to have ever purchased one of these books — almost nobody does — but he will recognize the subgenre by its uniform covers: the patriotic color scheme, the besuited politician striking a square-shouldered pose, the author’s name and title stamped across the dust jacket in imposing, all-caps lettering. Inside, the books follow a well-worn formula, lacing lofty talking points and vaguely drawn policy proposals with a sanitized personal narrative that reads as though it has been vetted by a thousand political operatives and stripped down to a fourth-grade reading level.

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The Atlantic: Must Every YA Action Heroine Be Petite?

Some readers became so attached to the image of a short, emaciated girl claiming victory in the battle-royal arena that when Jennifer Lawrence was cast as Katniss, multiple critics complained that she was too ‘big-boned’ for the part.” Oh, for heaven’s sake. My only complaint was that the onscreen character’s thoughts were unscripted. In the book, we hear what is in Katniss’ head. On the screen, we don’t. The vacuum prevented me from fully appreciating the film.

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Slate: Divergent, starring Shailene Woodley, and the Hunger Games: Why teens love dystopias.

Movie review aside; I think young folk admiring dystopias is a positive thing. Still, I’d prefer a MacGyver-ish ‘leverage-what-you’ve-got’ cleverness than the bleak Road Warrior future we seem to be heading for.

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