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NY Daily News: Bill Cosby paid off women says ex-NBC employee.

He’s finished. The handlers have started talking. I was going to post yesterday that this was too large of an operation to be a one-person deal. It needed coordination ... booking flights, renting cars, maintaining security. Many are complicit.

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EW/Goosebump Alert: See the music video for ‘The Hobbit’s ‘Last Goodbye’.

Well done. I might have assembled the edits a bit differently, but that’s a quibble.

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Variety: Netflix Picks Up ‘Longmire’ for Season 4.

FANTASTIC. Thank you, Netflix!

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Youtube: Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy gag reel - Dance Off.


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Vox: Everything you need to know about the Bill Cosby sexual assault allegations.

Perhaps an update to the statute of limitations is in order? Since noone successfully prosecuted, and the incidents are far out of the range of court redress, it is conceivable Cosby could sue for defamation (libel and slander both). It would be grotesque to do so ...

Later: The Dish, What to think of Bill Cosby?

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MeFi: Before and after Cab Calloway’s Minnie the Moocher, there’s more to hear.

Cab’s an automatic reblog.

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Mashable: New York advice from people who are not Taylor Swift.

I do so miss the wonderful variety of NY accents.

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ArtDaily: 1963 Officially licensed Batmobile, missing for decades, ready to roar.

Good Lordy, even restored it’ll bring a pretty penny.

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New Mexico, Film & Entertainment in ©Sindication: #LONGMIRELIVES.

A cross check with additional OHI sources quietly screams that it is the beloved A&E ousted series which should be all but set to soon saddle-up in its old stomping grounds and resume filming in New Mexico for a long awaited season four!”  I pray it is so. We need more LONGMIRE.

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The Verge: Ridley Scott to produce sequel series to ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’.

Been so long since the original, I doubt it could do any harm.

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NY Times: Taylor Swift Announces World Tour and Pulls Her Music From Spotify.

But the news that set tongues wagging in the music business was that Ms. Swift’s label, Big Machine, had ordered Spotify, the subscription streaming service, to remove all of her songs from the service in an effort drive up sales of her albums and songs.

I called it the other day, didn’t I?  Not the naive ingénue any longer; a canny capitalist.  I suppose the only thing her Spotify-using fans can do is ... ‘shake it off.’

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GQ: Beautiful Photos of Beautiful People in The Leather Biker Jacket That Started it All.

Eh. Perhaps historically. The best damned made motorcycle leather jacket I’ve ever owned ... and still own ... is a German-made Hein Gericke jacket. Highly, highly recommended. It will never wear out or fall apart. Never. I understand they’re having financial difficulties - a terrible shame.  I will treasure mine all the more ... and look for another model to fill out my cycling wardrobe.

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Art of VFX: Into the Woods, featurette.

Of interest, also.

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Art of VFX: BBC ‘God Only Knows’ - Behind The Work.

So much green screen these days. It must be so hard for actors.

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Dazed: Top 10 cult leather icons.

Okay, how could such a hip online magazine forget to include the Lizard King in his leather pants? Huh? Dump Cruise in Top Gun. That had very little cultural effect, comparatively.

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Youtube: Paddington – Official International Trailer #3.

Looks delightful. I didn’t even know it was in production. First I’ve heard of it.

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I picture Hulk sitting by the fireside, with half-glasses and a smoking jacket.

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LA Times: Marcia Strassman dies at 66; actress starred in ‘Welcome Back, Kotter’.

‘We didn’t think anybody would believe her with Gabe Kaplan.’ I said: ‘You believe me with Gabe Kaplan? Thank you very much.’”” Indeed. My heart lost a few beats over her, way back when. Beautiful eyes and a lovely smile. I note the Grim Reaper of breast cancer took her; he is too active these days. RIP.

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Pacific Standard: We Are All Confident Idiots.

The trouble with ignorance is that it feels so much like expertise.” Sticking people in front of a camera requires folks to multi-task - even those who know better can begin babbling in order to portray themselves in a way they feel is ‘good’. I don’t think it’s a fair test of ‘ignorance’.  Certainly not a scholarly study of the phenom.

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Vox: Renee Zellweger’s new look reveals the pernicious demands we make of all women.

Age and a blepharoplasty. I’ve had ‘squinty eyes’ since childhood, taken the teasing, the terrible nicknames. Now that I’m 55, if my upper eyelid/brow sag gets any worse, I’ll need to follow Renee’s lead. I would trade a bit of character to be able to a) see better and b) not to have to hike my eyebrows up to my hairline to seem happy and/or not asleep. My fear is a plastic surgeon would make me look permanently frightened to death.

Damn the slings and arrows, Renee. I understand completely. Perhaps only another person with the ‘squints’ can.

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The New Yorker: “Alan Bean Plus Four”

Tom Hanks rips one out.

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Youtube: Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey Trailer.

In case you haven’t heard, it’s being remastered and rereleased to theatres.  The trailer’s too discontiguous for my taste. The imagery marginally more contrasty/saturated.

Interesting to find out others remember the ‘blue food’ sequence as I do. And I never read the book!  Bowman finds shelves of boxes of blue powder, and gets a bit dramatic with it. One assumes this is synthesized food for his consumption, graciously offered by his ‘hosts’.

It *was* in the film. Don’t let anyone tell you you’re crazy.

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Guardian.UK: Tropical spider burrows under man’s skin through scar - video.

Will be featured in one of Hollywood’s next horror films, methinks.

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OpenCulture: Night on Bald Mountain: An Eery, Avant-Garde Pinscreen Animation.

What a difference seven years makes.

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Hollywood Reporter: John Cleese Quits Movies, Says He’s “Looking Forward” to Death.

The key to understanding Python now is we have all driven off in completely different directions. Michael [Palin], as you know, makes those travel programs that I put on any time I can’t sleep. Eric Idle is very good at lyrics so he is writing songs. Terry Gilliam is off trying to raise money for one of his plotless ­extravaganzas. And [Terry] Jonesy is just insane – he writes children’s books and recently went to Lisbon and directed an opera about vacuum cleaners.”  That’s something not often recognized - that you don’t necessarily have to like your team in order to do great work.

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