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Youtube: The Civil War Begins - 1st Trailer for Marvel’s Captain America.

Keepin’ it real, thank goodness. I always enjoy the Captain America installments much more than any of the other Marvel cinematic adventures.

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Mashable: Disney’s ‘Zootopia’ trailer proves that actual sloths run the DMV.

Wait for the protests. “Microaggression!”

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Vox: The Great British Baking Show breaks all the reality TV rules.

I took a shot and previewed it on Netflix. And got addicted. They’ve only got Season One available for viewing, but I’m already slavering for Season Two. And I wonder why everyone in the UK isn’t the size of a bleedin’ house.

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Guardian.UK: Why I love a man in Carhartt jeans: an ode to masculine self-sufficiency.

Just when you think the world’s gone Kardashian ... something like this pops up.

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Youtube: Joss Stone Temple Pilots Performs “Interstate Love Song”.

Not bad. The guitarist needs to practice the opening bit - what a hash compared to the recorded version.

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Telegraph.UK: Dame Judi Dench - ‘I can see red lights all over the theatre’.

One of the reasons she is so youthful, I think, is a determination to be creatively moving forward, doing something new.” Appropriateness. I think it’s worth discussing.

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Vox: Spectre is the worst James Bond movie in years.

But with a different director at the helm, a less operatic score, and a slightly brighter color palette, it’s all too easy to imagine this same script and story turning out exactly like the cheesy, glib Bond films from the 1970s, when Roger Moore played the part.” I warned you, after seeing the trailers. That wingless airplane heading down a ski slope. It’s like the Moore-Bond idiocy is an evil series magnet. And who wanted “The Saint” as Bond anyway?

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my pen is a pistola: Kim Catrall wins the internets.

So much for “The Secret”.

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Daily Mail Online: Rome’s Trevi Fountain re-opens following £1.4m Fendi transformation.

Looks good. I assume the metal walkway is removed.

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Guardian.UK: Robin Williams was ‘disintegrating’ before suicide, widow says.

I understand his choice better now, than just straight Parkinson’s.

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PS Mag: Why We Love the Myth That Americans Believed the ‘War of the Worlds’ Broadcast.

Ever asked someone who listened to the broadcast at the time? Didn’t think so. You can’t look at it through a modern lens - or a single study. “The Wizard of Oz” was released the next year, and for the majority of rural America it was the very first color film Americans had ever seen. The BW/color transition from Kansas to Oz was a near-religious experience. These kinds of nuances you only get from listening to those who experienced the event - you’ll be hard-pressed to find it on the internet.

Along these period lines - and I’ve told this story before - my grandmother remembered when the first aeroplane flew over her little Smoky Mountain hamlet in the 1920’s. Everyone ran to the church, thinking it was an harbinger angel of the Second Coming.

“The past is a foreign country: they do things differently there.”

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Examiner: Netflix officially renews ‘Longmire’ for season 5.

Great news!

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Mashable: Twitch viewers are totally smitten with Bob Ross, ‘Joy of Painting’.

When we were kids, I suppose we thought of his show as visual Valium. Or drug-free Sominex. How stressed out would you have to be, to sit through a whole episode without nodding off?

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Politico Exclusive: GOP campaigns plot revolt against RNC.

Speaking of eating their own ...

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Slate: SXSW canceled panels - Here is what happened.

At some point, event organizers are going to have to embrace the controversy and bite the security bullet. Better to get this stuff out in the open, than leave it to fester in the dark holes of the ‘net. SXSW could have gotten out in front of this, been a shining example. Unfortunately, it’s not what it used to be. Grown beyond relevance.

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New Yorker/Borowitz: Jeb Quits Race with “Mission Accomplished” Banner. [Humor.]


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Wikipedia: Rural purge.

The anecdote about the attempted premeditated murder of The Waltons is particularly poignant. Rural is still relevant.

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ArtDaily: Drive like Steve McQueen: The Le Mans Porsche 911T for sale at Christie’s.

Boy, the color sure bespeaks the era, doesn’t it?

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William Reichard: The foundations of Star Wars.

Interesting! And here I was just referencing Asimov below. I’ve not heard this radio adaptation - I’ll have to give it a go. I have to say, the new Star Wars trailer seems a bit disjointed ... bespeaking too many stories being woven together. I think it should have started smaller, as the original did, only to blossom (with unfortunate results, for the original trilogy) later. In my world, there are only two Star Wars films. The original, and the sequel. Everything else is ... well, embarrassing. I don’t think I’ll ever forgive the baldfaced merchandising decision behind Ewoks ...

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NY Times: Jennifer Lawrence Speaks Out Against Gender Pay Inequality.

I’m over trying to find the ‘adorable’ way to state my opinion and still be likable!

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Mashable: This funny ad starring WWE star Khali shows the flip side of wrestling

I miss these kinds of ads.

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LRB/Review: ‘The Martian’.

Excitement in the film collects around this idea, I think because it is a real idea, because it asks us to imagine something other than common sense as a solution to our ills.

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FishbowlNY: Playboy to Stop Featuring Nudity.

You’re now one click away from every sex act imaginable for free. [snip] And so it’s just passé at this juncture.” Remarkable event, really.

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NPR: ‘Bloom County’ And Opus The Penguin Return After A 25-Year Hiatus.

If you’ve loved Bloom County, and even if you’ve loved To Kill A Mockingbird, you’ve got to listen to this.

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All of a sudden, a dearth of Trump headlines.

The media seems to have gotten ... bored? Dare I say it?

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