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BBC: James Garner, Rockford Files star, dies aged 86.

This one hurts. When I was a kid, I wanted to be as cool as James Garner.  RIP, good sir. You will be sorely missed.

Later: A good observation, from Mashable? Yes! Check it out.

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MichaelUlman: Gone Postal (rat rod).

Would be perfect for a Steampunk “Road Warrior” ...

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MessyNessyChic: Hollywood’s iconic ‘Gone with the Wind’ movie set has been hiding

Unless the whole thing is rebuilt as a replica, it may make more tourism money as-is. IMHO.

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Hemmings: Mini Moke fans to celebrate 50th anniversary of the British trucklet.

The Moke could transport four people at up to 74 MPH, if they were sufficiently brave ...

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SciAm: Kids on Screen-Time Diet Lost Weight and Got Better Grades.

Parents are in a much more powerful position than they realize.”  The ‘idiot box’ remains the ‘idiot box’ … or so it seems here.

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Youtube: Trailer for Jolie film “Unbroken”.

Hmmm.  My first thought was, the opening scenes look very … clean.  From the skin on the actors right down to the dirt. And perhaps it is supposed to be that way, for the childhood scenes. Mimicking the golden glow of memory. I’ll admit I’m curious.

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LRB: Emily Witt/Diary - Burning Man.

Explains Burning Man better than anything else I’ve read.

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I was going to link you to “A Better Queue”, a Netflix/Rotten Tomatoes mashup, but ...

they’ve temporarily jumped the shark.

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Youtube: Exodus - Gods and Kings.

WASPs in Egypt. Gimme a break.

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Paris Review: The Many Poses of Marcel Marceau.

Never get a mime talking. [snip] He won’t stop.

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SF New Mexican; George RR Martin gives the finger to fans who say he’ll die before he finishes.

“I find that question pretty offensive, frankly, when people start speculating about my death and my health. [snip] So f–k you to those people.” He’s pretty darned active around these parts. I side with George.

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Art of VFX: New Guardians of the Galaxy trailer.

I never read the comic books, but I sure want to see it.  Is it me, or are they playing with music eras (background sound) to see what’s most attractive to the audience? I miss Blue Swede. It added just the right touch of anarchy. Make it too dark/metal/serious, it loses something.

Now, when are we going to see “The Stainless Steel Rat”?

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LA Review of Books: American Loneliness.

Videos of puppies are entertaining; rich women throwing wine at each other is entertaining; seeing the loneliness and insecurity that most people, including you, spend their days and nights working hard to hold back or ignore, isn’t really.

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Vox: ‘1776’ is the 4th of July movie for people who love to hate Congress.

Oh yes … if you haven’t seen this film, you absolutely must. Our schools actually marched us out of class to go see this in the local theater, it was considered so ‘important’ in the early ‘70’s. William Daniels is, in my decades-old memory, fantastic.

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The Quietus: A Revolution In The Head - The Other Side Of Monty Python.

“Comedy returned to its primary purpose: to inform the powerful, the headstrong and the vainglorious that everything is bullshit – life is a joke, your finery is meaningless and worms will be feasting on you sooner than you think. Partly out of devilment, partly in the hope that once we’ve got that straight, we can all move on from there. That was the funniest thing of all: deep down, under the warm embrace of bad taste and the cold contempt, Monty Python cared.

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NY Times: Why the Research on Viewing Is Best Ignored.

Anyway, yes, television affects our lives, as do microwaves, cellphones, cars, polyester, Tupperware. You can either study those effects to death — ‘Study Finds That Trying to Keep Up With Studies of TV Viewing Causes Insanity’ — or just accept that there’s a good-bad trade-off in watching television, and that you should negotiate it as best as you can, using common sense.

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Youtube: Lily Allen - URL Badman (Official Video).

Whether we want it or not, looks like bloggers have an anthem.  The lyrics: “I don’t like you, I think you’re worthless; I wrote a long piece about it up on my WordPress …

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I understand they’ve wrapped up filming for S3 Longmire.

I’ll miss the movie set signs around town. In honor of the event: Neil Young and Willie Nelson.

Don’t miss tonight’s epi.

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NY Times: Eric Clapton Says He May Stop Touring.

Speak of the Devil. [See previous post.] Start a blog, Eric. Tell those stories that need telling. There is music in text.

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Youtube: FURY - Official Trailer.

Gritty. Tanks in WWII, with Brad Pitt.

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Youtube: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Trailer 2.

Much turtle grimacing. I suppose I’m getting jaded about another ‘loads of actually-impossible-but-looks-really-great 3D action’ flick.

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ArtsJournal: Aging, as in Fine Wine.

Oh treacherous, fierce old age. [snip] Once I was beautiful … [shrug]. That’s how it goes with us.

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LA Times: Eli Wallach dies at 98; actor best known for two classic westerns.

Tuco, you will be sorely missed. What a fantastic actor. RIP.

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Guardian.UK: Dennis Hopper’s photography evokes freedom of 1960s Easy Rider generation.

If you’re in Britain, you really should go see this exhibition.

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Slate: Pocahontas wedding re-enactment - John Rolfe, John Smith, and Native Americans at Jamestown.

Once again, the allure of the ‘authentic fake.’

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