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Philly.com: ‘Cold Mountain’ opera ready to be scaled at Academy of Music.

The open-air Santa Fe Opera is one of the most beloved venues in the country. But one hears of comments about not having to compete with Mother Nature, and how singing after stage combat is easier when not at a 7,199-foot elevation.” Wimps. (wink)

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Dazed: Meet Hijarbie, the world’s first hijab-wearing Barbie.

I’m filling a gap and hoping to create a positive awareness for the Muslim girl [snip] I want her to be inspired. This is about creating an alternative and having toys that look like you, which, at the end of the day, leads to better self-esteem.

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Thrillist: $90K working Burning Man.

They can joke, but the experience list is pretty hefty, seems to me.

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Harvard Gazette O’Neal, MacGraw revisit youthful ‘Love’.

As for Jenny’s famous line — ‘Love means never having to say you’re sorry’ — MacGraw said, ‘I never questioned that — except for the next 45 years.’” Ms MacGraw lives here in Santa Fe, and volunteers for many good causes.

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Guardian.UK: Trump may have lost in Iowa but it’s proved he’s a master of social media.

More about what’s wrong with media today, than about Mr Trump. Worth your time, not that you didn’t know it ...

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FishbowlNY: Reporter Double-Checks Story Ahead of Cindy Crawford Interview.

Um, she’s NOT retiring.

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Dazed: Supermodel Cindy Crawford announces her retirement.

“I shouldn’t have to keep proving myself. I don’t want to.” And you certainly don’t have to. Hits me harder than I expected; her retirement signals an end of our ever-more strained grasp on youth. Maybe we’ll see more of our compadres push the hair color away.

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c|net: Neil deGrasse Tyson goes all out against flat-earther B.o.B.

Easy. Take the dude to the Na Pali overlook on Kauai. You’re up high, looking out over the ocean. You see the curvature, oh yes.

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Dazed: Body-positive Barbie lands the cover of TIME magazine.

Since she’s dominating the news cycle, I have to comment. The body shape is disturbing. Short body, crazy long legs. I feel her feet should be just below her knees. I am expecting to hear in stores, “Mommy, mommy - I want a FAT Barbie.” And enjoy the response.

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CNN: Who won the ratings race, Fox News or Donald Trump?

Fox News Channel’s Trump-less debate had 12.5 million viewers between 9 and 11 p.m. Eastern, according to Nielsen. [snip] The most recent GOP debate, televised two weeks ago on the harder-to-find Fox Business Network, had 11 million viewers. So Thursday’s debate was bigger—but not by much. The other five GOP debates of the cycle have averaged 13.5 million to 25 million.” *Yawn* So, places like Vox are sending Trump hearts and flowers. Give me a break. More real action in this Repub debate than all the previous, IMHO, from reading the reviews. Leave T on the curb; reducing his exposure reduces his popularity. He did it to himself, let him reap the rewards.

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Mashable: Conan O’Brien pays beautiful, comical tribute to Abe Vigoda.

What can you say? Maybe DeNiro in the future? We’ll miss you, Abe.

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WaPo: Researchers have found a major problem with Disney movies.

But ... if the movie’s called “Aladdin”, wouldn’t you expect male dialog? I understand the premise, something’s not quite right here. They need to broaden out and compare to chick flicks outside of animation. Notting Hill is mostly Hugh Grant dialog. Sleepless in Seattle, probably 50/50, but leaning towards male. Breakfast at Tiffany’s. An Affair to Remember. Be fair.

I suspect these researchers are parents of kids who’ve been allowed to play Frozen on repeat for the last year. “Disney is the GREAT SATAN!

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NY Times: Abe Vigoda, of ‘Godfather’ and ‘Barney Miller,’ Dies at 94.

For real this time, we’ve lost “Fish.” Recquiscat in pace, Mr Vigoda. You brought us a lot of laughter.

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Youtube: The Lord of the Rings (Suicide Squad Style!).

My vote for Academy Award in editing.

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Buzzfeed: The Shaming Of Robert De Niro.

Perhaps he simply enjoys the work.

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Macworld: VLC for Apple TV hands-on - Goodbye format woes

None of those annoyances matter much when all of a sudden your Apple TV box can play virtually any file from any of your devices without any cash outlay on your part. That’s a nice upgrade right there. In fact, Apple ought to thank the VLC folks for so drastically expanding the capabilities of its box.

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Economist.UK: Could a Hollywood film about Benghazi damage Clinton?

In a campaign in which a reality television star can masquerade as a politician, spout gibberish and be taken seriously, it might be foolish to assume that a movie could not influence voters, especially those who follow Hollywood more closely than they do politics.

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Dan Haggerty, “Grizzly Adams”, has passed away.

Again, #fuckcancer. I would point to an online article, but they’re all rubbish. “Grizzly Adams” was one of those shows that made you feel all was right with the world, no matter how crazy things were in reality. I hope Netflix has reruns.

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WaPo: Daniel Radcliffe’s touching tribute to Alan Rickman - ‘He was so encouraging of me

RIP, Mr Rickman. Thank goodness the particular timbre of your voice will be preserved on film.

Later: Ian McKellen’s tribute.

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Bowie in NM: Film locations for The Man Who Fell To Earth (1976).

Didn’t know this.

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Mashable: New ‘Batman v Superman’ trailer shows how the Batmobile fares.

Dramatic soundtrack aside, every new trailer reinforces to me that this is going to be really, really dumb. I cannot suspend disbelief for Batfleck.

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Time: Adam Sandler’s Western Was Netflix’s Most-Watched Movie Launch.

Ugh. And that’s no Native American joke, either.

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In the Studio: Peter Frampton Comes Alive 40th anniversary interview.

Oh jeez. What an impact this album had. He just came out of nowhere, and slew young ladies all across the country. How many simply awful, terrible live recordings followed, from acts that wanted to leverage the enthusiasm!

Realize, this album came out the same time as Jethro Tull’s greatest hits album (very much anticipated, and one I bought immediately). Also Havana Daydreamin’ by Jimmy Buffett, and Wanted: The Outlaws (Waylon, Willie, Jessi et al). And a full year *before* Hotel California by the Eagles.

Always good to place these things in context. I never did buy the album. Double albums were almost ten bucks at the U Store in Princeton. I figured I’d wait and see if his followup was any good. It wasn’t. Ended that flirtation with ‘top pop’.

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my pen is a pistola: Harrison Ford, photographed for Men’s Journal.

It’s oh-so-simple to shoot young folk. You can put young people in burlap sacks in the mud, and they’ll look fantastic. Older individuals are the challenge. Joe Pugliese does a stellar portrait session with Harrison Ford. Really great. Lots to learn from this session. ((applause))

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MeFi: RIP Meadowlark Lemon, 1932-2015.

Well, we lost another great. Maybe the Jersey Reds will win a game now? So many are calling him the ‘greatest Globetrotter’ - I think he’d agree he’s just the latest in a line of greats. I remember Goose Tatum as being even more hilarious.

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