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MSNBC: Harrison Ford reported fair after plane crash.

Best wishes, Mr Ford. Stylin’ historical plane. Hope it can recover, too.

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Independent.UK/Kristin Scott Thomas: Describes ageism ‘disaster’ for female actors as ‘boring’.

Until the average life-span is 150 years or something, I don’t think women in their 50s are going to be considered at all viable.” Our media rarely accepts wrinkles. Most 50-ish men in Hollywood are slamming Color Camo (to minimize gray). Women have it significantly harder - their skin in thinner, so wrinkles become pronounced much earlier. In a world based on aesthetics ...

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Ghost in the Machine: 2014 In Film.

Nobody calls ‘em better than Kevin. Not even the paid reviewers. Not even the late Ebert.

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RIP, Leonard Nimoy.

You will be very much missed.

A random memory: During my A/V days, I began my career as a general tech climbing slide projection towers, shortly to graduate to teleprompting, before moving to video graphics and management. I started using the phrase “Live Long and Prompter” while giving the hand gesture, in order to calm the nervous promptee. A way of letting them know I’ve got their back. Some felt they had to see/hear it before a speech as a good luck charm. Amazing where the Trek references spread.

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Give us Agent Carter, Series Two.

I’ve fully enjoyed Season One. Ignore the small number of naysayers. Watching it cold, no spoilers, little was predictable. Constantly entertaining.

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Public Policy Polling: Americans divided on Williams return.

Of note.

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Vimeo: Power/Rangers [NSFW].

Katee Sackhoff and a few others make a dark Power Rangers fan flick. I expect this is the new method for encouraging movie moguls to invest - high production has come way down in price.

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NPR: ‘First Edition’ Of The ‘Iliad’? Sure, Right Next To That ‘FIrst Edition’ Bible.

Good grief.

Related: Texas Tech ‘politically challenged’ vid.

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Kottke: Hunter S. Thompson calls customer service.

What an ass. Nightmare client. Sorry, but I’d kick him to the curb.

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ThinkContra: The Funniest Oscar Moments in Gifs.

I’m right there with ya, Mr Cumberbatch. If you have to live through the event, might as well bring something to help the schmaltz go down easier.

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CultWestern: Two Upcoming Westerns.

Eva Green? Done. I have to say, Mikkelsen, Green and Morgan are three I’d never have thought of sticking in a western. It looks good, though.

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Art of VFX: Agent Carter, the Making of.

Lots of coffee being drunk, I guarantee.

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Youtube/Jay Leno’s Garage: James Garner’s ‘72 Cutlass Banshee.

Oh yes.

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ArtDaily: French actor Louis Jourdan dies aged 93 in Beverly Hills.

The actor famously said he never watched any of his own movies and described himself as Hollywood’s ‘French cliche’.” We shall miss your cliche. RIP, good sir.

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I have a terrible suspicion these are the most interesting portions of the film.

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Youtube: Speed Dating Prank - 2015 Ford Mustang.

The reactions need to be bigger, IMHO. Totally fun concept, though.

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WSJ: Cowboy Culture, Alive and Well.

Given the historic relevance of cowboys and ranchers to the settlement of the American West and to American cultural identity generally, it is curious that art depicting cowboy life tends to be looked down upon in a way other regional forms of artistic expression — Appalachian bluegrass, Delta Blues, Amish and Shaker culture — are not. [snip] ... the art associated with them is often reckoned to be naive, little more than kitsch.” And that’s a shame. Though myth is thick on the ground, there is much to enjoy.

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HuffPo: Michael Gambon Retires From Theater Acting Due To Memory Loss.

Age, not Alzheimer’s. I assume movies will not be a problem, yet.

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Mashable: How Jon Stewart lifted America out of the gutter

No, it points out the tragedy of American news ... that citizens flock to a comedy show to learn how to feel about major events. “Don’t make me think.” Don’t get me wrong, I like Jon Stewart. But the number of people aping his exact pronouncements, without a shred of independent thought, makes me queasy. It’s become left-wing gospel, his monologues. Similar to the blind devotion to Michael Moore; I critique his poor filmmaking skills (I consider him sloppy), and some distant left-wing friends then characterize me as an evangelical gun-toting Republican [I am Democrat, for those who don’t know]. Forget playing devil’s advocate - only my readers here seem to understand that subtlety anymore.

Later: As I’ve mentioned previously, he was a decent bartender at City Gardens, a venue I used to frequent in my wild-and-crazy youth.

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The Atlantic: Why Annie Lennox Had the Best Grammys Performance.

Well ... doesn’t hold a candle, I’m afraid. Imagine what Jeff would do to the Grammys.

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ArtDaily: End of the “French Barn Find” car story.

Auctioned for tidy sums.

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Mashable: Tom Hanks had an adorable reunion with Wilson from ‘Castaway’.

Synchronicity. [Attn: Dave Rogers].

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euansemple: Telling stories.

We cause ourselves untold stress and unhappiness when the world doesn’t conform to our stories.” Our stories shift over time, too. But overall, the Moyers-Campbell dialogues over “The Power of Myth” comes to mind.

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Youtube: Madame Bovary - Official Trailer.

Everyone’s so young and pretty. Not quite what I imagined from the text. Looks very beautifully appointed.

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Viral meme speed.

Amazes me how fast “Left Shark” has entered conversations around the world. Ms Perry and her sharks seem ‘the only bait in town.’ No Wikipedia article, so far.

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