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Chicago Tribune: Adam Sandler Ridiculous 6 flap - Can Sandler stop being mean?

A style of comedy I don’t admire. I suppose I’m the only one here who hasn’t seen a single one of his movies. A young male relative tried to get me to sit through The Water Boy. I made about ten minutes before I bailed. Booze wouldn’t be enough; you’d have to give me morphine.

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SF New Mexican: Adam Sandler film angers Native American actors, who walked off set.

Judging third-hand; so I shouldn’t comment. They were filming just down the way, at the long downhill RR bend to Lamy on 285. I didn’t get to see if they’d shipped in a vintage locomotive ... the site had two sinister-looking State police vehicles in attendance. I figured if I whipped out my DSLR with long black telephoto, I’d get nailed.

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Youtube: The OceanMaker.

Must-see. And the making-of info.

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NY Times: James Spader Prepares for ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’.

Color me surprised. They don’t even mention Sex, Lies and Videotape. Many young ladies wanted to cure his cinematic impotence in very personal ways.

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The New Yorker: Spalding Gray’s Catastrophe.

One of the special features of Spalding’s monologues was that, onstage at least, he rarely repeated himself; the stories always came out in slightly different ways, with different emphases. He was a gifted inventor of the truth, of whatever seemed true to him at the moment.” I consider myself privileged to have seen him perform live twice, at McCarter Theatre in Princeton. Riveting, both times. Both before his accident. RIP, Spalding. RIP.

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HuffPo: Samantha Cristoforetti, ISS Astronaut, Wears ‘Star Trek’ Uniform In Space.

Not trying to rain on the parade, but ... doesn’t it cost roughly $10,000 to put 1 pound of stuff into orbit? A pretty expensive selfie.

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Variety: ‘The Little Prince’ Trailer Unveiled for Cannes.

I actually love that they linked it to ‘helicopter parenting’. With that one choice, it’s perfection. That will date the movie someday (I hope), but not eliminate its relevance.

Here’s to you, Saint-Ex.

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Kitbashed: Silent Running.

Silent Running maintained that awe over the vastness (and loneliness) of space. You walked out of it pensive. I haven’t seen it but that once. I doubt its aged well, other than in message. Thanks, MeFi.

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Guardian.UK: Sold 17m albums and you want to pay me nothing? Pat Pope’s row with Garbage.

Everybody has devalued the photograph over the years. It has become so common for people to see nothing wrong in using images and expecting to pay nothing. I was just highlighting a point and making a stand.” This is, understandably, all over the photography forums.

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The new Star Wars trailer dominates the ‘net today.

The first original film caught my imagination while I was graduating high school. My college buds and I, later that year, sat through like twelve consecutive showings. The two followups left me cold; similar to The Matrix trilogy, they never approached the promise of the first film (IMHO). [Going against the prevailing currents - I hear The Empire Strikes Back is now considered the best of the three.] I’ve not seen the second trilogy, nor have I ever heard an abiding reason to do so.

However, for those about ten years my junior, and even younger - wow, man. The level of enthusiasm is incredible for such basic little trailers. More power to you. Harrison Ford always stole the scenes, as far as I’m concerned ... and looks like he’ll be doing so again. Of course I’ll go watch these as they come out. This first one better knock our socks off.

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Messy Nessy Chic: The Underground World of Tunnels beneath Disney.

You didn’t know this? Also, there are three Mickeys (and presumably other characters) spaced around the park at any one time. All have headsets and are tracked. Disney feels a child seeing two Mickeys in close proximity could be traumatic. So they do their utmost to keep ‘em apart. Also, the individuals who put on the suits are never to be seen donning the suits except by fellow employees. I and my techs made this mistake once, walking into the wrong room looking for A/V equipment. We were quite surprised by the person skinnying into the suit, and were warned we had threatened our contract with Disney. Sure ‘nuff, it was in the contract, in black and white.

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Photo Attorney: Musician’s Photo Release is a Rights Grab.

Wow. Just wow.

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c|net: How does Tony Stark’s body survive the forces of his Iron Man suit?

I always believed it was ... FX.  Next we’ll analyze the physics of Groot’s vocal folds ... [why?] ...

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Youtube: Marvel’s Ant-Man - Trailer 1.

Marvel’s dipping into both formulaic and silly, IMHO. The plot looks like a clinical cross between Captain America: The First Avenger (origin story) and the original Iron Man (fight sequence), with a large dose of Toy Story. I call ‘rental’ early.

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Victoria Will: Tintypes 2015.

New set of celebrities. Best when the wrinkles show. Still, skin imperfections (discoloration/spots) that most ‘normal’ people have are absent. Makes me wonder. Take a photo of yourself, turn it B/W, crank up “Clarity” in Lightroom. You’ll see what I mean.

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Mad Max: Fury Road - Official Trailer [HD].

Exactly what I’d expect from giving the makers of the original “Road Warrior” some real money. Mental. Could be mental-good, or mental-bad. I’m leaning towards the latter, given the teased trailers. If there’s no supercharger-with-a-clutch in the Interceptor, I’ll want my money back.

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Mashable: Belle Gibson built a career on curing cancer — but did she have it?

How many people do we read, every day, who are also obscuring the truth?

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c|net: Iron Man looks even badder in sleek black ‘Stealth Mode’ suit.

Can flat black be far behind? I look at this, and sort of expect to see an H-D logo someplace. Needs chrome pipes.

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NY Times: ‘Downton Abbey’ Will End After Next Season.

Never doubt Maggie Smith.” I never do.

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OpenCulture: Quentin Tarantino Lists His 20 Favorite Spaghetti Westerns.

And they’re so good. They know when not to fill a movie-moment with blather.

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Youtube: Cate Blanchett loses her patience in awkward Cinderella interview.

You go, Cate.

Later: They’ve released the whole video.

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Flavorwire: Pretty Woman at 25 - The Dark Movie It Could’ve Been.

Dark, indeed. 

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ET Canada: Canadian Actress Alberta Watson Passes Away At 60.

Madeline from the original La Femme Nikita TV show passes away. Cancer sucks. RIP, lovely lady.

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Youtube: ASTROBOY Reboot Teaser.

Some things should stay cartoon.

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Youtube: Guardians of the Galaxy ‘Rocket Reel’.

The motion-tracking and a bit of the creation of Rocket.

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