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New Republic: National Review’s Bad Conscience.

... William F. Buckley Sr., was an anti-Semite and fascist sympathizer who tried his best to pass along his ideas to his large brood. In 1937, four of the Buckley kids burned a cross outside a Jewish resort. The eleven-year-old William Buckley Jr. didn’t participate in the cross burning but only because he was deemed too young to participate and by his own account ‘wept tears of frustration’ at being left out of the hate crime.” It is, of course, generally agreed that “Nazism” and “Fascism” are far right philosophies. It is nonsense to accuse someone of being Left *and* fascist.

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Mashable: Brand new ‘Thunderbirds’ episodes will bring 50-year-old audio recordings to the screen.


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Facebook/Janis Ian: Thank you all for the response to my “Cosby memory”....

‘Well, no one else on TV is willing to have you on. Not out there, anyway.’ Why? I wondered. And was told that Cosby, seeing me asleep in the chaperone’s lap, had made it his business to ‘warn’ other shows that I wasn’t ‘suitable family entertainment’, was probably a lesbian, and shouldn’t be on television.

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Politico: Jon Stewart’s secret White House visits.

He’s an expert shamer.” An astute observation.

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Daily Beast: The Death of Satire.

This is the formula for successful late-night TV comedy in the present day: an absurd or ridiculous clip that can make the rounds on YouTube the next day.” Been ages since I’ve taken in a current comedy. Banal, indeed. The legitimate media’s gotten too close to The Onion; often more tragedy than comedy, IMHO.

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Time: Happy B-day, BUGS!!!

Lookin’ good for seventy five years young.

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HowlRound: The Actor’s Body.

Greater lessons here.

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Youtube: SPECTRE trailer.

Uh-oh. The twin-engine on the ski slope brings back horrible memories of the cello ski slope chase in The Living Daylights. Everything else - fine. That stupid airplane routine ... cut it out. You’re tipping too far back into Moore-ish territory.

I have a feeling this may be the movie where I part with Bond again, until the next reboot. Ah well, I still own Casino Royale and Skyfall. That’ll tide me over.

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CNet: Jimmy Fallon raises awareness about horrifying injury called ring avulsion.

Always take the ring off. Some will recall Neil Armstrong did this also, ripping off the tip of his ring finger in a grain harvester. It’s extremely common, and all too easy to do. Take it off. I know what I do to watches; I’m religious about removing rings.

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BBC: Johnny Depp’s dogs: Wife Amber Heard charged with smuggling.

The prosecutor’s office would not answer questions about why Mr Depp was not charged, citing the ongoing nature of the case.” I suspect because of box office draw, wouldn’t you?

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Mashable: Enough already with the superhero movies.

Over the next five years, studios will produce 30 superhero films. What fraction of them will be memorable, fun, special?” Someone had to say it; Mashable’s as good as anyone.

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ArtDaily: Steve McQueen’s last special-order Porsche to be offered at Mecum Monterey.

1976 Porsche 930 Turbo Carrera. More here.

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NY Times: What Type of Nostalgic ’90s TV Fan Are You? (The Wrong Kind).

Don’t remake the sweet smarm of our youth.” I suppose a comic superhero movie or three would be a bomb, then? (tongue in cheek)

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NPR: ‘Bloom County 2015’- Berkeley Breathed Revives Comic Strip.

Opus is BACK. [I drop the microphone.]  Thanks ever so, Kevin Murphy/GitM on FB.

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BBC: Omar Sharif, ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ star dies aged 83.

RIP, good sir.

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Guardian.UK: Here’s what happened when we asked audiences to set their own ticket prices.

Six months on, I’m pleased to say it has been a huge success, with some startling results. Audience numbers are up by 58% on the same period last year and income is up by 82%, increasing our average ticket yield by 15% – all way beyond our expectations.

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SilentLondon: Second reel of Laurel and Hardy’s The Battle of the Century recovered.

And the rediscovered print is surprisingly high-quality – 16mm, but struck from the original film negative. One delegate, Rob Farr from George Mason University commented on Facebook: ‘Miracles do happen.’Eternal thanks, MeFi.

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The Verge: What’s the deal with translating Seinfeld.

Jokes are the hardest things to translate into another language, another culture, another world.” Which is why, as I’ve noted before, violence and action films are the entertainment industry’s best investment. A punch is a punch in any language. But what doth such creations reap?

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Guardian.UK: Bill Cosby admitted obtaining sedative to use on women, documents show.

Why would he be embarrassed by his own version of the facts?

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Daily Beast: Ban Everything, Learn Nothing - ‘The Dukes of Hazzard’ Is Run Off The Road.

In our culture of instant offense, we ban before we think. However, banning isn’t a sign of strength or resolve, but an admission of defeat, of showing how little we have engaged with whatever the bigger issue that belies the ban.” My italics.

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Olivia de Havilland is 99!

Olivia is now the oldest living academy award recipient, having received her last Oscar in 1950, 65 years ago, for her role as Catherine Sloper in the Heiress.” Happy Birthday, my dear. Scarlett O’Hara was nothing compared to your sweet self.

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ArtDaily: ‘Nightscape’ - A light & sound experience by Klip collective opens at Longwood Gardens.

OOooh.  A way-too-short teaser video.

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NY Review of Books: Shakespeare’s Unfilmable Dream.

It allows endless opportunity, IMHO. The first time I saw it performed, the cast had but a platform and costumes. And it was wonderful. I suppose one has to have an imagination, something that may be endangered in the days of Pixar and CGI ...

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MeFi: Titty, Cock, Intercourse and Ejaculation.

The article is SFW; my idiotic addition is NSFW. DO NOT play that on any office machine. You’ll get fired for sure. And major earworm warning. Once you hear it, you can’t unhear it.

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BBC: Avengers star Patrick Macnee dies.

Oh no! Note he also played a young Jacob Marley in my favorite version of A Christmas Carol; the one with Alistair Sim as Scrooge.  And The Avengers was a staple in our house. RIP, good sir; you will be greatly missed.

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