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Daily Beast: Ban Everything, Learn Nothing - ‘The Dukes of Hazzard’ Is Run Off The Road.

In our culture of instant offense, we ban before we think. However, banning isn’t a sign of strength or resolve, but an admission of defeat, of showing how little we have engaged with whatever the bigger issue that belies the ban.” My italics.

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Olivia de Havilland is 99!

Olivia is now the oldest living academy award recipient, having received her last Oscar in 1950, 65 years ago, for her role as Catherine Sloper in the Heiress.” Happy Birthday, my dear. Scarlett O’Hara was nothing compared to your sweet self.

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ArtDaily: ‘Nightscape’ - A light & sound experience by Klip collective opens at Longwood Gardens.

OOooh.  A way-too-short teaser video.

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NY Review of Books: Shakespeare’s Unfilmable Dream.

It allows endless opportunity, IMHO. The first time I saw it performed, the cast had but a platform and costumes. And it was wonderful. I suppose one has to have an imagination, something that may be endangered in the days of Pixar and CGI ...

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MeFi: Titty, Cock, Intercourse and Ejaculation.

The article is SFW; my idiotic addition is NSFW. DO NOT play that on any office machine. You’ll get fired for sure. And major earworm warning. Once you hear it, you can’t unhear it.

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BBC: Avengers star Patrick Macnee dies.

Oh no! Note he also played a young Jacob Marley in my favorite version of A Christmas Carol; the one with Alistair Sim as Scrooge.  And The Avengers was a staple in our house. RIP, good sir; you will be greatly missed.

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HollywoodReporter: The Story of the Most Daring Cliffhanger in ‘Next Generation’ History.

Nice backstory. Via MeFi.

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SF Reporter: American Idol Comes to Santa Fe.


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HarperCollins: At long last, Audrey at Home ...

Audrey Hepburn’s son publishes a memoir of his mother, via their family kitchen. Sounds delightful.

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LA Times: Legendary Gore Vidal-William F. Buckley rivalry coming to screens.

Vidal, unsportingly, called Buckley a ‘pro-crypto-Nazi.’ Even less sportingly, Buckley shot back, ‘Now listen, you queer, stop calling me a crypto-Nazi or I’ll sock you in you goddamn face and you’ll stay plastered.’ On live television.”  Ah, nothing like the good old days.

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BF: All Of David Letterman’s “Late Show” Videos Have Been Removed.

It also means that any video that you’ve seen embedded on other websites no longer work either, which effectively means that a great slab of Letterman’s material has been removed from the internet.” Graceful degradation? Remember that web design term?

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The Art of VFX: VFX Breakdown.

Seeing bluescreen takes me back to the good ol’ days.

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Guardian.UK: Christopher Lee dies at the age of 93.

Saruman has left us. He totally kicked butt in Dol Guldur. And Dark Shadows still haunts. RIP, good sir. 

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YT: ‘Blade Runner’ - 45 minutes of B-roll and unused dialogue, edited together.

Just because. I mean, anything BR is a ‘must link’.

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Archaeology News Network: Amazonian ‘Wonder Woman’ found on Greek vase.

The image, drawn on a cyindrical box with a lid used by women of antiquity to keep jewelry or cosmetics showed an image of a woman embroiled in battle against a Greek warrior. More intriguingly, the woman, much like the DC Comics Heroine Wonder Woman, has a lariet, a lasso, that she is preparing to throw over the warrior as he crouches behind his shield.”  My astonished italics.

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Native American art from the collection of Mario Luraschi on offer at Bonhams in fall 2015

he spent filming in the United States, he frequented Santa Fe, New Mexico, and other centers for Native American art, turning his love for the Old West into a remarkable collection from which Bonhams is pleased to offer a selection of the very finest pieces.”  I have a feeling we’ll be hearing more about this locally, in short order.

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The Art of VFX: The Martian.

Looks interesting. I wonder what has spurred the recent spate of outer space flicks?  SpaceX?

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Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee: Julia Louis-Dreyfuss.

Try not to smile; I couldn’t do it. And a DB5 for extra enjoyment.

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Guardian.UK: The power of Loki.

Loki not only breaks the rules, he questions their very existence. In a world striving towards order, he was chaos incarnate. A demon to rival Lucifer, he was the symbol of everything early Christianity was struggling to overcome and to repress.

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CNN: Enrique Iglesias injures hand in concert drone mishap.

Dumb. The toy/tool dichotomy strikes. A pro drone isn’t benign. Even with blade guards, the professional models tend to have extremely sharp carbon fiber blades. Surprised he still has his fingers; I didn’t see blade guards in the videos online, he may be lucky he still has eyes.

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Vanity Fair: Life and Death at Cirque du Soleil.

What if Guillot-Guyard had been more experienced in her role? What if she had not ascended so quickly, or had been in a fetal tuck? What if the rigger on the grid hadn’t had trouble hooking into his S.R.L.? What if the wire had not jumped the pulley wheel? What if the wire had been stronger?” Many different weaknesses, all in synchrony. I have to say, seeing “O” at the Bellagio in Vegas, was a religious experience.

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TV Line: ‘Longmire’ Season 4 on Netflix — Ally Walker Cast in Mystery Role.

No mystery. Lena Moretti, the mother of ‘Vic the Terror.’ It’s the only answer. IMHO.

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The New Yorker: The Cinema Isn’t a Place; It’s An Idea.

... distributors have been using the Times policy to generate free advertising for themselves. That’s why the policy change is good news: distributors can no longer, in effect, buy themselves coverage.

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Telegraph.UK: Rex Harrison ‘treated colleagues like dirt and phoned his lovers too loudly’.

Oh my.

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Mashable: How America has regressed since the ‘Mad Men’ era.

Lest you believe Mad Men is documentary, cue up McMillan & Wife [on Netflix], and check out something filmed in the era. Even the Mad Men folks didn’t dare go to the aesthetic lengths the period embraced. A plaid jacket makes an attempt, but you need to pair it with a striped shirt, paisley tie. Rock Hudson and Susan Saint James wear some particularly cringeworthy gear that will, if you were around during the era, will remind you of what we assaulted each other with daily. I remember wearing red, white and blue vertical stripe bellbottoms with a blue flowered big-lapel shirt, and thinking myself devastatingly handsome (erk). Such were the times. Another of the things they don’t portray (as far as I can tell) - the body odor. Showers became popular about the time of blow dryers; many houses just didn’t have them. A semi-weekly bath was considered clean enough. Greasy hair, damp pits. Even on businessfolk. [Yes, I know I just recently wrote about this. But the stills from Mad Men I’m seeing all over are just not period accurate.]

Regression? Everyone knows many conservatives worship the ‘50’s. I ended up attending a friend’s party, to my surprise a GOP fundraiser. Cigars, pearl necklaces. Brylcream and beehives. A total time capsule. Even more dated than my old man’s poker get-togethers when I was a tiny kid.

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