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Vanity Fair: Olivia de Havilland and the Most Notorious Sibling Rivalry in Hollywood.

Long. Great story.

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Vice: ‘GoT’ Confirmed My Immigrant Parents’ Suspicions That Americans Are Violent Psychopaths.

I think that America has problem, enjoy this kind of movie, really have problem. No wonder they vote for Trump. They crazy.” I’ve been considering this too. When you want to relax in the evening, the choices of untraumatic, non-violent (or simply gun-less) fare is thinner than it should be.

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WSJ: How Bugs Bunny and ‘Kill the Wabbit’ Inspired a Generation of Opera Stars.

I’ve said it many times here. My appreciation of classical music started with Looney Tunes.

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Yahoo: Craig out as Bond after refusing mammoth offer, but a likely successor has emerged.

Probably should have left it at Skyfall. I’ve actually not rushed to see Spectre (remains unwatched). That plane-down-the-ski-slope image in the trailer brings too many shivers of Moore/Dalton Bonds. There were good story arcs; the writers just never followed them. I applaud his choice. I will always cherish Casino Royale & Skyfall. Best Bond films, bar none. Best of luck, Mr Craig.

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Variety: ‘Mister Ed’ Star Alan Young Dies at 96.

Wilburrrrrrrrrr ...” RIP, good sir. Bamboo Harvester played Mr. Ed ... the location of his remains is actually a mystery.

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OpenCulture: Werner Herzog Will Teach His First Online Course on Filmmaking.


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Fubiz: Black & White Backstage Portraits at Cannes Festival 2016.

Verité at Cannes. Refreshing.

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Dazed: Studio Ghibli’s back with a co-produced silent film.

It’s an 80-minute, full-length feature that tells the tale of a sailor stranded on an uninhabited tropical island, grappling with the prospect of an eternal life of solititude with only crabs and fish for company. He tries in vain to escape, before a mysterious woman turns up out of the sea, along with a giant red turtle.” In case you’re exhausted of caped and armored crusaders at the cinema.

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PVC/ART OF THE CUT: Interview with “Captain America: Civil War” video editor.

I would argue that the rhythm is not something determined by the location of a single cut, but is something that appears after multiple cuts – like a drummer, you don’t have a rhythm with a single drum beat ... there has to be a sequence of drum beats to have rhythm.” YES!

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c|net: After ‘Marvel’s Agent Carter’ gets the ax from ABC, fans turn to Netflix to save it.

Say it ain’t so. The banter between Peggy and Jarvis is priceless. Netflix, save it!

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FishbowlNY: The Toast Is Shuttering.

The conversation started when revenues were down, and I had to carry payroll for a month or two out of my personal account ...

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Kirk Douglas: The Epiphone Interview.

Prince was not always a Prince. Just keeping it real. Everyone is a complex amalgam of behaviors.

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USA Today: Emma Watson named in Panama Papers.

Like magic. Except the magic failed. No privacy.

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OneHeadlightInk: “Wolverine” 3 will film in New Mexico.

No doubt we’ll see Jackman or Stewart at Whole Foods one o’ these days.

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The Atlantic: What Makes Friends Like Art?

We’re chronically overthinking things. IMHO. I’ve had to skim past at least a half-dozen articles doing ‘down deep’ analyses of Batman vs. Superman, Captain America: Civil War (accusing Cap of being a nefarious Ayn Rand supporter), now X-Men: Apocalypse is starting too. It’s entertainment people, not Platonic dialogue to guide life and living.

I give up though. Eventually we’ll realize our foodstuffs are/were ‘alive’ and we’ll all decide to starve to death because it’s the only moral thing to do - even before AI can become self-aware and kill us.

Later: Aeon, Should we be afraid of AI? Perhaps. But something doesn’t need to be self-aware to be dangerous. Your average drone, for example. A wrong combination of algorithms, and you could end up with something ... entertaining and deadly.

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Atlas Obscura: House of Eternal Return.

Santa Fe’s latest attraction gets Atlas Obscura’s attention. So if you wonder where ol’ George has been spending his time (rather than writing), you need look no farther.

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NY Times: What Is the Met Gala, and Who Gets to Go?

Dream on.

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WaPo: The question of the moment: What would Trump be like as GOP nominee?

I think the election’s going to be incredibly competitive. It’s going to be close no matter what.” I predicted early on, that’s the way the media wants it. They’ve done everything they can to level the playing field by apportioning attention. They need controversy, not a shoe-in, to maintain ad impressions. A Teflon candidate is only Teflon if the news ignores their basic responsibility. I’ll repost the journalist creed.

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NY Times: Warsan Shire, the Woman Who Gave Poetry to Beyoncé’s ‘Lemonade’.

Ah, so this young woman is the wordsmith. Props.

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Daily Beast: Does Beyoncé Write Her Own Music? And Does It Really Matter?

On Beyoncé’s new album Lemonade, already a religious work for its legion of worshippers, that village is populated by dozens of the industry’s most in-demand producers and no less than 72 writers, including James Blake, The Weeknd, Jack White, and, um, Led Zeppelin.” Read it, see what you think.

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xoJane: ‘I Am Becky With the Good Hair’.

Hell of a good article. She almost single-handedly overpowers the original material.

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OneHeadlightInk: Today’s NM Film Fix – with Cassidy Freeman.

“Cady” on Longmire.

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NY Times: Alicia Vikander to Star as Lara Croft in New Movie.

Nothing against her; I suppose I’ve been thirsting for a more Xena-like size and capability (5’ 10”), than a Khaleesi-type waif (5’ 5”). Angelina was a little thin, she only barely maintained suspension of disbelief in the role. I think if Ms Vikander did some climbing, working on the delts and quads, I might believe she could own the action sequences.

Dare I add, some of the early renderings of Lara had a quality to the face not unlike Joan Crawford in “Mommy Dearest” ... that level of determination and willpower. Only fleeting fear, followed by grit. I’ll miss that aspect. The latest video game renderings look like someone’s kid sister, about to bust out bawling.

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Guardian.UK: Trying to woo GOP establishment, Trump camp says persona is all an act.

However, they insisted that once voters got to know the real Trump as opposed to the public face he has presented while campaigning and while hosting the NBC reality show The Apprentice, they will warm to him. He said that persona was just an act.” Lie and cheat to steal the election. As many suspected.

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Vox: Daredevil season 2 review - Marvel’s Netflix hit finds itself in a sophomore slump.

Watched two epis. No suspension of disbelief. The Punisher needs to do (at the very least) more leg work to be convincing in the fight scenes. A whole lot of logical holes in the epis I watched.

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