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Political Wire: Clinton Expected to Pick Kaine as Her Running Mate.

She had my vote ... but if she picks Kaine, I don’t know what the hell I’m going to do. Deregulate the banks? TPP-pro? What in the hell is she thinking? Playing for the center/right? Maybe so ... but I sure don’t like it. The banks have already cost me enough in retirement savings and home equity. Might as well put a fat turkey in front of Trump and hand him this sawed-off shotgun. Convenient way to wiggle out of her compromises to Sanders supporters. This kind of thing is why we don’t trust Hillary. This, exactly. And it sure looks like payback for the Wall Street crowd - though I’ve tried to argue against it, now my mates are bashing on my email box saying “SEE?!!!! You’re naive!”

She does this, all promises are off. Bernie, third-party it. Don’t hesitate.

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SF Reporter: A top lawmaker says New Mexico is spending more than it has.

Non-renewables have been a bad investment lately. Illogical in a place with over 300 days of Sun, and almost as many days of wind a year. But you’ve heard that from me before, umpteen times ...

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JAMA: United States Health Care Reform - Progress to Date and Next Steps.

The law has also greatly improved health insurance coverage for people who already had it.” An outright lie, in my own case. Sure, caps and preexisting conditions are gone. But I had to go from a $500 deductible to a $5,000 deductible to maintain my near-identical monthly payment. My wallet is not a fan.

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BillMoyers: Disappointed By the Democratic Party Platform? Follow the Money.

The Sanders campaign has announced it will not further contest platform planks, but as a previous report by In These Times showed, the presence of superdelegates at the convention could still water down the platform, as it has in the past. Progressives should keep up the pressure until then.

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Recode: Entrepreneur and investor Gary Vaynerchuk ‘cannot wait’ for the startup armageddon.

I’m not going to get a job! I’ve got an idea!” Oh yeah. BOINGGGGGG.

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CBSNews: California’s Obamacare premium sticker shock.

Come this fall’s open-enrollment period, which starts just a week before the election, exchange customers can switch to a cheaper plan.” Yeah, the supporters of the ACA keep pushing this. Look at the copays, the deductibles. Insta-bankruptcy if you get seriously ill. Pushing ‘affordable health care’ into science fiction territory. It’s like using fix-a-flat on a tire; works, but it’s not equal to a functioning patched tire.

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FishbowlNY: The Atlantic Prints 25,000 Additional Copies of July/August Issue.

The issue is on pace to be The Atlantic’s best-selling edition since 2008.

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New Scientist: Let’s ditch the idea that only home-cooked food is good for kids.

... home-made meals based on 408 bestselling cookbook recipes for infants and young children are not always healthier than ready meals and convenience products. In fact, on many measures they seemed less healthy: they tended to have a lower vegetable variety per meal and were more likely to exceed maximum recommendations for energy and fat content.” I used to enjoy Campbell’s chicken noodle soup as a kid, eventually making my own Mrs. Grass’ (with the oil/egg). I mean, come on. Lighten up. You’d think we were talking about infant formula (ducking swiftly) ...

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Autoweek: CAFE standards won’t hit 54.5 by 2025, regulators say.

Cheap gas is selling larger cars and trucks.

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Vox: America’s health care prices are out of control. These 11 charts prove it.

Not the whole story [this is a Vox link, after all], but pointing directly at things Congress should already be talking about and proposing legislation to correct.

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The Atlantic: The Decline of Social Mobility in America.

Those who make very little money in their first jobs will probably still be making very little decades later, and those who start off making middle-class wages have similarly limited paths. Only those who start out at the top are likely to continue making good money throughout their working lives.” Or, for those like myself, boom-and-bust cycles. I feel like I’ve lived many different lives in my span of time. You have to be willing to risk, be bold.

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In These Times: Many Pro-Bernie Groups Still Don’t Trust Clinton. Here’s Their Plan.

the bulk of People for Bernie’s efforts, Wong says, will be devoted to advocating for policies like single-payer health care and debt-free college that formed the core of Sanders’ platform—by holding Clinton accountable to the commitments she made during negotiations over the Democratic platform and pushing her to the left on issues where she and grassroots activists remain divided.” Well, that’s their only move at this point. Let’s hope they all stick to the agenda.

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BillMoyers:The Political Industrial Complex: Government of, by and for… Consultants!

Of the more than $400 million into ‘independent expenditures’ to tout or troll candidates running for president and Congress this year, more than $500,000 has gone to pay consultants. Again, this does not include spending by dark money groups, which never have to disclose this level of detail about their expenditures. Who says politicians can’t create jobs?” My italic emphasis.

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Aeon: Want to build a just society? John Rawls said to start by ignoring your identity.

Hmmm. I’ve always thought this idea would work best if there were a majority religion that believed in immediate reincarnation upon decease. Odds of being reborn into an affluent society are pretty small. We’d start floating all boats pretty damned quick.

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Forbes: Unless It Changes, Capitalism Will Starve Humanity By 2050.

... large corporations are able to continue engaging in increasingly environmentally exploitative behaviour by obscuring the link between endless economic growth and worsening environmental destruction.” Interesting, coming from Forbes. Note also, GM crops at the present time are not producing the yields projected. Something’s gotta give. We should begin controlling population now, before we continue on this viruslike trajectory.

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Prospect.org: Who’s to Blame for Brexit? The Elites.

If Europe responds to Brexit by consolidating more control, they’ll have learned nothing from the yearning for people to free themselves from the yoke of unaccountable external rule, and the UK won’t be the first to leave.” Great find from Kevin [GitM] on FB.

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Brexit. They actually did it.

Between Trump and this event, it feels like hordes of ignorance are taking over the world. Western Civilization is practically poised to fall, thanks to narrowminded pursuit of profit at any cost ...

Later: I’m being melodramatic, but my excuse is, ‘tis the season ...

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Vox: The US is spending trillions less than expected on health care.

But for individual consumers, slower health spending likely doesn’t feel cheaper at all. In fact, it probably feels more expensive: One big way private insurers have held down costs is by asking consumers to pay a larger and larger chunk of their medical bills.” Yeah, we know about that in NM.

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Political Wire: Trump Declared No Income In 1984.

Unsurprising. Followers will probably approve.

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Medium: Why Do the Poor Make Such Poor Decisions?

Not to mention the system is weighted against those in poverty. “Pull yourself up by your bootstraps” - at crippling interest. “Educate yourself” - when they’re doing the fast shuffle just to feed themselves. There is no mercy left in America’s welfare system. It will be interesting to see what Switzerland will do about minimum income.

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WaPo: Why Americans are giving up citizenship in record numbers.

Not necessarily Trump. Read on.

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FishbowlNY: Forbes Lists Richest, Self-Made Women.

Hmmm. That last paragraph.

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The Atlantic: For-Profit Colleges’ Students Wind Up Earning Less Than If They Had Never Enrolled.

I expected this. I’ve told the story of the young lady, who worked for a client of mine. She spent all her time trying to underline that she had “college level” Powerpoint skills, gained at one of the for-profit colleges. After a few encounters, and trying to truly understand how a university or college could require Powerpoint skills, I mentioned and showed Lynda.com. She was somewhat gobsmacked. The justifications increased, however, as the insecurity rose over her investment; pity and sympathy kept me civil through the relationship. Very difficult for the folks who were sold a pig in a poke.

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Slate: How welfare reform failed.

For all intents and purposes, welfare is becoming a zombie system rather than the bridge from poverty to work that its reformers envisioned. And, of course, it was the signature legislative achievement of Bill Clinton’s presidency.” I experienced the results among our orphan newborns. As I’ve said, I thought Reagan was bad. Little did I know. Just say no to the ‘two executive’ sales shpiel. One good one is enough.

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Vox: Wayne Barrett covered Donald Trump for 40 years. Here’s what he’s learned.

He is an expert at compromising politicians.

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