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PS Mag: The Gulf Oil Spill Left More Damage Than We Previously Thought.

As much as 10 percent — or millions of gallons — of the oil spilled during the Deepwater disaster may have ended up on the Gulf’s seafloor this way, the researchers estimate. Those contaminants likely entered the food web.” Color me unsurprised. I called this when the accident was in progress. Gulf (bottom-feeding) seafood? No way, Josè.

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Slate: The media finally figured out how to rattle Donald Trump.

If a candidate claims to have raised $6 million for veterans’ charities but there’s no clear indication that $6 million has been disbursed to veterans’ charities, it’s the press’ job to determine what the hell is going on.

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Shameful that Americans must resort to GoFundMe and other sources ...

... to help pay catastrophic medical bills. Does noone else look at this and think, “For SHAME, America”?

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naked cap: Clinton Chasing Votes With Fracking U-Turn.

During her term as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton made no attempt to hide her international energy ambitions, which could be easily summed up as more locally produced gas for everyone, and more profits for the American companies that would pump that gas. Pretty much the usual run-of-the-mill approach to nurturing large corporate taxpayers and campaign supporters. Now, it seems, Clinton is ready to antagonize these same corporate campaign supporters in order to win more liberal votes.” OK, now I’m no fan of Clinton’s flip-flops on this, or her pushing of fracking tech across the globe. But I understand why she did it. Reducing the power of OPEC and other traditional oil-producing nations could be considered a proper strategy. But for America, today, now ... we need a solar/wind emphasis like never before. I just wish Clinton could make clear demarcations in her platforms, clearly explaining her evolution in thinking, without the Dukakis-like waffling.

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Createquity: The BFA’s Dance With Inequality.

Has the arts degree become a luxury, or are artists from less advantaged backgrounds missing out on something?” There’s something I suppose only someone raised around the Ivy League could appreciate, affecting this. An arts degree is one of the few ‘socially approved’ degrees for rootless young children (mostly female) of affluence. As a result, there is often a bifurcation in arts programs - those who are ‘coasting’ until graduation, versus the working-class talents who are scraping to afford the education, milking the experience and contacts extensively in whatever free hours they have beyond the necessary work-study and other financial aid debt-slavery used to attend the best art schools. Sale ramen and bottled spaghetti sauce for four years, and worse ... to realize their dreams. To enter the workforce for a <20k paycheck, often. Yeah, realities. Meantime, the affluent coasters marry up to other bluebloods, nary a concern about debt. Or about art.

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ANN: Friends, Romans - Help restore Rome’s ruins, monuments.

Reminds me of the middle industrial period. Industrial tycoons, robber barons had their hobbies, financing great public works. Longwood Gardens was one.

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The Atlantic: The Price of Oil Is Above $50 for the First Time This Year.

Looking for any little reason to goose the price. What about the glut being stored offshore in tankers? This shouldn’t be happening so soon. As I warned, when they start rising the price, get ready for huge increases very fast. There will be hands slapped later, but no real action taken (if history holds).

Later: Yeah, as I thought. Total stocks. So who stomps on this, when oil folks start jigging the prices?

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naked cap: Americans Increasingly Angry With Corporate Desertions via Tax Inversions.

More on offshoring.

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BBC: Exxon Mobil faces ‘change or die’ moment on climate.

Investors with at least $8tn under management have indicated they will support greater recognition of the climate change issue.” Probably the only method to generate a change in position.

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NYT: Is Single Payer Our Health Salvation?

Listen to the doctors? I assume cherry-picked from a selection of responses; the choices an opinion in itself.

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naked cap: Destroying Medicare to Save ObamaCare: Hillary Clinton’s “Public Option” Plan.

Eliminating Medicaid estate recovery, whereby over-55 people forced into Medicaid by ObamaCare’s eligibility rules have any costs incurred clawed back from their estates. Since the only real asset most people may have is their homes, that means sick elders might not be able to pass their homes down to the kids. Fixing that injustice would be one of those incremental changes Clinton is supposed be so enthusiastic about. Since Clinton doesn’t bring up something so obvious, the only conclusion I can draw is that the Democrats just don’t give a future coprolith.

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Guardian.UK: US corporate giants hoarding more than a trillion dollars.

Holy Hannah.

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naked cap: Quelle Surprise! US Big Business Prefers Clinton to Trump by 2:1 Margin.

Mind you, ‘greatly prefer’ translates as ‘loathes Trump, deems her to be less obviously terrible.’

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SF New Mexican: New Mexico health insurers propose rate hikes for 2017.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Mexico also plans to sell coverage on the exchange this year, and proposals submitted to the state show average increases of as much as 83 percent for individuals.Jesus H. Christ. The next enrollment period starts November 1 - election is November 8. Once America sees the rate hikes ... ? The Dems have wanted to avoid mentioning the necessary ACA fixes during the election cycle - but if price hikes match these news articles, the nominee better start doing a fast dance or it’ll be a dull Trump-Trump-Trump sound over their political grave.

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NakedCap: After Distancing Herself, Hillary Wants Bill as “Mr. Economic Fix It”.

My husband, who I’m going to put in charge of revitalising the economy, because you know he knows how to do it.” Dear God, she’s lost her mind. And the election. I thought dredging up ‘oldies’ Fleetwood Mac was a boner. That’s nothing compared to this. The whole ‘two for one’ deal was a rough sell in ‘92. This one’s so backward-looking, it takes my breath away.

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NY Times: Priced Out of a Childhood Home.

Not NY, but anyone who grew up in Princeton knows this. My childhood home sold for about $360k in 1996. Sells for over a cool million now. I’d love to be able tell Dad he lived in a mansion ...

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FishbowlNY: The Toast Is Shuttering.

The conversation started when revenues were down, and I had to carry payroll for a month or two out of my personal account ...

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USA Today: Emma Watson named in Panama Papers.

Like magic. Except the magic failed. No privacy.

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ABQ Free Press: Insurance Rates Headed Up.

The preliminary rates aren’t yet public and will most likely be adjusted by Franchini’s office, but a source told ABQ Free Press that two insurers are seeking average rate increases of 28 to 30 percent. Another is asking for increases of up to 80 percent, and two are asking for increases in the 3 to 12 percent range.” All the independent contractors of my acquaintance are going ballistic over this. Payment of the penalty and going without, seeking non-exchange out-of-state insurance are being discussed.

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The Atlantic: Need Cash Fast? Ask Reddit.

Of note.

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The Atlantic: Truck Stop - How One of America’s Steadiest Jobs Turned Into One of Its Most Gru

This is the experience of many truckers. They are convinced to work as independent contractors by trucking carriers trying to rid themselves of the financial responsibilities of employers and shift the risk of owning and operating trucks to workers.” This is not just in trucking - nearly everyone I know who used to be full-time, are now forced into independent contracting.

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Washington Examiner: GOP donors - Not a dime for Trump.

Repelled by Trump and convinced he can’t beat Hillary Clinton, wealthy GOP contributors are abandoning the presidential contest and directing their lucrative networks to spend to invest in protecting vulnerable Republican majorities in the House and Senate.” Terrible autoplay music on mine.

Tangential: Rollcall - How the downballot campaigns will handle Trump. “The campaigns also want to keep the races as focused on local issues as possible, hopeful to avoid a potential anti-Trump national wave.” Of course, this is exactly where you can’t trust ‘em. Once they get to Washington ... ideological lockstep. Your choice be damned.

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The Atlantic: The Average 29-Year-Old.

The median income at 29 is about $35,000. Talk of a steady ‘career’ for most young people is more aspirational than descriptive. Jobs are still temporary for twentysomethings. The average American has had more than seven jobs before she turns 29, and a third of them lasted less than six months.” Jeebus, just read it.

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Register.UK: F-35s failed ‘scramble test’ because of buggy software.

During the first 30 flights with Block 3iR6.21, which accumulated 75.6 hours of flight time, no less than 27 power cycles were required to get all systems functioning between initial startup and takeoff. These power cycles varied in degree – from “cold iron” resets, where the aircraft had to be shut down and then restarted, to component or battery power recycling.” This is simply ridiculous.

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NY Times: Drastic Cutbacks in Illinois.

Not just Kansas.

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