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Guardian.UK: In US, 8 million baby boomers go hungry amid health and economic challenges.

Increasing chronic disease and disability in baby boomers can have consequences beyond poor health and higher medical bills. [snip] Disability can lead to unemployment and lower income, and lower income can lead to having less money for essentials such as food.” OK, candidates. Ball’s in your court.

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nakedcap: How Big Corporations Are Starving Public Schools of Billions of Dollars.

For shame. And many of these companies are supposedly producing educational software and systems. A vicious circle; schools can’t afford to upgrade and buy more product because companies are loopholing taxes.

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Vox: Rooftop solar is booming. But it may be more vulnerable than you think.

But as rooftop solar penetration rises, time-of-use pricing begins to have the opposite effect. As a bunch of solar floods the grid during peak hours, it will have the effect of suppressing peak prices, reducing the incentive for additional solar.” If price is the only motivator, that is.

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Dallas Observer: Fracking Sucking Up Vast Amounts of Texas Water.

My God, south Texas. Are you folks in the UK observing this?

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NY Times: Aging Infrastructure Plagues Nation’s Busiest Rail Corridor.

Plagues?!?!” This was true in 1980. 35 years ago. To call it an embarrassment, is simply not enough. Federal, state and local authorities have all passed the buck year after year, decade after decade. If maintenance had been done continuously, properly ... many extensive replacements would likely not yet be needed. This is going to cost the taxpayers dearly.

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Register.UK: Q. How much did Google just spend applying political pressure? A. $4.6 million.

The spending makes Google one of the top ten biggest lobbying organizations in Washington: the top being the US Chamber of Commerce, and the rest rounded out by four medical industry companies, plus Boeing, General Electric, the National Association of Realtors, and Business Roundtable.

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Vox: Buying TOMS shoes is a terrible way to help poor people.

Hmmm. Made me look deeper into Whole Foods’ bag credits and ‘checkout charity’ in general. Smells funky to me. I’m going to stop all of the nonsense and give to charities of my specific choosing.

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Vox: Living in Switzerland ruined me for America and its lousy work culture.

If you didn’t read this the other day, you should. And now here we have Jeb Bush saying he wants to scrap Medicare. What kind of America do we want? We’d best speak up this election season.

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Atlantic: America Is Even Less Socially Mobile Than Economists Thought.

... in the U.S., roughly half of parental income advantages are passed onto the next generation in the form of higher earnings. This proportion increases for the wealthier: For people whose parents are between the 50th and 90th percentiles of earners, about two-thirds of this parental edge is perpetuated. (It’s also worth noting that two-thirds of 90th-percentile earnings is substantially more money than two-thirds of 50th-percentile earnings.)

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Guardian.UK: Apache tribe brings battle for Oak Flat to New York’s Times Square.

The company claims they will create 3,700 jobs over the next few decades ...” Oh, please. This ‘creating jobs’ routine is already old beyond years. Mineral extraction and oil outfits are getting carte blanche in Republican-governed states; frackers are encroaching Chaco NHP here in NM. It’s past time for a step back.

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NPR: ‘The Great Fish Swap’ - How America Is Downgrading Its Seafood Supply.

The Chinese love seafood. The Japanese, the Koreans, they love seafood. And they’re willing to pay top dollar for it. We just aren’t willing to do so. We want our food cheap and easy.Bleurgh. I was expecting a mention of monkfish, the fake-scallop of choice ...

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TG’s Political Wire: We Could Be Headed for Another Government Shutdown.

Of note.

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nakedcap: Health Insurance Prices Take Off: Worker Pay Stagnant.

Most of us will pay an unconscionable amount to be underinsured and still face financial obliteration from one major health care episode.” Exactly. Precisely. This is the groundswell that may tip Clinton to failure, if nominated. The ACA has reached into everyone’s wallet and ripped out cash to no good effect except at the lowest levels of income. The WSJ was linked to by one of my most liberal friends today. One who *never* posts anything but optimism.

Dems, you’d better start listening. The ACA is not your magic carpet to the Presidency; rather cement shoes.

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Vox: Bernie Sanders has raised more money than every GOP campaign so far. Except.

Yet when the full picture of presidential fundraising is taken into account, this only bolsters Sanders’s case that the super wealthy have too much influence on our electoral system. Because when outside groups that can accept huge donations are taken into account, Sanders is getting swamped.

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Re/code: Twitter Stock Jumps Nearly 8 Percent on Fake Bloomberg News Post.

This is a real story, but a fake one caused Twitter’s stock to surge nearly 8 percent.” A new method to make a quick mill?

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nakedcap: Tentative Deal Strips Greece of Sovereignty, Makes Debt Relief Dependent on Compliance.

This deal is simply vicious.

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Quartz: A Dutch city is giving money away to test the “basic income” theory.

Although working hours dropped, as skeptics had predicted, it happened mainly among young men, who instead continued their education, and mothers who used the financial freedom to focus on childrearing.” I should think one would get bored, doing nothing, and stumble into a career.

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The Hill: Warren, McCain introduce bill to bring back Glass-Steagall.


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Guardian.UK: Here’s what happened when we asked audiences to set their own ticket prices.

Six months on, I’m pleased to say it has been a huge success, with some startling results. Audience numbers are up by 58% on the same period last year and income is up by 82%, increasing our average ticket yield by 15% – all way beyond our expectations.

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PS Mag: A New Breed of Ranchers Is Restoring the Landscape and Learning to Live With Predators.

Cattle ranchers have traditionally been hostile to large carnivores; wolves were nearly hunted, trapped, and poisoned to extinction in the Lower 48 a few decades ago, due in part to the threat they posed to livestock. Zaranek, who has done wolf research in Yellowstone and Canada and now works for the Centennial Valley Association, is trying to ease that relationship. She is testing whether range riders on horseback and ATV can minimize conflicts between livestock and predators.

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Investors.com: Apple Watch sales slow to a crawl as hype fades.

Well, the Newton wasn’t any great shakes in sales either. Here’s looking forward to what the Watch will become.

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Guardian.UK: New York Stock Exchange shut down over ‘technical issue’ [Live Updates].

... an internal technical issue and is not the result of a cyber breach.

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Re/code: Capital One Continues Mobile Buying Spree With Monsoon Purchase.

Of note.

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TechCrunch: Writers Are Going Cuckoo For Kindle Unlimited.

$0.006 per page.” Better we keep your day jobs and write on the side. Potential theme song.

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naked cap: Will the ECB Continue Its “Sherman’s March to the Sea” with the Greek Economy?

We need to stress that merely refusing to increase the ELA will strangle the banks and the economy, and quickly, too. The decay will not be liner and it will probably start to accelerate this week if the ECB does not relent. This is no different than Sherman’s march to the sea, when General William Tecumseh Sherman engaged in the first large-scale example of scorched earth warfare, destroying homes, crops and infrastructure on an over 300 mile swathe through Georgia.

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