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TechCrunch: Writers Are Going Cuckoo For Kindle Unlimited.

$0.006 per page.” Better we keep your day jobs and write on the side. Potential theme song.

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naked cap: Will the ECB Continue Its “Sherman’s March to the Sea” with the Greek Economy?

We need to stress that merely refusing to increase the ELA will strangle the banks and the economy, and quickly, too. The decay will not be liner and it will probably start to accelerate this week if the ECB does not relent. This is no different than Sherman’s march to the sea, when General William Tecumseh Sherman engaged in the first large-scale example of scorched earth warfare, destroying homes, crops and infrastructure on an over 300 mile swathe through Georgia.

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BBC: Airbus signs deal for second plant in China.

Given the quality of the goods I’ve seen from China lately, I sincerely hope we’re not talking carbon fibre manufacturing.

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TechDirt: Leaked TPP Chapter Shows How It’s A Massive Gift To Big Pharma And Against Public Health.

Oppose TPP. Let your Congresspeople know. Period.

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Vox: Bernie Sanders’ $15 million fundraising haul is a really big deal.

The Vermont senator banked $15 million, a surprisingly robust fundraising haul, in the three months that ended June 30. It’s one-third of the $45 million that Hillary Clinton hauled in for the second fundraising quarter of the year. But the number of donors — 250,000 — suggests Sanders will be able to go back to the well to keep his campaign running.” Good for Bernie. Make it a horserace, son. American needs it.

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SciAm: Water Use Rises as Fracking Expands.

Oil and natural gas fracking, on average, uses more than 28 times the water it did 15 years ago, gulping up to 9.6 million gallons of water per well and putting farming and drinking sources at risk in arid states, especially during drought. Those are the results of a U.S. Geological Survey study published by the American Geophysical Union ...

In which case, the technique should be banned in any drought-risk area. Common sense, please?

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Standpoint: Saving Greece [Sell Britain the Parthenon].

Very far-fetched, perhaps, but there is some precedent.

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Telegraph.UK: The hunt for the million-dollar Faberge eggs.

I have a feeling these are not sitting in thrift stores, but carefully squirrelled away, to be found by executors and family members.

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InTheseTimes: How the TPP Will Hand Corporations the Reins to Our Government.

Sure, corporations may still be considered people under U.S. domestic law — but under American trade policy, they get far more rights than almost everyone else.” I’ve never agreed with the ‘corporations are people’ judgment. If they were people, they’d make Scrooge look generous to a fault.

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Guardian.UK: US stocks tumble as market reacts to Greek crisis with biggest fall in two years.

Sh-t. “... wiping out all of the gains made so far in 2015.” And it’s not over. This has been known for years now, discussed and re-discussed on various media channels, and still here we are. And now it’s going to cost us all $$. My mattress is looking better and better.

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Atlantic: Baby Boomers Are Changing Retirement.

I don’t expect to retire, though I’m at the tail end of the Boomers.

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Naked Cap: Who was Alexander Hamilton? Militarism, High Finance and Checking the Democracy.

Well, I’m a good Princetonian. Give me Aaron Burr Jr. any day.

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The Nation: Bobby Jindal Broke Louisiana So Badly That Even the GOP Doesn’t Want Him.

Things are so bad for Jindal that his constituents would rather vote for Hillary Clinton.” Hillary could use this as a textbook case of what Republican toe-the-line rule would gift to America.

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NakedCap: TPP - 13 Dem Senators Invite Republicans to Make Them Laughing Stocks ...

I’m very, very uneasy about these under-the-table trade deals. See the bottom of this article for some scenarios. It seems more and more like a huge handout to multinationals ... and hasn’t Obama gifted enough to the pharmaceutical industry already? NAFTA hit us in unexpected places. These deals look to be even more ill-advised. The rush, the political force makes me even more wary.

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NY Times: Senate Hands a Victory to Obama on Trade Pact.

It is a great day for the big money interests, not a great day for working families.” My concern also.

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The Nation: Is Walmart Hiding $76 Billion in Overseas Tax Havens?

According to the financial investigation, Walmart is stashing ‘at least $76 billion worth of assets in 78 subsidiaries and branches located in 15 overseas tax havens.’” And a subset of folks in America believe buying at Walmart is ‘patriotic’ ...

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SF New Mexican: NM still down 21,000 from recession.

When politicos and media crow that the recession is over, I really - really - want to punch ‘em in the nose.

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Chicago Tribune: Apple changes tune on royalties after Taylor Swift complains.

The newly-awakened businesswoman makes Apple change course. Previously here, here and here. And don’t make the mistake of thinking I disapprove. She knows her brand is youth-linked; make hay while the sun shines.  And please, Ms Swift, you *must* record “Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend.”

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nakedcap: Are Locavores a Threat to Feeding the Planet Efficiently?

Interesting discussion. I wonder, if today’s cities had preplanned for local food production acreage, would CASTE still hold true?

Related, if you have login access.

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BBC: The Texas town that banned fracking (and lost).

Extraction company strongarms. They buy a lot of influence.

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NY Times: New Jersey Needs to Raise the Gas Tax to Repair Bridges and Roads.

Pothole Chris.

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Guardian.UK: Low oil prices force Oklahoma drilling workers to seek out new livelihoods.

If only we knew then what we know now.” You did, if you’d paid any attention at all to the boom-and-bust history of the American West.

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Economist: Watch out.

Few economies have ever gone as long as a decade without tipping into recession — America’s started growing in 2009.” Cynics. Noticeable growth (meaningful increases in tourism; fewer gallery/restaurant bankruptcies) just started in the last two years in Santa Fe.

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NY Times: Hillary Clinton to Lay Out Economic Vision in New York Speech.

It will be held in New York City on an island named for Franklin D. Roosevelt, in the shadow of diverse middle-class neighborhoods, as Mrs. Clinton tries to evoke the legacy of the New Deal and lays out her vision for a federal government substantially engaged in lifting American families that feel economically insecure and increasingly left behind.” Might as well put a big target on your back. Conservatives still hate Roosevelt with virulence, from Tea Party to Establishment. Mentioning the New Deal is just going to inflame cranks who’d be passive otherwise. Should have channelled TR, perhaps. Guess she’s not interested in swing voters.

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Mashable: Airline carry-on size suggestions could mean you need new luggage.

... an excuse to shrink baggage allowances — and potentially force travelers to pay to check their bag — is likely appealing to airlines. In 2014, U.S. airlines alone collected $3.5 billion in baggage fees.” Photographers are going to *hate* you airline folks.

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