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PVC/ART OF THE CUT: Interview with “Captain America: Civil War” video editor.

I would argue that the rhythm is not something determined by the location of a single cut, but is something that appears after multiple cuts – like a drummer, you don’t have a rhythm with a single drum beat ... there has to be a sequence of drum beats to have rhythm.” YES!

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Abdu: The most intricate deck of cards ever made.

Elegant, but if you’re going to go whole-hog, you need a theme. This sort of touches on Mason imagery; why not go all the way?

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Atlas [Charts and data service].

Of note. Simple, readable.

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Coolist: 17 Best Hiking Boots for Heading Into Thin Air.

I love my Asolo TPS 520 GV boots. Owned ‘em for years, never needed breaking in. And, they have my initials!

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Instagram Blog: A new look.

Generic. As old as skeuomorphism is, their old icon stood out. It’ll be harder to pick out of a group of icons now. And note - gradients are slipping back into designs. The ‘80’s keep coming back, like Godzilla.

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WaPo: The hottest trend in web design is making intentionally ugly, difficult sites.

Wait long enough, I may not have to redesign. I’m now ‘brutal.’

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Mashable: Jeff Bezos-backed Blue Origin rocket comes in for a landing in new POV video.

Because cool.

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BikeEXIF: The Alpinist - A Moto Guzzi sidecar from Austria.

Sidecars should be zany.

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Sterling Sports Cars kit car VW replica.

Oh, how I craved to build one of these in my college years ...

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DP Review: Canon catching up? Canon EOS-1D X II tested in our studio.

Too little, too late?

Later: EOSHD begs to differ. They don’t admire it much. I’ve wondered about the larger photo sites - their chronic inability to fairly judge Canon quality. DP Review *still* hasn’t done a complete review of the D810, but already has an 80D full review up. I rented the 5DRs on the basis of such reviews, and was terribly disappointed in noise and shadow quality. The big sites are still avoiding direct critique of this failing.

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Mashable: Small enough to fit in your pocket, this device can tell if your food is gluten-free.

Expensive, but compared to losing three days of work ... ?

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Register.UK: F-35s failed ‘scramble test’ because of buggy software.

During the first 30 flights with Block 3iR6.21, which accumulated 75.6 hours of flight time, no less than 27 power cycles were required to get all systems functioning between initial startup and takeoff. These power cycles varied in degree – from “cold iron” resets, where the aircraft had to be shut down and then restarted, to component or battery power recycling.” This is simply ridiculous.

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PDN: Leica Reimagines Digital Rangefinder with the Stripped-Down M-D

No LCD for image review. Interestingly, as I use digitals more, I use the LCD less in landscape photography. I’ve visualized what I want, and I don’t attach a lot of expectations. For portraiture, I use it quite a bit to verify focus.

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Flickr: Labels and Tags.

I may have pointed to this before, or maybe just something similar. Tickles the back of my brain. Well, it’s always an aesthetic joy.

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Atlas Obscura: For Sale - Solar Panels at IKEA.

There is no word as to whether IKEA will bring their solar initiative to the United States or elsewhere, but there is no telling how much energy costs could be lowered by creating solar powered bachelor pads the world over.” As I’ve highlighted before, if you cannot afford a whole-house makeover, a room-at-a-time is less costly in the short term (though more expensive in the long run).

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c|net: Mechanical doping - Cyclist sentenced to 6-year-ban for using bike with hidden motor.

Made me curious, so of course I delved deeper. Noone was showing diagrams. Vivax was the alleged motor. Another look at how these cheats work, and potential past uses.

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Engadget: Hover Camera is a safe and foldable drone that follows you.

Yeah, I’m really looking forward to a future of dishwasher racks overpopulating the ozone.

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Responsive Storytelling: Broken Heart.


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Mashable: ‘Urgent’ fix ordered for some Dreamliner planes because engines shut down mid-flight.

A bit inconvenient, no?

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Valet: Spring Buying Planner - The Four Shorts You Want for Warm Weather.

Because every male needs some hideously embarrassing shorts to roll out on occasion.

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PS Mag: Shakespeare the Social Scientist.

Also, I note that PS Mag is now on ‘white-label’ Medium.com. Seems too spare, with fonts just a bit too large, compared to the original non-Medium version.

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Mashable: IKEA rides into flat pack transportation with its own bicycle.

What’s not to like? Belt drive and a usable centerstand/kickstand. Well thought out. Put the heavy stuff on the back, though. Never overweight your turning wheel (personal experience - I have the road rash to prove it).

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BikeEXIF/Masters At Work: Harley-Davidson Street Build Off, Japan.


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Italian Ways: The De Tomaso Mangusta - the beauty and power of a fighter.

Couldn’t recall why I liked this car so much when I was a kid. Then I scrolled down. Those dual side-opening hatches in the back. Corgi toy, or Hot Wheels? Can’t recall. But cool.

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IP: Impossible I-1 Analog Instant Camera.

Kinda resembles a dial phone.

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