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Looks like shaved heads are in again, in the U.K. [that is, if they were ever ‘out.’]

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NY Times:

At the Frankfurt Auto Show, Concept Cars, New Models.

I’m still waiting for asymmetrics to return.  I miss the old “hood bulge” on the driver’s side of the car ... and echoed even on the trunk.  That was cool.  The Mazda Miata would be a good candidate for aftermarket fiberglass accessories of this type ...

[02/14/05: Content removed because of Google Images linkage screwup.]

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NY Times:

It still blows my mind that Bryant Park in NYC has been cleaned up enough for fashion shows.  I still remember the homeless, the needles ... and worse.  I simply *must* go back and rewrite my 80’s/90’s memories.

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The Ice Cube CD player.  We’ve done black, we’ve done chrome, we’ve done see-through. Could blocks of acrylic be the next trend?

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Exploring the limits of CSS Layout.  Adding Javascript to CSS to tame the CSS box model and emulate the utility of the maligned TABLE tag.  The sum-up: “The best bet for pure CSS multi-column layouts that I see on the horizon is the display-model and display-role properties in the CSS3 box model. In a particularly ironic twist, these properties would let you set the column blocks to behave as table cells for the purposes of layout. Design techniques would come full circle while still preserving the content/style division of CSS layout.”

09/02/03 • 02:05 PM • Design • (1) Comments

Postal Museum:

The Art of the Stamp.  The logo doesn’t really work for me ... looks like “of the Art Stamp.”

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Atlantic Monthly:

The Joy of Style.  I may have to pick up this book.  There are parts I agree with, others I don’t.  Only the book would make them clear enough to comment on.

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Validation just got better.  More useful.

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The browser-safe color palette has passed away gently ... though you will probably experience its friendly ghost at varying sites.

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Complex Spiral Consulting:

Containing Floats.  On grokking ‘float’ in CSS.

08/28/03 • 11:30 AM • Design • (0) Comments

Type Fight.

Helvetica vs. Arial.  Crush the unholy font ...

08/19/03 • 05:06 PM • Design • (0) Comments


Thomas W. Kellogg, one of the designers of the Studebaker Avanti, passes away.  A doctor down the street from us owned one, where I grew up.  That car never looked dated until the 90’s, with the deprecation of all chrome.

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