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Weezbo: Bizarre Bird-Inspired Stilettos by Masaya Kushino.

Weirdsville. Something else for Lady Gaga to fall off of.

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iPPinka: Convertible Shelf Table.

Cool idea. As long as you’re not stocking books.

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BarnFinds: California Z-Car Dreamin’

$5k.  Fond memories of my own Z, similar but silver. The slide control in between the seats was the choke. When was the last time you saw a choke in a car?

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BikeEXIF: Roland Sands x Indian - “Track Chief”.

Looks like a barrel of fun.  The last photo is the best; the details alone don’t do it justice.

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The Verge: Leica strips display from digital camera in 60th anniversary return to basics.

“The M Edition 60 is a special version of the M-P Type 240 digital rangefinder, but there’s a twist — the new model features no screen at all, forcing you to use it as if it were a film camera.” I want one. Nothing like hardware limitations to push your creative bounds. But for the price? Oucha-magoucha. Nope.

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BarnFinds: Unloved Pony - 1978 Mustang II King Cobra.

After reading some old reviews from when this car was new, I’m starting to wonder if these are really as bad as everyone says.”  Burn it in effigy. The Mustang II’s were worse than everyone says. Underpowered, boat-like steering, spongey brakes ... and a tendency to leak absolute oceans of oil. I’ll bet there’s still a stripe on my neighborhood’s street, from the Mustang II that used to commute every morning back in the 80’s.  I’d restore it and offer it as target practice to former owners.

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Vox: Winter is coming, in one gif.

Stop that. I love summer.

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c|net: Canon reveals details for future telephoto lens line.

The 100-400mm zoom is a good example. Canon introduced it in 1998 with its first-generation image stablization technology, which counteracts some camera shake, and still sells it for $1,700. But a new model is in the works, said Canon technical advisor Chuck Westfall in an interview here at the Photokina show Monday.” HOORAY. This is one of my favorite lenses on a crop frame camera (160-640 equivalent). Versatile as heck for sports and wildlife.

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NY Times: Line by Line, E-Books Turn Poet-Friendly.

There’s absolutely no reason an e-book couldn’t display complex formatting, other than because of cheap-to-produce maximize-profit laziness. This is where Apple’s book offerings can be better.

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EOSHD: 4K for $899 - a look at the Panasonic FZ1000.


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The Coolist: 2016 Mercedes AMG GT is The New Leader of the Pack.

Styling cues from many other coupes, but still unmistakably Mercedes. I applaud the reintroduction of curves.

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The Atlantic: Why Would Anybody Buy an Apple Watch?

Build it, and the demand will come.

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Collectors Weekly: The Hippie Daredevils Who Were Just Crazy Enough to Invent Mountain Biking.

A needed article! This needs to be a book. With photos. You’ll recognize so many names, now plastered on frames around the world.

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Return of the Cafe Racers: XLCH Ironhead Land Speed Racer.

Oh, yeah.  Chrome, chrome, chrome.  And I’m not usually a fan of the stuff.

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HyperAllergic: British Museum Wants Someone to Update Its Website for Free.

“It is also, according to a current online listing, seeking free help on its website and other “products” from experienced coders in the guise, naturally, of an unpaid internship or ‘student placement’ with its ‘Digital Team.’”  Not as egregious as some others. No laundry list of JS tech to know.

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SF New Mexican: Dems blame Martinez for loss of Tesla plant to Nevada.

The Dems are being foolish, using this as a lever. Location, location, location. NM didn’t have it, Nevada did. Nevada was likely a win/win even if it weren’t a right-to-work state.

This just shows the Democrats as terribly desperate for traction. Fire your PR flacks, get new ones. There’s plenty to discuss.

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BarnFinds: The Four Door Ranchero.

Now there’s a fantasy ‘cowboy car’ for restoration ...

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The Luminous Landscape: Pentax 645z In-Depth Review.

I have a 36MP Sony A7r and have also extensively used the Nikon D800e. I can state unequivacally, based on my experience, that the real-world difference in sensor size and resolution is palpable.” Note that the author makes exhibition-sized prints routinely.

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Monopod arrived.

Monopod arrived.

I reassembled the poor Canon, sort of, for this pic. I moved the ball head over to the Manfrotto. The Manfrotto is three or four times as heavy. After using it for a few photos this afternoon, I’m of the opinion thicker/heavier is MUCH better, especially for video. Less hand/breathing jitter introduced into footage. One can do smoother pans. The Canon definitely upped my sharpness on this shoot ... I would say the Manfrotto, just from its construction, could add another 15% to that. The 5D Mark II has a surprising amount of mirror-slap vibration that needs to be overcome (remembering my Nikon F4s spring-damped mirror fondly].

In operation, the Manfrotto leg-locks simply work. A little stiff from being new, but they seriously lock. The Canon is only as secure as the tightness of the small Allen-head bolts on the locks. They supply you with a tool, but the tension will eventually bottom out. I’d store it with the leg locks unclipped, to preserve the springs’ lives. No concerns about that now. I’ll take it out for a real test shoot later this week.

Anyone want a self-destructing trick monopod? To be extra clear, the Canon was perfectly suited for the purpose I bought it for (light/cheap support for an event). In retrospect, however, I wish I’d shown a bit more foresight and bought something more durable.  I simply didn’t realize how handy a monopod was, and how much my ‘sharp shot’ success rate would increase. When in doubt, I bring the monopod now. Always.

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DesignByHumans: Human Nutrition Facts T Shirt.

Perfect. Needs an option for “gluten free”, methinks.  Don’t want to make any celiac grizzlies ill.

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BarnFinds: 1952 Jensen Interceptor for $750.

In Albuquerque! Wishing for deep pockets and a fully-fitted-out ‘mancave’ ...

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Collectors Weekly: Paper Dresses and Psychedelic Catsuits - When Airline Fashion Was Flying High.

I was just a little kid in the ‘60’s, and I still recall eye-popping outfits.

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Schiller Bikes: The X1.  Biking on water. Love it.


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CultWestern: Western Wear Without The Douche - Essential Western Belts.

I like basketweaves as dailies. Nice reference to Big Bend Saddlery ... spent a lot of time in Alpine in ‘78.  Great place for real Western gear. Bought my first mulehides and bullhides at Cowtown there ... before “Urban Cowboy” pushed the prices of boots sky-high.  My mules were $25, the bulls $35. Still own the bulls, resoled thrice.

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BikeEXIF: The $185,000 Midual Type 1.

Tight as a knuckle sandwich.

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