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BBC: Airbus signs deal for second plant in China.

Given the quality of the goods I’ve seen from China lately, I sincerely hope we’re not talking carbon fibre manufacturing.

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BikeEXIF: Dicer Bikes’ motorized bicycle.


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DP Review: Sony - An eye on focus.

Hmmmm. The Metabones adapter for mating a Canon-mount lens to the Sony A7rII could make a camera-change to mirrorless rather painless ... and my 5D Mark II’s AF couldn’t really be worse.

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Mashable: Robot kills man at Volkswagen plant in Germany

The 22-year-old was part of a team that was setting up the stationary robot when it grabbed and crushed him against a metal plate, Hillwig said.” Perhaps I should start a new blog category called “Terminator Watch” ...

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JamesDempsey: Apple Home Page Tabs History.

Saving this for those days when I believe I miss skeuomorphism.

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Jalopnik: The Truth About Press Cars.

Interesting! Among the press cars I drove, the Audis always stood out for overall perfection, every car. The most fun - the Hybrid Hyundai Sonata. The electrics are set up for torque at low speeds, and dang ... total fun winding up that thing between stoplights, without sipping a drop of gas. I’d make Denise (McCluggage) giggle in the passenger seat every time the light turned green, as we headed off to our bimonthly/semiweekly ‘lunch meetings’.  I also liked the Mini Coupe to drive, but two things challenged me ... headroom (there is none), and where do you put that damned key/lozenge to start up the car? All hilarious to remember now.

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Telegraph.UK: The hunt for the million-dollar Faberge eggs.

I have a feeling these are not sitting in thrift stores, but carefully squirrelled away, to be found by executors and family members.

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DP Review: The Zeiss 85 F1.4 Otus Comparison.

Oh, ouch. Set the Canon to the 85 1.8 wide open, you’ll see what I mean. The price? RENTAL.

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Re/Code: SpaceX Rocket Explodes Shortly After Takeoff on Elon Musk’s Birthday (Video).

Two things come to mind. One, in the case of an ‘anomaly’, it seems all audio goes dead (or is erased before publication). No soundbites for the media. Two, this points out how difficult it will be to determine when to initiate the manned Dragon capsule’s abort procedure ... will it get far enough away from the Falcon before such an explosion damages structural integrity? This seems an exciting system so far - these payload runs would be an excellent method to test this function.

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Italian Ways: The Gilera Rondine 500, unrivaled power.

Wonderful.  Even made me laugh out loud.

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Giz: This Crazy Vertical Turntable Is the Best Way to Show Off Your Records.

*Bong* Sorry, wrong answer.  Sony, been there, done that, 1982. Some cheaper outfit used to make a clamshell in the mid-70’s, but I can’t remember if it went vertical.

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IPPINKA: The Sada Bike - A Convenient Folding Bike.

Next ridiculous NM traffic jam, I need one of these. Will they make one with MTB tires ... ?

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BikeEXIF: Back To The Roots - Rebellion’s Honda CB750.

Ideas for my own Nighthawk ...

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EOS HD: Interesting insights into the new Sony A7R II and RX sensor technology.


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BBC: Saint-Donatien in Nantes in ruins.

Very, very sad.

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Italian Ways: The art of cycling in Italy.

Scroll to the last few. Centaur with busy factory in the background? Angel wings being tied to the pedals? Recommendations to the proletariat.

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BlessThisStuff: DxO One.

Same MP and sensor size as the new Canon G3X. It all hinges on the quality of the lens, methinks.

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Giandiablasco: Outdoor wigwam.

Neat, but the real impact is when you see more than one in a grouping.

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EOSHD: First Sony A7R II user experiences - global shutter and native ISO 800?

Forget the other news - this makes it a serious contender for a possible switch to mirrorless: “Photographers meanwhile will appreciate user reports that Sony have moved to 14bit raw for the A7R II’s massive 42MP stills, vs the compressed 11bit raw of previous cameras.”  Soon as I see it in the rental lists, I’ve got to try it.

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GQ: How to Wear a Seersucker Suit, According to the Brand That Invented Them.

Yes, but it took the Princeton University students of the ‘20’s to make them mainstream (reveling in the pre-hipster working-class economic irony of the fabric).

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ArtDaily: Napoleon’s last gift to his son - A superb pair of child-size pistols.

Nicer than a child-sized Glock, certainly.

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Medium: The 2016 U.S. Presidential Candidates’ Logos, Ranked.

Cursing doesn’t add to the hilarity. It’s enough to show the logos. Not a fan of H’s logo; straining for single letter/symbol memorability like O’s ... and failing. It’s just way too Playskool for my taste.

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DP Review: Sony a7R II has 42.4MP on 4k-capable full frame BSI CMOS sensor.

Wowzer. Now, Sony, stop compressing RAW files.

Later: EOSHD’s take (video focused).

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BBC: Fatal A400M crash linked to data-wipe mistake.

A military plane crash in Spain was probably caused by computer files being accidentally wiped from three of its engines ...” Give me cables and levers, thankyouverymuch. Not a fan of fly-by-wire.

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Italian Ways: The 1900 SS by Zagato - a new season for Alfa Romeo.

Oooh. That’s a new one to me.

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