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Pro Video Coalition: PowerShot G5 X: paving Canon’s way to a mirrorless world.

Hah. Interesting. Thought it was a small photo of “Nautilus” (Captain Nemo) when I saw the thumbnail in my aggregator.

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CR&S Motorcycles: Duu Galleria.

Check ‘em out.

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Aeon: How rivalry propels creative genius.

Again, true. Your bitterest enemy, your harshest critic, are your best creative fonts. My stutter challenged me throughout school, driving my writing and thinking further than they would ever go otherwise. So for the yearbook, I chose the quote: “Believe me, a thousand friends suffice thee not. In a single enemy, thou hast more than enough.” - Ali Ben Abi Taleb.

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Dang. Build your own Porsche 550 Spyder.

Fiberglass, but who cares? Molds taken from an original, supposedly. Looks close enough to me. Legendary. Just don’t do a Dean in it. I have a feeling you’ll end up worse off than with the original body ...

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WDDepot: Medium 2.0 launches with great features, and dreadful branding.

The new logo is proof positive — if proof were needed — that good math does not equate to good design.

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Moz: Why I Stopped Selling SEO Services and You Should, Too.

Fantastic article. Right on the money, IMHO.

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Bicycling/Fascinating Rides: Schwinn Sting-Ray.

Memories. Never had one, but drooled over them in a catalog.

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Autoweek: VW customer loyalty incentive cash - $2000 toward a gas or hybrid Volkswagen.

Existing VW owners will receive $2,000 toward the purchase or lease of any new VW gasoline or hybrid model ...” When in doubt, try a bribe (esp. one you can amortize or write off).

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Mashable: Mercedes-Benz’s self-driving semitruck takes to public roads.

If a self-driving truck sounds like the beginning of a sequel to the 1978 film Convoy, don’t worry; a person has to remain behind the wheel. However, they will be a very relaxed person. That’s because as soon as Actros crosses the onramp threshold onto the freeway, it displays the ‘Highway Autopilot On’ message, alerting the driver that it is ready to take over control of the truck. The driver accepts the offer with the push of a button and Actros does the rest.” Well, there has to be a transition period.

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ProLost: Impressions of the Sony a7R II.

Good article on the A7RII.

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Steampunk Vehicles: Story about a Jet Trike.

Read the whole thing.

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Wired: The Bizarre, Bony-Looking Future of Algorithmic Design.

Explicit design is when ‘you have an idea in your head and you draw it,’ he says. ‘Generative design is when you state the goals of your problem and have the computer create design iterations for you.’

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TNW: Web design is now completely boring

Of note. I suspect the confluence of Bootstrap and the need for responsive design conspired to bring us the sameness of today.

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FastCoDesign: How Pantone Became The Definitive Language Of Color.

The Pantone of today started as a graphic standards system for professional designers in 1963 but has morphed into a global design force starting in the 2000s due in part to calculated marketing efforts and initiatives. It’s not just about the Pantone Matching System (PMS for short); it’s the Color of The Year, the Pantone Color Institute, Pantone hotels, Pantone cafes, Pantone mugs, Pantone iPhone keyboards, Pantone lipstick, and tie-ins to the movie industry.

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Italian Ways: The world of the future on Lampo stickers.


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Pro Video Coalition: The end of shaky videos.

Cool idea. But uses weight instead of a gyroscope.

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Atlantic: Volkswagen Says 11 Million Cars Worldwide Are Affected in Diesel Scandal.

The scandal has brought into question the performance of Martin Winterkorn, the automaker’s CEO. Some analysts quoted by Reuters note that he might have to step down over the scandal.” Fat lot of good that will do. The corporation (supposedly ‘a person’) misbehaves, they throw one human under the bus ...

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TechDirt: Carson’s Lawyer Threatens CafePress Because Supporters Are Creating T-Shirts.

Beware candidates who are, or hire, bad lawyers.

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Autoweek: Nürburgring is the be-all end-all for auto-manufacturer testing.

If it runs on the Nürburgring, it can run anywhere.

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Autoevolution: Mercedes-Benz Concept IAA Storms Frankfurt with Its Morphing Abilities.

Ever since the Chaparral, I think we kids of the 60’s have been hoping for this kind of car.

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DP Review: Sony brings uncompressed Raw to a7S II, a7R II and ...

Wait for tests.

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WaPo: Why Americans dress so casually.

Stagnation of real income, too?

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DP Review: Hands-on with Zeiss’s Milvus lenses.

Much as I love Zeiss, I see one flaw. The smooth exteriors. How many times I end up juggling a lens by mistake, and the exterior details are the only thing that allow me to maintain a grip and not drop it. Imagine one of these in rain. Seems a minor quibble to most of you, I’m sure. But I’ll be wrapping a rubber band or two around the clear metal areas for grip when I rent one.

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B&H: Zeiss Soars with Milvus Lens Family for DSLRs.

*Drool*. I rented the older 50mm Makro, and it was stupendous on a 5DMIII. I can only imagine what you’d get on one of the 50MP monsters.

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ReadWrite: Apple Builds A Larger Canvas For Tablet Appmakers With The iPad Pro.

Sort of ‘backing’ into a touchscreen computer. What this brings to mind is, innovation on the iMac platform to accommodate a touchscreen. Articulated stand? Exciting, IMHO.

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