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Kickstarter: Interchangeable Watches With Quick-Change Straps by Covair.++

Interesting. I’ve never imagined powerful magnets AND clockworks being able to exist in the same proximity on a wrist. Live and learn.

Later: I’ve noticed that when I post any link to Kickstarter, the reads on Twitter are virtually nil (as in, 50% fewer engagements than even the most uninteresting link). Not a reason to stop, but if readers here are desiring to maximize traffic on their own blogs, it seems Kickstarter has saturation beyond exhaustion.

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ArtDaily: Vintage posters and advertising signs at Showtime Auction, Oct. 2-4.

For when I redo my office (shortly) ...

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Kickstarter: Double or triple your screens by Slidenjoy.

Unfold this at your local coffee joint, watch other techs’ gonads shrink ...

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EOSHD: Canon profits down 16%.

Iterating too slowly in some areas, too small in others. IMHO.

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EOSHD: Hands-on with the new Metabones Speed Booster Ultra.

I feel that most people will buy the Speed Booster Ultra for the impact it has on the image – F0.85 is very nice to have from a Canon 50mm F1.2!

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LensRentals.com: Variation Measurements for Telephoto Lenses.

My gracious. Older lenses, significant variation. Impetus to buy newer models for any given focal length.

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Clocky, the alarm clock that runs away.

Ingenious, until I realize how much noise pursuit would make ... if you set it, your partner’s gonna regret it.

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EOSHD: Did Canon and Nikon let 31% of the video market slip away?

Would 4K on a future 5D Mark IV achieve anything at all when it can’t hope to match the usability of the Sony A7R II or an upcoming Panasonic GH5 due to the dated form factor?

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The Coolist: offSET Shed House on New Zealand’s Coast.

Cool, indeed.

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Mashable: Boeing to airlines - Flying with batteries in cargo can destroy planes.


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Barn Finds: In Storage For 40 Years - 1957 Ford Ranchero.

Now here’s a good start for a ‘cowboy car.’

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Protein - Front-end development workflow.

Sounds interesting. Bookmarked.

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Wishbone Design:  Child’s Wagon.

Oh, brill.

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Lovely Package: Hoxton Street Monster Supplies.


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LIfehacker: The Bicycle Backpacking Bag.

Of casual interest. Always interested in lightening/compacting my loads.

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Northrup.photo: Canon 5DS-R DxOMark Scores - Why you Shouldn’t Care.

The overall image quality is noticeably better than the D810 or a7R.” Much more within. Tony and Chelsea actually use these cameras for commercial work, and have access to all the models discussed on a day-to-day basis.

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Italian Ways: Jeanne Grignani and advertisement.

I laughed out loud at the Pirelli and sewing machine advertisements. Ah, the past is truly another country.

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BBC/In Pictures: Inside a modern biplane factory.

Bless you boys.

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Can we talk about men’s shorts for a minute?

Who came up with the concept of a knee-length hemline, guaranteed to make just about every guy’s calves look like sticks? And so baggy one can fit a tree trunk in the circumference? Skinny clappers in bells comes to mind. They hoover up no-see-ums as efficiently as an industrial shop-vac - making for long-term insomnia from painful welts and itching. Squatting anywhere in the cactus-and-spiny-poky Southwest (for a photo or similar) is also ill-advised. To me, you need to see a little quad ... otherwise there’s no scale. Enough room to move, but not enough open space for small animals to climb up. Particularly for poor chumps like me with long bodies and short legs. Long baggy shorts make me look like a bowlegged Munchkin. Variety, manufacturers. Please? Not one-hem-fits-all. I’ve returned at least a half-dozen pairs now, trying to find a decent set of cargo shorts.

Nope, you won’t see me in shorts out in public until hemlines rise. Other than home-made jean shorts, that is.

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Mashable: Web design is dead

Symptom 2: Web design patterns are mature.” I beg to disagree. Web design’s gotten boring.  Everyone still wants top-slider-three-columns-underneath designs. There are bajillions of those templates, all roughly equivalent. We’ve only started to play with slide-in panels, really, still working out the UI, fighting over mobile layout implementations. There’s still a market for non-standard one-off designs, though it opens you to severe critique from competition because it doesn’t match conventional wisdom. You have to have savvy, trusting clients.

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BBC: Airbus signs deal for second plant in China.

Given the quality of the goods I’ve seen from China lately, I sincerely hope we’re not talking carbon fibre manufacturing.

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BikeEXIF: Dicer Bikes’ motorized bicycle.


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DP Review: Sony - An eye on focus.

Hmmmm. The Metabones adapter for mating a Canon-mount lens to the Sony A7rII could make a camera-change to mirrorless rather painless ... and my 5D Mark II’s AF couldn’t really be worse.

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Mashable: Robot kills man at Volkswagen plant in Germany

The 22-year-old was part of a team that was setting up the stationary robot when it grabbed and crushed him against a metal plate, Hillwig said.” Perhaps I should start a new blog category called “Terminator Watch” ...

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JamesDempsey: Apple Home Page Tabs History.

Saving this for those days when I believe I miss skeuomorphism.

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