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DP Review: Never lose your lens cap again with HACkxTACK.

The magnets are device-friendly and do not interfere with your camera or other electronic devices.” I don’t know about you, but I eschew magnetic trifles when dealing with CF/SD cards.  Nice idea, not on my list.

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30Npire: Johammer J1 Electric Motorcycle.

Bizarre, man. They look like lightning bugs. I’d still like to try one though.

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paulstamatiou: Design for Curation.

Swiping down to hide less-than-stellar photos is as satisfying as crossing something off your to-do list. It’s the only curation tool you need for a stark gallery app.” I can think of many apps I’d love to have this feature in.

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Youtube/DigitalRev: Fujifilm X-T1 Hands-on Review.

Can’t help it; I love these folks and their quirky reviews. I think I need to rent one of these mirrorless wonders.

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Gentleman’s Gadgets: Audi’s Toy Car for the Big Boys.

Quietly pretend that you’re Tazio Nuvolari.

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ArtDaily: Rare Medieval knight’s sword provides cutting edge to Bonhams Sale.

“Fascinating to anyone who has studied weapons of this kind is a very similar sword which bears an inscription recording its entry into the Arsenal in the frontier city of Alexandria at the time of al-Malik Abu Nasr Shaikh al-Mu’ayyad in the year 1415 A.D. So it is not beyond the realms of the possible that the sword in the Bonhams sale also went Crusading.

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HiConsumption: The 10 Best Porsches of All Time.

Aha. So that’s what this weirdsmobile was that I spotted last year. A Porsche Abarth.

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Supercharged: Maserati 450S Prototype 1956 by Fantuzzi for Auction.

Why can’t the lottery arrive in my postbox when I need it?

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Mashable: How Brands Are Using Twitter’s Redesigned Profile Pages.

Speaking for myself, I couldn’t tell you the last time I opened a profile page on Twitter.

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ItalianWays: Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 Super Sport, high-performance elegance.

Nice. The one I shot at Concorso’s a little younger.

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NPR Borderland.

A 2,438 mile long road trip along the US/Mexico border.  Thought-provoking and well done.

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PS Mag: Study Casts Doubt on Superiority of Stradivarius Violins.

Six of the soloists chose new violins as their hypothetical replacement instruments, while four chose ones made by Stradivari. One particular new violin was chosen four times, and one Stradivarius was chosen three times, suggesting those instruments were the clear favorites.

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Scripting.com: How to display title-less feed items.

I would have been jubilant over title-less blogging 11 years ago [To be exact, title-less RSS and title-less blog posts as implemented by the PHP/MySQL weblog constructs of the day.]

Titles got up my nose; one of the reasons it took me so long to switch over to MT and WP, where all the ‘cool kids’ were moving to. My style of linkblogging was title-less. Every single blasted ‘new’ or ‘fashionable’ package at the time required titles. And oh, did I try to Swiss-Army-Knife them away, without success.

I had to adjust to the market as it existed. Composing titles was another friggin’ thing to increase the time between discovery and posting. But RSS was great, and automation made dealing with RSS much, much easier. The addition of titles, however, slowed me down. Way down. Nobody got the gleeful 50 posts a day (at my height) after I moved to MT.

Took me a very long time to settle on what I’m doing now (Source: Title.); I figure speccing the source saves people time. You don’t click on a source you don’t particularly trust or admire (contrary to many, my interest isn’t in your clicks - it’s in your delight).

Constructing titles, in a world of keyword-stuffed linkbait, is EVEN MORE of a time-suck. Gives me a chuckle now. What if I returned to a title-less blog style? Just content - no copying over pretentious, linkbait or ill-composed titles? The freedom!

Fans of Upworthy and its ilk would have a seizure. Makes me rub my hands together in abject happiness. That made my day.

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Tumblr: General Lee.

Okay, now I have to find a way to un-see that, now that I’ve seen it.

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Flickr: The Dinky Toys Pool.

Yeow. Via Ed Bilodeau on FB.

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Ask DesignerNews: What do you think about Dribbble these days?

Entertaining.  Photography needs a Dribbble clone for pixel-peepers ...

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MattStoller: Sexist Life Magazine Ads from the 1960s.

Yes, well. The farther back you go, the more surprising, I suppose. 1972 and 1973 were the watershed years for women’s rights; when culture shifted in a huge way. When was the last time you heard “male chauvinist pig” in casual conversation? Used to be part of the American vernacular. Ask a kid today what a chauvinist is, and get a blank stare.

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naked cap: Young Owners of Low-Budget GM Cars Weren’t Worth Saving.

“Guess what their ‘affordable’ workaround was? Are you ready for this? GM distributed a ‘service bulletin’ to its dealers suggesting they tell customers to remove heavy items from their key rings.

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Motoriginal: John Cooper & Carroll Shelby collaboration.

The 1963 Shelby Cooper Type 61 Monaco King Cobra.” Oh, be still my beating heart.

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Italian Ways: Vespa Monthléry, born to run.

Built for speed.

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DesignerNews: For the moment, Macaw has similarities with Dreamweaver.

So, I’ll quash the announcement hype (‘gotta try it!’) and wait until it gets smoothed out before taking a look.

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The Atlantic: America’s Rebel Band of Custom-Bike Builders.

Right now is the Golden Age in custom frame building. [snip] There have never been more builders producing, and the quality has never been higher.” Prices, too. $15K means the 1% are buying bikes? I’d like to see a followup on who the market is, and how the bikes are actually used.

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LensRentals.com: Roger’s New Toy Needs a Name.

New lens-adjustment machine. Quite cool.

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Racecar Engineering: 2014 F1 explained - What is brake by wire?

A real problem until they get the programming sorted out. I can’t imagine driving such a powerful vehicle with minute-by-minute unpredictable stopping power.

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David Brown Automotive Speedback GT.

Oh, lovely. Styling cues from Aston Martin and Ferrari. And the ‘picnic seat’!

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