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MessyNessyChic: The Fashion World’s Best Kept Secret.

Hey, he used a Spitfire in a fashion spread. The paint is wrong, but what the hell. My new fave fashion photog. Surrealism rules! His site, directly.

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Random image link: 1969 Buick Century Cruiser, concept car.

Now that’s cool.

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Foundation 6 is available.

FYI. Great!

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Autoweek: 2017 Fiat 124 Spider debut at the 2015 LA Auto Show.

Nice front end; the rest smells like the usual Miata. Any choice between the two, given equal features, I’d take this one.

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Autoweek: Nissan: 2016 Titan XD pickup won’t try to beat the Ford F-150.

General comment: Fugly. May look better with larger 4WD style tires.

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Mashable: Fiat’s all-electric 500e is worth adjusting your life around.

The entire time, every second I was behind the wheel, I was thinking about the car. I was altering my driving style, suffering from icy toes because turning on the heat would zap precious battery life. And I wonder if I ever looked directly out the windshield at all, as my eyes were oft locked on the battery charge-level screen.” Oh yeah, sounds delightful.

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The Verge: A designer’s take on the iPad Pro.

Tempting, but every time I try to incorporate an iPad in workflow, I end up spending extra time dealing with the handicaps in the programs (compared to desktop versions). Extra time increases bottom line.

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Italian Ways: Sepo and Noveltex - from advertisement to art.

Pour le Soir, halfway down, is brilliant. The graphical shapes on the face. Wowzer.

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The Diplomat: Russia’s Top Secret Nuclear Torpedo.

Codenamed ‘Kanyon’ by Pentagon officials, it has allegedly also been designed to target both naval ports used by the U.S. Navy’s submarine fleet as well as U.S. coastal regions.” Oh, just peachy if true. I’ve heard stories of their titanium subs, back in Cold War days. If their engines were quieter, they would have been a major problem.

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Bruce Clay: Is Google about to Kill Its Penguin? Is It the End of Link Spam?

This tactic was so effective that it literally changed the face of the Internet. Blog spam, comment spam, scraper sites – none of them would exist if Google’s algorithm didn’t, for quite some time, reward the acquisition of links (regardless of source) with higher rankings.

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SERoundtable: Google’s John Mueller - Don’t Follow Big Sites SEO, They Often Get It Wrong.

Not a surprise, really.

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VashiVisuals: 3K 4K 5K 6K Free Aspect Ratio Templates.

The Ultimate Aspect Ratio Guide.” Bookmark it, before you forget.

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Two car links, I’ll gang them to save space.

The 1956 Dodge “La Femme”, via MessyNessyChic. I can only imagine being a kid stuck in the back of that thing.

And, Alfa Romeo 33 Special Prototype, Ready to Fly, via Italian Ways. I remember that back end. Maybe I had a model ... ? Or a Corgi toy?

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nngroup: Long-Term Exposure to Flat Design - How the Trend Slowly Makes Users Less Efficient.

Users are forced to explore pages to determine what’s clickable. They frequently pause in their activities to hover over elements hoping for dynamic clickability signifiers, or click experimentally to discover potential links. This behavior is analogous to the behavior of laboratory rats in operant-conditioning experiments: if a rat gets a food pellet at random intervals after performing a specific action, the rat will keep doing that action in the hope of getting fed again.” My italic emphasis. Great point, well explained.

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NPR: Volkswagen Makes ‘Goodwill’ Gesture To Defrauded Diesel Owners.

Customers who accept the money will not give up their right to sue, the company said.” I’d be real careful of accepting early offers.

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Goodhood: Masses mug.

Kinda funny, kinda tragic.

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CycleEXIF: Two-wheeled Titan - VELOCiPEDO GenTLeman.

Very appealing bicycle. Can’t put my finger on a single detail ... it’s the whole aesthetic.

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Autoweek: VW gasoline and diesel engine CO2 emission problem.

A recall based on this issue is not foreseen by the automaker in the U.S., as it is not considered to be a technical problem caused by faulty manufacturing or failed components, but rather a labeling issue.” Oh, that’s rich.

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NPR: From ‘Book Strap’ To ‘Burrito’ - A History Of The School Backpack.

I carried a Sacs Millet climbing rucksack throughout the ‘70s. Great, great bag. Today? They should be using Ospreys, with proper back panels and waistbelts. Today’s terrible unconstructed shopping-bag-shaped nightmares must be painful as hell. Then again, you only see less than 1% of kids ever hoofing it home. Most sling the pack into the parental SUV and get driven home ... like the rich kids of my generation.

Later: Similar to mine. The crampon tie area turned out to be very handy.

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LA Daily Post: Hitching A Ride On The Pumpkin Bus ... Historic NM CubeSat Ready For Low-Earth Orbit.

Another corker from friend Roger Snodgrass up at the Los Alamos Daily Post.

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BarnFinds: 1958 Curtiss-Wright Hovercraft!

Looks like we actually *did* get our flying cars ... in 1958.

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Swash 10-Minute Clothing Care System.

Saw this via another site. Looks pretty nifty, if just a smidge too much like a Keurig for your clothes ...

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Webdesigner Depot: Adobe releases award-winning Slate app for the web.

Another clone of Exposure.co; I’m surprised they don’t sue.

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Archaeology News Network: Rebuild the Colossus!

Yes. This must be done.

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Macworld: Make Apple Photos for OS X more powerful with an editing extension.

For Photos faithful. I was astonished to see Pixelmator doesn’t have a quick white-balance tool; so I rate most of these as nice for smartphone image tweaking, but if you’re serious, head over to Adobe. Imagine wanting to re-edit something in a couple of years - will this stuff even still exist? Too much Rube Goldberg here.

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