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Mashable: IKEA rides into flat pack transportation with its own bicycle.

What’s not to like? Belt drive and a usable centerstand/kickstand. Well thought out. Put the heavy stuff on the back, though. Never overweight your turning wheel (personal experience - I have the road rash to prove it).

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FontsInUse: 70s/80s Dune book series covers, New English Library.

Who could forget that cover for God Emperor of Dune?

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Beneath the Underground: New Single “Talk To You”.

Commenter Jeremiah has a new song out.

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Hemmings: Barn find of the millennium - Entire production run of 1962 De Sotos found.

4,000 1962 DeSotos. There went the auction price, for those who’ve restored.

Sorry, an April Fool prank that came up today in my newsfeed. Thanks for the heads-up, Andrea!

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Mashable: Land Rover can now sell you a factory-restored 1948 Series I.


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SoundWavesTV: KGO and the Death of Radio.

Citadel, along with Cumulus, Entercom and Clear Channel (a.k.a. iHeart Radio) destroyed radio as we knew it. If you can’t stand to listen to radio anymore you can thank these companies. The Telecommunications Act of 1996 allowed them to consolidate thousands of Mom-and-Pop radio stations into just a handful of owners. What was once a thriving marketplace of ideas and new music became a moribund feedback loop of homogeneity and satellite programs.” Synchronicity. I just popped in the car to go deposit a check, and the local classical station interrupted a wonderful Haydn flute piece RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE to give a station identification ... then started a new piece after. I sat and yelled at the radio for about two minutes.

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EOSHD: Short note – Canon 80D has no improvement in video quality!

The Canon 80D’s video performance is so bad I won’t even be reviewing it. The clips I shot with it aren’t even worth uploading.” Ouch!

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Not Meh: Photos of Miserable Men Trapped In Shopping Hell.

You would think someone could recognize this as a huge opportunity, y’know?

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DP Review: Nikon D5 has lowest dynamic range of any current FF Nikon DSLR.

Gag! What’s Nikon thinking?

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CoolTools: PollenTec Clean Air Window Screen.

Filters pollen? This may help some readers out there. I may buy some to trial myself.

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Amazon.com: Duro-Med Waterproof Leg Cast Protector.

I’ll bet at least one of you knows someone who needs this.

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Guardian.UK: Fifty Shades of Grey - the book you literally can’t give away.

I think Dan Brown is still pipping it ...Pffft.

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Autoweek: Mazda MX-5 RF debuts at New York auto show.

Mazda underwhelms sometimes - those smiley-face grills - yet occasionally rips out a good one. And, for a bonus, check this out ... Jaguar’s going to limited-reissue XKSSs. That’s the McQueen car.

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Strobist: Fuji X-Pro2: All Your Questions, Answered.

As per usual, great advice within.

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Buzzfeed: Two College Degrees Later, I Was Still Picking Kale For Rich People.

Very much worth the read.

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PDN: FTC Wrist-Slaps Lord & Taylor for Deceptive Instagram Campaign.

Lord & Taylor has agreed to settle federal charges that it deceived consumers by paying fashion ‘influencers’ thousands of dollars each to promote its products on Instagram, without disclosing that the posts were paid advertisements.” Four THOUSAND bucks. To wear a dress. And take a photo. *Raises hand.* FTC’s gonna be real busy, if they want to track down all of this behavior. Many niches are drinking deeply at this well, methinks ... given the affluence of the supposed ‘solo bloggers’. My basic rule: if someone’s life seems perfect, plenty of time for excellent photography and well-proofed content ... I smell a rat. Harsh? Feigning an inaccurate reality is harmful to others. Oh, a little gloss is fine. Supporting a fake persona - never.

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Register.UK: Amex ‘fesses up: Your credit card data was nicked ...

Hello ... what?!!

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Racked: The Last Lifestyle Magazine.

How Kinfolk created the dominant aesthetic of the decade with perfect lattes and avocado toast.” Never heard of it. But we in Santa Fe are immersed in lifestyle publications. I doubt Kinfolk has many vigas, ristras or green chiles in their photo essays.

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New Yorker: Under the Crushing Weight of the Tuscan Sun.

Recently, I watched my friend fill his dog’s bowl with Beneful Tuscan Style Medley dog food. This barely merited a raised eyebrow; I’d already been guilty of feeding my cat Fancy Feast’s White Meat Chicken Tuscany. Why deprive our pets of the pleasures of Tuscan living?

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Return of the Cafe Racers: The Worlds Strongest Denim by Saint.

For riding, but given the import/export featherweight denim being sold these days, you might need a really tough pair of jeans. Comfort? Well, that’s probably secondary ...

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Yuba: Electric Cargo Bike Mid-drive Motor.

Love the concept. Because, if you really get down to it, you’re going to need to haul stuff at some point.

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Victoria’s Secret buyers are in for a shock.

In my Gmail ‘adverts’ folder ... “Get your ohm on! $25 yoga bottoms.”

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Tal Wilkenfeld: New album on PledgeMusic.

Fellow Beck fans, help Tal finish her album.

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NPR: Supreme Court Denies Apple’s Appeal On E-Books, Triggering Millions In Payments.

The Supreme Court let stand a $450 million settlement reached in a lower court in 2014.” Bang.

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CNN: The world is running low on old single malt Scotch.

The industry woke up to the current boom too late. [snip] More capacity is being added now, but the bad news for whisky drinkers is the shortage could last another 10 to 15 years, experts say.QUELLE DISASTER!!

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