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The Register: Churchill’s blood valued at £560,000.

Dukes Auctions is estimating the phial of his blood obtained by a nurse in 1962 could fetch £1,000, although a spokeswoman from the auction house said that due to the age of the specimen it now resembles a congealed orange-red blob.” One can safely assume Hayley Atwell will not be choked up and dumping this in the Thames from Tower Bridge.

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iainclaridge.net: Leica M-P Correspondent.

Faux wear, but the wear reveals copper brass (see comments for clarification). In spite of the ‘poseur’ bells in my mind, it’s awfully good looking.  The price will be breathtakingly high, no doubt.

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Hemmings: One-off Buick Blackhawk show car could fetch up to $450,000 at auction.


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The Coolist: Aston Martin Vulcan is Built for Racing Daredevils Only.

The Vulcan is powered by a 7.0-liter V12 engine that produces 800+ horsepower under the pedal.” I love the early versions of this body style; they’ve been tweaking it into ugliness over the past few years. I’ll want to see this in real photos before judgment.

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Forbes: New Mexico Considering Legislation To Sell Spaceport America.

I predicted this result was likely.  Betting Virgin Galactic or SpaceX picks it up for pennies on the dollar. Just a waiting game now.

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Bike EXIF: Happy Landings - Clockwork’s CB750 custom.

Ah. They filled the ‘Nighthawk hole’ under the seat.

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WaPo: Why digital natives prefer reading in print. Yes, you read that right.

A University of Washington pilot study of digital textbooks found that a quarter of students still bought print versions of e-textbooks that they were given for free. ‘These are people who aren’t supposed to remember what it’s like to even smell books,’ [snip].” The danger of assumption.

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Nielsen/Norman Group: Emotional Design Fail: Divorcing My Nest Thermostat.

Of note.

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WaPo: The making of Hillary 5.0: Marketing wizards help re-imagine Clinton brand.

It’s exactly the same as selling an iPhone or a soft drink or a cereal.” Ugh.

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Code as Craft: Re-Introducing Deployinator, now as a gem!

If you aren’t familiar with Deployinator, it’s a tool we wrote to deploy code to Etsy.com. We deploy code about 40 times per day. This allows us to push smaller changes we are confident about and experiment at a fast rate. Deployinator does a lot of heavy lifting for us.Via rc3.org.

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FGR: Ralph Lauren Does Southwestern Elegance for Fall 2015.

Must be AZ. Ain’t seen any o’ these outfits around here.

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The Atlantic: Why Walmart Raised Its Wages.

The CEO of Walmart announced earlier today that all of the company’s employees will, starting in April, be paid at least $9 an hour, nearly $2 more than the federal minimum wage. That’s still far short of the $15 per hour pushed for by OUR Walmart, a union — like group of Walmart workers. Still, it’s a change for a company that has stubbornly opposed such a raise for years.” Good news, nonetheless.

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HuffPo: NYC Subway Cars - From Rolling Canvasses To Rolling Billboards.

Twenty-five years later, whole-car graffiti trains are back in New York. Visually bombed with color and stylized typography top to bottom, inside and outside, and the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) is pocketing some handsome fees for it. It is not aerosol anymore, rather the eye-popping subway skin is made from enormous adhesive printed sheets that are laser cut to perfectly fit every single surface of a train car.” You know, I’ve worn mostly plain t-shirts for years now for specifically this reason - I refuse to be an unpaid human ‘advertising wrap’ for any companies but the ones I genuinely admire.

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The Luminous Landscape: Sony A7II and Tamron 150-600mm in Antarctica.

Given this, I have to believe the Tamron 150-600 I rented was a bad specimen. Look at those pix!

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BlessThisStuff: Kia SportSpace.

Concept car? It’s a flippin’ station wagon. Then again, bell bottoms made a comeback, too ...

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The Atlantic: The Real Marlboro Man.

Within a year of Marlboro Man’s debut, the company went from holding only a one percent market share to being the fourth bestselling brand in America.”  The power of myth, right there.

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BarnFinds: Not Quite A GT40 - Fiberfab Avenger V8

Remember the Fiberfab ads? Pop Mech, others. Starting a whole lot o’ dreaming. Glad I didn’t try one.

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Hired Guns Creative: Baba Yaga Absinthe.

A guaranteed conversation-starter, surely.

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Mashable: 1-800-Flowers is doing major damage control after a Valentine’s Day fail.

Normally, being deflowered on Valentine’s Day would be romantic ...

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BBC News: Plastic waste heading for oceans quantified

About eight million tonnes of plastic waste find their way into the world’s oceans each year.” So wrong. So wrong.

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Youtube: Speed Dating Prank - 2015 Ford Mustang.

The reactions need to be bigger, IMHO. Totally fun concept, though.

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blessthisstuff: tuna knobs.

Cute, if you use your iPad for sound mixing.

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The New Yorker: How Not to Test a Dietary Supplement.

... industrial processing can destroy a plant’s genetic material without affecting its supposed health benefits.” This sounds disturbingly like the theory behind homeopathy.

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OLYMPUS/News Release: Olympus Air 01.

A self contained lens/shutter unit that mates to your smartphone. 16MP. I find this curiously attractive as a snapshooting alternative. Might even rate as the digital equivalent of a Polaroid.

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ArtDaily: End of the “French Barn Find” car story.

Auctioned for tidy sums.

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