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Bush Smarts: Camp Coffee Kit.

How upscale. We used a clean sock, a pot, and lots of boiling in Texas. Stronger? Boil longer. Worked great. And so lightweight (one slightly-stained sock).

Later: I have to laugh. The ‘boiling in Texas’ was absolutely necessary. [Not.] Mangled grammar! I’ll leave it.

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DP Review: Sony announces Alpha 7 II full-frame mirrorless camera with 5-axis IS.

Ah. Because of the MPs, this is still the most intriguing of the mirrorless cameras (IMHO). This may finally spur a rental.

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BonjourLife: Moto Guzzi MGX-21 Concept.

Nice. But the closed wheels might make it squirrelly in crosswinds.

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BreakingViews: Good news for guns is bad for gunmakers.

No fear, no gun sales. Gun manufacturers are facing large inventories and larger debts. There are already right-wingers spreading the idea that the reason IS is so successful is that Americans don’t own more guns. Stick that in your personal Enigma machine and try to parse it - I can’t.

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Kickstarter: The World’s First Smart Earplugs by Hush.

Hmmm. Might be a last-choice solution for my chipseal neighborhood road-noise issue.

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c|net: 3D-printed cremation urn replicates your loved one’s head.

How one can remain a good-lookin’ ash after death.

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ArtDaily: The microphones the Beatles sang into at Liverpool’s Cavern Club at auction.

Lennon-spit! McCartney snozz! Step right up ...

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BarnFinds: 1959 Chevrolet Spartan 80.

A 4x4 fire truck? From the year of my birth? Insta-link. Would that I needed to haul water over mountains.

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Atlas: A new ‘craft and curio’ magazine.

Worth a peek.

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BBC: Napoleon’s hat expected to fetch 500,000 euros at auction.

Wow. Allegedly worn at the Battle of Marengo. Never thought I’d actually see one of Nappy’s hats. The internet still manages to amaze me from time to time.

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Amazon.com: iFetch.

Keep those dogs busy.

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Asbury & Asbury: Perpetual Disappointments Diary.


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The New Inquiry: The Ladies Vanish.

Much like the man who jams a chess grandmaster into a dark cage in order to be celebrated for “inventing” the cage, Amazon has built a massive network of casualized internet laborers whose hidden work helps programmers and technological innovators appear brilliant.”  The new sweatshops.

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Guardian.UK: Virgin Galactic pilot tells of being thrown clear as spacecraft broke up.

His description of the vehicle motion was consistent with other data sources in the investigation. He stated that he was extracted from the vehicle as a result of the break-up sequence and unbuckled from his seat at some point before the parachute deployed automatically.” Lucky. I’m sure future passengers are wondering what their escape options are in the case of an in-flight failure (none that I can see). Might be a good use of ballistic parachute deployment, if the orbiter can stay in one piece. Then again, another lever to pull by mistake ...

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A Continuous Lean.: The Unconventional Waltzing Matilda.

Mike Balitsaris of Waltzing Matilda used to buy toilet factories, but now he’s busy eyeing shoe factories. He’s journeyed from rust belt factories to a Nebraska mine to a Cupertino boardroom to a former shoe factory in Maine, but his goal has always remained the same. Baltisaris sees the potential for creating great things, and creating them right here in America, with all that he does.”  Refreshing.

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ArtDaily: 1963 Officially licensed Batmobile, missing for decades, ready to roar.

Good Lordy, even restored it’ll bring a pretty penny.

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ArtDaily: Original ink drawing of Winnie-the-Pooh, Christopher Robin and Piglet to auction.

Have your Monets and Van Goghs; I’d pay a pretty penny for this.  Iconic.

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DP Review: Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II USM becomes a reality.

[Throws hands in air] YES! YES!  One of my favorite lenses, but the push-pull was a problem. Sucked dust like a Dyson. This new one’s a serious contender for my bucks before Xmas.

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Amazon Echo.

My garbage can gives me career advice.

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Past Horizons - Archaeology - Trowels and Tools.

Like a Sears Roebuck for archaeologists.  Overseas, but still fun to peruse. Kids would love to check this out.

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Cool Tools: Pyranna Plastic Package Opener.

Linked because of a very sad realization ... I purchased a very nice Gerber lockback knife for backcountry use. Turns out the greatest amount of use it gets is opening Amazon and plastic blister packaging.  Handy to have a dual smooth/serrated blade to slice through crazy tape and injection molding.

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Cycle EXIF: 44 Bikes Snakedriver.

I really want one of these big-tire bikes. They look like a blast. Given the look, however, I think I’d feel a subtle pressure to learn how to juggle hands-free while riding ... it does resemble a circus clown bike, if you squint a bit.

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Valet.: Soften Your Sweaters. [Note from DM!: How to De-Itch.]


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NY Times: A Passion for Vintage Trailers.

My wife has acquired an abiding desire for one of these. I’m being volunteered by the ‘secondary volunteer method’ to get/fix one.

[‘Primary volunteer method’: You volunteer willingly. ‘Secondary volunteer method’: Someone volunteers you. Inherited from my Latin teacher in PHS, Mr Carman, who used to secondarily volunteer me to ‘put a sentence on the board’ way too often ...]

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Italian Ways: Bianchi Café & Cycles - crossing the finish line in Milan.

Bianchi green; my sole favorite green. Wait- not true - just next to British Racing Green.

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