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ArtDaily: Artcurial achieves record price for a car sold at auction; Ferrari sells for 35,711,359.

Told you this one would be spectacular.

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Dazed: Meet Hijarbie, the world’s first hijab-wearing Barbie.

I’m filling a gap and hoping to create a positive awareness for the Muslim girl [snip] I want her to be inspired. This is about creating an alternative and having toys that look like you, which, at the end of the day, leads to better self-esteem.

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Town and Country: New Study Finds Scented Candles and Air Fresheners Pose Dangerous Health Risks.

Some types of incense, such as agarwood and sandalwood, are even more toxic to our DNA than tobacco smoke.” I suspect this is a niche where the use of natural fragrance is proving to be more toxic than artificial fragrance.

Tangential - because of strong smells [the wife complained], I went out and replaced our commercial household cleaners with ‘natural’ ingredient brands. I’ll cut to the chase. They took a layer of skin off my hands, they were so caustic. And the smells may be ‘natural’, but my eyes were weeping. I’m now using gloves to do rudimentary cleaning, thanks to ‘all natural.’

I wanna go back to “Scrubbing Bubbles.” But I’ve got to use up this huge investment in ‘nature’. Damned stuff is pricey, in addition to being lethal.

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Bicycling: First Look - Michelin Power Tires.

I love Michelins on a bike, but they don’t hold up well to goatheads in the SW. I’ll have to try some of their ‘more armored’ versions mentioned here.

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MessyNessyChic: Lilli, the High-end German Call Girl who became America’s Iconic Barbie Doll.

OMFG. I can’t stop laughing.

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Return of the Cafe Racers: Ducati Diavel DraXter.

Hell, I’m too old to pull this off, but I can sure appreciate the techno-aesthetic.

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AnandTech: The Cherry MX Board 6.0 Mechanical Keyboard Review.

Not the switches you want.

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Guardian.UK: Toxic chemicals found in most outdoor gear.

The study showed that toxic chemicals are ‘still widely present in products by brands such as Jack Wolfskin, the North Face, Patagonia, Mammut, Norrona and Salewa, especially in the production of footwear, trousers, sleeping bags and some jackets.’.” It’s a bit naive to want Teflon-like features in outdoor gear, and not expect some entertaining chemical combos to be utilized.

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NeedSC.: 1966 501 Customized Jeans.

Instead of $300 buckeroonies, they’re $200. Bargain! [#%@@#$^&!^$%@]

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My Bose MediaMates have given up the ghost.

The bass deteriorated yesterday into a pocky thwocking noise - akin to slamming an empty paintcan on pavement. I quickly picked up a moderate-cost set of Logitech satellites/subwoofer speakers, but their high/midrange is very bizarre in comparison with the Bose.

I need to edit audio accurately for video. What’s everyone using these days? I was looking at the M-Audio monitors that review sites like, but it seems the recent update from -40 to -42 has folks disgrunted. I do have a pair of NEAR bookshelf speakers. I may just need to get a small amp and a subwoof.

Ideas/suggestions? Thanks.

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Dazed: Even Mario Testino doesn’t think he’s made it yet.

Gotta move fast, even at the top.

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DP Review: Fuji X-Pro 2. Finally over 20MP.

All their articles:

First impressions.
Hands-on (isn’t this the same as first impressions?).
Sample galleries.

Still waiting for more improvements to the Sony A7 series, but this looks tasty on paper. I have a feeling high ISO/shadow recovery won’t be where I expect, but I’ll wait for the reviews. The ISO 1000 bike gear shot (in sample galleries) shows noise reduction smearing, but the proof is in the print (as opposed to the pixel-peep).

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Guardian.UK: Walmart to shutter 269 stores – including more than half in US.

I bet Wall Street is down today, then. They’re going to flip out. They love the instant results Wal-Mart makes available on nationwide sales trends.

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Pen Addict: Top 5 Pens.

I heartily second the Retro 51 Tornado. [Thanks, Mar and Eric from Santa Fe. You pegged my tastes with laser precision.]

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Dazed: Turn your vagina into a soundsystem with this new gadget.

#%@^@^$&&$(Q(*%)??>!! Unborn babies have been shown to move around to minimize noise, and be startled by loud sounds. So why on earth ... ? Some fool will try piping Dr Phil or Oprah up the canal, I’m sure. Poor kids. A month of that, I’d self-abort.

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Ms Magazine: As Subtle as the Pose.

Important read. You’ve heard it before. We get pummelled by the same visual tropes over and over and over, until we’re numb. And, for the record, I’ve never seen a single woman adopt that ‘fashion hunch’ in real life. Other than one with severe spine issues, and she couldn’t move otherwise.

Fashion needs some serious reality. Sadly, fashion bloggers are merely making cold calculated plays for sponsorship and ad impressions. They seem to not realize that together, they could drive a wedge in this industry, split it to pieces and reassemble it any damned way they want.

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Uncrate: Volkswagen Budd-E Concept.

Talk about missing the mark by a mile. The VW Camper van is one of the most sought-after used vehicles in existence. And VW brings this to market. Maybe it’s the fault of the diesel fumes ...

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Valet.: What Makes a Good Logo?

Michael Bierut, who’s worked on Saks Fifth Avenue, Harley-Davidson, The Atlantic, Princeton University, Guitar Hero and most recently, Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Grain of salt here: Hillary’s is no favorite of mine.

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DP Review: Phase One launches 100MP medium format back with Sony co-developed sensor.

With a Sony sensor, this should be *awesome*. Mental note: more lottery tickets.

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Peak Design: CaptureLENS Clip For Carrying & Changing Lenses.

Check this out, photogs.

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DP Review: Canon EOS 5DS / 5DS R In-Depth Review.

Move the little square on the image to any shadow area. That’s why I’m switching from Canon to Nikon. The Canons would be a great studio camera, and likely very good for HDR work. But that shadow noise, and noise in general, is the showstopper for me. Canon doesn’t seem to be improving fast enough against their competition. I’ve done prints at 11x17, 13x19 from my Canon 5DS/R rental. The shadow noise is visible in those sizes of prints, more obvious in the larger prints. Perhaps only a pixel-peeper would notice, but we all put our noses in prints these days. If you have a broad area of shadow, it’s awful.

Note, DP Review seems to carry water for Canon. They’ve rushed through the above review, but still haven’t done their in-depth review of the D810, out for much longer. I’m finding the Nikon a significantly more capable tool for a professional shooter. The available controls and adjustability are just incredible. My Canons feel like toys in comparison.

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Guardian.UK: Warm weather melting millions off winter gear retailers’ bottom lines.

When do the ‘fire sales’ start? I’d like to pick up a new winter parka for a song. To go with a cut-rate VW diesel, perhaps.

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SciAm: Antibiotic Use in Food Animals Continues to Rise.

U.S. sales of medically important antibiotics approved for use in livestock rose by 23 percent between 2009 and 2014, federal regulators said on Thursday, fueling concerns about risks to humans from antibiotic-resistant bacteria.” Good lord.

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Hollywood Reporter: Camille Paglia Takes on Taylor Swift, Hollywood’s #GirlSquad Culture.

Tsk, tsk ... someone didn’t have a good time in high school. Ms Swift is just plodding along consistently, being a smart businesswoman in today’s culture (‘make hay while unwrinkled’). Is Adele any better, with that self-serving ‘impersonators’ video? Many missed the fact that was Adele-generated, not part of some game show. This is not the culture for modesty.

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OLAF kick scooter - puts a spin on your usual commuting experience.

I love this. Would be great for photography - would make it more difficult for some random person to take off with your gear.

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