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Fashion Gone Rogue: Unretouched Lady Gaga Versace Ads.

A whole lotta manipulation goin’ on.

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Supercharged: Bugatti 12.4 Grand Sport concept Atlantic.

A whole mishmash of styling cues; very reminiscent of the classics. I like it.

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WWD, Q&A: Ralph Lauren Now.

Mr Lauren, I volunteer to come polish your car collection.  He graciously sends at least one to Santa Fe Concorso each year (and thank you for that, sir).

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ArtDaily: Christie’s announces Sale of Vintage Travel Posters and Luggage.

I have a terrible abiding weakness for both.

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CNet: LaCie admits to year-long credit card breach.

LaCie, which is set to merge with American hard drive maker Seagate, said it was informed about the breach on March 19, 2014 by the FBI. But the hardware company speculated that all transactions between March 27, 2013 and March 10, 2014 were possibly affected.

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DP Review: Never lose your lens cap again with HACkxTACK.

The magnets are device-friendly and do not interfere with your camera or other electronic devices.” I don’t know about you, but I eschew magnetic trifles when dealing with CF/SD cards.  Nice idea, not on my list.

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JunkCulture: Photographer Captures the Haunting Beauty of Abandoned Shopping Malls.

They sucked the life out of vital, traditional, walking downtown areas. Remember that, as you view these.

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30Npire: Johammer J1 Electric Motorcycle.

Bizarre, man. They look like lightning bugs. I’d still like to try one though.

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Youtube/DigitalRev: Fujifilm X-T1 Hands-on Review.

Can’t help it; I love these folks and their quirky reviews. I think I need to rent one of these mirrorless wonders.

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Gentleman’s Gadgets: Audi’s Toy Car for the Big Boys.

Quietly pretend that you’re Tazio Nuvolari.

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ArtDaily: Sale of Important Veteran, Vintage, and Commercial Vehicles and Automobilia.

Check out the ‘22 double-decker!

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HiConsumption: The 10 Best Porsches of All Time.

Aha. So that’s what this weirdsmobile was that I spotted last year. A Porsche Abarth.

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Supercharged: Maserati 450S Prototype 1956 by Fantuzzi for Auction.

Why can’t the lottery arrive in my postbox when I need it?

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SF New Mexican: Mayor proposes closing Plaza to all vehicles.

Merchants are going to have a bloody fit again. This is the eternal conundrum in Santa Fe - it’s a walking town, but Americans prefer to park their behemoths as close as possible to shops. Closing the Plaza does not really take away much parking, and the traffic flow has been logically rerouted before with little inconvenience. I’d ask them to provide information on harm through sales figures, then make a judgment based on realities.

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PVC/Product Review: Zacuto Z-Drive Follow Focus and Tornado Grip.

Nice. None of the good stuff is ever cheap.

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The Daily Beast: Rashida Jones and the Pornification of Pop.

I agree with Ms Jones. Proof? This photo does more for me than any of the current pop-diva video gyrations. Consider what is ‘not said’, the negative space, along with what is patently obvious. Letting the mind indulge in a little fantasy, rather than leaving nothing to imagination and exposing all in technicolor debauchery and hydraulics, would be my choice.

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Adobe Airstream: An Economic Cultural Engine in Albuquerque’s Rail Yards.

It’s a cool location.

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Tumblr: General Lee.

Okay, now I have to find a way to un-see that, now that I’ve seen it.

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Flickr: The Dinky Toys Pool.

Yeow. Via Ed Bilodeau on FB.

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naked cap: Young Owners of Low-Budget GM Cars Weren’t Worth Saving.

“Guess what their ‘affordable’ workaround was? Are you ready for this? GM distributed a ‘service bulletin’ to its dealers suggesting they tell customers to remove heavy items from their key rings.

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The Atlantic: America’s Rebel Band of Custom-Bike Builders.

Right now is the Golden Age in custom frame building. [snip] There have never been more builders producing, and the quality has never been higher.” Prices, too. $15K means the 1% are buying bikes? I’d like to see a followup on who the market is, and how the bikes are actually used.

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ArtDaily: Titanic survivor’s letter implicating White Star Line chairman to sell at Bonhams.

The letter, dated April 18, 1913 and written to a Mr Bowen, provides a glimpse of the hours leading up to the disaster on the evening of the 15th. It offers first-hand documentary evidence that Ismay approved of Titanic’s speeding up through the iceberg-strewn waters.”  A smoking gun of sorts.  It’ll bring a pretty penny, I suspect.

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The Art Newspaper: Bulgari ‘adopts’ Rome’s Spanish Steps.

Saved from the fate of Pompeii.

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LensRentals.com: Roger’s New Toy Needs a Name.

New lens-adjustment machine. Quite cool.

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New Scientist: Our stuff - Why it’s human nature to own things.

Humans are materialistic by nature, but we have an odd relationship with the things we own. Possessions enrich our lives but they also come at a cost, both environmental and psychological.

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