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Photographers ... Paul Buff has passed away.

With great sadness we announce that our founder, Paul C. Buff, passed away this week at the age of 78.” The inventor of AlienBees, White Lightning, and other lower-cost excellent lighting gear. An entrepreneur and pioneer. Enabler of visions. RIP, good sir.

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Nautilus: What your tombstone material says.

A pile of rubble clearly does little to aid in the remembrance of a body that walked and talked and dreamed and thought. But a marker that remains too pristine loses its authority. An inscribed date might reveal when a monument was erected, but it’s the lichens, dirt, chips, and scratches that make that date convincing. We want time to be gentle, but not to stop.” Plastic hasn’t made any inroads. Surprised solid hunks of cloudy acrylic aren’t all over graveyards yet, come to think of it. Surely someone could come up with a recycled-plastic aesthetic as a business model, link it to the green graves movement.

Later: Speaking of interesting tombstones ... extra points for recycling.

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BarnFinds: 1948 Buick Special - 67 Years Of Originality.

Now here’s a lovely starting point. Not too much rust, decent shape.

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IndiGoGo: Hey, Woax!

This appeals to me more than using a watch paradigm. Needs a better adaptation for glasses, though.

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BarnFinds: 1956 Packard Caribbean - One Last Fling.

Imagine it completely restored. That’d be a surefire show winner, right there.

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Fashion Gone Rogue: France to Ban Super-Skinny Models.

Girls would present a medical certificate showing a BMI of at least 18 (that translates roughly to a weight of 121 lbs and height of nearly 5’9”) before being able to be hired for a job ...” Wait for it, someone will stand up for ‘thin-shaming.’

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NY Times: Glut of Oil Pushes U.S. Crude Prices to 6-Year Low.

Following up from two days ago. I keep hearing (*sproing*) sounds from up north, Farmington (oil country) way ...

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Kickstarter: Prime4orm - Change your form. Change your life.

This actually looks like a pretty great idea.  I tend to slump at the keyboard, and can never get my keyboard/seat/screen ratio correct, no matter how hard I try.

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NY Times: To Kill a Chicken.

I suspected it was bad, but not this horrifying. “Think about that. If a naughty boy pulls feathers out of a single chicken, he’s punished. But scald hundreds of thousands of chickens alive each year? That’s a business model.”  My italics.

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Car & Driver: Revology’s Six-Figure Mustang Replicas Have Us Salivating.

... there will be at least one car that should be of particular interest to Mustang fans: the 2016 Revology Mustang, which combines the body and styling of the original, 1964½ –1966 Mustang with updated details, interior components, and powertrains.” In the $120K range. Let Tesla make an electric model.

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naked capitalism/Wolf Richter: The US Oil Bust Just Got Worse.

The charts are just insane.

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Bike EXIF: Diamond Atelier’s BMW R100R.

Another attractive cafe Beemer. Look at the knobbies - I’ll bet at highway speeds, your huevos are getting the equivalent of a Magic Fingers massage.

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500px ISO: A Designer Shares 6 Tips for Getting More Out of Your Licensable Images.

Good advice. The images you post may not be great standalone photographs, but if text and graphics can be overlaid without losing the essence, they can be great for licensing. I have to physically restrain my right index finger from cropping ...

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Guardian.UK: Capitalism was supposed to reduce red tape. Why is bureaucracy worse than ever?

People must be encouraged to compete fiercely and amorally against each other, motivated solely by personal gain, yet also prevented from taking this to its logical conclusion and simply killing or stealing to get the other guy’s stuff. That necessitates big police and legal bureaucracies, just to begin with.” Man, and people say I’m a pessimist.

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USB Typewriter: “A groundbreaking advancement in the field of obsolescence!”


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Valet: The Denim Shirt.

Boring without western yokes; they broaden your shoulders from the rear.

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Luminous Landscape: Peter Lik - Like Him Or Not.

Like him or not, Peter has certainly made a business success out of selling postcard image landscapes.  Crank up the contrast and bump the saturation up and make the image as colorful as possible.”  Loosely and humorously filed under “Small Business”.

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Subaru: All New 2015 XV Crosstrek Hybrid.

My eyes. That color. Saw one out on the road today. Best I can describe it, ‘mint metallic yellow-green’. If you liked early ‘70’s Hot Wheels, you’ll be in heaven.

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Vox: Fruits and vegetables poison more Americans than beef and chicken.

Some of the processes farms have in place to clean produce actually trap bacteria in the plants, making them impossible to wash away. There are also types of bacteria that you simply can’t wash off, or the contamination happens in places you typically don’t splash with water, like inside the fruit or vegetable after entering through a core, opening, or bruise.

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DPReview: Prepare to be impressed - Tamron 15-30 F2.8 vs. Nikon 14-24 F2.8.

Tamron’s kickin’ butt.  Along with this, I have to say I’m very happy with my new Tamron 70-200 2.8. It is sharper than Canon’s ... though nowhere near as well-made.  Yet I don’t need to carry or use a tank. My ‘long Tam’ is just fine.

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Product review: Timex Weekender watch.

I wanted a nice, plain watch to replace my finer watches while they were out for repairs. I found a Timex Weekender [face is identical, my strap’s different] that looked really nice for about $17.  Keeps excellent time, dead accurate. But. The ticking is incredibly loud. I can hear it while playing music at my computer, it’s that noisy. Now, certain days, it drives me to be better about time management, and I don’t mind at all. Other days, I have to bury the durned thing in a cabinet, wrapped in a sock.

Four stars for being simple, accurate timekeeping. One star off for unnecessary acoustic assault.

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EOSHD: Olympus E-M5 Mark II - love and hate at first sight.

This is ultra silly. Sillier than a weasel riding a woodpecker.” C’mon, tell us what you really feel.

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ArtDaily: 115-year-old Benz Ideal offered at Bonhams Mercedes-Benz sale.


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Nike: Classic Cortez.

Oh yeah, I remember when these became a litmus test for ‘cool.’ Along with these.

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ArtDaily: Major exhibition of works by Dutch photographer Marie Cécile Thijs opens.

Her work echoes Old Master lighting. See more on her own website.

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