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EOSHD: Fuji X-T1 v3.0 firmware now available/24p video mode/full frame with Speed Booster ULTRA.

Of note.

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Mashable: Texas plumber baffled after truck ends up in the hands of Syrian rebels.

What’s more disconcerting is that no commercial - or national security - sources seem to know how these trucks ended up in terrorist hands. I hope reporters follow up on this, find the paper/shipment trail.

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Client Christmas parties.

Never heard of “White Elephant” gifting before.  Next year, I’m hitting Archie McPhee.  Instant (just add water) underwear, anyone?  I can’t wait.

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Poets & Writers: Typewriters in the 21st Century.

The USB Typewriter is a kit of electronica that, when installed on a typewriter, sends whatever is typed on the machine to an attached digital device—a computer, tablet, or smartphone—where it is stored as electronic, and thus editable and uploadable, text. The converted typewriter still works on its own, in the traditional fashion, with or without a device attached.

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DSLR Video Shooter: Top 10 Video Gear Picks of 2014.

Of note.

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ArtDaily: All-original Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona to be offered by its first and only owner.

Meh. I never admired the design of the Daytona. The curves don’t tug at my heartstrings. Liked my 240Z of the same year much better.

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Science of Us: The Psychological Case Against Materialism.

We need to feel as if we have a certain amount of control over our lives; we need to feel as if we are contributing to our environments — to work, home, or elsewhere — and experiencing growth in that area by learning new skills; finally, we need to feel as if we belong somewhere. Focusing on acquiring more stuff is not going to help satisfy any of those needs ...” My italics. Not what retailers really want to hear right now.

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BBC: A Point of View - The strangely enduring power of kitsch.

At Christmas we are surrounded by kitsch - worn out cliches, which have lost their innocence without achieving wisdom. ” Quote of the season, that.

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The Luminous Landscape: Camera Equipment of The Year 2014.

Of note.

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Xmas gift suggestion: Gordy’s camera straps.

Great stuff, and you’ll be supporting a fellow blogger.

Note: I’ll start doing these occasionally, pointing to those who frequent this blog and have wares for sale.

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PS Insider: Field Report on the New Canon 100-400mm f/4.5 – f/5.6 USM II.

Sounds promising.

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ArtDaily: Rossetti’s Venus Verticordia soars at Sotheby’s in London to sell for £2.88 million.

Hmmm. A resemblance to Jessica Brown-Findlay [Lady Sybil, Downton Abbey].

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PhotoShelter Blog: The Most Expensive Photo in the World (or the Best Marketing Stunt).

If you take photos, take the time to watch the video in the center of this article.  Very interesting.  The ‘priciest’ photo? There are significantly better photos of Antelope Canyon, IMHO.

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Hemmings: ‘Most expensive car crash’ Ferrari 250 GTO restored by Ferrari Classich.

No inkling of the final cost. But it sure is wonderful to see the short video of it out on the track for the first time since the crash. Lovely exhaust note.

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BarnFinds: The Original Commuter - 1972 Honda Z600.

Ah, memories. I remember the very first one I saw - I was walking back home from the Princeton Public Library, and one was parked in the lot. I saw it from the back first - and you have to get this - the heavy rubber gasket around the back window was originally dark black. It resembled a diving mask - and seemed not very much larger, either. Tiny wheels/tires, too. That one stuck in my history-banks, for sure.

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iainclaridge.net: The Complete Jacques Tati.

Wonderful designs on the DVD covers.

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The Luminous Landscape: Sony A7 MKII Hands On.

No Virginia, there is no 4K video. My guess is that this is being reserved for the anticipated A9 model due some time in early 2015 – at least according to the rumour mill.” That’s going to put a damper on sales ... a ‘better’ A9 model?

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Return of the Cafe Racers: Vibrations recycled Honda CB750.

Brilliant. Old signs and drums become the bodywork.

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Two interesting bits o’ hardware. Teeny-useful USB/Flash drives.

Leef, really small. And Sandisk has a dual-adapter flash drive that can hook to micro-USB as well as USB 2.

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ArtDaily: Mussolini’s mistress’s Alfa Romeo 6C Sport Berlinetta takes to the block.

It is also understood from Spögler’s documented recollections that this was the very car that Petacci and other members of her family drove in convoy from Milan in a bid to find refuge across the Italian border in 1945, only to be stopped by partisans close to Lake Como. Her fate after capture, along with that of Mussolini, is well known, and it is remarkable to think that her last journey took place in this incredible Alfa Romeo.” Beautiful, but given that history, not one I’d care to own.

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Moo Letterpress Business Cards.

Mass market letterpress. For a price.

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Classic Driver: Treasure trove of 60 barn-finds includes ‘lost’ Ferrari 250 GT SWB.

Oh. My. Freaking. God. Magazines! Rotting magazines. Unbelievable.

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NY Times Sunday Book Review: Greil Marcus’s ‘History of Rock ‘n’ Roll in Ten

Today a vast majority of performers seem heavily focus-grouped and fully aware of their corporate potential. Jay Z was lauded for saying, ‘I’m not a businessman, I’m a business, man’ ...

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CR4: Ford’s Huge Gamble – the Aluminum F-150 – Goes into Production.

Hmmm. Depends on how good their engineers are at predicting stresses on the aluminum. Dents/shear failures are what I’d concern myself with. But 70-some-year-old aluminum airplanes are still flying around, too ... beautifully dented and dimpled, but airworthy.

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Dazed: Hackers leak five new Sony films in devastating attack.

I pledge to not watch any of ‘em without paying for the privilege.

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