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Chronicle of Higher Ed: Bringing Up Genius.

The best have both talent and fanatical practice habits. But if one student is lazier, talent can’t compensate — the one who practices more comes out ahead.

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The Economist: The right to fright.

Ridiculous. Have none of these kids ever seen “Animal House”? Yale has the “Skull and Bones” group on-campus. Reality is completely weirder than National Lampoon - college teaches valuable lessons in this vein. I give you the immortal John Belushi on propriety ...

Later: Seems Yale is also succumbing to ‘microaggression theory.’ I’ve warned folks, this latest psycho-fashion is becoming pervasive on college campuses. It has no theory by which empirical tests can be performed.

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Medium/Benloulou: Why I dropped out of design school.

Sounds like things haven’t changed at design schools. Back in the day, this used to be the fashionable-but-socially-approved “no-work” degree to have, for daughters who were ‘creative’ amongst the Ivy League set.

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Aeon: Reading should not carry a health warning.

At universities around the world, students are claiming that reading books can unsettle them to the point of becoming depressed, traumatised or even suicidal.” Today’s students sound like ‘70’s parents, wanting to hide certain magazines behind solid shelves. I think there are solid arguments to be made for age appropriate reading (some books cannot be appreciated without meaningful life experience). Yet I hear of wide swaths of college freshmen popping Adderall and Xanax like Pez. Different world from mine - I’d say the education system needs a rethink, if kids are drugged up to their eyeballs.

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Guardian.UK: Planned Parenthood vandal with hatchet damages New Hampshire clinic.

Politicians and press continue to impress with ideological irresponsibility. Instead of using facts, they goose the outrage, encouraging their beloved ‘edge cases’ to go postal.

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KOB.com: Family grieves 4-year-old girl killed in road rage attack.

Albuquerque, yesterday. Dominating our local news cycles at the moment. No news on the shooter.

Later: News on the shooter. Head to the bottom of the article. A real prince.

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Guardian.UK: Ahmed Mohamed accepts scholarship in Qatar after Texas clock incident.

Unfortunate. I understand why, but this will not help other US Muslims.

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ArtDaily: Old, prestigious Pennsylvania collection of US coins to be auctioned.

Great backstory.

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The Atlantic: The Recession Hurt Americans’ Retirement Accounts More Than Anybody Knew.

If someone had $10,000 in 2008 and lost 25 percent of it, they’d need a gain of 33 percent just to stay even. In fact, we found that the average gain was far smaller than what would have been needed to recover from the steep losses in 2008.” Read this idiocy. And they don’t even mention those who, because of the recession, had to make early withdrawals (with penalty). Few of my acquaintance have recovered their losses.

When you have a kid, slug about $5K in the best interest-earning account you can find. They should be taken care of, when they reach retirement age. In fact, the government should just go ahead and do it.

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PS Mag: The Unbelievable Power of the Home-Schooling Lobby.

In 40 states, homeschooling parents are not required to have a high-school diploma, even if they intend to homeschool through 12th grade.” That one surprised me.

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Wired: Scientists Can Now Predict Intelligence From Brain Activity.

Predictive brain scanning could lead to a whole new form of neurodiscrimination.

“Hey, great news, Timmy! You’re PERFECT for coal mining!”

When I first visited a certain college, as a senior high student, I hadn’t chosen a major. I took their aptitude test, and it came back with: plumber, member of clergy, or heavy equipment operator. None of which, I informed the counselors, actually required me to attend their college. Their surprised looks convinced me that counselors would make excellent plumbers, clergy and heavy equipment operators.

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Bicycling/Fascinating Rides: Schwinn Sting-Ray.

Memories. Never had one, but drooled over them in a catalog.

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NPR: Swordswoman, Opera Singer, Runaway - ‘Goddess’ Chronicles A Fabled Life.

Australian young adult author Kelly Gardiner has written her first novel for grownups about a character who seems to leave no adult passion untested.” I’ll have to give it a try, to judge whether YA to regular novel is a good path for young authors.

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The Atlantic: When Schools Overlook Introverts - Why Quiet Time is Important for the Learning Proces

Important. In our world of helicopter parents and planned childhoods, I stand shocked. I could never have been the person I am, if I wasn’t able to lie with my back on the grass for hours and stare at the clouds. BY MYSELF.

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The Atlantic: Callisto, a New App That Makes It Easier to Report Campus Sexual Assault.

Finally, the student can put the report into ‘matching,’ meaning the report will only be filed if someone else reports an assault by the same perpetrator.” Smart. Very smart.

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TechDirt: Texas Police Arrest Kid For Building A Clock.

Apparently Texas high schools don’t have science teachers. [Update: See comments here for correction.] And law enforcement can’t tell the difference between a battery-operated clock and a bomb (which would have some sort of explosive material attached). “It looks like a movie bomb to me.” And we’re giving these jokers military surplus?

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New Republic: Ivy League Schools Are Overrated. Send Your Kids Elsewhere.

This has sort of been true forever. Second tier, and even state universities turn out better graduates ... more adaptable ones.  With the challenges to liberal arts curricula, however, I’d imagine moderns are not quite as adaptable as in previous decades. I had problems with interns even in the ‘90’s, as I’ve related before.

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Pacific Standard: Conviction of Things Not Seen: The Uniquely American Myth of Satanic Cults.

The period of nationwide moral hysteria that came to be known as the Satanic Panic began in 1980 with the publication of Michelle Remembers, a biographical account of the repressed memories of the childhood ritual abuse ...” I can stop right there. The insinuation of ‘regression hypnosis’ tells you everything you need to know. Move on.

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ABC: ‘Our Gang’ Actress Jean Darling Dies at 93.

RIP, good lady.

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Harpers: The Neoliberal Arts.

This is education in the age of neoliberalism. Call it Reaganism or Thatcherism, economism or market fundamentalism, neoliberalism is an ideology that reduces all values to money values. The worth of a thing is the price of the thing. The worth of a person is the wealth of the person.” Good read. Read ‘o the day.

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TechDirt: Moral Panics And How ‘The Kids These Days’ Adapt.

We lived most of our college lives on Snapchat — now we don’t have any ‘tangible’ memories.

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Bicycling: Netherlands Princess Rides Her Bike Back to School.

Eleven-year-old Princess Catharina-Amalia recently posed for a back-to-school photo on her bike. No limo rides for the princess of this bike-loving country!” You show ‘em, Princess.

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Dazed: Kids are studying for jobs that will soon be done by robots.

The Foundation for Young Australians believes that 60 per cent of the country’s students are training for jobs that soon will not exist. As a consequence, the organisation wants to see school curriculums totally overhauled in order to prevent sending out a load of kids into the world without suitable skillsets.” Finally, someone says it. Another reason a good liberal arts degree is invaluable ... the Swiss Army Knife of degrees.

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Guardian.UK: Boy trips in museum and punches hole through painting.

Not that it was a factor, but since when do fine art museums allow drinks to be carried around (other than expensive patron dinners)?

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Lifehacker: How to Deal with a Heavy Backpack (kids, school).

If you’re carrying that much weight, you need a waistbelt. Not just a thin little strap, but padded hip belt. Osprey makes great ones, with stays in the back and ventilation. Not cheap, but you’re already spending tons on your kids anyway. Even some small Jansports have half-decent belts. Weight belongs on the hips, not on the shoulders. A sternum strap is to keep the shoulder straps from shifting outwards, not to ‘manage more weight’.

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