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NY Times: What’s Lost as Handwriting Fades.

When children had drawn a letter freehand, they exhibited increased activity in three areas of the brain that are activated in adults when they read and write: the left fusiform gyrus, the inferior frontal gyrus and the posterior parietal cortex. By contrast, children who typed or traced the letter or shape showed no such effect. The activation was significantly weaker.

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BBC: Offer vegetables early and often to fussy toddlers, study says.

Yeah, but make it fresh. Don’t serve the glop in jars.

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The Rumpus: Check Out These Girls ‘Write’ Now.

Title improved.  “And don’t miss this year’s Girls Write Now anthology, Breaking Through, with a Foreword from NYC’s First Lady Chirlane McCray, out on June 3.”

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WSJ: Lawsuit Filed Over Cooper Union Tuition.

The plaintiffs’ aim: to stop the school from introducing tuition next fall and to prompt a court investigation into how the board has managed school finances.

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KickStarter: Bring Reading Rainbow Back for Every Child, Everywhere.

Linked all over, but you’d have to be heartless not to give it just a little more promotion.

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ArtDaily: Young people could be struggling to engage with the classics.

We’re so distant in chronological time, almost all context is gone. The details of prior centuries’ culture are no longer perpetuated. Downton Abbey doesn’t count; it’s not enough.

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Yahoo News: Rush Limbaugh wins children’s book award.

Nominees are selected by the most objective method possible, sales, while the winners are supposedly picked by kids, who vote online. But executive director Robin Adelson of the Children’s Book Council and Every Child a Reader, nonprofit organizations that co-founded the awards seven years ago, acknowledged Thursday that adults could easily vote and vote multiple times, a problem not uncommon for Internet competitions.” Internet voting! Why bother?

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Planet Princeton: Princeton High Makes U.S. News and World Report’s 2014 Top 10 List.

Princeton High is one of only three schools on the New Jersey Top 10 list that are open-enrollment schools. The remaining schools are charter, technical or magnet schools with a selective admission policy.” That’s my high school. Good for them!

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Youtube: Robot and astronaut bid farewell on International Space Station.


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Mashable: Heroic Cat Saves Child From Vicious Dog Attack.

I think much better of cats now. I bear many scars from bicycling by skulking, vicious undisciplined ‘driveway dogs’ who don’t have anything to do but contemplate premeditated attacks … and deploy them with limb-threatening accuracy. I bike near a dog in a driveway now, I turn around before I’m in ‘range.’

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PS Mag: When Bad Things Are Noticed by Good Babies.

For many of us, the thought of living in a random universe where bad things happen by chance is unacceptably frightening; pinpointing blame provides an odd sense of reassurance. If these researchers are correct, this understandable but unfortunate tendency is already starting to show itself soon after we emerge from the womb.

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The Millions: On Labor Day - True Birth Stories by Today’s Best Women Writers.


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BusinessInsider: High-School Teacher On Snapchat Update.

Today was the first day in a long time I actually took phones away. I have no idea what all was included in the update, but you would have thought it was crack. They seriously could not keep away from it. I even had one girl crawl under the table with her phone.” Oh, for heaven’s sake.

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Guardian.UK: Chiropractors’ spine-chilling warnings about computers, phones and pancakes.

Could sending texts KILL you? Messaging may cause heart disease and breathing problems in later life, study claims.” Fear! Panic! Must sell services. This will likely cross the pond and end up in Santa Fe’s healing culture sooner than later.

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PsychologicalScience.org: Chopping the Cherry Tree - How Kids Learn Honesty.

So why would these classic tales of lying and consequences not do their job? Well, the scientists suspected that it might be the nature of the consequences. Both Pinocchio and the shepherd boy experience very negative consequences as a result of their dishonesty—public humiliation in one case, a violent death in the other. Young George’s story, by contrast, emphasizes the virtue of honesty and sends the message that truth telling leads to positive consequences.” Veeery interesting.

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Vox: Girls have gotten better grades than boys for 100 years.

The gender gap has traditionally been larger in language classes. But even in math and science, teachers have been handing out better grades to girls for a century.” You go, girls.

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BlessThisStuff: Saddlebaby.

Velcro a kid to the back of your neck? I have my doubts.

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Vox: Here’s why you shouldn’t take extra-strength Tylenol.

The FDA safety alert applies specifically to prescription drugs: it tells doctors and pharmacists to avoid prescribing opioid-based painkillers (such as Vicodin and Percocet) that include more than 325 milligrams of acetaminophen per pill, because they’re no more effective than low-dose formulations and can be dangerous.

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The Cut: Lessons of Immortality and Mortality From My Father, Carl Sagan.

A great and important read. Don’t miss it.

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Olive-Drab: Army Jeep In A Crate for $50?

The myth, debunked.

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WaPo: Jenny McCarthy says she isn’t anti-vaccine.


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DiscoverMag: Over the Hill? Cognitive Speeds Peak at Age 24.

It’s not all bad news for those of us on the wrong side of 24, however. Researchers found that older players compensated for their slower cognitive speed by making the game simpler. For example, older players retain their skill by using more keyboard shortcuts to make up for their motor-speed declines.” Makes me feel a little better.

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Gentleman’s Gadgets: Audi’s Toy Car for the Big Boys.

Quietly pretend that you’re Tazio Nuvolari.

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New York Post: Comic book icon Archie to ‘die heroically’.

Looks pretty good as a 70-some year old corpse, don’t ya think?

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Lobo1975.Tumblr: Paint your own mural.

Brilliant. Totally brilliant. One could tart up a kid’s room in an afternoon.

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