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New Scientist:

Controversial MMR and autism study retracted.  “One author could not be reached and two others, Peter Harvey and lead author Andrew Wakefield, refused to join the retraction.”

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London Review of Books:

Some girls want out.  “It is possible that there is a certain personality structure which has always been problematical for women, and which is as difficult to live with today as it ever was - a type which is withdrawn, thoughtful, reserved, self-contained and judgmental, naturally more cerebral than emotional.”

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Teenage Wasteland.  Teens, victims or survivors?

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NY Times Op-Ed:

Kristof, Watching the jobs go by.  Aim high, in education.

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High school diplomas losing meaning.  I largely agree.  Time to aim high, instead of settle low.  “They also should show strong written and oral communication skills, plus analytic and reasoning ability typically linked with honors courses, it says.”

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New Yorker:

Chew your way to the honor roll.  *Crack*  ... *Crack* ...

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Clark on the “attack” again.

Read the actual speech instead.  The “No Child Left Behind” act has many widely-broadcast flaws, but none more than this:  Proficiency is not enough.  I will note, that many juvenile delinquents are high-functioning kids who are insufficiently challenged. 

More info: read what the NEA thinks about NCLB,  and here’s FrontLine’s piece.  And of course, there’s big money to be made.

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Suffering in silence.  Please be responsible, and don’t buy pet rabbits at Easter unless you plan for a long-term relationship.

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Santa Fe New Mexican:

Taos teen may have poisoned classmates.  With copper sulfate.  25 kids, drinking from the same cup?  It’s a far different era than my childhood.  We never would have risked cooties in this manner ...

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Dead lightning bugs.

A friend and I, when we were children, decided to collect as many lightning bugs as we could.  We intended to put them in a clear glass jar, to see if we could read by their light.  My friend drew the short straw, and got to keep the jar overnight with the dozens we had collected.  He neglected to knock holes in the jar lid, so by morning they were all, unfortunately, deceased.

Why do I mention this?  My comment about the beer aftertaste below encouraged me to comment on protein powders.  Met-Rx recently reformulated, and now includes “non-dairy creamer” in the ingredients.  No thanks.  I’ve been dabbling with different brands, but after stumbling upon a new store (“Vitamin Cottage”), I decided to get wild and try out their “Trans-Plex Natural MRP” meal replacement/protein powder. 

No aspartame, no bad stuff that I can see. 

But, like many modern protein powders, it has that lamentable taste of dead lightning bugs.  Or rather, it tastes like those lightning bugs smelled.

But it’s less so than other brands, so I’m sticking with it.  $29 bucks for just over two pounds of the stuff.  Economical, after checking the ingredients.

So, now that I’ve crossed at least two tangents, I know you’re wondering.

Yes, you could. 

Read by the light of dozens of lightning bugs.

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What It Iz: Hasta La Vista, Santa!  “I teach my kids that multiculturalism is great and fulfilling, but bring your own culture to the table too, and when you’re done sharing it, don’t forget to collect it up and take it with you.”

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NY Times:

Unhappy in class, many are learning at home.  Raises a couple of predictable bogeymen, but otherwise mostly positive.  $25,000 a year should be buying an unbelievable level of quality education.

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NY Times:

The Littlest Clotheshorse.  High fashion in my era, was double-knee, double-seat ‘dungarees’ ...  they stood up by themselves.  Parents were thrilled when schools began allowing jeans.

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Santa Fe New Mexican/AP:

Study finds children who watch more television, have lower reading ability.  Parents, apparently, believe the opposite is true.

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Children’s Art:

Shocked and Awed, Iraqi children depict “Operation Iraqi Freedom.”

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has a slew of pragmatic Halloween links.

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Okay, one last.

If you need to give a gift to those with a newborn, a Snoedel isn’t a bad present to give, if you ask me.

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Taipei Times:

Life is returning to normal for Ivory Coast’s children.

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Boston Globe:

The Real Head Start.  How early an education?

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Victims of 9/11.

Tuesday’s Children.

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