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Globe and Mail.CA:

Apathy and irony.  “We were all angered and upset by what we had seen, yet none of us felt there was anything we could do about it. The best we could do was laugh about the irony of our actions and get on with our lives. I had the same feeling of helplessness coming out of Fahrenheit 9/11 this summer.”

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The Century Foundation:

Reality Check: Life and Debt, Why American Families are Borrowing to the Hilt.  Via Mefi.

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The forces of ignorance advance.  “For example, one textbook under review advises that a good way a teen-ager can prevent a sexually transmitted disease is to get plenty of rest so he or she can have a clear head about sex and choose abstinence.”

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The Economist:

A biological basis for Autism?  Not a cause, but a diagnosis and a theory.

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SF New Mexican:

TV show to air Santa Fe sex-ed controversy.  “After The New Mexican reported last month that the state Health Department found no wrongdoing on the part of its employee, Tony Escudero, an Albuquerque newspaper and two television stations did similar stories. That led to national publicity, especially among conservative media outlets.”  No doubt the subject was approached with humor — which, when selectively quoted and creatively couched in spare journalistic phrasing, rings false.

Reminds me of something.  When I took high school sex-ed, the teacher passed around a birth-control pill container.  It had pills in it, so some of the more macho jerks popped some out of the specially-sealed container, and swallowed them.  When she told them they contain female hormones, these bozos stayed out of school for a week, waiting for something to fall off.  Those guys were laughingstocks for weeks. 

No doubt conservative talk shows would spin this into the “dangers of sex education.” 

To my mind, if licking a condom increases the incidence of their use for premarital sex, we’ve saved lives (AIDS, unwanted pregnancy).  Conversely, if it so grosses out a child that they choose abstinence until marriage, that’s also a ‘win’ too.  It all depends on how you spin it.

One caveat, to cover my small amount of real knowledge of the incident ... encouragement is not coercion.  But the premeditated use of peer pressure, in situations like this, can cross the line.

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The Register:

Internet addicts sent home from Finnish military.  “For people who play (Internet) games all night and don’t have any friends, don’t have any hobbies, to come into the army is a very big shock ...”  I would guess the Finns don’t have anything like Parris Island.

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Tigger, child molester?  “This defendant knew where his paws were.”

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Nutty professors.  First step, uninstall Powerpoint.

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New Statesman:

In Britain, How church schools brainwash children.

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Forbidden Science, What can studies of pornography, prostitutes, and seedy truck stops contribute to society?  There’s a truck stop/gas station on the outskirts of Santa Fe where one sees dishevelled underage runaways routinely exiting the cabs of trucks.  I was surprised to find this particular gas station has a ‘rep’ in the area.  I say a great benefit to society will be realized by this research ... this is a culture that has been running under the radar for way too long.  “Smokey and the Bandit” was not a documentary.

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The guys from JibJab

missed out on a good one.

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CNet News.com:

Letters, Bring back penmanship!  I learned cursive, as we all did ... but I’ve let mine devolve into attorney/physician illegibility.  A moleskine and a decent pencil are changing that.

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As Georgia O’Keeffe has gifted Santa Fe with hundreds, nay, thousands of painting wannabees, it seems J.K. Rowling has spawned youthful authors.  It’s all good.

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This is London.UK:

If you’re 20-something, London is the place to hang.

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Political ripples of the marriage debate.  “... a debate over the redefinition of ‘the most fundamental institution of civilization..’”  So, the Democrats should trump this fundamental institution with another one, a more basic and easy-to-grasp one; a debate over the political redefinition of truth and lies ... and especially lies of omission.  One could easily say it is dishonesty itself that threatens our civilization, not marriage.  The Dems could emphasize educational courses in secular ethics and morality for secondary school students, covering major religious and philosophical beliefs.  Don’t just answer the attack; open a new front for which they are unprepared. A flanking maneuvre.  One that will defuse the attacks against the stereotyping of Democrats as atheist, and immediately throws the Republicans back on their heels.

Surely there are some creative thinkers in the Democratic Party.  Some who do things other than simply react ...

Later: I see some Republicans are betting their strategy on perceived weakness in the Kerry/Catholic/abortion/gay rights congruence.  The ‘contradictions’ can be explained cogently; will the media allow them to be?  I suppose it may devolve into tit for tat, if any media journalist with half a brain is paying attention.

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SF New Mexican:

“Thanks to booming lottery ticket sales, more New Mexico students might get help with college tuition.”  One might say, a case of a bad bet financing a good one.

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NY Times:

“For 20 years, it was about health and science, and now we have a political ideological approach ... [snip] ... Never have we experienced a climate of intimidation and censorship as we have today.”  Experts in Sex Field Say Conservatives Interfere With Health and Research.

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NY Times Letters to the Editor:

When Cosby spoke of black youth.

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SF New Mexican:

Trending upwards, more teens opting for GED over high school.

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College costs rise again.

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NY Times Arts:

Child Photographers Show Lives of Hardship and Hope.  “For me, these photographs turned photojournalism on its head by putting the cameras into the hands of the people who are usually the subjects ... [snip] ... It’s like a Fellini film, all this despair, and at the end, this sense of optimism.”

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Breastfeeding will be allowed at the National Gallery.  “I thought it ironic because in another room there was a picture of a bare breast with milk squirting out of it called the Milky Way.”

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The St. Petersburg Hermitage Museum of Russia is out to help youth develop “good taste.”

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NY Times Editorial:

Child care, up in smoke.  Day care has been at crisis levels already; what in all hells are they thinking?  Look up “day care crisis” in Google, and you’ll see the right-wing owns the search term.  But ask mothers of your acquaintance!  The smokescreen blows away swiftly.

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Lawmakers attack violent video games.  A video game is not a movie; a movie isn’t diligently, consistently training responses and reflexes.

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