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USA Today:

Go ask ‘Alice’ about Banned Books Week.

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Globe and Mail.CA:

Authors to pull student vote.

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Arteries Already Stiff in Obese 7-Year-Olds - Study.  Generation Y (or whatever label they’re using these days), a generation destined for diabetes.  So sad.

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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

15% of parents use the V-chip.  Hide that sex and violence, but don’t filter the ads ...  ?

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NY Times:

FDA links drugs to being suicidal.  From my understanding, they never performed long-term drug trials for these particular pharmaceuticals on children.  Kids are a living, breathing beta-test, an unregulated experiment.  At the very least, family practitioners should be barred from prescribing them, without associated psychiatrist supervision or appropriate psychotherapy.  Slapping on a label isn’t doing much, in my book.

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More evidence polar bears are being affected by toxic chemicals.  Surprise, surprise ... DDT and DDE, too.  It’s lowering their immune systems.  I wonder what it does to us, since we live in the areas in which such things were and are so generously used?  This was a casual news item, in which I went to the source.  At the bottom of the article are pdf’s of the actual studies.

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New Scientist:

Oranges, bananas and turmeric prevent leukaemia.  In children.  Between birth and two years old, “We think it might be a critical window of exposure ...”

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NY Times:

Lung function tied to pollution levels.

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NY Times Sunday Book Review:

‘Secrets of the Soul’: Is Psychoanalysis Science or Is It Toast?  Sticking point: Popper’s theory of falsification.

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Attempting to rewrite “Alice in Wonderland” for a modern audience.  The book is violent in parts and Mr Beddor says he had to trim some parts of it, including sections where limbs are hacked off: ‘I didn’t want to distract from that world.’”  Is this really necessary?

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Study links TV to teen sexual activity.  Television is one of the least auspicious places to find good role models.

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Who is yonder clown?  He hath quite a cool hand at the comic ...

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SF New Mexican:

Ins and outs of the “No Child Left Behind” rating system.  I remind you of the article of yesterday ... *none* of SF’s middle schools, and only *one* high school passed muster.

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SF New Mexican:

Most of Santa Fe’s schools are ‘leaving children behind.”  The basis for judgment sounds confusing, and I wonder if those low-performing schools, once they lose a certain number of students to the ‘better’ school, will perform better because of a low student/instructor ratio.

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Boston Globe:

Biology as destiny.  “It won’t really matter if you cuddled your child as an infant or showered him with play dates as a toddler. He’ll probably never be a brash CEO or politician, although he might become a brilliant solitary researcher or a melancholy poet.”  Birth temperament is only one factor, IMHO.

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Out of copyright ...

Classics for Young People.

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New Scientist:

Chaotic homes hamper child development.  But isn’t spontaneity a good thing, too?

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NY Times:

Internet Gives Teenage Bullies Weapons to Wound From Afar.  “Tools like e-mail messages and Web logs [sic]  enable the harassment to be both less obvious to adults and more publicly humiliating, as gossip, put-downs and embarrassing pictures are circulated among a wide audience of peers with a few clicks.”  My italics.

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Older boys are a bad influence.  I assume that also means ‘grey eagles’ in red Porsches ...

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The NY Times Editorial page

comments on the charter school issue.  Charter schools, as ‘sold’, were expected to do superlatively, and dump the weaker students into the public school system to guarantee those results ... thereby further depressing public school performance and cementing their worth.  The egregious failure is worth underlining.  In a similar vein, I know of at least once instance where public schools were given more money, and performance went down.  One can’t simply throw money at a problem, and expect it to be solved.

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NY Times:

Nation’s Charter Schools Lagging Behind, U.S. Test Scores Reveal.  “The data shows fourth graders attending charter schools performing about half a year behind students in other public schools in both reading and math. Put another way, only 25 percent of the fourth graders attending charters were proficient in reading and math, against 30 percent who were proficient in reading, and 32 percent in math, at traditional public schools.”

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Women’s Enews:

The relatively new political football of “fetal pain.”  Read the facts, before the spin.

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NY Times:

For Art History Scholars, Illumination Is a Click Away.  “The project — known as ARTstor and financed by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation — could eventually revolutionize the way art history is taught and studied. It is available for nonprofit institutions only.”

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Chronicle of Higher Ed:

Presses Seek Fiscal Relief in Subsidies for Authors; Universities would provide money to underwrite their professors’ books.  Because of our current era’s pressures to be profitable (at any cost), most University presses have dumped their on-staff editors for freelancers, weighted ‘popular’ tomes over scholarly ones.  We all suffer as a result.

Tangential: The Economist, scientific publishing, “Access all areas.”

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Dairy’s been taking the rap for soda.  “Since the 1960s, U.S. children’s milk consumption has fallen off significantly, in favor of soda and sugary juices. The trend is thought to be one of the factors fueling the nation’s ever-growing rate of childhood obesity and excess weight. A number of studies, mostly in adults, have shown that calcium may be key in maintaining normal body weight and fat stores.”

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