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Department of Education to tighten Pell Grant eligibility.  Educational opportunity should be widened, not narrowed.  So wrong, I can’t even express the wrongness.

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SF New Mexican:

University of New Mexico to offer degree in Native American studies.

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Jenna Bush to teach at charter school.  English.  You know the pithy comment is coming.  I wonder if “My Pet Goat” is on the reading list?

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Wal-Mart is sued over Evanescence lyrics.  Another set of parents parade their ignorance over the purchasing habits of their own children.

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Bad news.  Students shun search for information offline.  Beware the inch-deepness of the ‘net ... it seduces one into dangerous false authority.

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NY Times Letters to the Editor:

Email and the decline of writing.

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Psychology Today:

A Nation of Wimps.  A parent must learn quick.  Kids can take one hell of a tumble, but if you just hold your breath and wait, most times the child will pick itself up, and go on playing.  If you react, you set up a chain of behavior that is very hard to break.  You can see it in many kids today ... they fall, they misbehave ... always with one eye focused on their particular parental attention-giver.

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Computers, a drag on learning?  Once introduced to a computer, the children of my experience seem to waste no grey matter farther than the four corners of their monitor.  The fact that teachers are authoring Powerpoint presentations to teach their students, chills me almost as much as walking in a classroom and seeing an overhead projector exuding the smell of hot wax pencil ...

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Have your child’s umbilical cord gold-plated.

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NY Times Letters to the Editor:

The Pell Grants.  The Republicans have continually threatened the Pell Grant since before I attended college.  I had to cut back on my own educational goals because we couldn’t count on them being available, in the late 70’s/early 80’s.  We need to widen educational opportunities, not narrow them.

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NY Times:

Young girl is first to survive rabies without a shot.

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The Franklin Institute’s heart remains healthy.  Amazed to see it’s still around.  I walked through it in 3rd grade ... that would be 1966.  Not many attractions stick around that long, and remain popular.  I’ve got my Institute coin squirreled away somewhere ...

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Scientific American:

Speaking tonal languages promotes perfect pitch.  Slow load.

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Washington Post:

Teens score pricey wheels.  Am I out of touch.  I guess the days of mowing endless lawns to buy that “Man, it’s got potential!” junker is passť.  Having an ‘automobilus interruptus’ that one must take responsibility for, and find creative ways to keep in good running shape,  is good for building character.  I think of that thrice-cursed Jeep of mine, or that MG Midget I thought would impress girls (it grew weeds) ...

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Sticker in textbook reignites evolution debate.  Fight fire with fire.  If they want to open the door, let’s drive a truck through it.  A triumph for American pluralism.

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Chronicle of Higher Ed:

Information on education-related ballot measures in this election.

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GOP criticizes student get-out-the-vote campaign.  A pretty good way, in my view, to learn about citizenship (and citizen apathy) first-hand.  Schools routinely excuse students from class for pep rallies and other fluff.  But since the GOP believes more votes helps the Democrats, they naturally feel this is a partisan effort.

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New Scientist:

Newborn mice given Prozac grow up depressed.  “It suggests that the immature nervous system responds very differently than a mature one to the same drug ...”  As I’ve expressed before, children are not ‘small adults’ ... they’re entirely different creatures.  It does not take a rocket scientist to figure this out.

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The Walrus:

Book reviews, looking at how Viagra has changed male sexuality.  “Boys learned the nuances of sexuality from older brothers or the schoolyard medical expert. Girls were warned by their mothers. These armies clashed in the Chevrolets of the nation.”  My italics.  Wonderfully phrased, that.

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Book review of “The Language Police: How Pressure Groups Restrict What Students Learn.”

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Learn a second language, grow your brain.

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Beyond silly. As part of a sports group shot, the trappings of his interest would be appropriate.  But not in the main portion of the yearbook.  The kid’s lawyered up already, with the NRA ravening behind him.

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Sister Bernadette’s Barking Dog.  On diagramming sentences.

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SF New Mexican:

Cheney’s Wife Scuttles Education Department’s History Booklet.  It mentioned the United States History Standards, which Mrs Cheney opposed.  If you look at the attendant website, I think if students walked away with even a glancing knowledge contained herein [here’s a sample of the Revolutionary War section], America would be far better off. 

Damn, I should be a history teacher.  I love this stuff.

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Geez, man, give me a chalkboard over Powerpoint any day.

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