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SF New Mexican:

Off-limits after dark?  This will just move the violence to other areas.

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Fer yer rugrats ...

FunSlides.  Via Gear Diary.

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NY Times Editorial:

The Land of Opportunity?  “The poor cannot afford this investment in their children’s development — and the government doesn’t provide nearly enough help.”  Amen.

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Washington Post:

The Wizardly Editor Who Caught the Golden Snitch.

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Albuquerque Tribune:

AAA study: 46 percent of teens text while driving.

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SF New Mexican:

School district officials to dial dropouts.  “They’ll use a scripted survey to ask kids why they dropped out and what would have kept them in school.”  How about just interview them, record the interview, and have researchers glean the unpredictable nuggets of wisdom?

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Albuquerque Tribune:

Commentary: Fostering, adopting a child adds to your family’s life. Yes, I remember the foster children we took care of in the 80’s, the ones with withdrawal and DTs.  It’s one of the reasons I have child CPR training ... cocaine/crack often resulted in heart defects.

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Times Online.UK:

When prolonging life becomes prolonging death.

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Albuquerque Tribune:

“Police who chased a car for miles along a highway at speeds up to 100 mph said the driver was drunk, hardly a rarity in this resort town. But there was more: When they looked inside the flipped vehicle with guns drawn, they found an 11-year-old girl at the wheel.”  Must have quite a set of parents, that one.

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Weekly Standard:

Review, ‘The Dangerous Book for Boys.’  “If you can’t bring a bottle of water on the airplane, how do you suppose a book advocating knives and incendiary devices is going to go over?”  As a male who grew up in the 60’s, I can’t help reminisce over my own experiments with knives, matches, scythes, hammers, saws, slingshots,  paper airplanes (?!!) ... all those lovely, educational things considered ‘dangerous’ today.

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“There are so many other ways to lead a successful and meaningful life that are not denominated by money or fame. Adult life begins in a child’s imagination, and we’ve relinquished that imagination to the marketplace.”  Exactly how I feel.  Dana Gioia speaks to graduates.  Do read this one.

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MIT News:

Hope for autistics.

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Antibiotic use in first year may increase asthma risk.

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Protein mutations link to autism.

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Lou Dobbs: “The Education Week report shows Detroit’s public high schools will graduate only 25 percent of their students. Cleveland, Ohio, and Baltimore, Maryland, will graduate less than 35 percent; Dallas, Texas, New York and Los Angeles, California, about 45 percent. In fact, 10 of our nation’s biggest cities will graduate fewer than half their students. This is nothing less than a national crisis.”  Mr Dobbs, you couldn’t be more correct. 

Related:Math Education.

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NY Times Education:

Some Colleges to Drop Out of U.S. News Rankings.  Isn’t having colleges rate themselves a little like having energy producers set national energy policy?

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SF New Mexican:

State law: Employers must make space for nursing moms.  I envision LANL having Ehrlenmeyer flasks and bunson burners handy ...

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‘R’ is for rigor in US high schools.  “Only 18 percent of high school seniors performed at or above proficiency in science in 2005. Forty percent of college students have to take at least one remedial course – and only half of those who set out to earn a bachelor’s degree do so.”  Performance in high school is different from dropping out.  Cost of college is also a factor in dropout rates.

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Where Do Hollywood Babies Come From?  Perhaps organic jellies would be safer.

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Albuquerque Tribune:

“Starting soon, New Mexico will require every bike rider and skateboarder under 18 to wear a helmet.

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Daily Mail.UK:

How children lost the right to roam in four generations.  I walked a couple of miles to grade school by myself ... ranged over the greater Princeton area of the 60’s and 70’s on bicycle and feet.  I recall us kids being flashed only once.  Ironically, in front of the Catholic church.  We started howling laughing and pointing, the sicko turned white and ran like hell.  If there’d been a gravel driveway near, we probably would have thrown rocks at him.  Would kids do the same today, or have they been thoroughly indoctrinated with ‘victimhood’?  Children are survivors, too ... I mean really, they survive ‘modern parenting’ ...

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NY Times Opinion:

Congress and the Caregivers.  “There is no doubt that the costs of these programs are rising, but refusing to pay employees fairly for the work they do is not an acceptable way to keep costs down.”

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Inside Higher Ed:

The Perpetuation of Privilege.  “Yes, almost 40 percent of students in college today are from low income families. At Columbia, where tuition and fees alone tops $31,000, only 16 percent of students are Pell Grant eligible. In fact, over 60 percent of Columbia students don’t even bother to apply for federal financial aid.”

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SF New Mexican:

Drop-out rate spurs call for help.  “Administrators and school board members were dismayed at news reports estimating that up to 68 percent of the students who started school with Capital’s Class of 2007 didn’t get diplomas this month. That led to a special meeting Tuesday at which community leaders hashed over a list of possible causes and solutions.”  My italics.  I wonder if this issue will be raised in the 2008 run.

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NY Times Opinion:

Economic Life After College.  Though some colleges just extend adolescence, not adding anything to student raw material ... and business recognizes this.

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