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NY Times Education:

Once upon a time, comic books purportedly rotted your brain ...

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DJ on the radio this morning says, “Happy Boxing Day!  It’s the official day when you put your returns and other unwanted Xmas items in boxes and return them to the stores where you bought them ... ”  Give me strength.  That would become the American interpretation for the day ... based in consumerism. 

Boxing Day, Wikipedia.  Haul out the leftovers, and don’t forget the Branston pickle relish.

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Sex education found to help teenagers delay sex.  Common sense seems to win the (modern) day.  In the ‘60’s and ‘70’s, sex ed was pretty primitive.  In retrospect, comical.  I’m assuming kids today don’t have to sit through those same over-edited and over-censored films.  Too late for Britney’s sister, sadly ...

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NY Times Education:

At 71, Physics Professor Is a Web Star.  You need the RealPlayer to watch the videos the Times has linked.

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Washington Post:

Once again, the media is attempting to force choice.  Huckabee’s doing better because Brownback dropped out ... Sam had the home school vote all but locked up.  Huckabee’s the lesser of remaining evils, and it really should be reported as such.

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The Nation:

Bonfire of the Disney Princesses.  “Seen from the witchy end of the female life cycle, the Princesses exert their pull through a dark and undeniable eroticism. They’re sexy little wenches, for one thing ...” I am mighty chagrined that these Disney princesses didn’t make the cut.

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SF New Mexican:

“For the past 53 years, First National Bank of Santa Fe on the Plaza has presented its holiday train display as a gift to the community. From the adobe-style train station to the four little ice skaters circling amongst each other, the display has been a spectacle for everyone to enjoy during the holiday season ...”  And a fine train set it is.  I should stop by and take some pix.

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Today’s girls prefer to look sexy rather than be clever.  “Girls are being led to believe they’re in control when it comes to sexual relationships ...  [snip] ... But they’re actually living in a profoundly anti-feminist landscape where girls compete for attention on the basis of how much they are sexually willing to do for the boys.”

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Inside Higher Ed:

“Following its announcement last year, Yale University on Tuesday launched its free, online archive of popular undergraduate courses — including not only syllabi, problem sets and course materials, but videos and audio files of the lectures themselves.

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Harvard to boost aid for middle- and upper-income families.  “... Mr. Pals also notes that the trend has been accelerating over a number of years, particularly since Princeton announced in 2001 that all undergraduates eligible for aid would be given grants or work-study jobs so they could earn their degree without taking out loans. Since then, the number of low-income students attending the university has more than doubled.”  Positive news.

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The New Criterion:

Review of “The Death of the Grown-up.”  Remember the stink over Robert Bly’s “Sibling Society”?  Yet we are surrounded by his ‘half-adults.’

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NY Times Magazine:

Death of Checkers, The.  Alas, it’s a draw.

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The Herald.co.UK:

Kid repellent.

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The Economist:

Education: The race is not always to the richest.  “For the industrial countries of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), average spending on primary and secondary schooling rose by almost two-fifths in real terms between 1995 and 2004. Oddly, this has had little measurable effect.”

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Pretty smart ...

“Annesdiary.com is a social networking site for girls between the ages of 6 and 14, which is secured by the use of a biometric fingerprint sensor.”  Not just a parent, but a sponsor is needed as well.  Via Metafilter.

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NY Times Education:

Writers Find Haven on an Ivy Campus.  More akin to what education used to be.

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Fever can unlock autism’s grip: study.

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NY Times US:

Official Leaves Post as Texas Prepares to Debate Science Education Standards.  Whichever side you sit upon, primary and secondary schools are no place to ‘teach the controversy.’  You teach what current science deems best, until a new theory overthrows it in scientific circles.  I do not feel that children should be used as innocent pawns to push a particular agenda, religious or political, to their (and our) detriment.

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NY Times US:

Effort to Limit Junk Food in Schools Faces Hurdles.  “This pits ideals about what children should eat at school against the political reality of large food corporations insisting their foods be available to children at all times.”  Sugar and caffeine mitigate against young students sitting and learning.  Certainly, at a minimum, they do not belong in primary school.  The thought of a first-grade class hyped on high fructose corn syrup ‘fruit’ drinks, sugary snacks (and perhaps caffeine) seems like a recipe for hell on earth.

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What can’t be named Muhammad?

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Scientific American:

The Secret to Raising Smart Kids.  “... research is converging on the conclusion that great accomplishment, and even what we call genius, is typically the result of years of passion and dedication and not something that flows naturally from a gift. Mozart, Edison, Curie, Darwin and Cézanne were not simply born with talent; they cultivated it through tremendous and sustained effort. Similarly, hard work and discipline contribute much more to school achievement than IQ does.”

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NY Times Education:

Blurring the Line Between a College Application and a Slick Sales Pitch.  The concept of making yourself a ‘brand.’  Sounds a lot like the current philosophy behind ‘increasing weblog popularity.’  I wonder how many kids create an unmanageable persona, the maintenance of which precludes the real goal of higher education ... increased knowledge.

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SF New Mexican:

Skullduggery.  “A discarded Halloween prop prompted a death investigation that lasted about three and half hours Tuesday until police realized the skull was only plastic.”

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Researcher finds materialism in children and adolescents linked to self-esteem. I wonder if, in families with less prolific amounts of green, low self-esteem might not spur individuality and creativity.

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SF New Mexican:

Bus-crash injuries keep boy in hospital.  Follow-up to the story about the school bus crash a couple of days ago.  Student Aaron Rosas kept his calm. Well done!

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