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The Atlantic:

What Does College Teach?

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Reason Online:

By every measure, children are doing better than ever. Why all the anxiety?  It’s your choice whether you raise a ‘victim’ or a ‘survivor.’

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NY Times Opinion:

Children and cold medicines.  If you’ve read here long, you know my mantra ... children are not ‘small adults.’  You don’t just reduce the dose via bodyweight.  Children react differently, uniquely vs. adults.

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Police: Boy playing with matches started 38,000-acre fire.  Sounds like we should do a job review of Smokey the Bear.

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NY Times:

“Twenty-one states will run out of money for children’s health insurance in the coming year, and at least nine of those states will exhaust their allotments in March if Congress simply continues spending at current levels, a new federal study says.

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ABC News:

Hey, I know that surfer dude ...  does he give autographs?

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New York Observer:

Epater Le Bébé!  I think I’ll disagree. There’s a fascination in casual conversations as to whether the current celebrated pregnant actress will ever get her figure back, and forever-unfulfilled curiousity as to how they did it.  You rarely see any interest in the tabloids over the kids, other than if they’re being ‘abused’ or not. 

One intelligent (and exhibitionist) star should run a ‘year in the life’ documentary, “To Pregnancy And Back.”  It would be a blockbuster. 

I should patent the idea.

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SF New Mexican:

Our three foot snow of last year, begat ‘snow babies.’

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NY Times Opinion:

Judith Warner, The Rabbit-Eared Life.

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NY Times Opinion:

“President Bush has ramped up his assault on the State Children’s Health Insurance Program with allegations that many states have spent the program’s funds on adults while failing to enroll enough poor children.”  I find it interesting he includes New Mexico in his critique; the original SCHIP legislation penalizes states who moved early to bridge the gap.  In NM, finding pregnancy coverage is difficult, and the gap between Medicaid and private insurance is so wide as to be silly.  You pay significantly more than a healthy car payment here for pregnancy coverage.

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Washington Post:

Early Exposure to DDT May Raise Risk of Breast Cancer.  “Appropriate use of DDT today would not result in significant exposure.”  In a perfect world, perhaps.  Careful monitoring of application, education of consumers, will be necessary.

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SF New Mexican:

SFPS: Pranksters deflate tires to dozens of school buses; service delayed.  What, you mean they’re not going to label pranksters ‘terrorists’?

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NY Mag:

“Overstimulated, overscheduled kids are getting at least an hour’s less sleep than they need, a deficiency that, new research reveals, has the power to set their cognitive abilities back years.”  Sleep research discovers important aspects of snooze to the growing brain.

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Washington Post:

Mothers Again Urged to Eat Fish.  Industry and scientific wars aside, you need omega 3’s, your unborn child needs omega 3’s.  I use Nordic Naturals, m’self ... though the likelihood of my getting knocked up is virtually nil.

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Daily Mail.AU:

Orphaned hedgehogs adopt cleaning brush as their mother.  It’s astonishing how, with a foster parent, one can see a family resemblance ...

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The Economist:

Time to grow up - “Abstinence only” education does not slow the spread of AIDS.

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Times Online.UK:

Mothers who drug their babies on flights.  And here I thought the Robitussin habit was bad ...

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How on earth did I miss this?  Gordon focuses on NC Wyeth, one of my favorite artists.  Where would our flights of fancy have gone, as children, without Mr Wyeth?  Another reason for my frequent visits to the Brandywine valley, when I lived back East.

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NY Times Opinion:

The New College Try.  Then again, our population has swelled significantly.  Not everyone can get into Harvard, even if it were affordable.

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Washington Post:

Warning Issued on Baby Colic Remedy.  Cryptosporidium! Beware.

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Learning to hate literature.  “What is it about school that puts so many people off the books they read there?”  There is a very easy answer, so easy I’m surprised noone sees it anymore.  If a child has a rich reading lifestyle outside of school, the classics naturally fall to hand.  School is placed these days as being the only place where a child picks up a book.  In observation of modern childrearing, a child’s every other second is taken up with extracurricular activities rather than allowing them the free time and space to think for themselves.  The choruses of “I’m bored” on a rainy day used to be followed by a shuffling to the bookshelf, and a few hours of peace and quiet.

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Having older siblings may stunt your growth. They really didn’t concentrate on causes, theorizing everything from the state of the womb after initial birth, to post-birth nutrition and parenting.  More research is obviously needed.

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NY Times:

Child Mortality at Record Low; Further Drop Seen.  Multifarious reasons, but very good news.

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Cancer doubt remains over mobiles.  “Researchers are now expanding the programme to look at phone use over 10 years, and the specific impact on children, which has not been studied.”  My italics.

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Man-made chemicals blamed as many more girls than boys are born in Arctic.

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