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Scientific American:

The Secret to Raising Smart Kids.  “... research is converging on the conclusion that great accomplishment, and even what we call genius, is typically the result of years of passion and dedication and not something that flows naturally from a gift. Mozart, Edison, Curie, Darwin and Cézanne were not simply born with talent; they cultivated it through tremendous and sustained effort. Similarly, hard work and discipline contribute much more to school achievement than IQ does.”

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NY Times Education:

Blurring the Line Between a College Application and a Slick Sales Pitch.  The concept of making yourself a ‘brand.’  Sounds a lot like the current philosophy behind ‘increasing weblog popularity.’  I wonder how many kids create an unmanageable persona, the maintenance of which precludes the real goal of higher education ... increased knowledge.

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SF New Mexican:

Skullduggery.  “A discarded Halloween prop prompted a death investigation that lasted about three and half hours Tuesday until police realized the skull was only plastic.”

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Researcher finds materialism in children and adolescents linked to self-esteem. I wonder if, in families with less prolific amounts of green, low self-esteem might not spur individuality and creativity.

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SF New Mexican:

Bus-crash injuries keep boy in hospital.  Follow-up to the story about the school bus crash a couple of days ago.  Student Aaron Rosas kept his calm. Well done!

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Children see,

children do.

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NY Times Opinion:

Relative Choices, I Am Not a Bridge.  We have had extensive discussions over this issue on dangerousmeta! previously (read the comments).

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Roars and snores on sleepover safari. U toucan hear lions.

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SF New Mexican:

Sheriff: School bus crash caused by driver’s attempt to avoid rabbit.  Okay, you don’t dodge the small fry when driving kids with no seatbelts on. [Read the bottom item, #2, and see if you can make heads or tails of the reasoning]  I hope all the children recover quickly and completely.

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Is this the end of cursive writing?  I hope not.  Holy cow, Mavis Beacon’s up to version 17 ... !

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Pssst! Wanna Go to College for Free?

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NY Times Education:

Study Compares States’ Math and Science Scores With Other Countries’.  The surveying outfit is an independent nonprofit, but takes financing from the US government.

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SF New Mexican:

The College of Santa Fe to downsize amid financial woes.  I’d say emphasize the creative arts, since they’re well-known for those concentrations.

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NY Times:

Relative Choices is turning out to be a very important series.  Today, Who Are You Also Known As? Among the dozens of newborns my family took care of, an adoption even at a month of age is traumatic.  Babies are hot-wired for routine, if not face-recognition and other cues to individual personality.  For a foreign adoption, another issue is inevitable ... is that adoption taking advantage of a human rights issue? How many young ladies will be finding out, in coming years, that they were scooped away from male-child-preferring China for $15k and airplane tickets ... and that if China hadn’t had any overstock, then Africa or South America or Eastern Europe would have done as well?  The current commodification of foreign adoption can’t help but impact the adoptees.  They will be looking at the overarching moral issues as they get older.

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NY Times:

Pregnant Exercisers Test Limits.  One wonders how much of this is based on reality, and how much is simply an untested rule from male-dominated history.

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NY Times:

Finding Zhao Gu.

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NY Times:

“Imma give you yo number back
Cause I don’t like you and yo game is whack ...”

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The Atlantic:

What Does College Teach?

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Reason Online:

By every measure, children are doing better than ever. Why all the anxiety?  It’s your choice whether you raise a ‘victim’ or a ‘survivor.’

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NY Times Opinion:

Children and cold medicines.  If you’ve read here long, you know my mantra ... children are not ‘small adults.’  You don’t just reduce the dose via bodyweight.  Children react differently, uniquely vs. adults.

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Police: Boy playing with matches started 38,000-acre fire.  Sounds like we should do a job review of Smokey the Bear.

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NY Times:

“Twenty-one states will run out of money for children’s health insurance in the coming year, and at least nine of those states will exhaust their allotments in March if Congress simply continues spending at current levels, a new federal study says.

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ABC News:

Hey, I know that surfer dude ...  does he give autographs?

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New York Observer:

Epater Le Bébé!  I think I’ll disagree. There’s a fascination in casual conversations as to whether the current celebrated pregnant actress will ever get her figure back, and forever-unfulfilled curiousity as to how they did it.  You rarely see any interest in the tabloids over the kids, other than if they’re being ‘abused’ or not. 

One intelligent (and exhibitionist) star should run a ‘year in the life’ documentary, “To Pregnancy And Back.”  It would be a blockbuster. 

I should patent the idea.

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SF New Mexican:

Our three foot snow of last year, begat ‘snow babies.’

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