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SF New Mexican:

Police say youth gangs on the rise.  “... interstate prison compacts, which have brought infusions of inmates from other states to the Santa Fe Penitentiary, also might be responsible for introducing new gangs to the community.”

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Autism, it’s not just in the head.

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NY Times:

Court Rejects Law Limiting Online Pornography.  Perhaps the Tokugawa geisha solution would be best: .xxx.

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This is London.UK:

More falling prey to cyber-bullying.

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NY Times Fashion & Style:

On Hit Lists, Anger Finds an Outlet.  Kids need exposure to Monty Python.  “Good morning, I’d like to have an argument, please.”

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Secret to slim kids? Just a little running around.

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Times Online.UK:

Japan issues Tamiflu warning after child deaths.

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NY Times Fashion & Style:

Evolution of a Feminist Daughter.  Rebecca Walker speaks truth to power.  So many young women of my acquaintance are waking up to the fact, albeit very belatedly, that pregnancy is not guaranteed after age 35.  The more this is publicized, the better ... so that many who are ‘putting off’ the choice, make an informed choice when their genetics are more youthful and complications are minimized.  On the flip side, I’m finding many who realize that the ‘requirement’ of childbearing and career are too much to handle, that they much prefer their professional career to cajoling youngsters.  This is not a good/bad binary sort of moral choice.  No, it is just that these most serious life-choices must be contemplated and made much earlier than is generally believed.  One can’t predict how you’ll feel when perimenopause shows up, and you haven’t exercised your biological imperative.  Maybe you’ll be disconsolate, perhaps you’ll be enraptured.  But it is worth planning for, nonetheless, before age 35 (I use this particular age, because from my understanding, it’s the ‘reproductive senility’ crux point used by fertility clinics).

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NY Times Editorial:

Students’ Right to Free Speech.  Give me strength. Who else remembers the days of students carrying placards with “Nixon” written on them, the “x” transmuted into a Nazi swastika?

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Yummy-Mummy Lit”?  Ech.

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SF New Mexican:

Health care: Bill remains in limbo; programs at risk.  The services are not well-publicized, compared to other states.

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Study: Racing games may spur risky driving.  It is human nature; as you practice, that is how you will perform.

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Columbia Journalism Review:

The Opt-Out Myth.

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Teenager achieves nuclear fusion at home.

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US News & World Report:

Changes in tax law give the 529 savings plans a boost.  In the ‘70’s, the Times came up with an article that stated something to the effect of, if you invest $4k at your child’s birth, college would be largely paid for when they’re 18.  I don’t know how modern-day investments compare to that, but it’s certainly worth doing.  Let the ‘magic’ of compound interest do the grunt work for you.

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New York Review of Books:

Scandals of Higher Education.  “There is moral cost in the shortfall between the professed ideal of equal opportunity and the reality of rising inequality.”

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Inside Higher Ed:

Rebound in Higher Ed Support. “According to the study, state and local support per full-time equivalent student was $6,325 in the 2006 fiscal year, a 5.1 percent increase over the previous year. Measured in constant 2006 dollars, the high point since 1980 was 2001, when per student support was $7,371.”

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Living hell of Norway’s ‘Nazi’ children.

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CNN Education:

‘Hire’ education: A vocational model succeeds.  A very old and effective model, actually.  “Apprenticeship.”

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Girls Who Said ‘Vagina’ During Monologues Suspended.  16 year olds, performing to a high school audience.  Have any of them taken sex education, and if so, what creative sanitized term is used for female body parts?  Let’s see.  “Here, in the sacred cavern, below your beach balls, tadpoles eagerly swim to your eggie. What’s that? You think tadpoles are icky? Good.”

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NY Times Fashion & Style:

Amazes me, how common sense child care is being marketed for a price. Or, perhaps, I should say ‘authoritative reassurance’ is being marketed.  “Sleep training?”  Allowing a child to cry themselves to sleep?  Learning to ride a bike, this one kills me.  One afternoon is all it takes, if you have half a brain.  Find a long grassy slope, make sure the child has a bike with handbrakes.  Let them coast down the hill without training wheels, with their feet off the pedals to catch themselves if they fall.  Grass is particularly friendly, of course, if they do lose it. They build confidence over staying upright first, then the pedals get added, then turning ... and then you won’t see your kid again for a couple of weeks.

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SF Gate:

Largest library closure in U.S. looms, Federal funding dries up, leaving 15 branches in Oregon county on brink.

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NY Times Play Magazine:

How to grow a super athlete.  “A quick analysis of this talent map reveals some splashy numbers: for instance, the average woman in South Korea is more than six times as likely to be a professional golfer as an American woman. But the interesting question is, what underlying dynamic makes these people so spectacularly unaverage in the first place? What force is causing those from certain far-off places to become, competitively speaking, superior?”

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Navajo Times:

Miss Navajo builds bridges with those in juvenile detention.  “Your tongue is God - you speak about what you bring about! ... [snip] ... I’m raising my voice right now because way down inside you I see that power. Why can’t you see your talent? Why can’t you use your potential?”

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Washington Post:

Teens Can Multitask, But What Are Costs? Ability to Analyze May Be Affected, Experts Worry.  The danger, to me, was clear in the ‘90’s.  My young college interns thought any problem should be able to be resolved via computer, whereas in reality ‘going analog’ would often save both time and money and be a far better solution.

Later, related: Orion Magazine, Leave No Child Inside.

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