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Perpetual Kid:

“Pick your nose” party cups.  Suggest these for your next gallery opening.  Political do.  Morning coffee in the office.  I’d like to see a “Snydely Whiplash”, however.

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Albuquerque Tribune:

Don’t consume jimson weed seeds.  And watch who your kid hangs out with.

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Albuquerque Tribune:

New Mexico teens favor hard liquor, study says.

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Times Online.UK:

Books we have never read.

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NY Times Education:

Fight Song at Ozarks: Work Hard and Avoid Debt.  “... all 1,345 students must work 15 hours per week to pay off the entire cost of tuition — $15,900 per year. If they work summers, as one-third are doing this summer, they pay off their $4,400 room and board as well. Work study is not an option as it is at most campuses; it is the college’s raison d’être.”  Back to the future, eh?  Nice to see someone’s got their heads on properly.  As an orphan, my late father was allowed in to Mount Hermon Prep in a work/study deal, in the 30’s.  He used to vividly recall mucking the barns out early in the mornings ... he went on to become a well-respected attorney.  This news article gives me great hope that common sense still exists in the financing of education today.

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SF New Mexican:

N.M. still ranks among worst states for kids.  This report doesn’t mention there’s a suspicion of State and Federal programs in NM, so many of these initiatives don’t succeed.  It’s largely cultural.  I’ve heard Richardson’s Pre-K program has been nowhere near as successful as it should be, because some believe it’s “brainwashing” their toddlers.

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in character:

I Cannot Tell a Lie - what people with autism can tell us about honesty.

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Times Online.UK:

Who says lone men can’t adopt?

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Times Online.UK:

“Shy people have inherited an exaggerated fear response to social situations, but it can be cured with the right sort of parenting.

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Pick the Brain:

5 Ways to Develop Independent Thought.

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SF New Mexican:

Kids stranded after getting kicked off train.  In these post 9/11 days, one can’t go monkeying around on mass transit.  You lose something, you let the conductor know first, before rummaging around the train.

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SF New Mexican:

Clamor to keep parks open.  Fall and winter, with the early dark, would be the times this would be most annoying.  I love this comment: “If you are just there kicking the ball around, reading a book, why would the police come talk to you? I know the police will not be doing that.”  Of course they will.  Who reads books after dark?  Temporary curfew on the problem parks, with increased patrols ... leave the rest. One would hope parents would enforce their own ‘curfew’ on their kids during the school year.

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NY Times Books:

Harry Potter’s Popularity Holds Up in Early Sales.  Craig, you’ll be happy to hear I bought my copy from the local independent bookseller, Collected Works.  I finished reading it last night.

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SF New Mexican, just posted:

A big fish for the little lady.  Oh, excellent.  A four year old girl catches a huge trout with a “Scooby Doo” fishing rod.  So much for the high tech fly fishing gear ...

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One million Hasbro Easy-Bake toy ovens recalled.  Kids were getting burned on these when I was knee-high to a full-size oven, back in the ‘60’s.

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The hills (and airwaves) are alive with “The Sound Of Music”, 24/7. Frankly, I’m surprised it wasn’t done sooner.

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Times Online.UK:

“Does full-time nursery care harm children? In Britain many parents think it does. In France there are no such qualms.

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NY Times:

Abstinence Education Faces an Uncertain Future.  “Teenagers ... [snip] ... crave unfettered information — the kind restricted under federal abstinence education law, which discourages intimacy outside marriage but provides no instruction for safer sex.”  My italics.  One wonders what they manage to teach in ‘sex ed’ courses, other than repeating ‘no’ over and over.

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SF New Mexican:

Richardson promises universal coverage, but it hasn’t happened at home.  “Overall, an estimated 432,000 New Mexicans were uninsured most of last year, according to a study done for a gubernatorial task force.”  The total population of NM, in 2006, was just under two million.  One has to be fair, though.  He inherited a hell of a situation, insurers escaping the state right and left.  Just a few short years ago, it seemed there were almost no choices beyond one HMO and Blue Cross/Blue Shield.  Choice has returned. 

Maternity coverage is still hard to find and extremely expensive, which is causing all kinds of other secondary problems.  There’s a huge gap between State or Federal coverage and private coverage costs, wherein too many are lost without options.  If nothing else, give the pregnant affordable coverage ... those unborn are our future.

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43 Roadrunner cartoons on YouTube.  Thank you, MeFi.

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Washington Post:

“So we’re experiencing the literary equivalent of a loss of biodiversity ...”

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SF New Mexican:

Off-limits after dark?  This will just move the violence to other areas.

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Fer yer rugrats ...

FunSlides.  Via Gear Diary.

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NY Times Editorial:

The Land of Opportunity?  “The poor cannot afford this investment in their children’s development — and the government doesn’t provide nearly enough help.”  Amen.

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Washington Post:

The Wizardly Editor Who Caught the Golden Snitch.

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