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Archaeology News Network: Homer is a tradition, not a person, British historian says.

This is not news; it’s been theorized for decades.

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Colossal: The Daily Routines of Famous Creative People.

Of interest.

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Nice Marmot: December 2014.

Happy Fifteen. And a worthy read, as always. How many times I contemplate Zhuangzi’s writings, and wonder what the hell blogging has to do with anything important. Try “Knowledge Wandered North.” There isn’t a day goes by, I don’t think about this.

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Amazon, book — Lyn St. James: An Incredible Journey.

This book should be in every high school. Lyn didn’t start racing the Indy 500 until she was 45.  Never say never, people. The whole book is an inspiration, for all women. I had the pleasure of meeting and talking with her at Santa Fe Concorso this year; she’s ‘good people’.

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Boston Globe Book review: ‘Pioneer Girl: The Annotated Autobiography’.

A high school acquaintance wrote a fine review.

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Beyond The Margins: The Joy of Writing (Redux)*.

I eventually joined a writing group, started showing other writers my work, and forced myself to start finishing my stories. I started understanding that there was no shortcut to good writing.

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PS Mag: Keep That E-Reader Out of Bed and You’ll Feel Better.

Or, you could just turn off the backlighting ...

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Xmas Gift Suggestion, of the last-minute variety: Will Reichard’s ‘This Album Full of Angles’.

Will’s been a very good friend to this weblog. His foray into novel writing is a worthy effort, being compared to Neil Gaiman.  Amazon has the ebook for $0.99, the POD for $10.79, and Smashwords has ebook versions for $0.99. A good holiday read. And you’ll be supporting another blogger.

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Aeon: Why we still dream we can live on through fame.

Alas, recognising the problem doesn’t seem to get us very far. Why would I be writing about the folly of fame, if not so that you remember my name?” Makes me think fondly of the early days of blogging.

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The Weekly Standard: Master Class.

On sparing words, Casey recalls that his agent and his editor both judged a 604-page novel he’d sent them as much too long, so for several months he reworked it, cutting 100 pages but adding a few in the process. When he sent it back, now 640 pages, the agent and editor wrote him, separately, ‘Good. It’s much shorter.’”  I love that anecdote. There’s writing, and then there’s writing.

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Shakespeare Forever: Cate Blanchett as Richard II in the Sydney ...

I just might be tempted to empty my savings to experience this.

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Wired: Dystopian Fiction’s Popularity Is a Warning Sign for the Future.

I think what these films tell us is that we’re taking a future of environmental catastrophe for granted. [snip] And that’s the hardest part of my work, actually convincing people that we’re capable of something other than this brutal response to disaster.” Not just climate change; there’s a lack of belief a brighter future.

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Bittbox/Photoshop 101: True Black (CMYK).

75. 68. 67. 90.

Later, important: Read the comments here, and on the article.

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Medium: Celebrity Oxford Comma.

Entertaining. I use it without thought.

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The Luminous Endowment.

The Luminous Landscape looks to give back. With some help.  Great idea.

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ArtDaily: Calligraphers cry foul as Vatican shuts down scrollmakers amid reports of fakes.

Instead of being made by hand, the parchments will be computer prints produced by the Vatican’s Office of Papal Charities ...” Oh, bad form. Especially now that letterpress is having a nice renaissance. Pope’s on the wrong side of this issue.

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Poets & Writers: Typewriters in the 21st Century.

The USB Typewriter is a kit of electronica that, when installed on a typewriter, sends whatever is typed on the machine to an attached digital device—a computer, tablet, or smartphone—where it is stored as electronic, and thus editable and uploadable, text. The converted typewriter still works on its own, in the traditional fashion, with or without a device attached.

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The Millions: Garrets Etc.

Most writers, unless they’re lucky enough to have an ideal place in which to work, make do with the best space available.”  In my case, my own head (heh).

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Italian Ways: Pinocchio and uncle Attilio’s murals.

These are great!

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NPR Interview: Molly Guptill Manning, Author Of ‘When Books Went To War’.

The paper iPod.

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Inside Higher Ed: Princeton U. Press launches open, all-digital version of Einstein Papers Project.

The launch of the Digital Einstein Papers includes more than 5,000 documents that span the first 44 years of Albert Einstein’s life. As the organizations collaborating on the project—the California Institute of Technology (the project’s home), the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (which houses the Albert Einstein Archives) and Princeton University Press—work to sort through tens of thousands of articles and letters, the website will grow to one day feature what the publisher said may be the first free digital collection of a prominent scientist’s complete works.” Yay, PU Press!

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Guardian.UK: Lorca mystery may soon be solved but much of Spain’s past remains buried.

The guitar
begins its weeping.
It is useless
to hush it.
to hush it.

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NY Times: Is Our Art Equal to the Challenges of Our Times?

A bit old, but important. The follow-up interviews, too.

Later: Sorry about the overdramatic quotes (removed). Triple-tasking today. But y’all knew that.

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NY Times Sunday Book Review: Greil Marcus’s ‘History of Rock ‘n’ Roll in Ten

Today a vast majority of performers seem heavily focus-grouped and fully aware of their corporate potential. Jay Z was lauded for saying, ‘I’m not a businessman, I’m a business, man’ ...

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CJR: The Texas school board isn’t as powerful as you think.

‘They [dm! note: speaking about journalists] — how should I say this — they don’t look at the story real closely.’ If they did, they would see that Texas schools do not have to use the textbooks that the board approves. In 2011, a new state law made it possible for school districts to use textbooks that are not on the board-approved list. Many (though not most) districts are already reveling in their newfound flexibility.” I suspected, given the rise of e-texts and other modernizing/computerizing influences, that Texas was ripe for disruption.

Extra good point about certain political groups fanning the flames to increase donations.

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