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I file this under “Books” very loosely.  Why this new brand of fiction is a life sentence.

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Chronicle of Higher Ed, Chronicle Review:

Casaubon vs. Casaubon: Scholarship on scholarship.  Beware the scholar examining his navel.

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Why don’t we discourse any more?  Today I seem to be running across many references to bad writing.  “For the rest of us, however, the experience of reading this book will be dispiriting, for a quite separate reason: Eagleton’s ill-written prose.”

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Butterflies & Wheels:

In Focus: Bad Writing.  Speaking of bad writing, I caught Madonna on Letterman last night, unable to find words to describe her own books.  And the revelation that she doesn’t allow her children to watch commercial TV, “just DVDs.”  Therefore, Village Voice: Mama don’t preach.

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Guardian.UK Books:

It’s not all Greek to me.  Comparison and contrast of ancient Greek and ancient Chinese thought.

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Guardian.UK Books:

What a Liability.  On the history and relevance of companies.

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Review of Umberto Eco’s latest, Mouse or Rat?

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State and religion lock horns over ‘sexy’ book.  Oh my.  Conservative Islam is having a bit of indigestion over some poetry.  “... contains commandments calling on women to surrender themselves to passion, give themselves up absolutely and without shame, and parade naked before their lovers. It glorifies carnal pleasure, that’s why we’ve decided to ban it.”

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Toronto Star:

Michael Ondaatje, Juries often pick the wrong books.  “The best critics of our time, who are less obsessed with the frantic picking of a season’s winner, are published quietly and almost invisibly.”

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On Pirate-talk.

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‘Tis the season for scary stories.  The Monkey’s Paw always freaked me out, but good.  Still does. Works best on people with imaginations, however ... not as common a trait today as it used to be.

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USA Today:

‘Bridget Jones’ goes to church.

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Boston Globe:

Money problems shelve “DoubleTake” magazine.

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National Post.CA:

Bemoaning the death of diversity.  Book review of “Language in Danger.”

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NY Times Books:

To stars, writing books looks like child’s play.  You know it’s coming.  The pithy comment.  Get ready.  “So when’s Michael Jackson going to throw his hat in the ring?”


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NY Times Books:

A double-barrelled attack on American war policy.  A somewhat mixed bag, when looking at GWB, but the rest is good.  “... Pakistan, a country that ‘is likely to stand out in the years ahead as the single most dangerous place in today’s world’ because of a volatile mix of nuclear weapons, political instability, terrorist networks and Islamic radicalism, but Washington focused instead on the lesser danger that emanated from Baghdad.”  The author weights North Korea as more important than Iraq also, a view I’ve long held.

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NY Daily News:

Good news.  Paris Review will live on, post-Plimpton.

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Time to kill?

Today In Literature.

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comments on that “100 Greatest Books” list.

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Boston Globe:

The Novelist and the Animals.

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Village Voice:

Organize This.  What’s up with the National Writers Union.

10/15/03 • 07:44 AM • Books • (1) Comments

International Literature:

Words without Borders.

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NY Times Books:

A Shoe that Fits: A Bohemian Poet’s Life.  He may not use a computer, but some of his work is viewable on the ‘net.

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Publishers Weekly:

Borders to urge review of pricing policies.  In Santa Fe, we get gouged for most things, because we’re so distant from major cities.  Gas.  Food.  Now, gouge the price of books?  Borders already charges list price, usually.  Hastings (another chain) charges less than list (but also has less stock). 

I guess I’ll have to return to the “browse at a store, buy online” system, if this gets put into practice.

10/07/03 • 07:52 AM • Books • (2) Comments

NY Times:

Finding a Middle Earth in Montana.  The Times seems shocked that a home-schooled youngster could be an author.

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