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Seattle Weekly:

On Ken Kesey.

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The Economist:

Review of “The Cambridge History of Twentieth-Century Political Thought.” Sounds like a needed tome for the reference shelf.

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The Economist:

Breathlessly to Victory.  If we end up with a Bush victory in ‘04, this book may be a blueprint of some future foreign policy.  Read directly from the hawks themselves.  “The president finds it convenient to pose as the leader of a nation engaged since September 11th in a total war analogous to the war against Hitler. The neo-cons really believe it.”

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British book sparks ancient manuscript destruction.  Another bit of evidence to boost the case for not returning antiquities to the land of origin, it would seem.

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Kudos to Craig & Co.

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Washington Post:

“Tom Jones,” Fresh as ever.  The movie version, mentioned here, is available on DVD, and comes most highly recommended by yours truly.

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Reading Immaterial.  No sin to read ‘penny dreadfuls,’ then.

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New York Observer:

Book Review, “A Splendor of Letters: The Permanence of Books in an Impermanent World.”  I’ve always thought basic bookbinding should be taught in secondary schools, as a foundation for scholarly study amongst rare books in university libraries ...

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NY Newsday:

The finest news I’ve heard in a long time ... Classics are racing off the shelves.  “But the driving force for sales, he adds, is high schools and colleges.”  Fabulous.

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Too many books?  For all the talk about books’ demise, we are certainly buried up to our noses in them.  Reminds me of when word processors came out; they were supposed to eliminate the waste of paper ... turned out, they ate paper like termites, and made hard-copy even more imperative.

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The New Republic:

An interesting counterpoint, sort of, to the below.  The Ethics of Belief.  A review of Richard Dawkin’s book.

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Choosing a dictionary.  I’ve actually been looking to update my old Miriam Webster Collegiate.  After spending some time in bookstores, trying to like the smaller Oxford English tomes, I still lean toward the old MW.  Glad to see Slate agrees.  Amazing to me that some don’t even include origin or history of the words ... or list Latin roots.

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New Statesman Books:

Lessons of the Masters, George Steiner.  Just offhand, I’ve recently come across at least a half-dozen reviews, articles mentioning Madame Blavatsky.  Maybe the beginnings of backlash against fundamentalism?  I’m no more enamored of theosophy than I am of intelligent design.  “May you live in interesting times.”  Right.  Same to you.

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Read a mouse.  And who says books are dead?

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NY Review of Books:

A Tract for the Times.  Do I detect a bit of wit in that title?  On Gore Vidal’s latest.

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National Post Online.CA:

I may have angry columnist syndrome.  On syndromes-du-jour, that sell books by the millions.

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This is London.UK:

Unavailable for interview.

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Al-Ahram Weekly:

Umberto Eco at the new Library of Alexandria, “Vegetal and mineral memory, the future of books.”  I will probably spend more of the morning reading this in spurts, than linking ...

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Washington Post:

Overanalyzing Harry Potter, again.  Putting Harry Potter and St. Augustine in bed together?  Use these same levers against “The Cat in the Hat,” or even the “Chronicles of Narnia.”

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National Post.CA:

Don of a new era.  Quixotics.

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New Statesman Books:

The Breaking of Nations: Order and Chaos in the 21st century, 
Robert Cooper.  What a statement: “I believe that it is fairly easy to stop the spread of weapons of mass destruction. Many of our present fears are based on science fiction, not science.”  Read, and come to your own conclusions.  I wish the reviewer had expanded further on those final statements, rather than leaving them pendulously hanging.

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National Post.CA:

Reviving the ‘old’ one man spy game.  “American and European analysts, having tapped millions of phone calls to catch Al-Qaeda messages, are currently dealing with the greatest flaw in electronic surveillance: It produces far too much data. [snip] In 1941 the Americans had many more transcripts of Japanese naval signals than their small staff of decryptors and translators could handle. Some of those messages would probably have warned of the attack on Pearl Harbor, but they weren’t decoded until 1945, when they were of only historical interest.”

Indeed.  In this case, the hands-off cleanliness of ‘video game’ mentality works against us.  For Al-Qaeda, we’ve got to step up to the scrimmage line, and be acutely aware of who might be going wide.  You never have to worry about their QB trying to run the ball ...

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Once kids have been jazzed up by reading Harry Potter, whither then?

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Ebrary.  “Discover over 20,000 full-text books in multiple academic and general interest subject areas, sheet music titles and reports.”  You’re only charged if you print or copy text.

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New Statesman:

The Breaking of Nations: Order and Chaos in the 21st Century.  Review.

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