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The humour of tranquility.  On James Thurber.  “This is what I can only call a paradise of errors.”

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NY Times Arts:

For better or worse, the artists’ Shakespeare.

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NY Times Arts:

Artists’ Haven: No electricity, but what views.  Back to the basics, on Cape Cod.  Now, that’s something I wouldn’t mind doing; elemental existence by the ocean, focusing on various daughters of Mnemosyne and Zeus [the Muses].  But the fact that these huts are below the flight path for a local airport, might make me look elsewhere.  Kauai comes to mind.

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Poets and Writers:

Traces of Lord Byron: Postcard from Venice.

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Prince Harry’s in trouble with the Aborigines for using an Aboriginal theme for his art classes.  And Hal, best put that “Outback” CD away.  “The group has also campaigned against the popular use of the didgeridoo which is a sacred object to aborigines and is traditionally not meant to be heard by women.”

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Harvard University Art Museums:

Extra Ordinary, Every Day.  The Bauhaus at the Busch-Reisinger.

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looks at Françoise Hardy in “Faces that have made History.”  You might remember her from the film, “Grand Prix.”  One of my James Garner faves.

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Locus Focus.  In which you can learn the commonalities between hyperrealism, Flaubert, and Jerry Seinfeld.

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“You have not converted a man because you have silenced him.”

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