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ArtDaily: Lederhosen abound as thousands celebrate Bavarian costume in southern Germany.

Major props ... leather shorts in 90 degree weather, out in the sun? Yeesh.

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ArtDaily: Bulgaria’s Valley of Thracian Kings, accidentally discovered in 1944, keeps its secrets.

The Thracians built these splendid monumental structures to last forever. [snip] We cannot just uncover them and leave them like that.

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Italian Ways: Cattolica, the queen of holidays on the Adriatic.

Apologies; I have a terrible weakness for vintage travel posters ...

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NY Times: Santa Fe Opera Adds Performance of ‘Cold Mountain’.

Of note to locals and visitors.

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The Rumpus: Is Writing Useless?

Sure to inspire some interesting commentary. If writing is masturbatory, what of blogging? And, I must ask, does it make for a healthy prostate?

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Wishbone Design:  Child’s Wagon.

Oh, brill.

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The New York Review of Books: The Key to Rereading by Tim Parks.

But when a key—for example, a new poem, or a new species of animal—is first met, there is no lock yet ready for such a key. Or to be precise, the key is not even a key since it does not open anything yet. It is a potential key. However, the encounter between the brain and this potential key triggers the making of a lock. The next time we meet or perceive the object/key it will open the lock prepared for it in the brain.” Oh, that’s a lovely way of thinking about it. Certain books meant nothing in high school - one had to have life experience before appreciation allowed the key-turn.

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The American Scholar: Resisting Atticus’s Allure.

Is this the season to attack ‘heritage’ in all forms? We remember a different reality than those not born into that era. Were there ‘right thinking white folk’? Indeed there were. Were there racists? Indeed there were. Yet “Mockingbird” was written from a child’s perspective - a 60’s child’s perspective that is totally familiar to me.

I think that’s the most stunning thing about growing older. You come to eventually realize that we as a populace understand nothing about our collective past; the current generation (whatever that is) judges the past, generalizes it ... and moves on; listening to, but ultimately ignoring elders’ stories. Then they act stunned when details come out that challenge their generalizations.

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Indiegogo: Vancouver Jump for Joy Photo Mural.

12 hours left. Less than $5k needed. Time for angels to show up!

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Lovely Package: Hoxton Street Monster Supplies.


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The New York Review of Books: Two Cheers for the Middle Ages!

Three books reviewed. Read the entire review before choosing any.

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Bloomberg: What Does Harper Lee Want?.

Carter has refused nearly all interview requests related to Go Set a Watchman. When we met, she agreed to talk only if I didn’t quote her directly. She wouldn’t answer any questions about Lee.

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Telegraph.UK: Would it have been kinder not to publish Harper Lee’s Go Set a Watchman?

Amidst all the speculation, and high anticipation, attending the publication of Harper Lee’s ‘lost’ novel, Go Set a Watchman, there is one thing worth bearing in mind: there is a reason it was not published in the first place.” I sort of expected this, which is why I haven’t been blogging the hype.

Later: Ah, a story that was rewritten at the behest of editors to become the famous bestseller. Interesting, but will taint the original for many. I’ll pass. I enjoyed reading Jean Giono’s early renderings of Angelo Pardi in print, but the fully-formed character in Le hussard sur le toit was the greatest. Seeing a character through a multifaceted crystal of different periods, different author circumstances, ends up being confusing to most, informative only to other writers, really. At some point, someone will translate Mort d’un personnage so I can find out the end of the story.

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Italian Ways: Jeanne Grignani and advertisement.

I laughed out loud at the Pirelli and sewing machine advertisements. Ah, the past is truly another country.

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The Verge: What’s the deal with translating Seinfeld.

Jokes are the hardest things to translate into another language, another culture, another world.” Which is why, as I’ve noted before, violence and action films are the entertainment industry’s best investment. A punch is a punch in any language. But what doth such creations reap?

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NewMusicBox: Ageism in Composer Opportunities.

Discrimination against someone of the ‘wrong’ color, ethnicity, sex, or sexual orientation is generally frowned upon in modern society. Progress has been made on these fronts to change peoples’ thinking and to embrace inclusion. However, progress is still needed in the area of discrimination on the basis of a person’s age.” Yes, even in other niches, the tendency for ‘30 under 30’ articles feels like the media wearing prejudice on their sleeve. Some things are simply easier for the plasticities of youth; looking at those who are older and doing stunning work often shows a more admirable gritty determination: playing learned wisdom against the vagaries of age and health - and all while fighting today’s culture.

Speaking more broadly, the culture of youth worship is getting way, way out of hand. I try to always focus on the work before judging any other factor.

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Bloomberg: Islamic State Is Selling Looted Art Online for Needed Cash.

They bring in their own trucks, their own bulldozers, hire their own work crews and pay them salaries.

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TechCrunch: Writers Are Going Cuckoo For Kindle Unlimited.

$0.006 per page.” Better we keep your day jobs and write on the side. Potential theme song.

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Slate: The Festival of Insignificance by Milan Kundera, reviewed.

In Insignificance, Kundera casts his eye on the fact that the city of Konigsberg, the home of the great German philosopher Immanuel Kant, is now Kaliningrad, named for a Soviet mediocrity with bladder problems.” Always worth reading. On my list.

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Luminous Landscape: Understand The Left and Right Brain [1 & 2].

Part One. And Part Two.  Speaking of which, you know about the Golden Ratio, I assume?

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Coolist: 1938 Adler Trumpf Rennlimousine.

Most Beautiful”? Looks like a car out of a vintage cartoon, IMHO.

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The Fully Intended: The Writer’s Dream.

For one so young, Mollie writes like the best of the old-school. With modern sensibility.

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Standpoint: Saving Greece [Sell Britain the Parthenon].

Very far-fetched, perhaps, but there is some precedent.

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ArtDaily: ‘Nightscape’ - A light & sound experience by Klip collective opens at Longwood Gardens.

OOooh.  A way-too-short teaser video.

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FastCoDesign: Want To Be More Creative? Your Personality May Hold The Key.

Personality is an enduring trait throughout your life, whereas your ‘state’ measures something transient—it what’s you’re experiencing in the moment.

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