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Discover/D-brief: 6 Story Arcs Define Western Literature, Data-Mining Study Reveals.

Like peeking at the last chapter.

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Atlantic: The Art of Handwriting.

For many artists, it is easy to see how writing is performative.” I’ve been working on my printing lately (a couple of nice fountain pens encourage that). My handwriting has suffered from years of keyboard-only writing. If in a rush, my script is on pharmacist/physician/attorney level.

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Guardian.UK: Joanna Kavenna, ‘A Field Guide to Reality.’

I think the imagination is absolutely a part of real life. And that you’d need to be omniscient to know categorically where the boundary is between the real and the imagined.

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The Toast: Miss Havisham, A History.


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Catapult: Misadventures in Micronesia.

Clever. Flavor of Griffin and Sabine.

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The Millions: There Is No Handbook for Being a Writer.

You’ve only failed when you’ve stopped trying.” Sort of like blogging (wink).

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Guardian.UK: Elizabethan theatre, Chateau d’Hardelot review.

Pretentious. The best Shakespeare performances I ever enjoyed, were on a simple curved platform in a wooded park. Esp. good for “Tempest” and “Midsummernight’s Dream”. You could imagine spirits flitting about.

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NPR: Bill Cunningham, Iconic ‘New York Times’ Photographer, Dies At 87.

Dangit. RIP. The king of streetstyle photography. I suppose we should be grateful he didn’t have to suffer the aftereffects of the stroke. You will find tons of tributes and other photos of the man on various social channels ... Tumblr, etc.

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Hazlitt: Our Adored Cadavers.

It provides a one-sided kind of sex—a necessity, because Catholicism’s persistent influence ensures we still love virgin-martyrs the very best.” Okay, because I have to. Here.

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ANN: Codex Rossanensis, original Biblical manuscript, goes on display in Calabria.

Looks rather amazing.

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Popular Archaeology: Found - The “Throne of Agamemnon”.

OK. Protesteth a smidge too much? Schliemannizing?

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The New Yorker: “Hamilton” and the Books That Hamilton Held.

Burr turns out to have been a voracious, monumental reader, the kind of guy libraries are made for.” While Hamilton read romance novels.

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Italian Ways: Rome from an airplane.

More vintage posters!

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LA Times: Race, inequality, polarized politics: Why Shakespeare’s 1623 First Folio matters in 2016.

What astonishes, is that a simple book could resonate through the ages. When I saw it here, it was in a glass case, turned to Hamlet (‘To be or not to be’), with a single overhead light. I didn’t understand the minimalism at that time, but now it’s clear. You don’t have to create earthquakes to change a civilization. You just have to write what is true.

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Guardian.UK: Memorising poetry is an art of the heart.

There are some people I know who are just able to carry around absurd amounts of poetry in their heads.” I used to, when a kid in Princeton. It was a novelty in my social group. I have to have a certain amount of alcohol now to revive the neurons. I should make time to reestablish the pathways naturally; it’s something I’d like to add to my everyday conversation. On the endless life to-do list ...

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Publishers Weekly: My Very Rough Two Weeks Working for Barnes & Noble.


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Guardian.UK: Annie Proulx - ‘I’ve had a life. I see how slippery things can be’.

Proulx was a latecomer to the literary world, publishing her first novel, Postcards, when she was 56.” This is what those ‘30 under 30’ articles miss. The wonderful late bloomers.

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Guardian.UK: X-rays reveal 1,300-year-old writings inside later bookbindings.

A new kind of palimpsest.

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Goins, Writer: The Painful Practice of Putting Your Art Out There.

Yes. Interestingly, the Evernote Clipper will not function on this site. I can only bookmark it. I wonder if that’s purposeful.

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New Yorker: “My Friend Flicka” - A Book About Horses That Is a Book About First Love.

Do you mean kids don’t read this book anymore? Flicka and the two sequels were regular favorites when I was a child. One of the reasons I *had* to live in the West. Books are meaningful. Choose your mental furniture carefully!

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Mr Porter: How To Be Parisian.

On n’est heureux que par l’amour.

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Ghost in the Machine: Catching Up - Books.

Busy guy, Kevin. On my reading list(s). For The Past and Future City, did you look at the [what I call] Disneyfication of Santa Fe after 1912? They stripped the Victorian clapboards, the brick buildings, and stuccoed them over to look like Spanish Revival/Pueblo style. The past was forsaken for an older, faux past. Umberto Eco, Travels in Hyperreality, cubed.

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Italian Ways: Etruscan cities - a journey of discovery.

Oh, those mysterious Etruscans.

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ArtDaily: Annie Leibovitz talks high-fliers and photo phobics at Hong Kong show.

Looks like my office. Almost. I’ve been comparing car prints. Easiest to do with a pushpin on the walls. Wife’s having a fit because I’ll have to patch holes. Little pushpin pricks? Toothpaste.

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NPR: ‘Sweetbitter’ Is A Savory Saga Of Restaurant Life And Love.

I keep seeing reviews of this book again and again. Either it’s a great book, or someone’s really going out of their way to push this. I mean, it’s coming up in at least a half-dozen feeds in my agg over the last week. When you scan the reviews, the point that stands out: “There’s sex in it.” OK.

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