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Guardian.UK: Shady dealings of William Shakespeare’s father ‘helped to fund son’s

There seem to be two tracks on ol’ Shakes. One is doing serious research, the other is expending efforts to deny his existence.

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HarperCollins: “Colons, commas, periods, and capital letters ...

Great quote ...

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FishbowlNY: Santa Fe Journalist Penned Her Own Obituary.

Walk on into the beauty.

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NY Times: The Plot Twist - E-Book Sales Slip, and Print Is Far From Dead.

Sales of dedicated e-reading devices have plunged as consumers migrated to tablets and smartphones.” I predicted this in ‘13 ... dedicated reading devices were a temporary form factor.

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FastCoDesign: How Pantone Became The Definitive Language Of Color.

The Pantone of today started as a graphic standards system for professional designers in 1963 but has morphed into a global design force starting in the 2000s due in part to calculated marketing efforts and initiatives. It’s not just about the Pantone Matching System (PMS for short); it’s the Color of The Year, the Pantone Color Institute, Pantone hotels, Pantone cafes, Pantone mugs, Pantone iPhone keyboards, Pantone lipstick, and tie-ins to the movie industry.

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Italian Ways: The world of the future on Lampo stickers.


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Catapult: Dying Is More Difficult Than It Seems.

The knowledge of death is closed to one who goes alone, it is open only to two who travel united.

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PS Blog: Did I Just Give My #Permission? The Hashtag as Consent.

The Times article quotes a spokeswoman for Olapic, a visual marketing company, as saying, ‘brands do not always need to ask for permission to use a photo on their websites because users can give implied consent by tagging a company in their posts.’

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JSTOR Daily: “Let the Traumatic Image Haunt Us”.

Perhaps — and I’ve expressed my unease with this before — the trick is to *not* send professional photographers to cover crises. The proverbial ‘straight photograph’ elicited the reaction here. A famed photographer would have tried to frame the little body artistically, finding a graphical beauty in the tragedy. As it was, the snapshot was enough.

For instance, I love a rusty wrecked vehicle as much as the next artful photographer. But what happened to the gas and oil, leached away into the ground to disturb our water-tables, the rubber degrading and offgassing ... what does it really represent? And repeated so many millions of times over our land.

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The New Yorker: Writing by Omission.

“Why have you left out the grapes?”

Ike said, “Because they’re too Goddamned hard to paint.”

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iA Writer 3.0

Swiping, even on Mac, is the big change.

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Yahoo: Israel recovers ancient sarcophagus hidden by contractors.

The lid of the sarcophagus has an image of a man—apparently representing the deceased—leaning on his left arm, wearing a short embroidered shirt, with Roman-style curls and no beard, implying he was young.” No word on what happened to the remains.

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DYT: Yup, We’ve Found The Most Terrifying Church In The World.

‘Twould be even more fun if the statues contained cremains. The concept - seriously contemplate mortality.

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WaPo: How copyright is killing your favorite memes.

In the week since it publicized its battle with Getty, getDigital released its own, illustrated version of Socially Awkward Penguin meme, free for anyone to repost or remix.” No doubt shakedowns. But. The result is what aficionados should have done in the first place - made their own. Spin this whole thing on its head: One could argue that right-click copy culture is killing creativity. How long did it take to draw their own socially-awkward clone?

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BBC: The mysterious origins of punctuation.

For as long as anyone could remember, the Greeks had written their texts so that their letters ran together withnospacesorpunctuation and without any distinction between lowercase and capitals. It was up to the reader to pick their way through this unforgiving mass of letters to discover where each word or sentence ended and the next began.” My eyes cross thinking about it.

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Medium/Those People: Black America, please stop appropriating African clothing and tribal marks.

I’m not trying to start a war, but I would just like you all to realize the hypocrisy of seeing someone wearing a Fulani septum ring, rocking a djellaba, painted with Yoruba-like tribal marks, all the while claiming that this is meant to be respectful. It’s a hodgepodge, a juxtaposition, a right mess of regional, ethnic and cultural customs and it screams ignorance and cultural insensitivity.” Sure to generate some spirited discussion in social channels.

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Luminous Landscape: Compelling Photographs - The Elements and Principles of Design.

Much to enjoy learning.

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DP Review: Epson introduces EcoTank printer range.

... Epson ... has launched a range of printers called EcoTank that it claims will help users save 70% on home printing. The five new machines come with what Epson says is enough ink to last the average person two years, and once empty the tanks can be refilled from a bottle instead of being replaced.” It’s taken long enough. Should have been available a decade ago!

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TechDirt: More Experts Realizing That The TPP Is A Horrible Deal On Copyright.


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Guardian.UK: Henry VIII voted worst monarch in history.

... he was ‘obsessive’, ‘syphilitic’ and a ‘self-indulgent wife murderer and tyrant’ ...

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Three from Brevity.

New find for my RSS feeds, been waiting for their latest update. All excellent. Dig around the site, too. My favorite is the last.

Arkansas Chicken Apocalypse
The Burnt Plane

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The Griffith Institute: Tutankhamun, Anatomy of an Excavation.

The process-of-excavation photos are fascinating. I have to say, the unwrapping of Tut looks like a rushed hack-job compared to today.

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HolyCool: The Studio Roller Wall Mounted Paper Roller.

This is making the rounds again; was meta-linked a year ago. “Everything old is new again” ... especially when it hasn’t sold enough units.

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Haaretz: Young Israeli Girl Breaks 2,000-year-old Vase, Museum Says Thanks.

Unusual happy ending to this mishap.

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Archaeology News Network: Pharaonic mummy gets facial reconstruction surgery.

This facial reconstruction stuff ... I don’t know. This guy looks like he was the Royal lemon-sucker. I’d send the specs out to more than one outfit, and correlate the results.

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