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medieval books: The Secrets of Medieval Fonts.

No surviving artefact underscores this point of variation better than advertisement sheets of commercial scribes.” Even the Dark Ages suffered advertisements?!!

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Economist: Language anxieties - A long decline.

It seems that the slovenly teenager, not to mention the purse-lipped schoolmaster, is at least 4,000 years old.

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Flickr: Labels and Tags.

I may have pointed to this before, or maybe just something similar. Tickles the back of my brain. Well, it’s always an aesthetic joy.

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BronxBanterBlog: The Strange and Mysterious Death of Mrs. Jerry Lee Lewis.

It might be innocent as a train wreck. But I’d like to see it investigated. To me, I just can’t believe that girl just got to that bed and lay down and died. You just can’t make me believe it.

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NY Times: Cindy Sherman Takes On Aging (Her Own).

Although Ms. Sherman expresses contempt for the superficialities of social media (“it seems so vulgar to me”) her new images of old-time film stars also hint at our digitized present. Ms. Sherman shot herself against a green screen, then used a computer to insert the landscapes behind her, many of which show off their digital origins.” If I may be so bold, and not incur wrath ... ditch the dye, embrace the grey. I have. Healthy acceptance of the hallmarks of age - and, hopefully, wisdom.

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PS Mag: Constraints Can Be a Catalyst for Creativity.

Ask any photographer. Butofcourse, silly. Give me one fixed focal length lens, and tell me to go get great shots. I never do as well creatively with a zoom as I do with a single prime. I’ll get more usable photos with the zoom. But I’ll get more aesthetically pleasing stuff with the primes.

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NY Times: Beyoncé Unearths Pain and Lets It Flow in ‘Lemonade’.

How is this not a work of pretentious self-pity? How isn’t this the mistake of the year?” Perhaps it is the first wave of a much-needed correction for objectification and misogyny in hiphop lyrics. Waking up to the complexities, realities and responsibilities of relationship, color, sex. Ironic, then, that Billy Paul died over the weekend. He gave us the man’s view - smooth, no drama. Beyonce rips out the lady’s. Compare.

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DP Review: Photographer Brian Ach shares his experiences of working with Prince.

A number of news agencies have called me asking if I have unpublished photos of Prince. I do - I have tens of thousands of them.  But they aren’t mine to share.

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PS Mag: Shakespeare the Social Scientist.

Also, I note that PS Mag is now on ‘white-label’ Medium.com. Seems too spare, with fonts just a bit too large, compared to the original non-Medium version.

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Atlas Obscura: 8 Places From Shakespeare That You Can Actually Visit.

Always helpful to have the actual place in one’s head, when one reads the works. Tangential: I recently found a program on British castles; overwrought and overproduced with too little actual information for the time allotted, but seeing Stirling Castle and Stirling bridge gave much color to RLS’s Kidnapped. Re-read it last night in one fell swoop.

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Archaeology News Network: High status female found buried at Aspero archaeological site in Peru.

Gorgeous boneworkings.

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Discover Mag: Does Evidence Support the Artistic vs. Scientific Mind Stereotype?

These findings clearly show that the stereotypical view that scientists and other logical thinkers are less likely to be artistic or creative fall wide of the mark.

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dyt: Designer Turns Ridiculous Sketches Of Bicycles Into Realistic Designs.

What gets me is that adults can’t draw an accurate bike. Are our 24/7 digital lives so compelling, we can’t see reality?

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Guardian.UK: Shakespeare’s last act - a torrent of twisted fantasies.

Lovely and long. Scanned it, saving it for the (hopefully) relaxing weekend.

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OpenCulture: Free Shakespeare Course Starts Today.

Excellent. I suppose I’m out of it; never heard someone saying “mooc” before. Direct link.

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NPR: You Can Go Home Again - The Transformative Joy Of Rereading.

Returning to a book you’ve read multiple times can feel like drinks with an old friend. There’s a welcome familiarity — but also sometimes a slight suspicion that time has changed you both, and thus the relationship. But books don’t change, people do. And that’s what makes the act of rereading so rich and transformative.” Yes, yes, yes.

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Archaeology News Network: 17th cent. silk gown found in Dutch shipwreck.

Astonishing find. I’d love to see more detailed photos.

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Catapult Community: Fire Jobs Friday! Internships and writing jobs.

Thought some of my writer friends might find something of interest, or worth passing along.

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NewStatesman/Salman Rushdie: How Cervantes and Shakespeare wrote the literary rule book.

This is what we who come after inherit from the Bard: the knowledge that a work can be everything at once.

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Guardian.UK: ‘Lost Caravaggio’ found in French attic causes rift in art world.

I still contend, the frequency with which we see ‘lost masterpieces’ showing up is suspect. I can’t help but feel there are some clever forgers at work.

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Italian Ways: Italy, land of seafarers and illustrators.

More great posters. Insta-link.

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FontsInUse: 70s/80s Dune book series covers, New English Library.

Who could forget that cover for God Emperor of Dune?

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Colossal: Drones Rigged with LED Lights Dramatically Illuminate Landscapes at Night.

Neat as they are, it’s another technique that’s going to ruin the wilderness experience for us all. Drone racket *and* LED lights. Ed Abbey’d be out there with a shotgun, methinks.

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NY Times: Met Museum’s Broken Angel Reveals Its Creator’s Methods.

On the St. Michael, for example, conservators learned that the angel’s Roman-style toga was made as a separate piece, like an actual toga to clothe a body. But during the relief’s initial firing, the toga cracked. And instead of being remade from scratch, it was simply pieced back together, with faint fissure lines that would have been hard to see from the lunette’s perch high above a church door.” After my months working as a caster for Edward Marshall Boehm, I can fully understand this. Porcelain was even more fidgety - just the slip-drying phase would induce cracks if the castings were too thin, or dried faster than the thicker sections. You practically had to sleep with the more complex works, watching them every quarter-hour.

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TheStage.UK: Half of Brits don’t want female Hamlets, claims research.

Since it’s the season of outrage, I wonder when “sexual appropriation” will become a thing.

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