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ArtDaily: Sotheby’s to sell the ‘Holy Grail’ of watches - The Henry Graves Supercomplication.

Among the features it incorporates are perpetual calendar, moon phases, sidereal time, power reserve, and indications for time of sunset and sunrise and the night sky of New York City. With a total of 24 horological complications, The Graves watch retained the title of the world’s most complicated watch for 56 years and even then was only surpassed by technicians working with the aid of computer-assisted machines.

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Guardian.UK: Authors’ incomes collapse to ‘abject’ levels.

This rapid decline in both author incomes and in the numbers of those writing full-time could have serious implications for the economic success of the creative industries in the UK.”  Overlooked this item the other day. My bad.

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The Airship: The Race to Destroy Priceless Manuscripts as Idiotically as Possible.

He brewed a barrell of Speciall Ale, his use was to stop the bung-hole with a Sheet of Manuscript; he sayd nothing did it so well.Oof.

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Messy Nessy Chic: Just some 300 year-old Giant Books.

Nearly a meter long, made with animal skin wood and leather caps containing scripts for religious ceremonies in convents during the colonial era, they were found by a graphic documents restorer, Tania Estrada, who tracked down the books which were donated to various libraries in Mexico in 1915.

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Italian Ways: Perforated paper for lemon boxes – from Sicily to the world.

The process entailed making a pencil drawing, which was ‘translated’ into a piece of perforated paper, which in turn was the model for a heliographic print, which was used to make a brass die – to finally create the imprint in the wood of the crates.”  Cool.

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Guardian.UK: Harry Potter makes first appearance for seven years as he turns 34.

A weighted hors d’oeuvre? When other projects don’t match their expectations, authors tend to return to the ‘never again’ stories.

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NY Times: Caryatid Statues, Restored, Are Stars at Athens Museum.

Do watch the video [halfway down] of the laser process.

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The Daily Beast: ISIS Is About to Destroy Biblical History in Iraq.

Theirs is a war of symbols.

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Paris Review: Speaking American.

An English writer’s relation to the geography of Britain feels familiar. It’s not exotic or particularly dangerous, unless you’re talking Heathcliff and the North Yorkshire Moors; there’s always the reassurance of a church, or a pub, or a field of daffodils just around the bend. But the vastness of the American landscape opens up possibilities, thrilling and threatening, for a writer.” The landscape defines us, in so many ways.

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Irish Times: Word for Word — is the end nigh for the e-book?

What irks the ‘digerati’ is the failure of ebooks to dent the affection heavy book-buyers retain for the thing-ness of the original Gutenbergian model. Bibliophiles abhor the impermanence of ebooks because downloads confer no sense of ownership or collectability.

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Messy Nessy Chic: This GIF Art will Charm your Socks Off.


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The Independent.UK: Winds of Winter release date - George RR Martin’s next book set for 2017 release

Taking bets.

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The Art Newspaper: Sistine Chapel to get even more crowded.

While it will be almost invisible to visitors, the switch to more energy-efficient and powerful heating, ventilation and air conditioning technology in October is expected to have a major impact on attendance.” You would think they’d be more concerned about quality of experience, rather than quantity of visitors. From today’s 700 at a time, to 2,000. Note, I see online it costs 14 Euros to access St Peters and the Sistine Chapel. You do the math. 

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Collectors Weekly: How Railroad Tourism Created the Craze for Traditional Native American Baskets.

Going way back in time, men produced basketry cradles for infants. [snip] Women didn’t normally do that. Men also produced various forms basketry needed in hunting and fishing, like traps and weirs. But very few men made the fine basketry that was offered for sale. It was largely a woman’s art form.” My italic emphasis. Nowadays, local stores in Santa Fe sell baskets from Asia and Indonesia, and tourists can’t tell the difference (and really don’t care, because most are clearly marked).

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BBC: Bayeux Tapestry: The islanders who finished the final scenes.

Now, a team of embroiderers on Alderney, a small island just off the coast of William’s native Normandy, have ‘finished’ the job. The project took a year to complete and every effort was made to ensure it fitted in with its famous forebear. Embroiders used the same techniques, fabrics, colours and similar types of wool to the medieval original.

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ArtDaily: Early nineteenth century painted Buffalo hide robe now on display at the Reading Public Mu

I wonder how they manufactured that lurid green color. And why a few green horses?

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Colossal: Miniature Medieval Interiors Carved into Raw Marble Blocks by Mathew Simmonds.

Totally cool.  I don’t want one … I want to carve one myself.

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ArtDaily: Exhibition at Fundacion Mapfre includes over 500 photographs by Henri Cartier-Bresson.

A great entry that delves deeper than most into Cartier-Bresson’s motivations, history. If you’re around Madrid, go.

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ArtDaily: Native American masks sold in Paris at Auction house Eve despite protests from the US emba

Boo hiss.

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ArtDaily: Gustav Klimt’s ‘Lady with a Muff’, thought lost, unveiled at National Gallery in Prague.

Those eyes.

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Italian Ways: The irreconcilable couplings in Soffici’s collages.

There is a whole niche on the internet that doesn’t realize it is a mere footnote to Soffici.

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Italian Ways: Adolfo Wildt’s masks of human pain.


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Company of Marionettes - Puppet Shop.


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Harper’s: What Is Literature?

“In effect, the canon formalized modern literature as a select body of imaginative writings that could stand up to the Greek and Latin texts. Although exclusionary by nature, it was originally intended to impart a sense of unity; critics hoped that a tradition of great writers would help create a national literature. What was the apotheosis of Shakespeare and Milton if not an attempt to show the world that England and not France — especially not France — had produced such geniuses?

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typo/graphic posters.

Some NSFW. Just be warned before clicking and viewing thumbnails.

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