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NY Times: Countries Divided on Future of Ancient Buddhas.

I’ve talked with many Afghans, and they do not want that their children and grandchildren are forced by the Taliban to see only ruins.” If restoration is nearly impossible, store the best chunks in a museum, and create at least one new Buddha from modern materials. But do restore the wooden face, jeweled eyes with lanterns behind. That would annoy the destroyers in perpetuity. Kickstarter/IndieGogo.

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The Atlantic: Must Every YA Action Heroine Be Petite?

Some readers became so attached to the image of a short, emaciated girl claiming victory in the battle-royal arena that when Jennifer Lawrence was cast as Katniss, multiple critics complained that she was too ‘big-boned’ for the part.” Oh, for heaven’s sake. My only complaint was that the onscreen character’s thoughts were unscripted. In the book, we hear what is in Katniss’ head. On the screen, we don’t. The vacuum prevented me from fully appreciating the film.

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The Coolector: Letterpress Perpetual Calendar.

Cool, indeed.

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Vanity Fair: How 1,280 Artworks Stolen by the Nazis were Hidden Until 2012.

Long read, saved for the weekend.

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ArtDaily: Nan Goldin’s first major exhibition in Rome opens at Gagosian Gallery.

“The Greek term scopophilia literally means ‘love of looking,’ but also refers to the erotic pleasure derived from gazing at images of the body. Goldin’s Scopophilia is both a slide-show and an ongoing photographic series, begun in 2010 when she was given private access to the Louvre Museum every Tuesday. During these privileged sojourns, she wandered and photographed freely throughout the museum’s renowned collections of painting and sculpture. ” What a privilege to enjoy.

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OpenCulture: A Romp Through the Philosophy of Mind: A Free Online Course from Oxford.


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BBC: Vatican Library to digitise archives with Japanese support.

“The Vatican Library has begun digitising its priceless collection of ancient manuscripts dating from the origins of the Church. The first stage of the project will cover some 3,000 handwritten documents over the next four years. [snip] The 3,000 documents to be scanned digitally over the next four years include copies of works of classical Greek and Latin literature and mediaeval and Renaissance illuminated manuscripts.”  Can’t wait.

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Paris Review: Ovid’s Ancient Beauty Elixirs.

The rumors are true: it’s Publius Ovidius Naso’s 2,057th birthday. You can score some points with the classicists in your life by mentioning this in casual conversation, especially if you toss in a reference to the Metamorphoses.

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thejogging/tumblr: There Will Be Bleed.


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ArtDaily: “Veronese: Magnificence in Renaissance Venice” opens at the National Gallery.

I’ve always admired Veronese breaking the fourth wall.  See the sheep, St. John’s foot.

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Collectors Weekly: Think You Know Ugly? Think Again.


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Paper Darts: The Art of Vintage Stamps.


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NY Times: Ferlinghetti Travel Journals to Be Published.

The poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti, at 94 one of the last living links to the Beat generation, has sold his travel journals to Liveright Publishing, a division of W.W. Norton, which plans to publish them in September 2015 as ‘Writing Across the Landscape: Travel Journals (1950-2013).’

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ArtDaily: Delaware Art Museum launches online collection; Over 1,000 works of art included.

Great.  The direct link to the collections.

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LiveScience: Ancient ‘Ritual Wand’ Etched with Human Faces Discovered in Syria.

The roughly 9,000-year-old artifact was discovered near a graveyard where about 30 people were buried without their heads — which were found in a nearby living space.”  Faces on a wand, and headless corpses. Coming up with a coherent narrative for that one should be entertaining.

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Guardian.UK: Mystery of Blarney Stone’s heritage finally solved.

Their analysis indicates the Blarney is a limestone, made of the mineral calcite, and containing recrystallised and slightly deformed fragments of fossil brachiopod shells and bryozoans – all of which are unique to the region where it is based.

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NY Times Sunday Review: The Incessant Selling of the Self.

Young people have been educated to believe that self-promotion is essential. Being excellent is only part of the scenario, and quick personal advancement is mandatory. Otherwise, all will be lost.

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ArtDaily: The sartorial styles of Scottish Kings and Queens revealed in new exhibition.

Scot duds. Gold-wrapped thread. The mind boggles at the handwork in old clothing, really.

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OpenCulture: Stephen King’s Top 20 Rules for Writers.

Nice advice.

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ArtDaily: Bowdoin College Museum of Art acquires antique camera owned by Winslow Homer.

The camera produced images that were approximately 3 x 4 inches. Homer purchased this model in 1882, during a two-year residence in Cullercoats, a small fishing village in northeast England that is less than ten miles from Newcastle-on-Tyne.

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VSCO Artist Initiative.

The VSCO® Artist Initiative is a $100,000usd scholarship fund providing artists the resources to pursue their creative vision.

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CycleEXIF: Paul Brodie and the Starley Giraffe.

For your steampunk adventures.

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Mashable: The 25 Best Tumblr Accounts for Book Nerds.

Of note.  Rather than using Tumblr itself, I find chucking tumblrs into per-subject folders of RSS feeds an easier way to read than their continuous stream.

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Ghost in the Machine: Mr. Toad’s Cantankerous Contraption.


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OpenCulture: The Harvard Classics - Download All 51 Volumes as Free eBooks.

Dig to find the needed links; clear as mud. With such a title, the link should be front and center.

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