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The Atlantic: The Irony of Writing About Digital Preservation.

Silly me. I thought we still relied on microfilm as a backup.

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Italian Ways: Michelangelo’s “Pietà Rondanini”, an incunabulum of contempor

I’ve often wondered if El Greco was influenced by this last unfinished work of Michelangelo. Greco always went in for the enlongated, thin body style.

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Paris Review: Kay Nielsen’s Stunning Illustrations for “East of the Sun…”

I might have to purchase one. My old man had an amazing old copy of this book - the binding had gorgeous illustration. As a young child, I remember holding to the top of my bed’s headboard (that was pushed up against a wall of books) and staring at that book’s binding illustrations. Sad to say, I never cracked it. As my age increased, my interest waned. Perhaps now I’ll read it, in addition to admiring the artwork.

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History Today: The Lost World of Byzantium.

On the list. For a library loan.

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ArtDaily: Forger claims Da Vinci masterpiece “La Bella Principessa” is supermarket checkout girl.

As longtime readers know, I’ve been theorizing that this is a ‘golden age’ of forgery. We keep having ‘miraculous’ discoveries on a regular basis.

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LRB: Thomas Chatterton Williams reviews ‘Between the World and Me’ by Ta-Nehisi Coates.

The acceptance of this pessimistic assessment means that forty million people must be seen as permanent victims.” Of note; make time to read through.

Tangential: I find that accepting ‘victimhood’ forces one to accept a whole host of maladies that one doesn’t actually experience (reference to my own speech issues through life). So I don’t. Accept ‘victimhood.’ I’m not a ‘victim’. America leans way to hard on ‘victimhood’. I’m a bloody survivor, and damned proud of it.

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MessyNessyChic: The Fashion World’s Best Kept Secret.

Hey, he used a Spitfire in a fashion spread. The paint is wrong, but what the hell. My new fave fashion photog. Surrealism rules! His site, directly.

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Slate: Howard Axelrod’s The Point of Vanishing, reviewed.

... if there was a crazy man in the woods, a wild bearded loner liable to do anything, I was him. I am the crazy man.

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Civil War Memory: Ta-Nehisi Coates and Civil War memory.

I don’t think anyone has gone further to engage the tough questions of the Civil War and interpret their relevance for both the black community and for a nation that continues to struggle with race relations.

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Hopes&Fears: Can you get high on art?

Some, perhaps. Depending on the art, I certainly get a feeling of ... the ‘numinous’.

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Guardian.UK: Umberto Eco - ‘Real literature is about losers’.

Since it is very difficult to decide what’s true or not I discovered that it’s easier to arrive at truth through the analysis of fakes. I would say that 50% or more of public opinion is shaped by fakes. We are blackmailed by them.

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Italian Ways: Sepo and Noveltex - from advertisement to art.

Pour le Soir, halfway down, is brilliant. The graphical shapes on the face. Wowzer.

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Dazed: Marina Abramović sued by former lover and co-creator Ulay.

She is not just a former business partner. [snip] The whole oeuvre has made history. It’s now in school books. But she has deliberately misinterpreted things, or left my name out.” I saw this on another major media outlet, but the link disappeared between RSS receipt and my desiring to post ... and unfindable in search. I assume being rewritten?

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The Metropolitan Museum of Art: Book titles with full text online.

Hey, like wow.

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Medium/Benloulou: Why I dropped out of design school.

Sounds like things haven’t changed at design schools. Back in the day, this used to be the fashionable-but-socially-approved “no-work” degree to have, for daughters who were ‘creative’ amongst the Ivy League set.

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Guardian.UK: Undelivered letters shed light on 17th-century society.

One woman wrote enclosing a cut-out paper dove holding a flaming heart, bitterly recalling ‘the fidelity which you promised me and which I have given with all my soul’. Whoever the faithless lover was, he never got the letter.

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ArtDaily: Hitler marble bust by official sculptor Josef Thorak found buried in Gdansk, Poland.

Apart from the subject, it’s a well-crafted work. Yet there’s a brutality to it, too - appropriate in hindsight. You Europeans seem to have all the fun. Dig a few inches anywhere, you’re bound to find all kinds of amazing historical bits ... if you don’t hit a UXB.

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Paris Review: How Terrifying a Ship on Fire Is.

Imagining a backstory to a famed painting.

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Daily Mail Online: Rome’s Trevi Fountain re-opens following £1.4m Fendi transformation.

Looks good. I assume the metal walkway is removed.

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JSTOR: Linguistic Anarchy! It’s all Pun and Games Until Somebody Loses a Sign.

A farce to be reckoned with, as they say.

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jonathan sprague: spare change.

This has unexpected impact, sans the folks who carried them.

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Slate: Against subtlety - The case for heavy-handedness in art.

I assume the grotesque use of stock imagery was to make a point?

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JunkCulture: Bureau A Recreates Stonehenge out of Shipping Containers in the Center of Geneva.

Harrumph. I preferred Santa Fe’s “Fridgehenge” in the old waste facility overlooking downtown; long gone now. Spoke more to the timelessness of consumer garbage, IMHO.

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Paris Review: The Lumpy, Crowded Graveyard - On Necrotopology and Memory

There were few tombstones — five, ten, maybe twenty — in a space that we know holds thousands of bodies, and they were not set in concrete. They are invariably depicted as tilting precariously, as if to proclaim their impermanence. And since no one could claim a specific part of the churchyard, they were in fact transient. Even the occasional box tomb is usually shown in a state of disrepair. Inside there was more hope for rest but even there nothing was assured.” Well, now ... ‘Dem bones, dem bones gonna walk around’ may not be so true.

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Webdesigner Depot: Adobe releases award-winning Slate app for the web.

Another clone of Exposure.co; I’m surprised they don’t sue.

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