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Chemistry World: Shedding light on fading reds in Van Gogh’s paintings.

The researchers think that when red lead is exposed to light it is converted into plumbonacrite, which reacts with carbon dioxide to form hydrocerussite and cerussite.

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ArtDaily: IS ‘bulldozed’ ancient Assyrian city of Nimrud, Iraq’s antiquities ministry says.

I’m sorry to say everybody was expecting this. Their plan is to destroy Iraqi heritage, one site at a time.” I have no words. This is like having someone get in your closet, start destroying your stuff. I’d drag ‘em out and beat the tar out of ‘em.

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ArtDaily: France’s Monte-Cristo castle in need of repair; $1 million needed to get it back in shape

Surely everyone in the worldwide Dumas club can cough up (combined) $50k.  More pix. [Tellingly, noone links the funding source so one can donate. Idiots.]

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Bike EXIF: The Amazing Motorcycle Models of Pere Tarragó.


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Guardian.UK: Egyptian Museum to launch new conservation database.

I have a saying: if you want to be a good restorer, think an hour before you work for one minute.

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ArtDaily: Major exhibition of works by Dutch photographer Marie Cécile Thijs opens.

Her work echoes Old Master lighting. See more on her own website.

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Channel4.com: Islamic State fighters smash historic statues in Iraq.

According to Eleanor Robson, chair of the British Institute for the Study of Iraq, the majority of original statues have been taken to the Baghdad Museum for safe-keeping. [snip] Nonetheless, the stone winged bull you can see being destroyed is an original, probably one at the gates to Nineveh, dating back to the seventh century.” My italic emphasis.

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Italian Ways: Franco Grignani’s fantastic Penguin covers.

These always made my head hurt.

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Economics in Plain English: Art, meet Economics.

It’s like a Mercedes-Benz, you drive it off the lot, it loses half its value.” Cold comfort in the art photography market.

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The Atlantic: The Designer Who Humanized Corporate America.

Of Paul Rand. “As one of the youngest art directors for New York-based advertising agency Weintraub, he designed for Orbach’s department store, El Producto cigars, and the aperitif liquor Dubonnet. He worked for Manhattan publishers Knopf, Vintage, and Pantheon creating abstract book covers and jackets, and gained a reputation with designs for blue-chip companies like IBM, Cummins Engines, Westinghouse, Morningstar, even Enron. By 1986 he was such a star that Steve Jobs received special dispensation from Apple’s sworn rival, IBM, to enlist Rand to design his post-Apple venture, the NeXT logo.

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Reuters: Dutch restorers offer to repair Rome hooliganism damage for free.

So they should. Again, it amazes me that we have any historical aesthetics to enjoy, given mankind’s idiotic destructive tendencies.

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Guardian.UK: Henry VIII’s evidence to support break with Rome turns up in Cornish library.

It was an amazing moment. The old long gallery here is about the length of a football pitch, and the professor lapped it about six times when we found the book.” Video or it didn’t happen.

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ArtDaily: Faberge unveils first Imperial egg in 99 years.

Let’s hope it doesn’t get mislaid ... or sold for scrap.

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“Spanish Cowboy.”

Even Picasso.

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WaPo: Why Turkish troops entered Syria to reach a medieval tomb.

Over the weekend, a column of Turkish troops and armored vehicles motored about 20 miles across the border into Syria. In the dead of night, they approached an old mausoleum, held a brief prayer ceremony and removed the site’s historical artifacts and relics. Then, they lowered the Turkish flag that flew over the site and demolished the complex.” The relics would have ended up on the open market, of course.

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Motionographer: Robert Rugan releases “Danny and The Wild Bunch”


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Vimeo: Power/Rangers [NSFW].

Katee Sackhoff and a few others make a dark Power Rangers fan flick. I expect this is the new method for encouraging movie moguls to invest - high production has come way down in price.

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WaPo: Why digital natives prefer reading in print. Yes, you read that right.

A University of Washington pilot study of digital textbooks found that a quarter of students still bought print versions of e-textbooks that they were given for free. ‘These are people who aren’t supposed to remember what it’s like to even smell books,’ [snip].” The danger of assumption.

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NPR: ‘First Edition’ Of The ‘Iliad’? Sure, Right Next To That ‘FIrst Edition’ Bible.

Good grief.

Related: Texas Tech ‘politically challenged’ vid.

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Kottke: Hunter S. Thompson calls customer service.

What an ass. Nightmare client. Sorry, but I’d kick him to the curb.

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ArtDaily: 2 masterpieces from Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden available in gigapixel resolution.

Article here, gigapixel here. I adore those two bored cherubs at the bottom of the frame ...

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Guardian.UK: Sylvie Guillem - ‘You dance, and there is always an answer’.

Some have ledes about her being “a car mechanic’s daughter” for the sensationalism; more informative is the fact her mother was a gymnastics instructor. Ms Guillem, your unique artistry will be missed.

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Archaeology News Network: The men who smuggle the loot that funds IS.

Not exactly Indiana Jones.

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Mashable: Lost Sherlock Holmes story found in an attic in Scotland.

It’s believed to be the first unseen Holmes story by Doyle since the last was published over 80 years ago.COOL.

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The Atlantic: Does a Creative Firm Get a Boost From Being in a City?

God yes. Santa Fe’s dead, Albuquerque too, compared on a national scale. Note that in the ‘90’s, when we in NYC thought we were on top of our games, the actual most-creative work was being done in Atlanta, Dallas, Minneapolis. They just didn’t get the recognition because NYC owns the creative PR and has simply immense amounts of opportunity and resource to make a middling concept popular. 

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