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HyperAllergic: The First Shrine of Its Kind in Iraq Is Destroyed.

When does the ‘potential Holocaust’ trigger for ethnic and cultural cleansing go off?  Who is buying oil and gas from them, financing this? Turkey?! Have you learned nothing of history? Watch your borders. You’re next.

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ArtDaily: Portraits of the “It” girl of her time and her mother to be offered at Bonhams.

Eyes big enough? The features seem all out of proportion, to me. Interesting synchronicity - the current fad amongst young ladies to dye their hair grey. Perhaps hair powder should return.

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Italian Ways: The Piccolomini Library and the great shifts in history.

How on earth could anyone read a book here? I’d spend all my time looking at the walls, ceiling, etc.

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Museum of Artifacts: Corsican vendetta knife with floral detail.

May all your wounds be mortal.

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Popular Archaeology: Magnificent Ancient Roman Silver Treasure Revealed.

Scroll down for larger photos. Pretty damned impressive silversmithing.

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medievalbooks: Destroying Medieval Books – And Why That’s Useful.

Nice.  I haven’t seen anyone sewing paperbacks into their clothing yet, in the face of ebooks.

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ArtDaily: Bullet from the first wartime aviation casualty to be auctioned in London.

The bullet was extracted from Montu, who made a full recovery. He later wore the bullet as a ‘badge of honour’ around his neck and as a lucky charm.

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ArtDaily: ‘Empire of the dead’ - Paris’ Catacombs still entice visitors.

All of these tibias piled in such a decorative manner pose the question (of mortality) ... there’s a visual proof that everyone is equal in death that is quite philosophical.

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HyperAllergic: What Do Classical Antiquities Look Like in Color?

Tacky and cartoony, with paint. Always made me question Greek ‘classical’ tastes. Must’ve been like living in Las Vegas or a Disney theme park.

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ArtDaily: The Vatican’s Sistine Chapel dazzles thanks to a revolutionary new lighting system.

The LEDs have a colour spectrum specifically designed with the pigmentation of the frescos in mind to ensure the light faithfully reflects the original colours, as the artists intended.” Someone will probably want to throw a stone at me, but I miss the patina. Easier to take in as a whole, before. Now, I’d have to spend a half hour or more looking at each individual tableau.

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Electric Literature: Searching for the Headless Horseman.

The Headless Horseman may have become one of America’s oldest ghosts, but his story was born in Europe and variations of him have long existed in Irish and German folklore.” Who minds? It’s so compelling.

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The Atlantic: I Can Never Have Too Many Mechanical Pencils.

I find a 0.9mm is just a smidge thick, but near-impossible to break. So it’s become my go-to mechanical pencil.

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Italian Ways: Tato’s dynamic aerial paintings.

Aw, these are great.

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Amazon.com: Book - The Rolling Stones.

Coming December 15. An amazing list of photographers’ work in here.

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MessyNessyChic: Vintage Supercars rotting away in a forest (and that’s how the owner wants it)

Painful and beautiful at the same time.

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Paris Review: Happy Halloween from Thackeray.

... with Halloween around the corner, it seems as good a time as any to present a portfolio of Thackeray at his most imaginatively unhinged.” Delightfully grotesque.

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Vimeo: SPAZUK fire painter.

A must-watch.

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WritersDigest: The Art and Craft of Wasting Time in 20 Quotes.

Of interest.  Forgive the sourcing.

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The Art Newspaper: Tullio’s Adam returns to view at the Met.

One of its greatest treasure, Tullio Lombardo’s life-sized marble sculpture of the nude Adam crashed to the stone floor as its medium-density plywood stand buckled and collapsed.”  Even the Art Newspaper doesn’t proof its copy.

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Italian Ways: Flying high with Leonardo.

Wooden models of Leonardo’s most famous flying machines.

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The New Yorker: “Alan Bean Plus Four”

Tom Hanks rips one out.

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New Statesman: Treasure trails - how museums became diplomatic fixers.

Yes. I used to think antiquities should be repatriated; the Bamiyan Buddhas and other events of late have convinced me it is better to take mankind’s common heritage and spread it as widely as possible so we cannot lose it. So I vote ‘no’ on the Elgin marbles now.

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The Rumpus: A Girl And Her Car.

Hmmm. In the wake of the current video game-vs-women controversies, this is no longer as cool and pragmatic as it sounds. More like Neanderthal-era culture needs to be chucked in the dustbin.

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PSFK: Hemingwrite Typing Device Aimed at Distraction-Free Writing.


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The New Yorker: The Real Amazon Warriors.

... the horse was the great equalizer, along with the bow and arrow, which meant that a woman could be just as fast, just as deadly, as a man.” Those following a certain issue in the news, should be warned.

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