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Amazon.com: Libertarians on the Prairie.

New book, by one of my high school classmates. Go Chris! Ordered.

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The Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago: Catalog of Publications.

Free ebooks. Well, PDFs. Or purchase dead tree copies. Always nice to give back to scholarly institutions ...

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YT: Massive Attack - The Spoils ft. Hope Sandoval.

Cate Blanchett, melting looks.

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Catapult: The Crematorium.

Great piece. So many familiar points.

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ArtDaily: SITE Santa Fe opens second installment of reimagined biennial series.

Always fun to see Santa Fe galleries in the national news. Hasn’t been happening as much as in the past.

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The Millions: Heaney’s Aeneid - Book VI.

Quoting another, contemporary translation [sic]:
Fuck! Why?
I swear
by the starsby the gods
and whatever honor
I have, I never
Meant to hurt you
The gods want what they want.

No. Just no. Heaney yes, this ... no.

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NY Times/Review: ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’ Explores the Power of Time.

As long as we don’t have to revisit the Forest of Dean.

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Atlas Obscura: Youth Tries to Improve 5,000-Year-Old Carving, Causes ‘National Tragedy’.

Why don’t kids ASK anymore?

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Colossal: Mandalas Formed From Foraged Wood and River Stones Designed by Matt W. Moore.

Hmmm. Perhaps I’ll try one of these, next soujourn in the wilderness. Enough scrap wood around these parts.

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Colossal: Street Artist Paints Over Ugly Graffiti to Make it Legible.


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Classic Driver Mag: The cultural renaissance of the Art Deco-era’s rolling sculptures.

Car design’s peak. Thanks, vowe.net.

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Vice: I’m Sick Of Pretending - I Don’t “Get” Art.

Art, esp. in urban areas, has been seeking emotional and/or physical response for decades. Shock value. Disgust.

There are a whole lot of beautiful and sublime things in this world, but you’d never know it sometimes.

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MessyNessy: A Forgotten Bowling Alley’s Steampunk Revival is a Perfect Strike.


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Art Newspaper: Name of mystery woman who received Van Gogh’s ear revealed for first time.

Gabrielle, an innocent victim of a rabid dog and the temporarily deranged artist within the same year, later married and lived well into old age ...” Good for her. The tales she could tell, later on ...

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Macworld: Scrivener for iOS review - A sophisticated writing and research app for on-the-go.

Quirky but lovely, I use Scrivener for all my longer-form writing on desktop. I’ve not tried this mobile variant yet.

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OpenCulture: 4 Interactive Maps Immortalize the Roads That Inspired Jack Kerouac.

Apparently the staple myth in Santa Fe of old Rt 66/Kerouac is untrue. Amazing what happens when you actually read a book ...

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Italian Ways: Signorelli and the Sacristy of San Giovanni in Loreto.

You can clearly see where Michaelangelo riffed off of Signorelli.

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Chronicle of Higher Ed: What Classics Professors Can Teach the Rest of Us.

Yet little seems to rub off. Today’s writers seemed mired in descriptive trivia that the writers of classics simply didn’t need in order to paint a lively tableau. Perhaps it is my age - I don’t need to have my imagination prompted. I suspect today’s Disney-raised need textual cartoons to paint their cerebellums.

I would not change my era or childhood for *anything*.

Case in point: “Adrenalized coots”, “hotheaded moorhens”, “sly-bones heron”, “susurrant reeds”? Fellow writers, can you not see the thesaurus being hauled out for those? You can feel the streeeeeetch. Words over feelings, emotions. Words that break the song of location.

From my journal this weekend by the South Fork of the Rio:

There is a peace - a zen space - in watching the dance of sedge-flies in the morning, arcing and lilting over the water. A glancing touch on the surface, a sudden swirl ... swift death by trout. Chipmunks dart through the boulders and dead wood searching for forgotten morsels. Red-shafted flickers spark their crimson underwings seeking an easy insect breakfast buffet in the beetle-ridden deadwood. You can hear the river at work. Dull bass booms as the rocks shift. Curious, that flora and fauna manage to manifest such joy and happiness in the face of daily mortal danger, yet we humans seem to always be bored, testy and unsatisfied. An eddy in the river ... suds. Sticks to the rocks like plaque to teeth. Who would be so inconsiderate? Mother Nature has much to teach us, if we still have the capacity to listen. If we don’t murder her first.

I like those, but do not consider them finished thoughts; even that feels ‘not spare enough’.

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Guardian.UK: Stanley Kubrick’s Barry Lyndon: ‘It puts a spell on people’.

When Lyndon was released, it seemed to never leave the theatres it occupied. I swear it felt like for half my youth, I’d walk up to the Hobby Shop past Lyndon movie posters at The Garden theatre in Princeton. A few years ago, I deigned to watch it, and was enchanted. It’s a must-see.

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ANN: Vatican Library digitises 1,600 year-old manuscript containing works of Virgil.

Virgin Virgil. Nice.

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DYT: China Unveils Colossal 1,320-ton Sculpture Of Chinese God Of War “Guan Yu”.

Ya gotta admit, it’s cool.

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Electric Lit: Brad Watson on Scoundrels, Medical Mysteries & Building His New Novel.

Cowardice never gets a novel written.” Great quote. Write that one down.

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Atlas Obscura: Found - Exactly How Much of His Ear Van Gogh Sliced Off.

Dude was serious. I understand his agony, though ... I’m reading the wails of the Sanders faithful post-Clinton endorsement ... (wink) ...

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Colossal: A Giant Illuminated ‘Castle in the Sky’ Ship Built for the Studio Ghibli Exhib


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Had to deal with car servicing, work issues.

Links as I can. And Folk Art Market’s this weekend - traffic’s a snarl. Be safe out there.

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