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DYT: A 19th-Century Vision of the Year 2000

Need a steampunk storyline, you’ve got loads of inspiration right here.

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NPR: Why The Battle Between E-Books And Print May Be Over.

If you read the publishers’ dollar sales are down, that doesn’t necessarily mean that people have turned their backs on e-books and they’re not reading them. It just means that the prices of what they’re paying for those e-books may have changed.

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Looks like, from my RSS feed, Catapult’s been hacked.

Don’t open any links.

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ArtDaily: Old, prestigious Pennsylvania collection of US coins to be auctioned.

Great backstory.

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New Yorker: Why Do We Love Henry David Thoreau?

Thoreau could stroll from his cabin to his family home, in Concord, in twenty minutes, about as long as it takes to walk the fifteen blocks from Carnegie Hall to Grand Central Terminal. He made that walk several times a week, lured by his mother’s cookies or the chance to dine with friends. These facts he glosses over in ‘Walden,’ despite detailing with otherwise skinflint precision his eating habits and expenditures.” Yes, we in America tend to read this in late high school, college, become smitten. Living authentically! Close to the land, close to the bone. Only the essentials!

After a few years, one runs across the critiques. The legendary writings begin to crumble when one finds out his mother was doing his laundry.

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LRB/Review: ‘The Martian’.

Excitement in the film collects around this idea, I think because it is a real idea, because it asks us to imagine something other than common sense as a solution to our ills.

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NPR: ‘Bloom County’ And Opus The Penguin Return After A 25-Year Hiatus.

If you’ve loved Bloom County, and even if you’ve loved To Kill A Mockingbird, you’ve got to listen to this.

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ItalianWays: Saints on citrus fruit wrappers - the beauty of good.

Um ... no relation to ‘be fruitful and multiply’?

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liber.io: Liberio is shutting down.

They were a service for rendering Google Docs into ebooks. Shame. Build a plugin for Scrivener?

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ArtDaily: Rome’s Spanish Steps closed for Bulgari-funded makeover.

Long overdue.

Speaking of which, ArtDaily as a source is getting pretty horrible. The ads. I need to find a new source for the same sort of articles. One can occasionally stand a stinking outhouse in a crisis, but on a daily basis ...

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Aeon: How rivalry propels creative genius.

Again, true. Your bitterest enemy, your harshest critic, are your best creative fonts. My stutter challenged me throughout school, driving my writing and thinking further than they would ever go otherwise. So for the yearbook, I chose the quote: “Believe me, a thousand friends suffice thee not. In a single enemy, thou hast more than enough.” - Ali Ben Abi Taleb.

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Italian Ways: The Ribaudo family grave in Staglieno’s Cemetery, and a song by Joy Division.

I do so admire grave statuary. Fascinating how people wish to render eternal sleep. The beauty, the tragedy ...

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OpenCulture: 20 New Lines from The Epic of Gilgamesh Discovered in Iraq, Adding New Details.

Boss. I still suspect we’ll learn more of early Bible tales, in the archaeology of Iraq.

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The Millions: The Mind Behind the Page - On Writing What I Don’t Know.

Novels should not be read as memoir. Still, whether the novelist writes what she knows or what she imagines, her words can conjure a realer reality, one more potent and less illusory than our present distraction.” I don’t necessarily agree. Leaving sci-fi and fantasy to the side (because this question is moot - they can never actually experience their fiction) ... if you read a contemporary book about the West, it never can compare to the descriptions in a Zane Grey. Yet I would have had to have lived here to appreciate the difference. Back East, I’d never have realized.

You know instantly who’s actually experienced the environment, the people. A better question might be, given the same subject matter, which author writes the better book - the one with the direct experience, or the one with imagination?

The imagination could make for a richer book.

I think too much.

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ArtDaily: Rare antique arcade and gambling machines up for bid.

Entertaining to try and guess ... what are we looking at every day, that in 20 years will be a valuable collectable?

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William Reichard: Wandering, truant.


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ArtDaily: “Martin Boyce: When Now is Night”

Some art just escapes me.

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Italian Ways: The Hendrik Christian Andersen House-Museum in Rome.

Amazing work ... with a pretty amazing backstory.

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NPR: Swordswoman, Opera Singer, Runaway - ‘Goddess’ Chronicles A Fabled Life.

Australian young adult author Kelly Gardiner has written her first novel for grownups about a character who seems to leave no adult passion untested.” I’ll have to give it a try, to judge whether YA to regular novel is a good path for young authors.

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Chris Woodside: Libertarians on the Prairie.

A friend from Princeton High School has authored a book about the realities of the Laura Ingalls Wilder saga. Rises to the top of my hardback purchase list!

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WilliamReichard: Excellent read about the nature of theater.

Will asks the question. I answer: Reading may be solitary, but it makes me better when involved in community. My reading drove my imagination as a child, causing me to break boundaries and become a more complete individual. After a spin in the pages of a novel, I return to society seeing the same-olds through new lenses.

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DP Review: Can the iPad Pro be a serious editing tool for imaging professionals?

Despite being a much more powerful device than other models in the iPad line-up, with the software that is currently available the iPad Pro remains an additional tool for specific tasks in your editing workflow, but not the centerpiece.” My italic emphasis.

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NY Times/In Performance: Juliette Binoche.

Antigone. Still lovely.

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Hyperallergic: A Petition to Stop “Irresponsible” Restoration of Chartres Cathedral.

Comparison photos ... ? Concerning.

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LRB: Ravishing.

Two books on the history of ‘the Castrati’. I cross my legs and move on ...

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