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Vox: How to speak in Cockney rhyming slang.

Both cerebral and ghetto at the same time.

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NY Times: Museum Rules - Talk Softly, and Carry No Selfie Stick.

Folks are so intent on their framing, they inadvertently bruise others and destroy property. Reminds me of when skateboards hit it big; kids ground off the edging on so many beautiful buildings around Princeton. Ugly scars *everywhere*. Tens of thousands of dollars of damage, that the University and town quietly paid for. I approve the stick-bans.

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Past Horizons: Bedlam burial ground - Excavating the records.

One can’t forget Dicken’s Scrooge exclaiming, “... my clerk, with fifteen shillings a week, and a wife and family, talking about a merry Christmas. I’ll retire to Bedlam.”  Naught like a bit o’ context.

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(e) Science News: Power efficiency in the violin.

Of f-holes and back-plates.

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PS Mag: How Learning Artistic Skills Alters the Brain.

My first 365 project had this sort of effect. But ‘forced’ creativity isn’t the same as working towards a set of creative goals, IMHO. I’ve been shooting some events lately, and it opens up new ideas for framing, gets my timing skills down (to capture fleeting expressions). You want to get better at something, do it more often. Iterate faster, make better mistakes faster.

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The Millions: Calendars, Timelines, and Collages - Mapping the Imaginary

How some authors lay out a book.

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The Art Newspaper: Met can charge admission, judge rules—even if it’s just a penny.

The Metropolitan Museum can charge visitors for admission, New York’s Supreme Court decided last week.” A bargain at almost any price. $25’s a little steep, though. Part of the fun was taking it in on spur-of-the-moment when at loose ends in that part of NYC. For $25, I’d limit my visitation to large blocks of time.

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WSJ: Cowboy Culture, Alive and Well.

Given the historic relevance of cowboys and ranchers to the settlement of the American West and to American cultural identity generally, it is curious that art depicting cowboy life tends to be looked down upon in a way other regional forms of artistic expression — Appalachian bluegrass, Delta Blues, Amish and Shaker culture — are not. [snip] ... the art associated with them is often reckoned to be naive, little more than kitsch.” And that’s a shame. Though myth is thick on the ground, there is much to enjoy.

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Aeon: Welcome to Earth, population 500 million.

Um ... Aeon, meet Wool. I mean, seriously. No need to reinvent the wheel.

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Messy Nessy Chic: Borrow an East London Time Capsule House.

The house at 4 Princelet Street is one of those rare gems that has been so well conserved in its original state to hold on to all that history, that it’s not exactly liveable full-time. Instead, it can be borrowed; for private events, dinners, weddings, filming, photo shoots or pretty much whatever you can imagine borrowing it for.” Oh, fun.

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BeyondBones: Beyond #BeardGate – What else has happened to Tut?

If you look closely at the mask today, you can still see the holes punched on either side of the neck to fix it in position. The collar itself is still displayed detached from the mask. It took fifteen years or so for the beard to make it back on to the mask, but the collar has still not been re-attached.

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Italian Ways: Milan’s Duomo on your suitcase and in your heart.

I’m a sucker for vintage travel stickers.

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NY Times: Artists Find Audience for Painstaking Letterpress Printing [Craig of Booknotes, famous!]

Craig does simply stunning work. Words cannot describe the meticulous craftsmanship. See his site, also: Booklab II.

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Youtube: Madame Bovary - Official Trailer.

Everyone’s so young and pretty. Not quite what I imagined from the text. Looks very beautifully appointed.

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NY Times: Walter Liedtke, Curator at Metropolitan Museum of Art, Dies at 69.

Very sad. There was always an unspoken rule ... you never sit in the frontmost car on a train. If it hits something, that’s the one to flex like an accordion. If he’d commuted for a while, it was probably crowded and he took what he could get.

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#idontknow/Tumblr: 100 legal sites to download literature.


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Colossal: Behind the Scenes of Elgin Park, a Retro City of Optical Illusions.

The dude who makes scale models and photographs them against actual-sized buildings, has created a book.

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NY Times: Picasso’s Granddaughter Plans to Sell Art, Worrying the Market.

If she wants to do the most good, she should be keenly aware of the ramifications of her actions. Too many pieces, diluting the market, she won’t have the capital to accomplish all she wants.

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Guardian.UK: Milan Kundera’s first novel in more than a decade due in June.

We have in France one of the greatest contemporary writers. He is called Milan Kundera, and you must read his new book as soon as possible – it could be his last, and it is magnificent, sunny, profound and funny.” A novelist you soak in. A single sentence, read at the right time, can change your life. Can’t wait.

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NPR Book Review: ‘Trigger Warning’ By Neil Gaiman.

They are confections, these stories. Like eating a delicious piece of chocolate and, halfway through, finding a finger in it.” Um, okay.

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The Smart Set: The Real Problem with Public Discourse.

And the best thing about it was, nobody in his life — not his parents, his adult children, his grandchildren, not his neighbors nor the members of his church congregation—knew that Bob Anderson, retired accountant, family man, churchgoer and pillar of his suburban community, was really the infamous scourge of the Internet, that dreaded and admired titan among trolls, Mrpoophispants.

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Guardian.UK: Michelangelo’s bronze panther-riders revealed after ‘Renaissance whodunnit’.

Crucial to the attribution of the bronzes, which belong to a private British owner, has been a tiny detail from a drawing by an apprentice of Michelangelo, now in the Musée Fabre in Montpellier, France. The drawing shows in one corner a muscular youth riding a panther in a similar pose.” Thin.

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The Millions: Honey, Would You Read My Book?

Applicable to bloggers, too.

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IAMPETH: Compendium of Real Pen Work.


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Imgur: Updated Google Maps Middle Earth.


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