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BBC: Why is modern music so loud?

In the ‘90’s A/V business, we called overcompression mush or hash.Back it the hell off.

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Catapult: The Art of the Perfect Book Cover.

A book’s cover is the pictorial gateway into the world you’ve been crafting for years.” That’s why you hire an artist, and don’t try to handle it yourself. But do stick up for your vision, and work hard to articulate your desires to the artist. You’re often at loggerheads of understanding. Takes time to clear the decks of preconceived notions and find common ground from which to define the points you want graphically represented. You’re hiring someone for their design expertise - don’t hamper them, but also don’t let them run off and misrepresent your hard work. You’re a partnership working towards a goal.

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Ms Magazine: As Subtle as the Pose.

Important read. You’ve heard it before. We get pummelled by the same visual tropes over and over and over, until we’re numb. And, for the record, I’ve never seen a single woman adopt that ‘fashion hunch’ in real life. Other than one with severe spine issues, and she couldn’t move otherwise.

Fashion needs some serious reality. Sadly, fashion bloggers are merely making cold calculated plays for sponsorship and ad impressions. They seem to not realize that together, they could drive a wedge in this industry, split it to pieces and reassemble it any damned way they want.

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Paris Review: The Nineteenth Century Obsession with Premature Burial.

We’re always so fascinated by death.

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The Atlantic: From ‘Avatar’ to ‘Jurassic Park,’ ‘Beowulf’ to ‘Jaws,’ All Stories Are the Same.

Good read, but tap world myths. Plenty of variety there; common themes if you want them, but some decidedly surprising storylines.

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MessyNessyChic: Where the Statues of Paris were sent to Die.

In which we are reminded that Daesh behavior is not a one-off.

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Italian Ways: The Stibbert Museum in Florence - dreams, weapons, and a taste of Japan.

Armor! I used to stretch my lunch hours in NYC so I could go visit the Armor room up at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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Valet.: What Makes a Good Logo?

Michael Bierut, who’s worked on Saks Fifth Avenue, Harley-Davidson, The Atlantic, Princeton University, Guitar Hero and most recently, Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Grain of salt here: Hillary’s is no favorite of mine.

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Vimeo: 5 mètres 80.

Because everyone needs high-diving giraffes in their day.

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BBC: Virginia schools shut in Islam calligraphy row.

Teachers didn’t imagine this bit of script would be incendiary? How stupid can you be? Worst timing ever, to try using a statement of faith as a calligraphy lesson. Recitation of this in front of witnesses is considered the only formal step in conversion to Islam. And they offer this to kids in Baptist country. Jeez-oh-man.

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Literary Hub: Men Explain Lolita to Me.

You ask me, Humbert Humbert was one creepy, predaceous son-of-a-bitch. Nabokov’s writing is much-touted, but I can’t help wanting to read the novel Lolita would have written about the same experiences.

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Open Culture: Creativity, Not Money, is the Key to Happiness.

As Csikszentmihalyi strongly suggests in his books and talks, the more we can lose ourselves intensely in creative activities that bring us fulfillment, the closer we come to being in harmony with ourselves and our world.” I have to agree.

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Autoweek: Car books for holiday shopping.

Nope. This instead. Thank me later.

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WaPo: The Post drops the ‘mike’ — and the hyphen in ‘e-mail’.

Of note. Wonderful that we have humans who obsess over this kind of thing.

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NY TImes: ‘Childhood’s End,’ a Syfy Adaptation of Arthur C. Clarke’s Chillin

Sounds decent!

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LRB: Michael Wood reviews ‘The Hunger Games’.

A different analysis.

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BBC World Service: Mona Lisa - the mystery deepens.

Oh, excellent.

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The Atlantic: Historical Commemoration and the Age of Marble.

Princeton affixed Woodrow Wilson’s name to a residential college in 1968 (primarily in recognition of his role in Princeton’s development, though the controversy today involves his public record). But its two most recently built colleges are named for donors: the publishing tycoon Malcolm Forbes and a business executive, Meg Whitman. Quietly, the commemorative sphere has been eroded by the practice of naming buildings, not for figures of community esteem, but for the people who pay for them.” And boy, what eyesores some of them have put up. Hire a starchitect, build hyperexpensive albatrosses.

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OpenCulture: Marcel Marceau Mimes the Progression of Human Life, in 4 Minutes.

Always amazing. Speaking of Princeton (below), I saw him at McCarter Theatre a decade or so before his death.

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LA Times: Oscar Castillo’s photos of Chicano life and protest are essential for understanding LA.

Looking through, I seem to detect how hyper-sexualized women’s clothing’s become in the last decades ... ?

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BookBub: Free Ebooks.

I seem to be the last person to have heard of this service. They inform you of deals from the major ebook retailers (free offers, reduced cost specials, etc.). Surprised at the bestsellers that get discounted occasionally. I haven’t joined yet (except with a fake email for a brief few minutes), but it looked useful. Anyone using them? I’m just concerned it’s an email-harvesting operation.

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BBC: The photographer who charmed Picasso and Muhammad Ali.

The stories he can tell ... amazing.

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NY Times: Rare King James Bible First Edition Discovered at Drew University.

You can play Indiana Jones at your local library.

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The Atlantic: The Irony of Writing About Digital Preservation.

Silly me. I thought we still relied on microfilm as a backup.

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Italian Ways: Michelangelo’s “Pietà Rondanini”, an incunabulum of contempor

I’ve often wondered if El Greco was influenced by this last unfinished work of Michelangelo. Greco always went in for the enlongated, thin body style.

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