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Variety: ‘The Little Prince’ Trailer Unveiled for Cannes.

I actually love that they linked it to ‘helicopter parenting’. With that one choice, it’s perfection. That will date the movie someday (I hope), but not eliminate its relevance.

Here’s to you, Saint-Ex.

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The Morning News: Binge Reading Disorder.

The typical American consumes more than 100,000 words a day, and remembers none of them. When everybody’s reading, but nobody’s smarter, what value has the word?” Personally, I don’t speed-read. I deep-read. If it’s not going to ‘stick’, I usually don’t bother. I just started ‘Outlander’ (I was curious). It may go into my ‘abandoned’ list. “The stone screamed ... (extensive snip) ... it was the sort of scream you might expect from a stone.” Really? Seriously? I expect the TV show is better? I’ll soldier on, however. Paid for it. Might as well bull through to see if it picks up. I hear more and more people discussing the show, so I feel I need to know something about it for my own adaptation to culture.

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Paris Review: Wordsworth’s Most Famous Poem Turns 200.

I am sure it is a great poem [snip] but every ten-year-old Indian is tortured and tormented by [it]... As a kid I remember I had to memorize pages dissecting this poem, but one question always remained — What the hell is a daffodil? No Indian kid ever laid eyes on that flower.”  Pffft.

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Another Something & Co: Monica Ramos, illustrator.

Of note.

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JunkCulture: Artist Transforms Washed Up Plastic Pollution into Beautiful Site Specific Installation

I’ve asked it before, I’ll ask it again. As photographers, what are we actually doing when we portray trash beautifully?

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PS Mag: Want to Be More Creative? Get Out the Electrodes.

Don’t think licking a 9 volt will help.

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CityLab: An Interactive Map of Shakespeare’s London.


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NY Times: Why Writers Love to Hate the M.F.A.

Other realities conspire to make the M.F.A. one of the fastest growing graduate degrees. Among them: the pervasiveness of digital media and celebrity culture, where anyone with a blog feels like a best-selling novelist-in-waiting; the rise of memoirs, a natural extension of the online selfie writing culture; the popularity of magical realism and noir fiction novels, which have turned many 20-somethings on to literature; and changes in generational attitudes, aspirations and culture.

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Take the Little Black Classics for a spin.

80 books for 80p each.” Interesting, yet slightly maddening, interface.

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Youtube: 1. Squash & Stretch - 12 Principles of Animation.

I learned these a long, long time ago from Eli Bauer (of Terrytoons fame, though his talents went far beyond). And Paul Krukowski, a fantastic Polish animator. Sitting through these twelve videos will also give you a leg up when editing videos in general.

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terribleminds: I Gotcher Blog-Writin’ Advice Right Here.

One of the most recent posts is a promise to post more posts, to blog more blogs, to blargh more blarghs, and that post was three years ago. Two rats chew on a third rat. The ground is salted and dead.” All the uses of the word “blog” made me grab an entire package of toilet paper, in case the blogs leaked out of my monitor.

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OpenCulture: Rijksmuseum Digitizes & Makes Free Online 210,000 Works of Art!


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The Casual Optimist: Book Covers of Note April 2015.

Some eyecatchers.

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Saatchi Art: xanthippe tsalimi.

Oh, I really like these.

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Spectator.UK: Stolen kisses & naked girls - much to wonder about in Lewis Carroll’s Wonderland

Shades of photographer David Hamilton (I won’t link; NSFW, perhaps distasteful to many).

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Vimeo/Staff Pick: The Reinvention of Normal.

I adore this.

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How much better mobile camera filters would be ...

... if we who use Lightroom and Photoshop could craft - and sell - our own.  Just thinkerin’ out loud. Instead of manufacturers having miserably equipped closed systems, they could just take a cut from the thousands of folks who’d be posting filters for sale. Implement a user-scoring system a la Amazon, with reviews.

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Electric Literature and Catapult.co Launch New Series of Writing Workshops and Classes.

MFA grads are welcome; so are MBA-holders/chefs/road workers/violinists/underwater basket weavers. Whether you’re polishing up your third novel, preparing work for submissions to journals or graduate programs, or are simply interested in finessing your craft, you’re welcome to join us.” You need to be in NYC or environs, however.

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The Art Newspaper: Vienna museum director calls for time limit on Nazi-loot restitution claims.

This doesn’t help Austria in the eyes of the world. Many don’t agree: “We have an immense obligation towards the Holocaust era. The discussion should not be about time limits but rather on how provenance research can be carried out as efficiently and rapidly as possible.” If someone has clear provenance 500 years hence, should a museum be able to deny it? I don’t believe so. Especially given the nature of how these artworks were ripped away from their rightful owners. You can set a statute of limitations on theft of consumer goods, perhaps. That is a petty crime. Consumer goods have a useful lifespan. Not so artworks, burgled with governmental organization and premeditation .... artworks appreciate in value.

And why say this now, when methods of detection and unearthing provenance have become so much better? We’re seeing new revelations in the news every day. No, this was a very unwise statement.

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Liberatum: Artistry/Technology. [video]

Just watch it.

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McSweeney’s: Turn Your Life Into the Story You’ve Always Known It Could Be.

Ever wish you could invent your own dogma?”  Tongue-in-cheek.

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Paris Review: The Art of Fiction No. 21, Ernest Hemingway.

I always rewrite each day up to the point where I stopped. When it is all finished, naturally you go over it. You get another chance to correct and rewrite when someone else types it, and you see it clean in type. The last chance is in the proofs. You’re grateful for these different chances.

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A List Apart: Initiation to Code.

Synchronicity. I just mentioned the importance of mentoring yesterday. Speaking of which, I’d surely like to see an ALA Guild.

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The Bookseller: Median author advance under £6,600.

~$9,700. Our culture still loves the archetype of the ‘starving artist.’ Rice and beans, that.

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AE Scripts/Plugins: Tickler.

Could be very handy when you don’t have time/budget to do a full-on animation.

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