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PublishersWeekly: What Publishers Read at Home with Kids.

What?!! No “Look Out For Pirates”?!!

I must be old.

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Paris Review: Think Like a Mountain—Aldo Leopold’s Path to Conservationism.

And I have to point out - he wasn’t a 20-something doing this. Worldchanging work is still done by those over 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 ...

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New Criterion: Dying art.

Sounds like a fun read. Tie culture down and poke it with a judgmental finger.

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ArtDaily: Vintage posters and advertising signs at Showtime Auction, Oct. 2-4.

For when I redo my office (shortly) ...

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Guardian.UK: Does the age of an author matter when writing YA fiction?

One thing we’ve learned from Yalc, is that writers of all ages - young and old – write exactly the kind of fiction that YAs want to read, and long may it continue!” Who comes up with story ideas like this? Ageism!?! How old was Dr. Seuss?

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Time: Happy B-day, BUGS!!!

Lookin’ good for seventy five years young.

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RISD Fleet Library: Special Collections/Dazzle patterns for ships.

Wild, man.

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Jane Austen Gift Shop: New Portrait Painting.

Apparently, every young lady needs a Mr Darcy. Early Xmas gifts?

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Cinefix: Top 10 Most Beautiful Movies of All Time.

Hmmm. I was lamenting the absence of Akira Kurosawa’s Dreams ... but that film may not have aged as well as my memory of it.

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LRB: Julian Barnes reviews ‘Ever Yours’ by Vincent van Gogh.

What pleases the PUBLIC is always what’s most banal.

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ArtDaily: Ireland shrugs off French riddle over Nobel laureate W.B. Yeats remains.

“It kind of makes the whole thing very spicy and international and mysterious. [snip] I used to have an enormous amount of fun with tours because I’d sneak up behind the visitors at the grave and say: ‘You know he’s not really in there.’HAHAHAHAHA ... Keeping a sense of humor about such things always helps. No need to get all melodramatic. Well, maybe a little.

I cast my heart into my rhymes,
That you, in the dim coming times,
May know how my heart went with them
After the red-rose-bordered hem.

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Photo Attorney: Must Watch - “Everything You Know About Copyright Is About To Change”.


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LRB: Andrew O’Hagan · Short Cuts.

Atticus doesn’t just stand up for a black man in the novel: he comes to see how the white supremacist mentality operates against a man on the basis of the man’s colour. And such a lawyer, after such an experience, would not be able to say the crude things we must now imagine him saying twenty years later.” My italics. Good point: though identically named, these are not the same protagonists. One could not morph into the other. So the works must be judged separately, and Watchman must ever live in the shadow of Mockingbird, the dark and twisted relation.

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Barry’s Blog: The Gig Economy and the Arts.

Recently there was news about a robot performing an opera, so the issue of machines replacing artists may not be as fantasy like and far-fetched as we might imagine, and though I think it easy to make a convincing argument that we are a long way from even sophisticated AI machines being able to replicate the ‘soul’ of human creativity, nonetheless the door is open.” Could a robotic drone be programmed to shoot beautiful landscapes? I’m betting so ... probably in the next five years.

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The Coolist: offSET Shed House on New Zealand’s Coast.

Cool, indeed.

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ArtDaily: Lederhosen abound as thousands celebrate Bavarian costume in southern Germany.

Major props ... leather shorts in 90 degree weather, out in the sun? Yeesh.

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ArtDaily: Bulgaria’s Valley of Thracian Kings, accidentally discovered in 1944, keeps its secrets.

The Thracians built these splendid monumental structures to last forever. [snip] We cannot just uncover them and leave them like that.

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Italian Ways: Cattolica, the queen of holidays on the Adriatic.

Apologies; I have a terrible weakness for vintage travel posters ...

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NY Times: Santa Fe Opera Adds Performance of ‘Cold Mountain’.

Of note to locals and visitors.

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The Rumpus: Is Writing Useless?

Sure to inspire some interesting commentary. If writing is masturbatory, what of blogging? And, I must ask, does it make for a healthy prostate?

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Wishbone Design:  Child’s Wagon.

Oh, brill.

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The New York Review of Books: The Key to Rereading by Tim Parks.

But when a key—for example, a new poem, or a new species of animal—is first met, there is no lock yet ready for such a key. Or to be precise, the key is not even a key since it does not open anything yet. It is a potential key. However, the encounter between the brain and this potential key triggers the making of a lock. The next time we meet or perceive the object/key it will open the lock prepared for it in the brain.” Oh, that’s a lovely way of thinking about it. Certain books meant nothing in high school - one had to have life experience before appreciation allowed the key-turn.

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The American Scholar: Resisting Atticus’s Allure.

Is this the season to attack ‘heritage’ in all forms? We remember a different reality than those not born into that era. Were there ‘right thinking white folk’? Indeed there were. Were there racists? Indeed there were. Yet “Mockingbird” was written from a child’s perspective - a 60’s child’s perspective that is totally familiar to me.

I think that’s the most stunning thing about growing older. You come to eventually realize that we as a populace understand nothing about our collective past; the current generation (whatever that is) judges the past, generalizes it ... and moves on; listening to, but ultimately ignoring elders’ stories. Then they act stunned when details come out that challenge their generalizations.

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Indiegogo: Vancouver Jump for Joy Photo Mural.

12 hours left. Less than $5k needed. Time for angels to show up!

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Lovely Package: Hoxton Street Monster Supplies.


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