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LRB: Hilary Mantel reviews ‘The Voices of Gemma Galgani’.

It ought to be possible to live and thrive, without conforming, complying, giving in, but also without imitating a man, even Christ: it should be possible to live without constant falsification. It should be possible for a woman to live – without feeling that she is starving on the doorstep of plenty – as light, remarkable, strong and free.” Powerful load of baggage to load on a book or four. But worth the read.

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Paris Review: Hoarding Books on a Road Trip to California

One of our hosts, a kindly German who spent time in Tibet as a young man before becoming an old one in the hills above Santa Fe, strongly encouraged us to invest in snow chains ahead of a coming storm. The advice was sound, but Sheena and I had trouble accepting that problematic amounts of snow could find their way to any part of Arizona. The next morning, in Flagstaff, we could just make out the Jetta under a foot of fresh, white powder, as more flakes fluttered down.” Never underestimate Mother Nature and the high desert mountain region. This isn’t the Sahara.

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Italian Ways: Riccardo Manzi’s art and irony for Pirelli.

I always adored these ads, but never knew who the artist was.  Now I do.  Great!

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Vox: This gorgeous tree shows early American history in a whole new way.

You know, I can waste hours in second-hand shops looking at out-of-date history books, encyclopedias. So much is edited out of modern texts, that add context to our understanding of past eras.

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The Art Newspaper: Pompeii to stage exhibition of objects returned by tourist-looters.

There is a colourful legend that says that those who steal from Pompeii will be persecuted by bad luck.” That probably does more than all the warning signs and CCTV.

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HuffPo/Science: King Tut’s Mask Damaged; Beard Snapped Off During Botched Cleaning.

Click the Twitter pic link in the panel, center. Oh. My. Freaking. God. Heads should roll for this.

How *anything* comes to us intact from antiquity, amazes me. Even artifacts become opinion.

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Paris Review: The Cult Appeal of Kyril Bonfiglioli‘s “Mortdecai” Novels.

... I am a product of my time and a woman. And I found the book — with its caustic, rape-centric plot—ugly.” Bang-zoom. If we held all movies against the original books, I think we’d be devoid of entertainment. I still can’t forgive Peter Jackson for what he did to Gandalf. And how could anyone come up with a movie from Silver Linings Playbook? Yet someone did. Anyway. The trailers of Mortdecai make me think of Mr Bean with too much plot, for some strange reason. Little urge to see the movie.

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New Republic: The Fate of Reading in a Digital World.

There are certain connections we make that go beyond decoding words.” Amen. Yet we should look to ebooks and books as complements, not as one ‘killing off’ the other.

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The Rumpus: What I Was Doing While You Were Breeding.

The real gems in this book are the moments of irreverence and Newman’s willingness to say things that most people would not. I wish she would let loose a little bit more and do this more often.

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Open Culture: Cab Calloway’s 1939 “Hepster Dictionary.”

It’s really the mezz.

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NY Times: Why Are We Obsessed With the Great American Novel?

Our obsession with the Great American Novel is perhaps evidence of the even greater truth that it’s impossible for one to exist.

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NPR: Song Premiere - Bob Dylan, ‘Stay With Me’.

He sounds better to my ears than his last couple of recorded ventures. I never truly appreciated the man; making up for it now through digging in his back catalog.

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Youtube: Imogen Heap talks about her gesture-control Mi.Mu gloves.

What I love about Imogen is that she defaults to action. One of those people who leads by doing.

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ArtDaily: Brandywine River Museum presents a major retrospective of Jamie Wyeth’s work

Brandywine, the area, is worth a visit anytime. This just is icing on the cake.

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Photography Criticism: Sadakichi Hartmann, “On Plagiarism and Imitation.”  [1900]

Link ‘o the day. “Heine is right, borrow as much as you like. But be certain that you master the accumulations and accreted experiences of others to such an extent that they have become your own, only that you can rear on the understructure of precedent accomplishments still higher and more imposing monuments of beauty.” Great. As you know, I’m constantly on the search for decent photographic criticism.

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The Fully Intended: Photoshop your personality.

Mollie ponders Photoshop. I fear that auto-retouching will become a default, rather than a backlash against retouching. Even photojournalists have the habit of photographing really hideous places and making them look aesthetically gorgeous, often totally obviating the need for aid. I argue with myself about this ... what do we say when we beautifully render something tragic? I lean towards a more ‘real’ interpretation, when facing the challenge. Everyone loves a pretty Santa Fe photo, but Santa Fe is also grit and dirt, heat and prickly cactus, crumbling adobe, unstuccoed cinder block walls, dying cottonwoods ...

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Supercharged: Retro Italian Racing Posters.


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Codex99: Hemingway and the Cocktail.

Of interest. You folks misspelled ‘correspondent.’

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PhotoShelter Blog: Why Photographers Aren’t Artists.

The successful photographer is, as Deresiewicz’s friend explained, now an entrepreneur who values having 10,000 contacts more than having Malcolm Gladwell’s mythic 10,000 hours of professional development.” That contention makes me twitch somethin’ awful. I understand the point, but don’t agree with the result. Paraphrased: “You don’t have to be good, just popular.” What do you folks think?

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Open Culture: Hear Hemingway Read Hemingway, and Faulkner Read Faulkner.

What’s interesting to me is how slowly Hemingway speaks, with precise pronunciation. You’d think Faulkner would read slower.

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ITintheD: What Taking My Daughter to a Comic Book Store Taught Me.

‘All their ...’ ... and her voice dropped to a whisper ... ‘boobies are hanging out, Dad.  These can’t be for kids, and comic books are for kids, and kids aren’t supposed to see that.  That Wonder Woman looks like she’s in a video, and I don’t know who that is, but it’s not Harley Quinn. Harley Quinn wears clothes.’” Wisdom from unexpected sources.

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NY Review of Books: They’re Watching You Read.

These statistics are certain to perplex writers who have so often been told by their publishers that a book’s popularity will not be affected in the least by costly newspaper or magazine advertising, but only by the more unpredictable, much desired — and free — publicity generated by ‘word of mouth.’ Are we now to assume that readers are telling their friends to read books that they themselves have failed to finish?

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Strobist/On Assignment: Lighting Like Leo.

Sounds like fun.

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Archaeology News Network: Theseus Ring goes on display for the first time.

Nice! Might be a little ‘70’s for my taste (1570’s BC, that is) ...

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ArtDaily: Bonhams offers an important collection of Western Americana on Feb 9.

Oh, if I were in San Fran, I’d go to the preview. Bodmer? Catlin? Yesindeed.

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