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PDN: “SuicideGirls” Deliver Clever Response to Richard Prince’s Instagram Grab.

... SuicideGirls have ‘the original hires images to work from, whereas he only had the lo-res Instagram images. I bet ours look better.’

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The Atlantic: The Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, and the Secret Ghostwriters of Children’s Fiction.

1905? Bah. Atlantic, vet your articles better. Mid-1800’s. Dumas was the first to turn ghostwriting into a cottage industry; small-scale, sure, but his remains the dominant archetype.

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Farnam Street Blog: How to Read A Book

Would that school effectively taught switching between the levels. Most would just chuck a book at you.

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Telegraph.UK: Mary Renault’s hardcore classicism.

It is the mark of little men to like only what they know; one step beyond and they feel the black cold of chaos.

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In These Times: Inside the Happiness Racket.

The happiness industry exonerates capitalism. It’s not that the job is underpaid, the hours unreasonable or the product pointless. It’s that the employee is just unhappy. She should be encouraged to eat better, exercise and practice mindfulness. Or, if those things fail, seek a pharmaceutical remedy.” It’s enjoyable to be happy. Melancholy in solitude (*not* depression or sadness) tends to make me superhumanly creative. And I’m not the only one.

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Italian Ways: Anselmo Bucci and the Giro d’Italia - a sports commentary by images.

These speak to me. They make me want to break out my soft pencils, charcoal and newsprint.

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BBC: ‘True face of Shakespeare’ appears in botany book.

Bigger questions: Why put Shakespeare on a book of herbals ... furthermore, his popularity and influence during his lifetime are still up for debate.

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The Rumpus: The Well Speaks Of Its Own Poison, By Maggie Smith.

... As the devil eats,
bones pile under the table. Bread cries out in the oven
for fear of burning. A heart nestles among red apples.
” Sounds like fun.

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Columbia.EDU: The Penguin Atlas of Medieval History.

Scans from the 1961 edition. Random find.

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NY Review of Books: The Robots Are Winning!

In Book 5 of the Iliad we hear that the gates of Olympus swivel on their hinges of their own accord, automatai, to let gods in their chariots in or out, thus anticipating by nearly thirty centuries the automatic garage door.

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fxguide: RenderMan: under the (new) varnish.

Always great results. When you know what you’re doing!

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The Mischiefs of Faction: The Threat the STEM Focus Poses to the Social Sciences.

Of interest.

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Telegraph.UK: Why do so many liberal parents hate Thomas the Tank Engine?

Are Thomas shows indoctrinating your children in Stalinist propoganda? A bit overwrought, to my ears ... but I haven’t watched an episode in many years.

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Collectors Weekly: Did an Addiction to Fads Lead Marie Antoinette to the Guillotine?

Wigs that raise and lower via springs? Cool.

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William Yan: Cartier-Bresson ‘tells how’. 1958.


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MessyNessyChic: The Lost French Castle that’s taking 25 Years to Re-Build.

This is the recreation of a lost 13th century castle which began construction in 1997 using only the techniques and materials used in the Middle Ages.

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Locus Online Perspectives: Cory Doctorow, ‘Shorter’.

Talent is a destructive myth. To call someone talented is to imply that their abilities are intrinsic. Having written and taught for decades now, I’ve satisfied myself that the improvement of a person’s art isn’t drawn from the mystical well of their soul: it’s generated by practice.

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Pantone formula guides have gotten cheap.

Sandra’s just broke, after limited use. The plastic screw-hinge sheared off on the fifth open. A shame that one must, after a high $ purchase, seek third party help. The paper’s gotten thinner too. For shame, Pantone. For shame.

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The New York Review of Books: ‘Nadja à Paris’ by Nadja Tesich.

A pleasant visual confection.

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BBC: When did curators become cool?

Motley backgrounds!” I need to work that into my CV at some point. Note that, he tips into involuntary psychoanalysis here ... which is generally a fragrant load of ruminant animal ejecta.

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Slate: The Venus de Milo’s arms - 3D printing the ancient sculpture spinning thread.

Nah. I’d expect she would resemble other contemporary poses.

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The Smart Set: The Art of the Paragraph.

There are pretty much only two ways to vary your paragraphs. The first is length. [snip] The second – and in my view the far more interesting lever – is to change the way you build sentences into paragraphs, and the way you move from paragraph to paragraph. How many sentences are there per paragraph, and what links the sentences?” Would that mastering the paragraph could prove the difference between popularity and obscurity ...

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Open Culture: 110 Drawings and Paintings by J.R.R. Tolkien: Of Middle-Earth and Beyond.

Smaug was more of the classic fashion than Glaurung. Goggles are so out, dude.

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Medium/@jkdegen: 5 Seriously Dumb Myths About Copyright the Media Should Stop Repeating.

The very foundation of copyright is the insistence that if I create an artistic expression, I own that artistic expression. And if I own something, you best believe I will protect it from those who want to impose their restrictions on it.” Of note.

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Thirty artists illuminate the pivotal role that Hudson River School played in shaping American art

The show aims to highlight the continued vitality of the Hudson River Valley as an important site of contemporary artistic production.” If you’re in the area, sounds pretty boss.

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