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World Digital Library: The Divine Comedy.

This celebrated manuscript of the Commedia of Dante Alighieri (1265–1321) containing the complete text of the Inferno, Purgatorio, and Paradisio was copied in the hand of Giovanni Boccaccio (1313–75) and is one of the most splendid manuscripts in the collection of the Biblioteca Riccardiana.” My italic emphasis; Love the internet for this kind of thing.

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Ahram Online: Free admission to all of Egypt’s archaeological sites, 18 & 19 April.

If you find you’re in Egypt right now ...

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Collectors Weekly: These Chopines Weren’t Made for Walking: Platforms for Aristocratic Feet.

They had to walk very slowly and required the aid of two servants to navigate whatever space they were moving through, whether it was out in public or at a private evening with an ambassador from a foreign country, when women might be asked to do this kind of promenading.” Lady Gaga bows to history, then.

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Italian Ways: The slow pace of beauty at Petrella Guidi’s historical hideaway.

Here everything is ‘done well’, and every thing moves at the slow pace of beauty.” Library, and outdoor living spaces? All wrapped in ancient stone?  Want. No, need.

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The Millions: RIP Márquez.

Gabriel García Márquez has died at the age of 87.

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A LIFE Photographer’s Gorgeous Early Polaroids.

Co Rentmeester.

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PS Mag: The Myth of the Artist’s Creative Routine.

In my sanest moments, I realize how silly this all is. It is not only the routine of any of these artists that made them successful. Not many of them even follow the routines they offer.” ‘Tis true, ‘tis true.

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Skala Color, a Mac color picker by Bjango.

Of interest.

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Collectors Weekly: Learning to Love Death - New Museum Takes a Walk on the Shadow Side.

An appropriate link to cap off a day of serendipitous anthropological linkage ...

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The Economist: Culture wars in Ukraine - History lessons.

Shortly before Russia annexed Crimea, the Bakhchisaray museum, north of Sevastopol, lent some valuable artefacts to an exhibition in the Netherlands. The question as to which country these (and other objects from Crimean museums) should return is creating a diplomatic conundrum.” Idea, perhaps not very politically correct: The Netherlands should work in concert with Germany to leverage the Schliemann Troy artifacts (“Priam’s Treasure”) out of Russian hands … we’d all surely like to see them again.

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Supercharged: Bugatti 12.4 Grand Sport concept Atlantic.

A whole mishmash of styling cues; very reminiscent of the classics. I like it.

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WWD, Q&A: Ralph Lauren Now.

Mr Lauren, I volunteer to come polish your car collection.  He graciously sends at least one to Santa Fe Concorso each year (and thank you for that, sir).

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The Airship: How the Hell Did People Make Books During Medieval Times?

I wonder if there would be a viable business in illuminating manuscripts (books) today.

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Italian Ways: The Sacred Mountain of Varallo, the Jerusalem of Valsesia.

A sort of religious Las Vegas; those who could not, or would not make the pilgrimage to Jerusalem could experience a ‘faithful copy’. You’ve got to see this - scroll down to see all the wooden figures. I’ve never seen this before, never knew it existed.

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ArtDaily: Christie’s announces Sale of Vintage Travel Posters and Luggage.

I have a terrible abiding weakness for both.

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ArtDaily: Lock of Napoleon’s hair stolen from historic Briars Park homestead in Australia.

Oh no, better to start a new conspiracy theory. Someone wants to clone him!

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538: A Statistical Analysis of the Work of Bob Ross.

So many things of real benefit to analyze, and they choose Bob Ross. Obviously trolling for viral content. Color me disappointed.

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JunkCulture: New Banksy Mural Depicts Government Agents Spying on a Phone Booth.


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ArtDaily: 3,300 year-old coffin found containing the belongings of a wealthy Canaanite.

A rare artifact that was found next to the skeleton is an Egyptian scarab seal, encased in gold and affixed to a ring. The scarab was used to seal documents and objects. The name of the crown of Pharaoh Seti I, who ruled ancient Egypt in the thirteenth century BCE, appears on the seal.

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ArtDaily: Rare Medieval knight’s sword provides cutting edge to Bonhams Sale.

“Fascinating to anyone who has studied weapons of this kind is a very similar sword which bears an inscription recording its entry into the Arsenal in the frontier city of Alexandria at the time of al-Malik Abu Nasr Shaikh al-Mu’ayyad in the year 1415 A.D. So it is not beyond the realms of the possible that the sword in the Bonhams sale also went Crusading.

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NPR Interview: Robert Dawson, Author Of ‘The Public Library’.

Very pretty, certainly. I’d make a wager that the un-aesthetic public libraries, the ones that don’t get photographed, do the most good.

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ArtDaily: Sale of Important Veteran, Vintage, and Commercial Vehicles and Automobilia.

Check out the ‘22 double-decker!

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ArtDaily: Lost treasure found after almost 100 years - Wartski exhibits missing Fabergé egg.

One of the eight missing imperial Faberge eggs will go on show in London after it was purchased by a scrap metal dealer in a flea market in the United States. London antique dealer Wartski said the man bought the egg a few years ago for about $14,000, completely unaware that it was worth about $33 million (24 million euros).” Now there’s a return on investment. I’d like to see the eventual provenance trace on this one.

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ArtDaily: The Greek Monsters come to New York City.

Aw, looks like fun.

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New York Post: Comic book icon Archie to ‘die heroically’.

Looks pretty good as a 70-some year old corpse, don’t ya think?

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