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Adobe Blogs: Unable to Login to Lightroom mobile – Unexpected Sign in Failure – Solution


04/14/14 • 09:05 AM • AdobePhotographySoftware • (0) Comments • (0) Trackbacks

Adobe Lightroom Mobile 1.0.

Installed it. Not impressed. Mine, I could not create a new collection on iPad and have it show up on the desktop, no matter what I tried. Making a collection on the desktop, then linking it to the mobile software, worked. I need to spend more time. But for now, meh. I don’t think this saves any more time than systems I already have in place. Waiting for the ‘killer feature’ article to surface (any time now).

04/09/14 • 10:07 AM • AdobePhotographySoftware • (0) Comments • (0) Trackbacks

Adobe Photoshop CC, Open CL fail fix.

Dug around the support forums, noticed someone mentioned opening the PERFORMANCE panel, unticking the check box for using the graphics processor, closing Photoshop … then reopening, going back in and switching the processor on again.  My problem seems solved. I’ll let you know if it returns.  This was top-of-mind, because PS CC just updated again today. (Caveat: Just prior to this action, I’d tossed the PS prefs file. That alone did not fix the issue, but a clean prefs file might have an effect on whether this whole thing works.)

03/17/14 • 08:38 AM • AdobeDesignSoftware • (0) Comments • (0) Trackbacks

CreativeBloq: New version of Photoshop is less likely to crash.

The update seems to have restored my OpenCL behavior to normal. I’ll know more tonight, after the day’s photo.

Later: Nope, still throws the error. Damn.

02/19/14 • 09:17 AM • AdobeDesignPhotographySoftware • (0) Comments • (0) Trackbacks

BonjourLife: Shortcut-S Photoshop Keyboard.

That, and a Wacom tablet, and you’d be set. Maybe. I spend more time screwing with brush sizes and specs, which I don’t see on this ‘board.

02/16/14 • 10:23 AM • AdobeHardwareSoftware • (0) Comments • (0) Trackbacks

Julieanne Kost’s Blog: Creating Collections within Collection Sets in Lightroom.

Huh? I had no idea you could do this.

01/30/14 • 01:41 PM • AdobePhotographySoftware • (0) Comments • (0) Trackbacks

“Flash Player Update … please quit:”

A little red ‘x’ next to Safari. While I’m running Chrome. Confidence-inspiring.

01/28/14 • 12:12 PM • AdobeGeneralSoftware • (0) Comments • (0) Trackbacks

DP Review: 10 essential time-saving Photoshop tips.

Once you use them, and get a benefit in speed/usability, you’ll remember ‘em.

01/23/14 • 05:44 PM • AdobeDesignMotion GraphicsPhotographySoftware • (0) Comments • (0) Trackbacks

OpenCL error message in latest Photoshop update.

Anyone else getting “OpenCL” errors? They just started to occur. I took graphics card performance down to “normal”, and it’s still happening. Whenever I open a JPG.

01/17/14 • 03:47 PM • AdobeInternetSoftware • (0) Comments • (0) Trackbacks

Macworld Bugs & Fixes: Stop Adobe Reader from blocking PDFs in Safari.

Information point.

01/17/14 • 12:08 PM • AdobeAppleInternetSoftware • (0) Comments • (0) Trackbacks

DesignYourWay: Tools For Photoshop.

Yeah, yeah, yeah … one of those sites. There were some tools here I hadn’t come across before. So I thought I’d share.

01/08/14 • 11:43 AM • AdobeArtsDesignInternetSoftware • (0) Comments • (0) Trackbacks

SmashingMag: The Present And Future Of Adobe Fireworks.

Try as I might, I never got on with Fireworks. It felt dated very swiftly, though it (still) hides great power. Modernize the UI, it would still be useful.

01/03/14 • 02:23 PM • AdobeDesignInternetSoftware • (0) Comments • (0) Trackbacks

Adobe/Richard Curtis: Creative Cloud Desktop App, version

New synching prefs.

01/03/14 • 12:18 PM • AdobeDesignProgrammingSoftware • (0) Comments • (0) Trackbacks

Julieanne Kost’s Blog: Docking Tools and Panels in Photoshop.

Docking panels on the left? Weirdsville. Gotta try it.

12/05/13 • 11:45 AM • AdobeDesignSoftware • (0) Comments • (0) Trackbacks

John Nack on Adobe: Russell Brown’s new Layer Namer for Photoshop.

Interesting. There are other plugins that do this sort of thing, too, but for a premium price.

11/17/13 • 11:01 AM • AdobeDesignSoftware • (0) Comments • (0) Trackbacks

Lightroom Killer Tips: Bringing Back The Old Fill Light Slider in Lightroom 5.

Every tool is useful; even if ‘old’.

11/15/13 • 11:18 AM • AdobeHistoryPhotographySoftware • (0) Comments • (0) Trackbacks

Blogs.Adobe.com: Editing your pictures with local adjustments using Lightroom.

These are techniques I use on all my photos. If you’re not familiar with ‘em all, this is a really good short overview of the astonishing things you can do to improve a mundane image. [Just be bloody careful about overexposing shadow areas, and always check 1:1 before publishing!]

11/08/13 • 11:01 AM • AdobeArtsPhotographySoftware • (0) Comments • (0) Trackbacks

Another Creative Cloud App update.

One crash, one successful install, for a total of two attempts. Second time in a row.  C’mon Adobe … you can get it down to one successful install, I know you can.

11/07/13 • 10:46 AM • AdobeInternetSoftware • (0) Comments • (0) Trackbacks

Lightroom workflow change.

In the past, I’ve just imported .CR2’s (Canon Raw Format) and done my work in Lightroom. I heard a rumor, and performed a small test over the weekend. DNG’s are significantly faster to process in Lightroom 5. 5’s been significantly slower on my system than 4, so any speed gain is to the good. DNG’s preview faster, show changes faster - everything’s faster. So now I during import, I copy my original .CR2’s to a separate backup drive, while creating a DNG and using the DNG as my main editable file on my working system. This may cause some backup nightmares, but I’m working that out at the moment. I’ll let you know how I get along with this setup, over the longer term.

11/05/13 • 11:05 AM • AdobePersonalPhotographySanta Fe LocalSoftware • (4) Comments • (0) Trackbacks

CSO: Adobe confirms stolen passwords were encrypted, not hashed.

Ouch. It would be helpful if all online services would tell us how they store our account information now, wouldn’t it? Or some sort of voluntary security body that assigned graphical badges so we could know if a service was using proper programming practices.

11/05/13 • 10:49 AM • AdobeInternetSecurity • (0) Comments • (0) Trackbacks

Creative Cloud Desktop update improvement.

It only crashed once in the update process - for a total of two tries, second one successful. It was four or five last go-round.

10/30/13 • 02:23 PM • AdobeSoftware • (0) Comments • (0) Trackbacks

Lightroom Killer Tips: Video – Retouching Tips in Lightroom.

Nice tip … I found this by happenstance over the last couple of weeks.

10/29/13 • 10:25 AM • AdobePersonalPhotographySoftware • (0) Comments • (0) Trackbacks

CNet: Adobe hack attack affected 38 million accounts.

We have completed e-mail notification of these users. We also have reset the passwords for all Adobe IDs with valid, encrypted passwords that we believe were involved in the incident — regardless of whether those users are active or not.”  Erm, I was never notified by email. I received a physical mailed notification that looked like an advertisement. When I received it, I went to Adobe.com immediately, and found they were requiring me to reset my password. Yet I had been running Creative Cloud with my existing password for a few weeks since the hacking.

Whether or not you’ve been notified by Adobe - if you haven’t reset your password, do it now.

10/29/13 • 09:21 AM • AdobeInternetLawSecuritySoftware • (0) Comments • (0) Trackbacks

Adobe/Curtis: Lightroom 5.2 – Clone/Heal tool feathering.

Yes, but. If that’s going to be enlarged (say, a 16x20 print), I’d sure see it. I’d clone in smaller pieces, using multiple clones to rebuild a coherent root structure, matching the lighting, textures and gradients … and being very wary of ‘soft’ mask edges.  If I can barely detect it at 1:1, then it’s OK. I’ll still make a test print to verify.

10/05/13 • 09:34 AM • AdobePhotographySoftware • (0) Comments • (0) Trackbacks

Lightroom 5.2 update bizarreness.

After my update, it asked for registration information (never done this before).  Then, when the interface built onscreen, all my images were gone. Everything. Zip. Zero. Nada. Nothing in Lightroom at all (I knew my images were still on disk - and backed up on external).

I waited.  After about three minutes, the images began to show up, folders first. It doesn’t seem to be rebuilding a catalog or anything, but something is getting processed between first startup and display of existing catalogs.

So don’t panic. Just wait.

09/19/13 • 11:17 AM • AdobePersonalPhotographySoftware • (4) Comments • (0) Trackbacks
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