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Webdesigner Depot: Adobe releases award-winning Slate app for the web.

Another clone of Exposure.co; I’m surprised they don’t sue.

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AppleInsider: Adobe makes Lightroom iOS apps completely free, drops license & Creative Cloud.

Interesting move. I wonder what it foreshadows?

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LR Solutions: Rolling back from 6.2. How hard can it be?

LR 6.2/2015.2 CC is apparently provoking problems in El Capitan. Info for rolling back - may be time-sensitive. I upgraded in Yosemite, and so far everything’s OK (knocks wood).

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DP Review: Adobe launches Photoshop Fix, desktop and mobile app updates.

Bunches of apps to dupe what desktop software does. Workflow’ll be ... interesting.

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Adobe Blogs: Faster Coding with Emmet in Dreamweaver CC.

Every so often, I still run across a Dreamweaver site. Quaint.

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Arc: Publishers Urge Advertisers To Kill Flash In Favor Of HTML5.

The letter was signed by some of the largest publishers in the world, including The New York Times, Conde Nast, Forbes, AOL, The Weather Company, The Wall Street Journal and Google.” If you navigate to the page, and can’t figure out where the text is, scroll down. One of those ‘you gotta know the trick’ pages, that programmers deem is ‘patently obvious’ without ever asking users.

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Adobe/Kost: How to Rename a Lightroom Catalog.


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The Creative Cloud menu bar app continues to be a pain ...

It will load on bootup, but no graphics will display. So I fire up “Activity Monitor”, quit it, and restart to get a functioning version up and running.

Of course, things are worse elsewhere. I’ve got Google Chrome running with a single tab open, and it has so many “Chrome Helpers” open you’d imagine it’s actually phalanx of geriatrics needing wheelchairs, walkers, colostomy bags, adult diapers, etc. etc. What’s the browser of choice these days?

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Adobe: Lightroom CC 2015.1.1 is now available.

There’ve been some annoying bugs ... this repairs some of them, so be sure to update.

Later: Note, it has *not* shown up in my CC widget yet. Waiting. Impatiently.

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Luminous Landscape: Making People and Other Things Go Away.

If you’ve not heard or used the technique before. Pretty nifty, but does require exacting technique up-front. Don’t bump that tripod too hard. Mirror lockup adds a bit of crispness, too.

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DP Review: Photoshop alternative Affinity Photo now available in Mac App Store.

Ding, ding, ding. Danger for Adobe. Most people I know, use PS about a quarter of an inch deep. Someone makes that quarter-inch look really nice, and really simple to use ... (and really low-cost) ... they’ve got a volume market.

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Adobe CC Desktop app update ... failed.

Just thought I’d mention it.  I had to reinstall over top of the previous install, which got buggered in the update process. Longtime readers know I have a love/hate relationship with this little app.  In the past, it would take two or three updates to get a clean working version. It’s been good for the past six months or so; I’m hoping today isn’t the start of a new trend.

If you need it, you can log in and download it here.

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“Create a Flash website ...”

That ship has sailed, people.

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Adobe Blogs: Tips for Creating Raw HDR Images in Lightroom CC.

Remember, the point is to just tastefully enhance reality, not to turn your images into technicolor soup.

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Lightroom 6/CC update ... continued.

I just sent out five finals after post-processing, and a selection of ‘potential portrait backgrounds’ converted to B/W ... in about a quarter of the time it usually takes. I haven’t used any of the new features, just doing what I always do, faster.

Note that this update maintained access to all my third-party plugins, effects and presets.  The previous updates required manually adding them back.  A significant time-saver.

Some tricks from Adobe for the new LR, and some free presets (I have way more than enough; don’t need these. I’m finding less is more.).

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Just upgraded to Lightroom 6/CC ... fast.

Noticeably faster. GPU action there. So far, nice. The only glitch I hit was, I’d been using a purchased version of LR5.  When I installed LR/CC, it didn’t recognize my old catalog, so I had to ‘open’ and upgrade it manually. FYI. I’ll have more comments in coming days, once I use the new features.

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Adobe – Creative Cloud Photography and Lightroom 6.

Big additions. I’ve been converting to DNG for a while now, only because I’ve seen a speed improvement in the Develop module versus native Canon files. I’ve been retaining the old RAWs on an external, ultimately only archiving the ‘printable’ items ... you know, ‘just in case.’

My CC widget is still only showing LR5. I suppose I’ll have to restart to see the new CC version.

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LR Killer Tips: Making Sure All Your Lightroom Photos Have Your Copyright Info Embedded.


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AE Scripts/Plugins: Tickler.

Could be very handy when you don’t have time/budget to do a full-on animation.

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SLYT: Lightroom Workflow - A Super Easy Way to Keyword.

Nice tip. Spray your keywords.

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c|net: Photoshop’s new camera support suggests Lightroom update.

There may be some big changes coming. Read it, and keep your eyes and ears open.

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Adobe: An Update - Creative Cloud and Support for Mac OS X.

For full function after the next update, you must have 10.9 or better.

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500px ISO: Watch Eight Photoshop Masters Try to Use Photoshop 1.0.

What they miss ... besides skilled work with channels ... is that PS 1.0’s “Save as ...” allowed us to move art from better creative programs to other creative programs, on other platforms. The market wasn’t a one-stop-shop as it is today. PixelPaint 8, for instance. Rio (on Targa/Vista/NuVista systems). Macromedia Director. My beloved TVL. And more.  We’d use the early macro programs [Quickeys or earlier software] on top of the early PSs to do the channel work to create nice drop shadows quickly.

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c|net: Fantastic Adobe video spotlights 25 years of Photoshop artistry.

Photoshop was my saviour, as I’ve expressed many times. Not many of us can still claim that we learned to do drop shadows in channels, because layers didn’t exist.

Tangent, slight: There were many graphics software packages before PS. I see a bundle of news articles today missing this fact. I used to use Rio on Vista and NU-Vista graphics boards in PCs. Rio was *very* powerful, more powerful than the first Photoshops. PS didn’t do true 32 bit graphics for many years. But it was a tres handy Swiss Army knife for converting TGAs to other formats. I could quickly get Mac and PC formats into TGAs for my video system in less than fourteen steps ... and for that, I’ll be eternally grateful.

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CreativeMarket: The Best Tricks to Reduce Photoshop File Size.

A solid color layer on top of all other layers? “Photoshop’s high quality file previews are surprisingly weighty, so simplifying them as much as possible saves you tons of space on huge files.”  Learn something new every day.

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