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FindAGrave: Aaron Burr, Jr (1756 - 1836).

212 years since you shot straighter, sir. Those years of early guerrilla warfare against the British in NJ and NY (as opposed to Hamilton’s more formal military experience with cannon/ordnance) gave you the advantage. And 40 years since I illicitly put you on the Princeton Cemetery historical tour (in the face of dire warnings about ‘opening hornet’s nests’), despite the fact they hid you in a large hedge (at the time). A nice little detour, here.

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Had to deal with car servicing, work issues.

Links as I can. And Folk Art Market’s this weekend - traffic’s a snarl. Be safe out there.

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YT: Bon Jovi sings with Lourdes Valentin on a private wedding in Miami (4K).

He was a fluff-haired punk kid when I used to frequent Englishtown’s flea market. Now he looks like a dignified correspondent.

At 56, I feel old ...

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Cinema 4D now has short-term licensing available.

Still one of the best packages that combines the ease of the old Strata StudioPro line, and the speed of rendering of Electric Image rendering packages. I used to do well with Form•z -> Cinema 4D.

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Autoweek: Denise McCluggage’s 1986 Mille Miglia 1000-mile revival rally coverage.

Oh, Denise. We miss you every day.

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Reuters: FBI director says Clinton did not lie, break law in email handling.

FBI Director James Comey told lawmakers on Thursday that Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton did not lie to the FBI about her handling of emails as secretary of state and did not break the law.” Well, as frequent reader Eric pointed out, the FBI press conference was very carefully worded - yet still obscured the facts. Mr Comey finally states things straight. Filing this under ‘Corrections’, and offering an apology to Ms. Clinton.

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Email today ...

“I like your blog. I’d read it more, but I just don’t understand it.” Sorry you’re having a hard time. Specifics?

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Atlantic: The Art of Handwriting.

For many artists, it is easy to see how writing is performative.” I’ve been working on my printing lately (a couple of nice fountain pens encourage that). My handwriting has suffered from years of keyboard-only writing. If in a rush, my script is on pharmacist/physician/attorney level.

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Got busy. Links soon.


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Something from the archives.


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Happy Belated July 4th.

All I could think about was what the Founding Fathers would make of our society today. A success? Hmmm. All for one, one for all, and every [wo-]man for him[her-]self.

Here’s hoping for better next year.

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SF New Mexican: Douglas Schwartz, a “towering figure” in archaeology, dies.

Last year, Denise McCluggage. This year, Douglas Schwartz. All these amazing, astounding characters I have been fortunate to meet in Santa Fe are passing by. I should be grateful for the time I spent with them, but all I can think of is that they had so much more to give to the world. RIP, Doug. I hope to talk to one of your collaborators about my theory of where that mica you found at Arroyo Hondo came from ... and I can’t friggin’ believe you were eighty-seven. Seventies, yes. Eighties? No way.

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Thought Merchants: Kauai and the Nā Pali coast by helicopter.

One of my favorite things I’ve ever done. If you visit Kauai, you HAVE to do it. And spend the extra cash on the longer flight - worth every penny.

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AppleInsider: Users upset by Evernote price hikes & two-device limit for free Basic customers.

Well. If you’re PO’d and on a Mac, check out EagleFiler. I liked Yojimbo very much, but it’s pretty much dead. EF is still getting updates and ‘keeping the faith.’ [I am currently using Evernote ...]

Later: Forgot, Volker - even before the price hike - prefers OneNote.

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DP Review: Cactus promises 1/8000sec flash sync with V6 II transceiver, new version for Sony users.

My V6 v1’s have been rock-solid. Except. Don’t leave batteries in them. They will be dead next time you pull out the triggers.

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NY Times: Brexit Proponents’ False Promises Crumble.

They peddled exaggerations and lies to frustrated and angry Britons, some of whom have legitimate grievances about economic insecurity.

Okay, kids. You see the problem here, yes? WHERE WAS THE NEWS MEDIA? Where were the debunking articles? The in-depth stories? This is a HUGE warning for our upcoming election. You’re subscribed to entertainment rags, not hard journalism sources.

We have to start demanding better from journalism. Facts, not innuendo. No editorializing but on the Editorials page. More.

THIS is our challenge for the future. What is “news”? What is legitimate “journalism” in the internet age, when clickthroughs pay the bills? How can we have real news without sensationalism or fantasy?

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Sorry for the missing sidebar this morning.

Blew past my self-imposed disk allotment on the server. Fixed.

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Editor’s note: Apologies about titles percolating to Twitter.

Because of all the work in-house, I’m not being as careful as I should about title lengths. They get truncated by EE1, and I don’t generally notice until I post the *next* entry. Trying to be better, but things still slip through. Another reason to upgrade (another item on the to-do list!).

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Guardian.UK: Elizabethan theatre, Chateau d’Hardelot review.

Pretentious. The best Shakespeare performances I ever enjoyed, were on a simple curved platform in a wooded park. Esp. good for “Tempest” and “Midsummernight’s Dream”. You could imagine spirits flitting about.

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Flickr’s uploading features have been down for about five hours now.

Don’t expect to see anything new there today. No word from Flickr HQ as to what’s going on.

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NM Fire Info: Lightning-Caused McClure Fire 30% Contained.

Great work, firefighters.

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Archaeology News Network: Massive vertebrae sheds new light on Alamosaurus sanjuanensis.

RATS! A co-worker and I spent MONTHS searching around Big Bend in his Bronco for dinosaur bones in ‘78. We looked in the wrong durned place.

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Vox: The US is spending trillions less than expected on health care.

But for individual consumers, slower health spending likely doesn’t feel cheaper at all. In fact, it probably feels more expensive: One big way private insurers have held down costs is by asking consumers to pay a larger and larger chunk of their medical bills.” Yeah, we know about that in NM.

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Donald’s broke, and I can’t find anything to link ...

I have to run out to another photo shoot. Back later! Promise!

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99U: How to Fight Through Intellectual Discomfort.

Deeply intellectual work is soul work that takes more time and energy.” All I have to say is ... run a weblog. Longer the better.

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