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Search term from the site stats ...

“corn mazes in New York City.”  ??!!

09/15/03 • 02:26 PM • Personal • (1) Comments

Er ...

a bit under the weather today.  Work is taking most of my remaining brain cycles.

09/15/03 • 06:48 AM • Personal • (0) Comments

You know,

it’s the weekend and I really shouldn’t be screwing around with computers.  I’ll cut off here, and go analog.  See ya later.

09/13/03 • 08:09 AM • Personal • (0) Comments

Last evening ...

drinks with Monsieur Jish at the Coyote Cafe upstairs patio/bar.  With yearly visits to our fair city, I can almost say he’s a regular now.  The poor man was subjected to the ear-melting conversation of an individual who has spent too much time with cactus and computers [myself].  I don’t often get the chance to discuss weblogging and weblog events in everyday conversation.

The funniest event of the evening was the waitress bringing us a printout of one of those Internet gags that had gone around the weblogging world about six months ago.  She thought it was unique and new; she seemed a bit chagrined that we saw it as old hat.  It was too busy on the patio to regale her on the benefits of weblogs, unfortunately. 

When Jish comes to your location, don’t miss the opportunity to get together.  I’m tempted to label him as THE ‘weblog ambassador,’ seeing as how he travels so frequently and meets with so many of our particular Internet persuasion.  A better conversationalist, I’ve never met.

Well, I made him promise to try to schedule more time next visit, so I can drag him around and show Northern New Mexico from my perspective. 

A very enjoyable evening, all the way around.  Thanks again, Jish!

09/12/03 • 06:45 AM • Personal • (1) Comments

Slow postings.

Busy with meetings and deadlines.

09/11/03 • 05:46 AM • Personal • (0) Comments


Don’t put your open bottle of beer next to your open bottle of olive oil while cooking dinner.  I know it’s good for you, but still ...

09/10/03 • 04:32 PM • Personal • (2) Comments


Meetings like crazy.  It’s so very strange to be driving around seeing puddles.  It’s just not ... normal.

09/10/03 • 07:14 AM • Personal • (0) Comments


Rain and electrical storms last night; more tonight.  Looks like outtakes from some sci-fi movie.  I’ll have to shut everything down soon ...

09/09/03 • 05:18 PM • Personal • (0) Comments


rain last night, accompanied by quite a light show.  Still cloudy/cool this morning.

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Happy birthday,


09/08/03 • 09:17 AM • Personal • (2) Comments

NY Times Letters to the Editor:

Commuters asleep, in a “Squirrel Cage.” I did the commute from Princeton, NJ to Manhattan for 13 long years.  In approximate mileage, I went around the world once for each year commuting, seeing nothing but blackness or the generous detritus of industrialism on that daily trip.  I still think of those years as:

“Another working day has ended

Only the rush hour hell to face

Packed like lemmings into shiny metal boxes

Contestants in a suicidal race ...”

- The Police, Synchronicity II.

For a short time, after NJ Transit purchased the line from Conrail, the trains were well-kept, prompt and clean.  By ‘92, when I left, every commute was a punishment.  More often than not, I stood freezing, in the vestibules between cars, on the hour and fifteen minute ride back to P-town.  Even on Amtrak, conductors either didn’t take tickets, or climbed through the car by walking on the armrests of the seats; people were standing and sitting in the aisles, making any exit, much less an emergency exit, impossible.  I’d work overtime just to get later, hopefully emptier, trains.  But later trains gift you with drunks, random violence, and other oh-so-desirable benefits. 

Now that I think about it, I’m *so* glad I’m out of it.  Romanticize it if you must; commuting gave me none of the romance of rail travel.

09/08/03 • 07:51 AM • Personal • (0) Comments

Relaxing weekend,

approaching the weblog with trepidation ...

09/08/03 • 06:18 AM • Personal • (0) Comments


“Oh, I have a digital camera.  They’re a great cost and time-saver. But I don’t know how all the disk thingies work, so could you take my inkjet print and just scan it in?” 


09/04/03 • 07:05 AM • Personal • (4) Comments

NY Times:

I found this immensely funny.  “Finally, birds and pant legs head south.”  Alas, my beloved shorts are not the best wear for regions of cholla and prickly pear.  But I wear them anyway, being a devout follower of the Church of Fletcher, and his Second Law of Thermodynamic Walking [See “The Complete Walker” for full explanation].  When age renders me pins sticklike, I suppose I’ll retreat to longs.  I wonder what the author thinks of the current fashion of zip-offs!

09/02/03 • 01:07 PM • Personal • (0) Comments

Labor day at dangerousmeta ...

The sum total of my Labor Day was partaking of good, solid labor.  Chopping more cactus, ‘deadheading’ yuccas, trying to save piñons.  But mostly cactus.  ‘I dig cactus.’  I think I’ve got room to setup a teepee for guests, now.

Footnote: Oh, yes ... I’m sore.  Wore the skin off the top of my left thumb.  I’m picking cactus spines out of the webbing between my fingers, and the tops of my thighs.  Red wine is helping me to keep the swearing down.  See you tomorrow.

09/01/03 • 04:43 PM • Personal • (5) Comments

Tree panic.

Went out this morning, raggedy work clothes on.  Slashed down weeds, consolidated some brush piles (gotta borrow that pickup), began chopping down more cholla cactus ... when, I noticed one of my babies, a young piñon tree ... turning brown at the needles.  Upon closer inspection, an overall color change, beginning to turn brown/olive.  Beetle.  Rush to the nursery, to get AceCap pesticide.  On the way back, I noticed a 20’ footer on our property looks compromised now, too.  That’s a beautiful tree. 

I know there’s only an outside chance to save *any* of the piñons, but ... DAMN, DAMN, DAMN.  [Censored temper-tantrum.]  Looks like watering didn’t help much.  Plenty of sap on those sick trees ... sap is supposed to deter the beetles.

[In case you don’t read here often, a couple of varieties of pine beetle are devastating the piñon pine trees in the area.  We’re expected to have a 60-80% die-off by 2006.  As you drive around, you can’t help but notice the abundance of dead pines.  Drought-related, too.  Cooks, watch for a jump in domestic Pine Nut prices.]

08/30/03 • 02:52 PM • Personal • (2) Comments


We’ve just gotten a good soaking rain.  It’s been so wet lately, I’ve forgotten what it’s like to be desert!  Well, sort of.

08/29/03 • 01:56 PM • Personal • (2) Comments


Is anyone else really fed up with seeing the ad with the two girls sticking their pierced tongues out, to promote the movie “Thirteen,” on the front of the New York Times home page?  Put it in circulation with something else, pleeeeeze.

08/29/03 • 08:16 AM • Personal • (1) Comments

This morning,

putting out fires.  As an aside, we got one of those lovely huge thunderstorms last night.  Everything’s thorougly soaked.  It smells great.

08/28/03 • 07:04 AM • Personal • (0) Comments

Today’s news

is souring my mood.  I’ll look in here later.

08/26/03 • 09:44 AM • Personal • (0) Comments

Still busy.

And I’ve got an article to write, too.  On top of all this, I’ve got a piñon tree on my property that’s showing bark beetle die-off.  Will quick action save the rest of my trees?  Some say yes, some say no.  But I’ll have to get out there with the saw and plastic bags, and get rid of it double-quick ...

08/22/03 • 06:25 AM • Personal • (0) Comments

More prep

for various clients prior to Indian Market.  I may be back by noontime, MST.

08/21/03 • 05:09 AM • Personal • (1) Comments


sweaty and tired.  We’ll see whether the weblog muse strikes.

08/20/03 • 01:48 PM • Personal • (0) Comments

Busy today.

No postings until afternoon.  Indian Market is this weekend, so there is much to be done for my clients, to take advantage of the swell of tourists.  I should mention we’ve had our first death from West Nile in New Mexico, and the last weapons-grade plutonium is leaving Rocky Flats, Colorado for Carslbad.  The transport trucks pass within a mile of my home; this will make me feel more at ease, certainly.  In other news, archaeologists may have found the Donner party camp.  But most alarmingly, the U.S. budget deficit rose sharply to 54.2 billion in July.  I remind you all that during the Reagan supply-side years, the tax cuts to the rich never made up their cost in revenues.  Deficit spending was the only method for posting economic growth.  Now, I’ve gotta go ...

08/20/03 • 05:13 AM • Personal • (0) Comments

I’m here,

I’m here ... just running late.

08/19/03 • 07:01 AM • Personal • (0) Comments
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