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Making pasta bolognese tonight.  Once the onions and the garlic get cooking, it’s hard to stop drooling ...  and anyway, cooking beats the hell out of watching endless blathering over old Arnie. 

I purchased Season One of “Monarch of the Glen” on DVD, so that’ll be my entertainment for the next few nights.  They’re already broadcasting Season Five ... get those other seasons to DVD, please!  Save me from mindless American television!

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Still swamped.

I’m so sorry.  Something will be posted soon, but news seems unusually uninteresting at the moment.  Hardly worth the effort of digging for it.

Maybe I should create some original content instead.  I’ve been thinking about limericks ...

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Links later.

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Oh, I got so much pure glee from this one link.  State Department issues Mouse Warning.

Small world.  The mice have returned to my rafters, just last night.  As you know, they’re not just mice.  I’m convinced they’re “Mouse-Qaeda.”  Small furry terrorists; persistent, adaptive, maddening.  I have no compunction in using WMD’s to eradicate them.

Yes, I continue to wonder what that says about my political positions.

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The leaking hot water heater only needed a replacement hot water exit pipe.  80 bucks, and a blissfully undisturbed night’s sleep was had by all.

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I was

having a conversation today, and the conversee mentioned “beating swords into ploughshares.”  I mentioned the fact that the DuPonts at Longwood Gardens turned WWI rifle stocks into a parquet dance floor.  A beautiful and enjoyable penance for deadly weapons. 

I don’t suppose you could turn WMD’s into bath gel.

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Just because.

Pics of the Ingram Foster Pusher Biplane hung on the ceiling of the Albuquerque Sunport.  I keep calling it a ‘Curtiss Pusher,’ but I’m incorrect.

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morning.  Still ‘babysitting’ the water heater.  Up every two hours for tray emptying.  Warranty service is difficult, it seems, in this part of the country.  Hard to find plumbers!  I may have to just turn the darned thing off and live with cold showers for the next couple of days.

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dudes and dudettes.  Gotta go make some trouble.

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Well, I would’ve gotten up to the mountains today, but for the excitement of having the hot water heater spring a cold water leak.  Yes, it has been the tyranny of the mundane here at Casa Dangerousmeta today ... I sincerely hope to have something of higher quality to offer tomorrow.

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Laundry, buy a tree as a gift, pick up a couple of blank VHS tapes (I’ve become a serious fan of ‘Monarch of the Glen’), then ... then ... maybe then ... I can drive up to the mountain and go get some fall aspen shots.  See ya later.

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Hey ...

the Milky Way is awfully bright and clear tonight.  Saw a couple of shooting stars, a satellite or two.

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Oh ...

I almost forgot.  I’d like to make a request of those in New York City who read here.  Rumor has it there’s a huge billboard on Times Square advertising the “Land of Enchantment.”  News has come to my ears, that it doesn’t advertise our beautiful landscape, but is merely a huge photo of Bill Richardson.  Please someone, take a photo and link it so I can take a look.

The news last night was hilarious, btw.  Since Nader condemned Richardson for speeding, the local minicam crews are making the tailing of our Gov a regular sport.  “Catch that white Escalade!”  “Look at him go!  95 ... 105 ... Holy Sh-t!”  [paraphrase]

Anyway, I want to know if the billboard is actually encouraging people to come tour here, or simply an ego-stroke.  I guess Richardson feels experience as a Gov is better for a future Presidential run than Ms. Clinton’s Senatorship ... except for face-recognition.

Thanks in advance!

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again.  Links soon, though Friday seem to always be slow days in the metacosm.

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DP Review:

Preview of the Minolta A1.  Drats.  It’s good, looks better than the G5 I bought.  Ah well.  As with computers, when you endlessly chase the latest tech, you’ve left the path of wisdom ...

At least, that’s what I’m consoling myself with.  HA.

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Too much work to spend time blogging.  I gave myself a limit.  I’ll be back later today.

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I’m so busy at the moment, I’m making lists.  LISTS!  I *hate* lists.  They intrude noisily upon my psyche, itching me until I’ve crushed them out of existence in a flurry of work.

But I’m so glad to see these signs of the economy recovering, I almost kissed this one I just made.

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Still very busy.

And that’s very good.  So postings may resume early afternoon.

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“Get your Dimploma.”  Dim-ploma.  Haven’t laughed that hard in a while.  Simple things for simple minds, I guess.

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very busy today.  Apologies to the regulars.

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Good grief,

I sound like a “neocon!”

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Pirate-talk day, eh?

To be sure, I ain’t sich an infernal lubber, by thunder.  Shiver me timbers!  For some four years, I’ve sailed these weblog seas, and seen good and bad, better and worse, fair weather and foul, provisions runnin’ out, knives going, and what not.  Well, now I tell ye I never seen good come o’ goodness yet.  Him as strikes first is my fancy; dead men don’t bite; them’s my views ... and you can lay to that.

[Apologies to Robert Louis Stevenson; free rap from memory.]

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to what I post here, I’m not a disaster in the kitchen.  Not really.

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Okay, who’s the wise guy?

I was making cinnamon toast this morning ... or thought I was.  Someone replaced my spice jar with one that was identical ... and contained chili powder.  I usually put my contacts in a bit later ... but I’ll have to amend that procedure now.  Blech.

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Very busy.

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