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Fresh from out back ...

fresh from the back portal ...

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Hit the ground running with work this morning.

If I see a link fly by, I’ll snatch it out of the air and plaster it here ...

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paradox1x.org: Blogging is far from dead.

Darn tootin’.

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RAWStory: Sarah Culhane is white. Michael Brown is dead.

Boy, does that smell to high heaven. The young lady’s charges being dropped, that is. My former hometown is now tres affluent, lightyears beyond the working-class majority it formerly was. The modest home I grew up in sells for over a million now.

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Drum, evening light.

Drum, evening light.

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Mashable: The beloved Modern Farmer magazine is shutting down.

The magazine parted ways in December with its founder and editor in chief Ann Marie Gardner, who reportedly had disagreements with the magazine’s lead investor Frank Giustra, a Canadian mining mogul.” Alas. Seems every time I find a good, new RSS feed ... someone shuts down the operation. I miss The Airship, too.

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Like a chicken with my head cut off today.

Just plain old busy. More links eventually.

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Paris Review: Remembering the Concorde.

I still recall the first time I saw a Concorde while travelling.  It was pulled up to the gate next to my mid-size passenger jet, and its tiny aspect totally threw my childhood fantasies out the window. I expected giant-pterodactyl-rocket-ship; instead, a veritable knitting needle with wings. A B-52 isn’t all that impressive, either, in real life. Oh, the wingspan’s huge, but the fuselage is more like a long cigar. Much shorter than a commercial airliner.

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rc3: Let’s make link blogging a trend.

Hmmm. I’ll have to think about it (wink).

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“Barometer Soup” is just such a great album.

Not everyone cares for Buffett anymore ... he’ll always have a place in my album-rack. Hey, country music only *just* caught up to what Jimmy was doing in the late ‘70s/early ‘80s ...

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Meetings early.

Links later. Snowing, not hard yet, but forecasts are for a decent amount (3-8”). NWS isn’t being definite about our immediate area, being on the edge between E/W and mountains.

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This is why weblogging was great.

I noticed Cast Away was streaming on Netflix. I’ve been facing some interesting choices in my life, so I figured I’d watch it again. Hit me just as hard as it did the first time.  And I remembered a piece Dave Rogers had posted when the film came out ... 13 years ago now. I couldn’t find his post online - as all us ‘originals’ have, he’s changed CMSs and personas a couple of times - but after dropping him a Twitter message, he dug around and reposted his great review, and associated correspondence with a fellow blogger.  I link his pieces here (scroll down to the piece titled Cast Away, and then scroll up to read Greatest Hurts and Greatest Hurts 2).

If you want to know why the ‘old’ web was so great, you need look no further. There’s gold in our archives, I tell ya.

Dave sums it up well: “This is an aspect of the current blogosphere that I find sadly lacking. We had a great deal more thoughtful discussion back then. I may simply be looking at the past through rose-colored bifocals, but little like this takes place today.”

And thanks again, Dave. I may not have commented then, but your post stuck with me all this time. I think that’s about the best praise any weblogger can give another.

Later: And now, scroll further up to Addendum, same link as above.

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The Monster that Devoured Santa Fe (Photos).

The monster that came to devour Santa Fe.

You have to click through to Flickr to see it large - I uploaded it at full resolution (three full-frame image panorama). Stretch your browser out as wide as you can.  If you just want to see the detail, try this later shot.

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Winter Spirea #2.

Winter Spirea No. 2.

Note: Previous was outside, natural light, higher ISO, trying to manage a camera and a black backdrop in brisk winds. This one is indoors, stalk taped to the side of a glass, no wind, gridded flash to right, black foamcore solidly propped, handheld.

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Winter Spirea #1.

Winter Spirea #1.

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Color me astonished.  Most popular photo of last year’s 365 garnered almost 9,000 views.

This one. Everyone loves symmetrical sunbeams, it seems.

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Low key grid.

Screwing around with lighting. Last selfie, I scared the hell out of half the internet. Hopefully this won’t break the interwebs.

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MessyNessy: Show & Tell with the Vintage Camera Collection You Always Wanted.

My first “real” camera was an Ansco Autoset.  And yes, there are photos online!  My brother-in-law lent it to me when we drove out to Grand Teton, when I was 13. That started the ‘photo bug.’

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Check those snow clouds.

Snow clouds, lifting a bit.

Looks like a lens problem - I assure you it wasn’t.

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Snowing at the moment, fit to beat the band.

Snowing, 2.

Two other shots, here and here.

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For Roland, prints beautiful prints.

Prints, beautiful prints.

As you can see, the cropping screwed me up until I read about the 1 1/8” limitation on art papers. Top print is da bomb. Much more tactile than a straight photographic (non-inkjet) print. I love paper with some tooth. A peculiar satisfaction, pulling a good one.

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Weather moving in tomorrow.

Unsettled weather.

The clouds can’t make up their minds - a complete jumble.

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Sorry about three from Archaeology News in a row, but ...

... they were really interesting.

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The haircut is devastatingly excellent.  On to links.

Tight back and sides, touch of a pompadour. Didn’t think my hair could still look so good. Johnny’s Classic Barber Shop, in the Lofts. The man’s a fan of Gene Vincent. Can’t get much better than that.

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