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Dare I admit ...

... that the latest spate of animated GIFs in my feed on Facebook make me nostalgic for the abhorred BLINK tag ... ?

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My business day started at 6AM ... how’s yours?

Best-laid plans. Links when I can.

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500px – onOne Software [Perfect Effects 9 Premium, free]

If you’re on 500px, you can get a copy of the latest Perfect Effects 9 Premium for free. PE8 has been another tool in my arsenal; just updated to PE9. Grab it while you can.

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Typos. Bane of my existence.

I think I need to replace my Mac keyboard. It’s never been a favorite, except for the aesthetics. Seems keypresses are not necessarily registering at certain times; actually got worse after I cleaned it. My “L” key is bald, with a scoop out of it. A, S, E, N, M, O, ‘enter’ worn ... yes, I believe it’s time ...

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Give us Agent Carter, Series Two.

I’ve fully enjoyed Season One. Ignore the small number of naysayers. Watching it cold, no spoilers, little was predictable. Constantly entertaining.

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Snow’s supposed to be moving in tonight.

Snow's supposedly moving in.

Unsettled at the moment. Clouds are torn into different layers. Yesterday’s dawn shot of the Ortiz to the south.

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ISP outage.

Comcast broadband was out in my area this morning. It is amazing how I’ve become accustomed to having a always-on ‘net hookup. Puts me in mind I need to go get lost in the wilderness soon for a ‘brain reset.’

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AuthorityNutrition: Gluten Sensitivity is Real, and “Wheat-Free” is Not Just a Fad.

This study made headlines all over the world, claiming that gluten sensitivity had been disproved and that gluten was safe for anyone except people with celiac disease. However, this is completely false. What this study does show, is that gluten probably isn’t a very big factor in irritable bowel syndrome, in which case FODMAPs are the main player. This study also happens to support the fact that many people (IBS is very common) are intolerant to wheat, and should make an effort to avoid it. It’s just that the mechanism is different from what was previously believed. The solution, a gluten/wheat-free diet, is still the same, and just as effective as before.” My italic and underlined emphases. I got into a dustup over this study on FB; this reinforces my contentions there.

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Okay, where’s the day gone?

A few more things to handle, then some links.  Crikey, I suck as a weblogger today ... can’t even sneak in *one* link ...

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Busy morning again.

Links in a few.

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Wispy sunset.


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The Atlantic: Does a Creative Firm Get a Boost From Being in a City?

God yes. Santa Fe’s dead, Albuquerque too, compared on a national scale. Note that in the ‘90’s, when we in NYC thought we were on top of our games, the actual most-creative work was being done in Atlanta, Dallas, Minneapolis. They just didn’t get the recognition because NYC owns the creative PR and has simply immense amounts of opportunity and resource to make a middling concept popular. 

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Busy morning.

Links soon.

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The Atlantic: What Good Is Twitter?

Without revealing numbers that will get me in trouble with my bosses, I concluded that my prodigious use of Twitter in the last 30 days has cumulatively driven less traffic to TheAtlantic.com than one of my below-average stories.” I went in to look at my stats and, good God, he’s right. Two people on average click on my links per day. Oh, many people read an individual tweet, but few engage with them. Is this not the *definition* of ‘noise’? I would consider dropping my auto-tweet IFTTT script, but my ‘impressions’ numbers seem on a slow growth cycle.

If you’re trying to get performance on Twitter, you would do well to read the above article, and take a hard look at your own stats: “The more sophisticated takeaway is that Twitter is worthless for the limited purpose of driving traffic to your website, because Twitter is not a portal for outbound links, but rather a homepage for self-contained pictures and observations.” 

Blogs ain’t dead. Said it before, I’ll say it repeatedly.

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From 2006, a stuccoed and painted wall in downtown Taos, NM.

2006, Taos wall.

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Another nice’un.


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Classified Moto: Randall’s Nighthawk.

Same year as my own, I believe. Not wild about the tank, but everything else is pretty darn cool.

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Sunset tonight.

2/12 ... start.

If you click the above image and view large on Flickr, you can go back through three more photos as the evening wore on.

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Aeon: Soleá - the flamenco of Seville.

Great video. Not everyone ‘gets’ flamenco; drives some folk crazy. It speaks to some part of my soul.

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PS Mag: How Learning Artistic Skills Alters the Brain.

My first 365 project had this sort of effect. But ‘forced’ creativity isn’t the same as working towards a set of creative goals, IMHO. I’ve been shooting some events lately, and it opens up new ideas for framing, gets my timing skills down (to capture fleeting expressions). You want to get better at something, do it more often. Iterate faster, make better mistakes faster.

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Atlas Obscura: The Abandoned Dutch Reform Church Cemetery.

I find this shameful. Some of these folks might be far distant relatives [Dutch heritage]. I wonder what, if anything, is being done to preserve these graves. I hope this article shames the municipality.

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Busy day again. 

Links later on today.

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naked cap: Is Blogging Dead?

Hmmph. Is ‘hypertext’ dead? Seems an awfully stupid question, but given the coverage, worthy of a longer post on my part.

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South on 285.

South on 285.

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Omnibounce or Flashbender?

Event. Small, dimly lit venue with CFLs. Flashbender for the win. No comparison.

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