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365/2: 207.

365/2: 207.

Contemplating the sadness of an empty martini glass ...

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365/2: 206. Too hot to shoot anything else!

365/2: 206.

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365/2: 205. Impromptu hatrack.

365/2: 205.

Still need to buy that proper summer cowboy hat.

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Bicycling: How Female Cyclists Pee in Bib Shorts.

I’d wondered. Bib shorts make a huge difference in biking performance, IMHO. The removal of a stricture around the waist frees up the breathing. If you’ve never tried them, you should. You really should. I don’t ride in anything else.

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Planet Princeton: Feds - We Have No Jurisdiction Over NJ Transit Rail Line Moves.

If any of you know Princeton, you’ll have heard of the ‘Dinky’.  The shortest rail line in America at present. Now becoming even shorter, it seems. I’ve ridden it many times.  I’m happy to see the original building will survive - I just hope they’re updating the utilities, otherwise it’ll end up abandoned. I remember too well what happened to the historic Princessville Inn. A note - for us legitimate Princetonians, the preferred name was “PJ&B”, said exactly that way. “Princeton Junction and Back.”

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Late start.

Was up until the wee hours last night working. Links coming.

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365/2: 204. Hot sunset, no monsoon activity to speak of.

365/2: 204.

I was revelling in the fact I’ve got Reeder back again. Blog workflow is much faster - though it also allows me to read after more tangents, too. [*slaps wrist*] I have too damned many interests.

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Having Reeder back enables me to ‘firehose’ links again.

Missed it. Apologies to those on Twitter, whom I may overwhelm.

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Aeon: How we can get bystanders to help victims of crime.

Oh, poo. Most people are a) afraid of the perpetrator or b) afraid of litigation. Few understand ‘good samaritan’ laws - and to be honest, because they vary so much, many still hesitate even knowing what’s allowed.


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Slow start.

Lots of email to work through. Links soon.

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365/2: 203. I should be spanked for this ...

365/2: 203.

“My biggest fan.”

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Removed a post for the first time.

About how publishers should contemplate “director’s cuts”. I decided my comments and critiques were not phrased well, and offered too wide an opportunity for misinterpretation. My apologies. Sometimes it is indeed better to shut one’s cake-hole and listen a bit more.

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Slate: Almond milk bad for environment? Tom Philpott and Mother Jones are wrong.

Hmmph. Try looking at growing watermelons ... or chickens, for that matter. My complaint is the cheap fast-food burger. I don’t believe that $1 meat exists! Even when I see it. But that’s fodder for another post.

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Medium: Let’s fly.

Authorities recommend arriving two hours before international flights. I say four. Get there four hours before your flight.”  We learned this when travelling for work in the 80’s. That way, little bits of graft to skycaps would get your heavy equipment on board without huge overage fees.  I doubt that’s the case now. But still - arriving early gets special attention, always. Another tip - I purchased an Amex Platinum card, which gives special travel concierge service. One phone call, I could have a personal assistant reroute my interaries in minutes, get me access to all the airline lounges.  Don’t know if that’s still the case, but if you travel a great deal, the $400 bucks a year was more than worth it. So many times it make the difference between sleeping on a sofa in a strange airport and sleeping in my own bed. I remain a faithful Amex user, though no longer a platinum card holder, because of those experiences. [And this is an unpaid plug, in case you were wondering.] Via Kottke’s sharp eyes.

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Mavericks update was successful.

Don’t know if you all saw the comment thread on an earlier post.  My upgrade went pretty flawlessly, all things considered.  Today’s my first day running it.  What I’ve found:

#1: Mavericks does NOT eject external disks properly when the system goes to sleep. This is a major pain, with four external drives connected.  I’ve found a widget for the menu bar that allows me to ‘eject all’ quickly, but that’s still a kludge. Apple, fix this NOW. I’m tired of verifying disks to make sure nothing was borked.

#2: I had a random Finder window crash.  I decided to fix permissions right after (forgot to do it after updating).  No crashes since.

#3: If you’re using Mamp Pro 2.x, be sure to upgrade to 3.0 before the Mavericks upgrade. It’s a pain.

I am tickled to find I can text-message cell folks from Mavericks - then it occurred to me, I can have family, friends and clients all popping alerts on my screen all day long. Erk. I may have to find a way to turn that off easily.

Speed is about the same as my previous 10.7.5.  Some things are slower, but I think the update has to finish optimizing things - I understand it’s a constant process.

So overall - a good experience so far.  Have to catch up on updating some apps still.  Much more functionality in apps, compared to pre-10.8.  Some learning to do.

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ReadWrite: An Ode To Jim Rockford’s Answering Machine.

Funny; my old man was an attorney, and drooled over the idea of having such an answering machine. Problem was, they were expensive at the time. Eventually a dual-cassette one was purchased ... and come to think of it, very similar to Rockford’s.

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365/2: 202. I’ll swear our goat pots only start to smile come summer.

365/2: 202.

And ... these flowers make me crave crummy tooth-rotting Starbursts.

Later: Rainbow!

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365/2: 201. Red Virga at Sunset.

365/2: 201.

Yeah, HDR. With some PS layering to restore some of the sunset spangle.

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If you see dayglo gophers running away from Eldorado ...

… you’ll know I bought one o’ these.

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Eye appointment … back later.

Just a check. Nothing serious.

Update: I’d been testing a set of Ciba contacts.  I wasn’t able to go more than five or six hours with them. Terribly red, dry eyes. Doc said that was not good, so we switched to Coopers. Immediate relief, but I have to spend more time with them (and let the eyes recover from the Cibas) before I can make a real recommendation.

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365/2: 200. Trumpet vine and visitors.

365/2: 200.

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BBC: James Garner, Rockford Files star, dies aged 86.

This one hurts. When I was a kid, I wanted to be as cool as James Garner.  RIP, good sir. You will be sorely missed.

Later: A good observation, from Mashable? Yes! Check it out.

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Upgrading the system to Mavericks today.

Pulled a bootable copy with SuperDuper. Running Time Machine *one more time*.  Think that’s enough?  You’ll hear from me ‘on the other side.’

Later: Postponed until sometime tomorrow. Realized it’s time to delete old apps, upgrade a few others … empty some junk off the internal drive.

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365/2: 199. Virga at sunset.

365/2: 199.

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Ghost in the Machine: Tagged and Archived.

Sheesh. I’d best get my arse in gear. Did you sitemap.xml all that, Kevin?

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