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Got my camera back from service.

3/26 sunset one.

Only took two tries to get all the crap off the sensor. Nice to have that blotch gone from the top-left of my frames (requiring constant spotting). A second, closer view.

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iPad Air bizarreness.

Since the last update to the system, my iPad has displayed a very curious anomaly. At random times, I’ll hear music playing. iTunes Radio has started itself, and it begins to play Jason Mraz. Now, I don’t ever open iTunes Radio. And I don’t own any Jason Mraz, nor have him selected. Every time this happens, it’s iTunes Radio, and it’s Jason Mraz.

This usually happens randomly after watching a video during lunch, or checking out some Youtube selections. I habitually close the application (drag upwards), tap to return to the home screen, and shut off the iPad (quick click of the power switch). I’m an old-school Mac user ... single task to maximize RAM. Old habits die hard.

You should see me start running around the office trying to find the rogue sound - I’ve not grokked that it’s always the iPad. I start turning off sound on my computers, then start checking devices.


Later: I swear I don’t do this. I SWEAR. But it’s the most likely explanation. I’m going to come off as one of those thick-fingered dolts who can’t operate mobile devices.  In the bottom menu (the drag-up menu) on iPad, there’s a music controller over on the left. I SWEAR I don’t touch it. But, I think that when I poke the iPad to return to the Home screen after drag-closing my last-used app, I somehow press too close to the bottom, and the iPad reads it as a “play iTunes Radio” command.  I’ve apologized to my iPad.

So now I’ll go into iTunes Radio and choose some Heavy Metal, for the next time I do this.


I have it set on Jeff Beck Radio, starting the original version of “Superstition.” Now I’ll instantly know where the noise is coming from, if I do this again.

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The Fully Intended: Therapeutic people.

Mollie shares a bit of happiness.

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Vox: Here’s how incredible computer word processing seemed in 1982.

And the comically underpowered computers people bought in 1982 were expensive.” Underpowered but not incapable. The dedicated word processors could churn out formatted text faster than today’s overaccessorized word processing software because they had *dedicated keyboards*. Indent? Press a clearly labelled button. Columns? Press a clearly-labelled button. It was the PC and WordStar that started us on the standard keyboard three- and four-finger keyboard commands (that so few people actually learn to use beyond the basics). Those of us using dedicated machines used to make terrible fun of the bargain-basement PC folks (PCs were cheaper than dedicated systems by a long chalk, and WordStar was trying to offer the same capabilities as the highest end dedicated setups. Trivia: Doing columns easily was a big deal back then, a litmus test of sorts.).

Granted, the output was limited by daisywheel printers. But you could switch fonts by snapping in and out different daisywheels. You know, working around a daisywheel could be why my left ear seems to not be as sensitive as my right anymore (that, and driving with the window open). And sheetfeed paper!  Ah, the memories. How many forests we burned through.

WordPerfect, I think, is still the closest thing to living history you can experience. Do they still have the ‘codes page’ - access to the source code of documents?

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Morning meeting. Most links after 12 noon MST.

Just FYI.

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Responsive dm!, first try.

Given Google’s mobile-friendly ultimatum, I figure it’s time to force myself to redesign the blog.  You folks who were willing to test/comment/peek, I have a first round of a new home page designed. Email me privately - you know my addy. Thanks.

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Authority Nutrition: The Gluten-Free Diet - Everything You Need to Know (Literally).

Ok, but ... have your iron and D levels checked regularly. Men aren’t supposed to take iron ... however, a gluten free diet diminishes the amount of iron you consume, along with associated damage to the gut from previous ingested gluten foods (reducing absorption).

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A reminder from the proprietor ...

As the weather warms up, the frequency of my weekend postings drops to zero. It won’t happen yet, but you are already noticing a significant decrement. Simply letting new readers know this is ‘normal.’ NM homes require a great deal of maintenance and yard work.

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The Atlantic: Manual Labor, All Night Long - The Reality of Paying for College.

$10/hour. A travesty. I was making $8.00 an hour helping build prestressed concrete components to try to pay for school in 1979. Up at 3AM to be at work by 4 (the work was out in the open, these hours prevented heatstroke). Work until 1 PM. I was injured - all of my fingers were broken in an accident. Ended up having to take two semesters off (two trimesters) for them to heal. ‘Manual labor’ can help pay your way, sure. But the intangibles ...

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Surprises right and left this morning.

Links when I can.

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Gear Patrol/Photo Essay: Remembering Kodachrome.

I’ve got loads sitting around too. Princeton in the ‘70’s. Big Bend in ‘78. Grand Teton in ‘73. Starting to artfully fade. I need to get a film scanner, sooner than later. Then print.

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Medium: How Terry Brooks Saved Epic Fantasy.

Not quite. I was a big fantasy guy, and I couldn’t stomach Shannara. Cloyingly copied from Tolkein; the cover was so cutesy, we fantasy-buffs couldn’t stand to be seen with it. I got caught up in a darker series, The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, the original trilogy, rather than Shannara. After Covenant depressed the hell out of me, I dove into Moorcock and The Eternal Champion. In other words, spare me the Brooks encomiums. Fantasy was not a wasteland in the 60’s or 70’s.

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A surprise rush to make a press deadline this morning.

Links when I have a free moment.

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Apple mouse mayhem.

My Mac started up fine this morning, yet I found I couldn’t click the Dock. Or apps. All widgets called by the keyboard were working perfectly. Yet any window I’d open would be unresponsive to a mouse click. Because Bluetooth gets messed with frequently by local fire, police and rescue vehicles, I keep a USB mouse hooked up as a backup. It worked fine. The problem? Somehow, I’d half-closed the on/off switch on my Apple mouse.  Apparently that was just enough for the mouse to still work as it was moved across a pad, but blocked the click and top touch-functions. Seemed to mess with the BT connection after I turned it back on fully, so I had to do a full disconnect/reconnect sequence. All is well now. A once-in-a-lifetime sort of glitch, but I thought I’d mention it, for others to put in their mental basket of fixes.

It’s one o’ those days. I’d just previously opened the fridge door, and a bag of kale had gone off since last night. Man, what a stench.

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MCU Exchange: Why Agent Carter Is Worth Your Time.

Already purchased. As mentioned previously, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I felt the show got an unfair amount of critique when aired; too many people hanging baggage on it that didn’t belong in the first place. I really would like to see where they take Season Two, now that Peggy’s war history has somewhat sailed down the river.

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The Interstitial: From Fastmail Back to Google’s Gmail.

Hmmm. Understood. But I keep a Fastmail account for an important reason - I have clients who expect instant responses, who expect email to work like texting. Gmail takes forever to deliver messages. Fastmail, it’s virtually guaranteed to be there in seconds.

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Kickstarter: Prime4orm - Change your form. Change your life.

This actually looks like a pretty great idea.  I tend to slump at the keyboard, and can never get my keyboard/seat/screen ratio correct, no matter how hard I try.

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Even though my 5D’s just sitting in the box waiting to ship to Canon service ...

... I feel naked, bereft. Maybe this will be good? Detox.

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Everyone pulls a boner at some point in time.

Two huge bits of dust on my 5D Mark II sensor - one dead center, immovable with a blower.  Pulled out the sensor cleaning brush, got the big stuff, left two patches of small dust. One more time, and managed to smear oil (from someplace) all over the left side. 5D’s aren’t supposed to have oil around the sensor, according to my reading ... so ... I get to try out Canon Professional Services.  I get five free cleanings for joining.  I’ll let them clean it off ... the camera could use a check after two years, anyway.

Relegated to my poor old 50D for a week. (sad face emoticon, if I had any.)

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Can’t find anything to get the ol’ blogging momentum going.

I’ll try again after lunch. Sorry for the Google duo, but ... it’s what caught my eye in the aggregator this morning.

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NY Times: Michael Graves, Prolific Architect, Dies at 80.

I never cared for his architecture ... the Dutch Reformed building he redid after a catastrophic fire in Princeton is a user-unfriendly/eyecatching mess IMHO. I also didn’t like the way he allegedly used grad students to further his design work (in a sort of Dumas manner). However, he was a fellow Princetonian and many consider him iconic. RIP, sir.

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DedaSys Journal: Alarming number of spam false positives in Gmail.

I also noticed a bit a month or so ago.  Those that were being caught - and they were vitally important - I whitelisted with a filter to guarantee they wouldn’t be grabbed again. I just peeped in this second, about ten items I would have preferred to see, but weren’t earthshattering if I lost them. I check the spam folder about once a month or ~500 pieces, whichever comes first, because I never do trust algorithms 100%.

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Best laid plans.

Links soon.

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More virga.

Trying ...

Looks like it might have reached the ground over in the mid-southern Jemez. Spreading towards SF and Alb, nothing. It all evaporates away.

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Princeton Today: Rain and More Rain. [Linked for photo.]

Oh, god ... I remember waiting there. For thirteen years I stood on that platform for 50 weeks a year. Makes me rather want to celebrate the lack of moisture here in NM, come to think of it.

Later: You know, I can still recite my fifteen-place NJ driver’s license number, because I had to write it on my check for NJ Transit monthly passes.

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