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365/2: 230. FAIL.

365/2: 230. FAIL.

Clouds looked promising, so I drove down to a good spot, only to have them all disappear. Ah well. It happens. Next time.

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A Continuous Lean.: A True American Craft - Handsewn Shoes.

Every guy in America should have at least one pair.  But then, I’m originally a natural-born Princeton prep.

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Men’s Journal: The Only 8 Moves You Need to Be Fit.

Yep. Remember: perfect form. If you cannot do an exercise with perfect form, stop. Continuing is the road to imbalances and injury. I may actually use most of this over the next month - I’m way behind on my warm-month fitness regime. And my biggest shoot of the year is at the end of next month. I need to be able to walk 10 hours, ~15 miles, squatting hundreds of times, carrying ~45 pounds on my back and ~5-8 in my hands. Photographing cars at Concorso ain’t no picnic.

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My last attempt at using an ‘office chair.’

My final office chair experiment, before I build a standing desk.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve enjoyed standing. But before I make the investment in building a standing desk, I thought I’d try to maximize my sitting investments and try one more style of ‘chair.’  With this, I figure I will shortly break the plastic seat ... but ... BUT ... I can replace it with a real, metal vintage tractor seat.

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NY Times: Real-Life Illness in a Virtual World.

(Raises hand.) I’m one of those folks. The 90’s fave, ‘shaky cam’ technique makes me puke. Plain and simple. Remember the movie, “Breaking the Waves”?  I made five minutes before bailing out and sitting in my car, listening to music and hoping my head and stomach would stop roiling, waiting for everyone else to finish the movie. I just can’t do VR until this effect is fixed.

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How do you tell you’re doing business with a real New Mexican?

When he opens his iPad case, a few tortilla chip bits come tumbling out ... (guilty as charged; green chile roasting season is upon us) ...

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The Millions: Practical Art - On Teaching the Business of Creative Writing.

Harrumph. Go, have remarkable experiences. That’s most important. After your experiences, take a break, pull out daybook, write. Get home, see what sticks in your memory, start writing in earnest. Enthusiasm greases the pencil better than anything else. Creative writing is fun, don’t let anyone or any curriculum ruin it for you.

Please note my use of ‘remarkable.’ Some days, just putting a foot out of bed can be an adventure worth relating.

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365/2: 229. Welcome to Lamy, NM.

365/2: 229. Welcome to Lamy.

The colors, the colors.  And, the outtake, a vintage ‘dome’ car, out to pasture.

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Mashable: Popular Email App Mailbox Launches for Desktop, Adds Support for Drafts.

Hmmmph. I’ve stopped jerking my knee for every ‘miracle’ mailbox app that gets boostered on the software sites. I liked Sparrow a lot, but it still wasn’t very efficient. I’ve shelved Postbox, Airmail, Apple Mail, Outlook, others. Wasted enough good pocket change. Currently I’m using Mailplane 3.

Gmail has been too slow for too long. I’m in the process of moving to Fastmail, which will deprecate Mailplane. Not sure what I’ll use to check Fastmail other than the lovely clean web app. I’ll update you on my impressions and progress when I have time.

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365/2: 228. Stealth moth.

365/2: 228

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The Airship: Simple Reasons Why You Should Read Physical Books.

What’s happening with me is, I’ll take a chance on an ebook based on price (not that much of a savings, really).  I hit upon a book I really, really like - it gets purchased as a physical volume. Not only for sole ownership, but also for the ability to share it easily. I hate holding up a Kindle to someone and saying, “here’s the passage I was talking about” and then have them grab the touchscreen by mistake, sending me into the ebook ozone. I do note, however, the double-profit to the publisher with this method.  I wish I could predict whether I’d like a book or not from the cover ... but you know that old saw.

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Flavorwire: Stunning Writing Studios.

Chock full of clichés. Writing comes best for me in places and times where I’m at least slightly uncomfortable. I need something to drag me to the pen or keyboard.  Give me a comfy chair, a nice view ... forget about it.  The muse goes on vacation.

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365/2: 228. Put myself under the lights today.

365/2: 228.

Bill’s gonna say I look mad again. I like it. As another friend said, “Well, you certainly look skeptical.”  Appropriate for a blogger, then.  I’ll work on a ‘smiler.’  Hard to do, when you’re running to hit the self-timer all the time. The outtakes were gruesome.  Great shots of my butt, though.

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RenewCancelTV: Longmire Season 4 Renewal News By September? Craig Johnson Confident.

Good God, they’d better renew. Half of NM’s gonna hunt down A&E’s executives like they’re David Ridges [in-joke].

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365/2: 227. Busy bees today.

365/2: 227.

Just a grab shot.

Later: Outtake, rain over the Jemez shows the topography.

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At the stable ...

“hey, thanks for doing this.”

“no problemo. enjoyin’ the horses?”

“yep. kinda cool today. surprised me.”

“mm-hmmm. my roan’s turned white.”

“… and … that means … ?”

“he’s a chestnut roan. when cold weather’s comin’, he turns white.”

“i didn’t know they did that. i’d’ve said he was grey.”

“sure as shootin’, it’s gonna be an early fall.”

“sure feels like it today.” checking out the horse. “he looks damned muscular.”

“yep. been a good ‘un. navicular is probly gonna take him down this fall, though.”


“some fools ran him too hard, and his feet suffered. he won’ make another winter.”

“sorry, man.”

“it’s ok. he’s had a good life with me. we’ll put him down at first frost.”

owner whacks the horse’s butt in a rough gesture of admiration, waves a half-hearted goodbye, and walks off.

pulling a fresh carrot from my pocket, i hold it out in my palm. the horse suddenly turns from my hand to look into the far distance, standing stock-still, as if waiting for something. we stand like this for uncounted minutes - i offering, he quivering with anticipation.

leaving the tidbit balanced on a barrel, i walk towards the truck.

i give the door handle a yank, and look back. the roan shakes his head, whinnies and vanishes in a blinding cloud of corral-dust.

empty corral. the carrot, the carrot is gone.

like hell it’s the weather. he knows. i think it’s the waiting and wondering.

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365/2: 226.

365/2: 226.

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Hello, Fastmail. Goodbye (soon), Google.

I’ve been using Gmail for email aggregation for quite a while now.  In the last year or so, email checking has become so slow and unpredictable, such a barrier to accomplishing timely work, that I’ve invested in new accounts at Fastmail.fm. Simple yet deep feature set, easy interface, larger attachment sizes ... and actually fast.

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365/2: 225. Rain shower over the Jemez Mtns, about 20 miles away.

365/2: 225.

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The Airship: Why Writers Should Read the Classics.

The classics are able to achieve this timeless quality because they are not descriptive; they are introspective. They are not focused on the world in which human emotions exist, but on human emotions themselves.”  Yes, yes, YES.

I recently viewed the movie Renoir. European pacing, slice-of-life, no real conclusion. I admired the film for what it was ... they gave me room to imagine the character’s inner lives, without specifically depicting it. It’s all the things the actresses/actors don’t say. The negative space gives your mind room to fill in the blanks, instead of having CGI and sound effects limit your imagination’s range.

Too many modern novels overdescribe [just for the sake of describing] to the extent of dust textures in a bedroom [snore]. Is the texture of dust important? Rarely. A good lesson is Dickens’ description of Miss Havisham’s cake-room in Great Expectations. Just about everything has symbolic meaning. An adjective applied to one aspect, overshadows every other. Tableaus beautifully, succinctly, vividly created in one’s mind. When students read this, ask them to describe the room (without the book). You’ll be astonished at how similar the descriptions are. Dickens knew his business.

My personal fear has been to study and analyze classics I love too closely. It would be like putting your life partner under a magnifying glass, purposely looking for hidden springs and levers, putting a Post-It on every tiny flaw. It might affect the character of my love. So I tend to analyze books in in my B-list.

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365/2: 224. No. 1, or ‘no one’ ... ?  Heh.

365/2: 224.

Just admiring a typeface.

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300+ bloody gigabytes already this year ...

And it’s only a little beyond half over. My 365 project is eating up the hard drive space. Looks like another 4TB is in the cards for this Xmas. And my biggest photo projects of the year are still to come!  Ayayayay ... If anyone sees fire-sale prices on RAIDs in the next few months, remember ol’ Garret.

Later: It strikes me, I’m a rich man now. Rich in hard drive space, even though I’m running out of it. That 300 gigabytes, if priced the same as 1986 Jasmine drive space, would cost upwards of $15,000.

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The Rumpus: My Nixon Years.

Even though he was an adult in the 1970s, when I was a child, he seemed just as confused as I was by the changing social structure. I wished, when I was 7, for things to be comprehensible, controllable; I wonder if he felt the same way.”  I am more of his grandmother’s ilk - noone post-‘74 ever again expressed to a child, “if you study hard, you’ll grow up and be President someday!” That phrase died on Nixon’s resignation date, and I don’t think we’ll ever hear it again.

Paramilitary police are in the news today, but in the ‘60’s we had CIA and military with automatic weapons in our neighborhood thanks to the Institute for Defense Analysis protests [IDA contained the supercomputer that made the strategic decision to invade Cambodia] right after Kent State. I will not forgive Nixon posting such weapons less than 60’ from the backs of my friend’s houses, about a football field from my own. M-16’s have a lethal range of about what ... 5 football field lengths or so? 

Nope, I will not forgive Nixon. History should not, either.

Cue CSNY, Ohio.

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The Airship: Behind the Lit - All of Europe Initially Loathes Paradise Lost.

Interesting. It remained popular enough, that when Princeton University built their Chapel in the early part of the 20th Century, many stained glass windows depict scenes from the text. ‘Course, all I knew is that it was a cool, big dark place to adventure in as a child. The brightly lit stained glass just gave it a LoTR feel (long before I knew what LoTR even was). Numinous, even for a child with no religious upbringing.

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ArtDaily: Winterthur’s Director of Horticulture wins trade association award.

Most tourists go to Longwood Gardens, which is the largest of DuPont estate gardens.  But Winterthur has a particularly interesting take on a formal garden - created in sections on a circle, each section is designed to bloom at a different time of year.  So you can not only never miss flowering plants, but you also get to see a progression from dormant-to-vivacious any time of year.  Well, except winter, of course. Do check out the other DuPont estates though. And Winterthur is an antique-lovers wet dream.  The entire main building is chock full of amazing pieces.

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