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Upcoming schedule for blogging here ...

I have a particularly strenuous photo shoot over the next few days, and I also have to make a push to comp up a rather complex site. That means I need to hunker down for a while, which diminishes my efforts here on the blog. I’ll try to look in from time to time and post something new, but my frequency will not return to normal until next week sometime.

As always, thanks for your continuing readership, and I’ll peek in when I can!

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Valet.: Forget the Man Cave. You Want a Gentleman’s Study.

Someday, I hope to do something Hemingway-esque for my office. The ones pictured here — too contemporary. Hit Craiglist and local consignment. Better stuff.

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ProBlogger: How Working Fewer Hours Can Increase Your Productivity.

Experiment with Pomodoro techniques. It works. Don’t get bogged in the details, just use the 25 minute spans as recommended, eschew all distractions, and concentrate.

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The Fully Intended: Being afraid.

Congratulations, Mollie!

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vowe dot net: Move from Evernote to OneNote on a Mac.

I think I’ve expressed before, if I were starting from scratch, I’d look closer at Eaglefiler. I don’t use Evernote or OneNote regularly from mobile devices. Though, as with all things digital, that will likely change.

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Just before the light diminished.

Just before the light went.

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SciAm: Is There Such a Thing as “Fat but Fit”?

It would imply that you are not protected from bad outcomes if you are a so-called fit and fat person.” I ran across an extensive photo gallery of Woodstock, and was struck (once again) by the low BMI of kids in the ‘60’s compared to the average American today.

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Serendipita: Anniversary.


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Amazon.com: Libertarians on the Prairie.

New book, by one of my high school classmates. Go Chris! Ordered.

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Hemmings: Pinewood Derby Racer - The first father and son car project.

Memories. Mine stank. Lost the first and only race. I should have spent more time on it.

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The Economist: Conversation and the sexes - Why men interrupt.

What evidence shows that male and female styles differ? Among the most compelling is a crucial piece left out of the “simple sexism” explanation: men mansplain to each other.” Oh God, this is SO needed. Once again, as a stutterer in the past, it was always easy to step on my conversation and dominate. And so many did. Both sexes, but certain males ... jeezus, my eyeballs would practically pop out for needing to express myself while being pummeled with irrelevant self-aggrandizement ...

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New Yorker: The Crotchgrabber.

This was very common in the ‘90’s in crowded subway and PATH cars in NJ and NY. Note, with the larger-than-average gay population in NYC, men being groped was also frequent, though I can’t speak to frequency-comparison. More than once I wanted to pulp a guy, and couldn’t tell who did it.

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MeFi: Food allergies - a risk poorly grasped in restaurants.

Worse than ingredients, is the cross-contamination issue. A restaurant can ‘think’ they’re gluten-free, and use spices that are contaminated. Or processed meats that are not gluten-free. You look at deli turkey and think “Nah, no allergens.”

This is a major reason why I don’t go out to eat very often. If someone else makes an innocent mistake, I have three days of digestive issues and can’t-lift-the-head-off-the-pillow fatigue.

People who have no allergies don’t understand, make fun. I once did. I don’t blame you. But with the explosion of sensitivities in our populace, I just ask you to be more understanding than I was. I’m on the other side of the tracks now, and I hate every damned minute of it. Nothing worse than having to collar a waiter and explain your ‘SPESHUL PROBLEM’ ... but that’s my life, if I go out to eat now.

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NY Post: For the love of God, stop dressing like crap.

It’s enough to make you long for the days when high-end restaurants had loaner ties and blazers for forgetful dudes, and you could be turned away from a club for a slack outfit. Style, low budget and comfort aren’t mutually exclusive. Keep that in mind if you’re older than 12.” Yeah, I’ve been getting more conservative with clothes of late. Some things are just not appropriate.

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DP Review: Throwback Thursday - a fresh look at the Sony Mavica FD-91.

This was a high end model. The basic Mavica I started with, I figured out a way to get the images into the old VideoShow hardware (synched to a Compaq Portable). Never did get it to automatically trigger from AVL slideshow setups, however.

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Pacific Standard: Learning to Love My Anxiety.

As you know, I grew up with a speech impediment. Speaking off-the-cuff in class terrified me. If anyone had described ‘anxiety’ or ‘panic attacks’ to me, I would have been a basket case. I would have needed every drug under the sun, therapy, just to face a single day of school. As it was, at that time, no such diagnoses were offered. So I found coping mechanisms. As in, I thought it was ‘normal’ and just ignored the anxiety. Later on, when an adult, I had a period where anxiety became overbearing. Seeking help from a psychiatrist, I received a dose of Xanax, and fell into the hole of chasing benzo half-life and endless useless therapy sessions. After some terrifying experiences (very mild dose, BTW), I said “SHIT” on the whole scheme. It seemed like a purposeful moneymaking track to increasingly powerful drug addiction. Three months to come down from the benzo-generated panic attacks. I would classify that period as the most disempowering experience I’ve ever had in my life. I pity those on that horrific path. Better facing the anxiety head-on, than the ‘fixes’. Yet it seems every other person in America is on this drug/therapy journey. Psychology needs to step in and break up this little profit-party.

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Just can’t get no weblog-traction today.

Requests keep pilin’ in. Makin’ money’s a good thing. You’ll understand.

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With y’all shortly.

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Meeting this morning.

A biggie. With y’all later. Run along, read all about the end of the DNC. It’ll take three days for the glow to wear off. Then it gets real.

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Aeon: Thinking positive is a surprisingly risky manoeuvre.

Positive thinking impedes performance because it relaxes us and drains the energy we need to take action.” Um, there’s something wrong here. I was just doing a modified set of burpees yesterday (instead of just jumping up, I jumped up to do a full pullup, then back down for the pushup). I was only able to perform a handful. After five sets, my trainer said, “Let’s do three more than last time in the set.” I said, “No way.” He said, “You can do this. Big guy like you. Let’s go.” I steeled myself, muscles already screaming, and I did them. If he hadn’t have changed my mindset (which was already defeated), I’d never have done it.

Later: This is from a book, and it does reference Seligman’s “Learned Optimism” theories. So I won’t dismiss it as swiftly as I did above.

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Fubiz: Adorable Cliches of a Photographer’s Shy Girlfriend.

Yeah, any photographer knows their spouse/partner/significant other gets terrible sick of the snapping. I’ve given up. I ask permission first and always.

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The Atlantic: Success in High School Doesn’t Mean Good Grades in College.

Instead, the pair thinks that if high schools want to prepare students for college, they should focus less on specific content and more on critical thinking and reasoning.” I agree. My experience in AP classes revealed a great variation in curriculum compared to what was expected on the test; I felt ill-prepared when facing those questions. But my experience was umpteen decades ago.

The selection of ‘advanced’ students was even more wobbly, in my view. Such programs tend to look for students whose performance is improving beyond baseline; this is an inaccurate metric in isolation. Using myself as an example: I wanted to attend AP English. But I was bored, having already read through the assigned reading materials, so my performance was declining out of lack of mental stimulation. I didn’t make it. So I took an elective in “Journalism” instead.

Ultimately, on my first day in college, I was asked to write a paper. I’d already skimmed the table of contents of the assigned “English textbook”, so I gave them everything the book covered, and much more. Within minutes of arriving at my very second class in “college English”, the instructor marched me down to the Department head and she waived all English requirements for my degree, clearing me for anything I wanted to take, including electives.

Here’s the question: Would the AP course have made me any better? I wonder.

High school is not college. And I don’t think there’s any way to approximate the experience in a high school setting. It’s more than just the classes and curricula. You are challenged in multifarious ways, this often being the first time a child is truly ‘on their own’, eliciting different responses in different kids. So yes, critical thinking and reasoning.

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Storm over the Ortiz.

Storm over Ortiz Mtns.

A gorgeous one, as I walked out to check the mailbox (not the one in the photo) today.

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During yesterday’s visit to the gym, I’m working on the ellipticals behind all the other rows of equipment. I don’t watch television as I work out, but I can see what others are watching. As various people are watching RNC reruns, and and others intently gazing at media wonks placing bets on Wasserman-Schultz’ departure, the music on the overhead loudspeakers changes from the usual bump-thump to something strangely familiar. I realize I recognize it, through the haze of sweat ... and I nearly fall off the trainer laughing. “Sheep”, by Pink Floyd. Followed by ... “Reason to Believe”, by Springsteen. And, as people will do, they all start to step/pedal/ellipticalize to the songs’ rhythms. Then it all went back to current bump-thump music.

Just for a moment, it seems Clear Channel (or whatever service the gym uses) had an individual with a perspicacious sense of humor.

A moment I’ll treasure, courtesy a spin of life’s dice.

Repost from Facebook today.

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She chose Kaine. Oh my friggin’ God.

The guy’s pro-fracking, pro-offshore drilling, pro-TPP, pro-bank deregulation. My morals, ethics ... I can’t. Just can’t. Where’s the whisky ... Jesus. We have to figure out how to live in the dark ...

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