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Photo shoots and meets this morning.

Links at noonish, Mountain time.  Best laid plans and all that ... the day’s cloudy, when I was hoping for sun. More lighting equipment must be gathered ...

Later: Still running to catch up. Nothing like leaving your expensive rainjacket at a client’s, a half-hour away ... on a rainy day. Having to burn an extra hour to retrieve it.

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My host decided to recompile PHP ...

... and the global PHP.ini file got borked. Piwik let me know — “PDO extension not enabled”. Host didn’t double-check their work. Naughty, naughty ... now I have no stats for the last 24 hours. Not that it’s a concern. I just like to see where folks come from. I still get a lot of enjoyment from seeing readers from across the globe.

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Lifehacker: What’s the Best Everyday Carry Knife?

I’ll never look at a mild-mannered geek or hipster the same way again.  I carry a Gerber Paraframe. Not because I comparison shopped, but because I needed a knife with smooth+serrated blade, and the design (in the package) made sense. When I break it, I’ll replace it. I tend to leave it clipped in a pocket in my bag, not in a pants pocket. It will scratch plastic or other devices.

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Sittin’ on the back porch, feet up, taking it all in.

Just another sunset.

Enjoy your evenin’, folks.

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I see one kid with a red backpack, walking home from school.

There is hope for the world:

so much relies
a red back
glowing in the
along the hike/bike

Apologies to William C. Williams.

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Got a new B&H catalog.

I realized, walking back from the mailbox, that it’s like the old Sears “Wish Book.” All the stuff photographers want, can’t afford ... and probably don’t really need. So we sit, leaf through, and dream.

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c|net: Eye-popping ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ is almost too spectacular (spoiler-free review).

But the Vision is a pink android who can fly and wears a cape, marking the point the film makes the leap into out-and-out comic book nuttiness. It might just be a leap too far for the casual viewer.” I’m afraid in the first Avengers, when the [lacking a better description] giant armored fish-grubs come out of the sky-hole and fly/wriggle around downtown Manhattan with no visible means of support other than a couple of fins, I shared Iron Man’s lament: “I’m seeing. Still working on believing.” These films are starting to bow to complete silliness, and that’s a shame. Some things should stay on the pages of the comic books.

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Guardian.UK: Landscapes we don’t want to lose - New Mexico’s Jemez mountains.

Doesn’t tell you enough. I went up to visit the Jemez shortly after the Las Conchas fire cooled off, and put a gallery on Flickr.  Read the descriptions on the images, for the whole story.

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The New Yorker: Spalding Gray’s Catastrophe.

One of the special features of Spalding’s monologues was that, onstage at least, he rarely repeated himself; the stories always came out in slightly different ways, with different emphases. He was a gifted inventor of the truth, of whatever seemed true to him at the moment.” I consider myself privileged to have seen him perform live twice, at McCarter Theatre in Princeton. Riveting, both times. Both before his accident. RIP, Spalding. RIP.

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Monocle: Clipped wings.

On my very first A/V tour, I was privileged to sit upstairs in a 747, NY to LA. A scheduling screwup, a little pressure on the ticketing agent, won my entire crew a private party from coast to coast. An extra 2,000 pounds of baggage, accepted with a ~$150 tip at curbside. Those were the days.

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Italian Ways: The 275 Ferrari GTB/2 “nez long” - a nose for good looks.

Nice. But, oh look ... I happen to have a photo of the model Denise McCluggage raced, winning at SF Concorso. Fancy that.

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The morning has NOT gone as expected.

Links soon, for a bit.

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I love Epic Bison Bars ... but ...

This current batch is ... crunchy. Reminds me of a Thai “tendon salad”. I suppose they can’t all be perfect. Bleurk.

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Newsblur seems to be down.

It’s like my right arm’s been hacked off. Slow linkage until I get my RSS fix.

10 minutes later: Back up. Phew.

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Music suggestion for the afternoon: Rare Earth.

Getting much enjoyment from “The Best of Rare Earth” this afternoon, doing some home repairs. 

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Vox: 11 images that capture the incredible vastness of space.

#4 makes my brain hurt. More than the others. I suppose because I’ve driven from coast to coast.

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Having the oil changed in one o’ my beasts.

Links later in the morning.

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DiscoverMag: Study -  why dog owners don’t always clean up their pooch’s poop.

First, the (terrible, no good, and just plain horrible ... not that we judge) dog owner may decide to pretend to not have seen the dog poop, and just leave it there.” My old man was doing his crossword on the front porch swing, when an individual allowed their canine to crap on our front lawn. My father said “Um ... could you clean that up?” The owner responded, “Excuse me?” and then proceeded to proclaim that their pooch “never does such things.” My father’s response: “Well then, YOU must have done it. And you still need to clean it up.”

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Messy Nessy Chic: The Underground World of Tunnels beneath Disney.

You didn’t know this? Also, there are three Mickeys (and presumably other characters) spaced around the park at any one time. All have headsets and are tracked. Disney feels a child seeing two Mickeys in close proximity could be traumatic. So they do their utmost to keep ‘em apart. Also, the individuals who put on the suits are never to be seen donning the suits except by fellow employees. I and my techs made this mistake once, walking into the wrong room looking for A/V equipment. We were quite surprised by the person skinnying into the suit, and were warned we had threatened our contract with Disney. Sure ‘nuff, it was in the contract, in black and white.

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Busy morning.

Links shortly.

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Going grey can be gorgeous.

Going grey can be gorgeous.

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Blot: Blogging platform that uses Dropbox.

Hmmm. Limited to Disqus comments, of course. Yet I desire something ridiculously simple; CMS input screens are terribly vexing. MarsEdit makes posting to multiple CMSs tolerable.

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priceonomics: The Obsessive Curator of the Internet, Jason Hirschhorn.

Competition in the curation/aggregation space is fierce.” Hmmph. That’s for sure. I’m up against limited-in-aggregration-depth robots now. “Eight years.” Been around almost twice as long as the subject of the article.

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c|net: Under pressure, Canon cuts prices for 33 lenses.

Every little bit helps.

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