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Lifehacker: Moleskine Unveils New Notebooks Designed for Productivity and Organization.

Moleskine has, without my intention, become part of my brand. If I don’t show up with my little black book, clients ask if I forgot it.

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Will Reichard: Pocket’s ‘recommendations’, coming to a cramped screen near you.

So the bloat starts. The ‘Microsoft Word’ path of ... hyperaccessorizing? Would that be a correct term? I use Pocket solely as an easy transfer between mobile and desktop for blog purposes. A button tap or two, versus sending myself an email. Fewer steps than sending to Evernote, and then erasing (if it’s in the blog, I don’t need it in Evernote). I hope ‘Recommendations’ aren’t going to get up my nose ...

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Busy Thursday. Links as I can.

Meetings this afternoon, prep work required. Catch as catch can.

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Barn Finds: 1973 Chevrolet Bel Air Wagon.

Very similar to the ‘72 Buick Estate Wagon I had to learn to drive. Near 21 feet long. Failed parallel parking.

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Adding a ‘Future’ category to the blog.

That last post made me realize the deficit in not having one.

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BBC: New York stock exchange trader: Market ‘bordering on edge of panic’.

Mentions ‘87. Traders got near-suicidal then. Dismal train ride on the way home that day. Luckily reason prevailed, but it was a bad patch for Wall Street folk.

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Busy Friday.

Links when I can! Thin today. I only have a brief window of opportunity. Perhaps later today I can do a more thorough newscrawl.

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Bicycling: How to Deal with Aggressive Dogs on Your Ride.

Too much experience with this. I used to carry a bottle of ammonia; nowadays this can be a prosecutable offense in some areas. Animal-lovers will be offended, but I value my skin over a dog’s nasal passages. I like the idea of an air horn, higher note the better - women have an advantage because of their high-pitched screams (hurts the dog’s ears more than a male bellow). I’ve seen dogs ignore male shouts, but practically do a flip in midair and run like hell from a woman’s shrill heartfelt scream.

Certain breeds bite, others rip with eye teeth. It’s good to know the nature of your attacker, and adjust your defenses accordingly. Rotts have bite pressures of about three times what a human can muster ... a mastiff five times. Dogs recognize when you have weapons. Just bending down to pick up rocks will make most stop and reassess methods of attack.

Being on the receiving end is goddamn painful, I gotta tell ya. I blogged ages ago about my sprint escaping a pair of loose Ridgebacks. I like that breed, but when you’re being pursued and you look back, all you see is a blur of legs and pursuing teeth. No wonder they hunt lions with ‘em.

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My day is just NOT working out as intended.

Sorry. Links when I can.

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Printing contact sheets for a client.

Seems the Yosemite upgrade [or a Canon or Adobe update] blew away my printer prefs. Ah’s me. Not a big problem, but I wish I’d known to reset them before this morning’s rush.

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Luminous Landscape: Hand Held Focus Stacking.

Reference. Into Evernote you go, quick as a flash.

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The Millions: How to Title Every Book You Ever Write.

Oh, lord.

My first novel: Sandalwood on Aiken.
Second novel: So Low When You Are Passing Through.
Collection of stories: Friesian Hall.
Third novel: The Texas Housekeepers.
Fourth: October in Hamilton.
Fifth: The Wisdom of Broken Guitar Tuners.
Last: Summerhowe.

You know, some of those aren’t bad ...

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NPR: Are Americans Indifferent To Art?

Comparing the audience of ‘Tut’ to ‘Motorcycle’ is a bit lame. I would posit very different audiences.

The ‘experience’ observation is a true one, I deem. Folks come to Santa Fe in droves for the periodic special markets (Folk Art Market, Spanish Market, Indian Market), and remain a steady stream for the ‘regular’ tourist sights and sounds. We are a Southwestern Disneyworld, with no rides and a background of colorful and expensive artworks ... but history and differing cultures come to life during our markets. Those are the real ‘experience’ times, and prove to be increasingly popular.

I’ve told the story about ‘art appreciation’ before; affluent retirees come here in their huge RVs, pull on the walking shorts, knee-high socks, official Reebok ‘walking sneakers’ ... and set out to ‘do Canyon Road.’ They then proceed to walk through every gallery as fast as they possibly can, looking at every piece of art for a couple of seconds. This is not ‘doing’ Canyon, nor is this taking in any art, except by osmosis. There are so many styles, so many eras ... this osmosis cannot do more than color one’s grey matter for a day, or at most a week, and then it is gone. All that is left is the memory of the slog up one-way Canyon, in the heat of the day, looking for public bathrooms the City should have provided decades ago.

Then there are the affluent retirees who have second homes here, who are merely looking for something to color-coordinate with their other furnishings, and impress summer or winter guests with. The ladies dig in the shops, the men stand outside and fiddle with their smartphones. You see men in gaggles all over town, bored spitless. Or hunchback with camera in hand, pack containing tens of thousands of dollars of equipment, taking the same shots a million others have taken ... with their Nikon D810’s set on “Program Auto”.

Finally, the 1%. The true art collectors and art lovers. They pass through the schools of tourists like sharks, finding that one piece, and then suddenly biting hard to get the best price.

What of the young? They’re struggling to find a foothold in this town. Our new mayor has made them a marketing target, but Santa Fe has some issues. Little nightlife; most of our sidewalks roll up at 9PM, even on weekends. Our Catholic Hispanic population is deeply uneasy over the hedonistic practices of the modern young. Our outdoors pursuits require above-average physical fitness (we’re at 7500 feet, most trails start at 9,000, even young visitors need a couple of days to acclimate). Young families find very few things for small children to do [try selling history and fine art to an 8-year-old], and restaurants tend to be child-unfriendly. Kids need to run around.

New Mexico has been pushing outdoor beauties hard, but the fitness thing is the biggest hurdle. I remember a young couple on the Aspen Vista trail, not more than a half-mile from the trailhead, lying on a bank with two rental MTBs, panting, emptying their [only] water bottles, worn out from altitude and lack of fitness. I think Angel Fire’s done the best. They’ve put in various summer downhill sports on their ski slopes, and run the ski lift (so visitors don’t have to hike uphill). But again, that approaches Disneyworld/Amusement Park sort of lengths.

Much as I don’t want the quaint nature of town to change, if we want more tourism, if we want our amazing selection of art to be appreciated (and purchased), we need to address our ‘experience’ deficit. A little mud on the walls is no longer enough. For children, for the 20-somethings, for the grossly obese who are becoming more and more common (we are a town of very narrow sidewalks and doorways).

Santa Fe, throughout history, has always been a bit slow at adapting, but eventually arrives in style. We’ll manage these new challenges later than sooner ... successfully.

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The Atlantic: Social Security at 80 - Seniors Are Working More.

In 1880 the majority of men older than 64 toiled in the labor force. That proportion fell steadily and continuously, and today men older than 64 in the labor force are in the minority.” I’m under the working assumption that conventional ‘retirement’ will be a piece of history when I reach the age ... ten more years! Unbelievable, that.

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Crazy idea.

What would you think, if I set up a Slack account for everyone? Free tier (unless we eventually needed more)? Would that be more interesting than a conventional comment area (not that I’ll take comments away, but it might spur more discussion throughout the day).

Plus we could leave channels open. Channels that roughly echo some of my categories.

Just another crazy numbskull idea, that’ll probably eat up too many billable hours. But one has to move with the times, right? Comment areas seem so passé.

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NY Times: El Niño May Bring Record Heat, and Rain for California.

The federal forecasters announced a greater than 90 percent chance that El Niño would continue through the winter of 2015-2016 for the Northern Hemisphere. The likelihood that the effects will last into early spring 2016 is 85 percent, up from last month’s prediction of 80 percent.” Yep, time to start saving for that snowblower ...

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NewMexiKen seems to have dropped off radar.

Any have any info on what’s up? His URL returns a blank page. Hope all is well.

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Just realized I’ve ended up with about 7,000 tags in my Evernote account.

I think it’s time to disintermediate and rely on search ... this is what I get for thinking I’m being ‘smart’.

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Scotsman.UK: Art knows no boundaries, only influences.

Culture – high, low, and the everyday – has always been mongrel; it’s always been hybrid. It bears the imprint of other times and people, crosses history and geography, and contributes to the creation of something new. We should say no to self-imposed cultural immigration controls. Culture should know no borders.” Well-argued. Yet I can’t feel ‘pro-culture’ about the use of Native American symbols as fashion accessories at raves. Now that I know how Picasso found his influences, I’m not sure about that either. The context of how some arts have been transmitted - via conquest, enslavement - surely such context matters? How the arts are used - with respect, or as throwaway objects - matters?

I don’t know. Just voicing my uneasiness with such a simple, no-commitment answer. If culture had no border, it would be like the rainbow of color without distinction ... we’ll all be a runny greenish-brown goo.

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Busy busy morning.

Links when I can. Trying to gang trips, get everything done at once ... you know the routine.

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T Mag: Photos that Capture New Jersey’s Doo-Wop Motels, After the Tourists Have Gone.

But ... I’ll bet you don’t know this. Virtually noone from NJ vacationed in Wildwood. NJ’ans are mostly concentrated in the middle-north of the state. We all went to Island Beach, Long Beach Island, etc. Pennsylvanians went to Wildwood. In droves. In fact, growing up in NJ, I’d never heard of the place until I spent time in a PA college.

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Man, smartphones are hard to type on.

I’ve been composing an item, time-critical, on my iPhone. My fingers are just too big for this, even landscape. Mental note - bring iPad or external keyboard next time.

No wonder kids fly on these keyboards. Sized for them.

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“Sublime Text plugins for developers.”

The second plugin listed is Sublime Text [a program, not a plugin] itself.

To quote Nick Fury, “This is why I have trust issues.” Every damned time I click on an interesting link ...

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[Laughing] Running out of ‘monster’ names for my hard drives.

Ever since I bought my first Jasmine 20 megabyte (HUGE!) hard drive, I’ve given my drives monster names. [Looking back, I should have named that one “Dinky.”]

Moving into robots. My latest 6 terabyte is “Gigantor”. My first RAID will be ... wait for it ... Gort.

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The Art of Manliness: Prisoner Workout - Bodyweight Workouts.

I need to replace my pullup bar, but I exercise in some fashion every time I get up from the computer these days. Squats. Pushups. Reverse crunches. TRX pullups. Whatever.

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