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Glutened. Again.

This time, I wasn’t careful about spices. A brand of chili powder is now made on ‘shared equipment’.

When something as innocuous as a *spice* can kick your butt for three days, you see why going out to eat becomes an act of bravado. Restaurants, even the best, don’t pay attention at this level of detail.

I turned into a vegetating blob of protoplasm yesterday afternoon. I’m starting to be able to think today, with a thin veneer of energy.  I can’t stand ... really can’t stand ... having to pay this much attention to food additives, food manufacturing, ingredients.  I never wanted to be a blasted clerk. Mass production of foodstuffs is going to do me in one of these days.  “Death by Chicken Nugget” ... wait for it. It’ll happen.

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The Fully Intended: The Writer’s Dream.

For one so young, Mollie writes like the best of the old-school. With modern sensibility.

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Observation: First time shooting an event with a drone zooming overhead.

I have to say, shooting the “Great Race” the other day, with a large drone zooming by overhead making almost as much noise as a small lawnmower, was terribly disconcerting. I suspect there’s some deep genetics going on, about having large dark things hovering over one’s head. The drone flew by at both unnaturally slow and amazingly fast speeds, obviously going for various ‘looks’ ... but man. Made it hard to concentrate. I suppose as a photographer I’m too attuned to ‘different’ movement, which might mean a good picture. My head kept swivelling around because of the damned thing.

Behaviors that will end once drones are more mainstream: Some people stop dead to look up at it once they hear it, causing all kinds of bumps and bruises for those not expecting such behavior. I got walked into a couple of times as I was kneeling for a photo, by those mesmerized into following the drone. People were even *taking photos of the drone* itself. A couple of angry ‘Big Brother’ folks were stomping around looking for the operator (presumably in a second story window or on a balcony, to remain inconspicuous).

I suppose the point of this is to warn you when you attend your first drone-attended event. Be ready for some nonstandard human behavior.

I hope the FAA requires bladeguards on any drone used in crowd situations. The thought of what a drone of this size - with uber-sharp carbon fiber blades - would do to all the aged flesh shuffling around.

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NewtBoot gets second life.

Reminds me. I bought a ‘NewtBoot’ for my Apple Newton, when they were still in vogue. A two-compartment case for Newton and other items (pen, card slots).  These days, when going out to shoot in the heat, I’ll carry my DSLR with wide angle zoom, and the NewtBoot will contain polarizing filters, pocketknife, energy bars, other bits and bobs in organizer pocket, iPhone in outer pocket. The main NewtBoot compartment holds an insulated water bottle! Strapped across my chest in opposition to the camera, it’s a good light portable rig. Until I find something better.

I’m having a hard time at the moment finding a good carrying solution, now that I’ve added a 70-200 to my arsenal.  The old Lowepro waistpack can’t handle it without straining the zipper, and it’s just too heavy. Looking at slings and things.  Any suggestions welcome. I like to be able to operate without having to put stuff down ... the waistpack format was perfect for my operating style.

[And for Newton purists, I can’t find my little rubber Newt. My wife stole him, because she thought he was so cute. He’ll eventually turn up in a storage box somewhere, I’m sure.]

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Overjoyed AC/DC’s now on Spotify.

Perfect music for driving in our afternoon thunderstorms. Giant clouds, deafening thunder, torrential rain, “Hells Bells” ...

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Jalopnik: The Truth About Press Cars.

Interesting! Among the press cars I drove, the Audis always stood out for overall perfection, every car. The most fun - the Hybrid Hyundai Sonata. The electrics are set up for torque at low speeds, and dang ... total fun winding up that thing between stoplights, without sipping a drop of gas. I’d make Denise (McCluggage) giggle in the passenger seat every time the light turned green, as we headed off to our bimonthly/semiweekly ‘lunch meetings’.  I also liked the Mini Coupe to drive, but two things challenged me ... headroom (there is none), and where do you put that damned key/lozenge to start up the car? All hilarious to remember now.

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c|net: Professor warns robots could keep us in coffins on heroin drips.

Hmmm. This kind of result is exactly what Nick Bostrom was talking about here in SF the other week.  I’m current reading his book, “Superintelligence.

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Atlantic: Baby Boomers Are Changing Retirement.

I don’t expect to retire, though I’m at the tail end of the Boomers.

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BBC: Avengers star Patrick Macnee dies.

Oh no! Note he also played a young Jacob Marley in my favorite version of A Christmas Carol; the one with Alistair Sim as Scrooge.  And The Avengers was a staple in our house. RIP, good sir; you will be greatly missed.

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Authority Nutrition: 10 Evidence-Based Health Benefits of Whey Protein.

Been consuming it for years. I’ve graduated to the purest, lowest-cost form I can find: Now Foods Whey Protein Isolate, Natural Unflavored.  Two scoops, a small teaspoon of instant coffee to knock back the flavor, milk. Blend. Done.

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“Flight of fancy ...”

Flight of fancy ...

Another from last eve ...

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A LaSalle on the “Great Race.”

Got some great photos, but it’ll take time to finalize ‘em.

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Oh damn!  The Hemmings Motoring News Great Race is coming through Santa Fe tonight.

Gathering my gear in a small bag, heading over now ...

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Coffee. Then linkage.

Coming off two days of punishing heat, with little relief during the nights ... a lovely storm last evening brought beautifully cool temps. Nice to get a good night’s sleep again. Grateful this morning, even if the cool is tinged with the smell of smoke from wildfires.

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Something you’ll enjoy, from Motorado yesterday.

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Digressions. ++

I have this terrible habit of using particular posts as levers for my opinions. In many cases, my digressions take me far away from the original point of the post. Social media can’t give you this kind of information from an article title. For my Twitter followers, I think I’m going to add a “++” for now, to indicate when I’m going off on a tangent, in case you want to follow me down the occasional rabbit hole.

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Not your stereotypical Santa Fe door.

Not the stereotypical Santa Fe door ...

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NWS ABQ - Drought Information.

We’re actually doing pretty well, all things considered.  We’re 98% of precip for a ‘normal year’, and drought is easing. Upcoming months look normally wet, too.

Back courtyard’s a jungle.

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Literary Hub: The Joy of Throwing Away An Entire Novel.

Was I sure there was nothing salvageable there? Was I giving up?” Every writer or blogger will know this feeling. I myself often fantasize about chucking this whole thing, wondering what phoenix would rise. Would I be happier? Freer? I chafe against the restrictions of the blog, locked in the same form-factor for a decade. Our blogs are becoming prisons, the dimensions dictated by the walled gardens elsewhere. Cam gave me hope with his new blog, and how it bodily and boldly breaks barriers. These functions should have been baked into blog software, years ago.

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Another night of cloud pageantry.

another night of cloud pageantry.

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AppleInsider: Serious iOS, OS X flaws lead to password theft in wide ranging security study.

The flaws remain unfixed in the latest pre-release versions of OS X Yosemite, though they have not yet been tested against OS X El Capitan, which was announced last week. The team was also successful in getting proof of concept apps into the Mac and iOS App Stores, where the malware was not detected during the approval process.” Just beware. 

I had a bizarre Mac outage yesterday afternoon; a web page navigated me to a screen I hadn’t asked for, and then my cursors and scroll bars went ape. All windows would repeatedly scroll to top. Endless beeping. Finder reloads. Restarts didn’t help. I calmly (hah) went through the usual safe boot, disk checking and after about five hours, got myself back to normal. I still don’t know what it was - all I know is, we believe in the solid reliability of our machines over time, yet over time that reliability frays without our overt realization of that degradation-in-use.

I always feel better knowing there’s a recent backup sitting inches away. Thank you, Time Machine ... though you weren’t required.

Later: It comes to me, that after the hour-long update of Adobe CC apps earlier in the day, a preference file might have become corrupted. I used Onyx and Cocktail to do various rebuilds and cleanups - one of those probably caught it.

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Italian Ways: Allemano’s Maserati A6 G 2000: designer coupé.

You know, I was largely ignorant of the beautiful Maserati coupes. Until Concorso last year. Here, and here.

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Stormy eve begat stormy night ...

stormy eve begat stormy night ...

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Aeon: How to design a metaphor.

It was the Princeton psycholinguist Sam Glucksberg who in 2003 argued that metaphors are really categorisation proposals. Provocations, you might call them. You’re suggesting that one thing belongs with another.” Mr Glucksberg! Lived right across the street from me on Aiken Avenue. He had a great black beard, and would bike to PU every day. On occasion, I’d see a large RV parked over there ... they used it, I believe, to live-poll folks at events.

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Chicago Tribune: Chicago’s radio stations have a problem - It’s the music.

Indeed, I like to lump all those formats together into one uber format I’ll call ‘obvious music,’ the songs you’ve heard before and expect to hear again from yesterday, today and, soon enough, tomorrow.” Not just Chicago, of course. Those who have read here long have suffered my complaints over repeats of “Radar Love” and the Caucasian/corporate DJ’s answer to Hispanic rock, “Oye Como Va.” 

WMMR in Philly used to play album *sides*. Fond memories, when one couldn’t afford to buy many.

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