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Hotel California. It still blows my mind ...

That this was released in February of the year I graduated high school. 1977. I still hear it daily on the local radio stations. Thirty. Eight. Friggin. Years. Ago.

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Guardian.UK: Native American family attacked in deadly shooting on Montana highway.

I often stop and help folks who look broken down. Looks like I may have to think twice about doing it - or contemplate concealed carry.

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Valet.: Flip Your Lid.

HAHAHAHAH. In the Southwest, a baseball cap is the *worst* choice you can make, short of a do-rag, in full summer sun. Get a hat with a brim ... wider the better, and don’t eschew the chinstrap in our winds. Some may still not believe it, but there’s a reason cowboy hats exist. Just don’t do a cowboy hat with cargo shorts and flip-flops. You’ll get ridden out of town on a rail.

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Atlas Obscura: Old Barracks Museum.

Well, if you go, you can see my [adopted] grandfather’s Toby jug collection, and his grandmother’s wedding dress in all its Victorian glory. The Van Syckels - longtime Quakers in NJ.

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Busy day already, links will be catch-as-catch-can.

Took time to remove an aging external (little used) from my Firewire chain, hunted down wasteful powerblocks, and rerouted some of my electrical wiring. Hopefully my externals and other accessories will be happier today.

Meetings yet to come, and I have to find time for my bodyweight workout. Let’s see what I can dig up in the meantime ...

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PublishersWeekly: What Publishers Read at Home with Kids.

What?!! No “Look Out For Pirates”?!!

I must be old.

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Planet Princeton: Subway Can’t Compete with Hoagie Haven: Nassau Street Franchise Location Closes.

A national franchise can’t compete with a local independent business, at least when it comes to the battle between Subway and Hoagie Haven on Nassau Street in downtown Princeton.” Hoagie Haven is THE BEST. Bar none. When in school, we’d wait outside until someone ordered a veal sandwich or parmesan; just after it was deep-fried, we’d order french fries. HEAVEN.

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I love this image of Claudia Cardinale (1959) ...

Just adore it. Similar to my own wife’s silliness.

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Bizarre Magic Mouse behavior.

My Magic Mouse has begun an afternoon “Duh ... you want me to do something?” routine. It simply stops working intermittently between 4 and 7 in the afternoon. I’m wondering if a neighbor’s starting using some sort of powerful device using Bluetooth. I may have to go back to a USB mouse.

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Quicksilver Messenger Service on rotation today.

Surprised by how much they seem to be influenced by the Yardbirds.

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ArtDaily: Vintage posters and advertising signs at Showtime Auction, Oct. 2-4.

For when I redo my office (shortly) ...

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PS Mag: The Popular Blood Thinner That’s Causing Deaths and Injuries at Nursing Homes.

Rat poison. That’s what warfarin {‘Coumadin’} was created for. It needs careful dosing in humans. I hope I never have to take it. Those I’ve known who did, never really ever bounced back to any sort of robust health. It seems a treatment that ultimately makes conditions more complicated. Personal opinion - causation/correlation/all that - feel free to disagree.

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I love it ...

... when someone responds to a post of mine privately, “You scare the hell out of me. Where do you come up with this stuff?” Lets me know I’ve still ‘got it.’

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One reader noticed.

On July 19, one of my photographs got in the NY Times. Elana Resnick and Will Nomikos were resident scholars here in Santa Fe, at the School for Advanced Research. I offered to take their engagement portrait while they were here. Will and Elana are both sweethearts; smart as whips, fantastic to brainstorm with. They restore my faith in the next generation shepherding our world to a better plane. Congratulations, E and W!!! Best wishes for a fantastic future.

Later: Irony. I can’t see it, because I’ve overstayed my non-paying outside-of-paywall status. Readers, let me know if it looks good.

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Photo shoots this morning; links later.

Busy Thursday. Not sure what I’ll need for today’s shoots, so I’m hauling *everything*.

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CNet: Jimmy Fallon raises awareness about horrifying injury called ring avulsion.

Always take the ring off. Some will recall Neil Armstrong did this also, ripping off the tip of his ring finger in a grain harvester. It’s extremely common, and all too easy to do. Take it off. I know what I do to watches; I’m religious about removing rings.

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AdequateMan: An Adult’s Guide To Learning To Ride A Bicycle.

Harrumph. {clears throat} I respectfully beg to differ. I’d rather, if I were learning again - at any age - use an MTB-type upright with handbrakes. Seat low enough to plank both feet flat on the ground. On a gentle grassy hill. Get used to coasting, balancing the bike, legs out to catch if wobbly. Walk back up, repeat. The fear of falling dissipates. Start gentle turns. Try pedaling. Before you know it, you’ll have it. No shredded skin.

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Calf pull remedy?

I have a new theory about why I blow out my calf tendons every spring/summer as I start back into walking/jogging/running. All winter I spend in front of the computer - significant hours working. I slide my feet behind the base of my chair, propped up on toes. Shortening my Achilles tendon as efficiently as women’s high heels, really. I’ve started the habit of stretching that tendon every time I get up from the chair ... and it seems to have provided nearly instantaneous improvement. It was terribly painful to stretch even a little bit beyond vertical when I started. Now I can stretch almost horizontal. How fast our bodies adapt!

Now I feel foolish I never noticed.

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The American Scholar: Resisting Atticus’s Allure.

Is this the season to attack ‘heritage’ in all forms? We remember a different reality than those not born into that era. Were there ‘right thinking white folk’? Indeed there were. Were there racists? Indeed there were. Yet “Mockingbird” was written from a child’s perspective - a 60’s child’s perspective that is totally familiar to me.

I think that’s the most stunning thing about growing older. You come to eventually realize that we as a populace understand nothing about our collective past; the current generation (whatever that is) judges the past, generalizes it ... and moves on; listening to, but ultimately ignoring elders’ stories. Then they act stunned when details come out that challenge their generalizations.

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IdeaFit: The Science of Suspension Exercise.

Hmmm. Take note of the lumbar compression information. Definitely pay attention to form. [I own a TRX, and a gippy lower back.]

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Smokejumper: A Memoir by One of America’s Most Select Airborne Firefighters.

Co-author Julian has been an occasional commenter here ... and this is a subject critical to every person living west of the American Great Plains. Highly recommended. Mine’s already ordered - in HARDBACK. Take that, Kindle. It’s a cover image worth the price alone.

Julian’s very much worth following. Check out his site for his other work. You’ll probably recognize his byline from many major magazines.

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Indiegogo: Vancouver Jump for Joy Photo Mural.

12 hours left. Less than $5k needed. Time for angels to show up!

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Serendipita: (Spicy) Noodles.

Did someone say “Spicy Noodles”?!!

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Luminous Landscape: About Black and White.

Noted. I go out and shoot B/W specifically, rather than just finding a color shot and making it B/W in post.  Different headspace.

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Vox: Why small talk is so excruciating.

This helps explain the ubiquity of sports in small talk, especially male small talk.” No wonder I suck at it! 

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