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The Atlantic: No Driver’s License, No Job.

I miss in-depth reporting from media. Ah, for the old days. We’d have a television special or something about a first-person experience of this kind of situation. No money for it now, seemingly. Independent filmmakers, here’s your niche.

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Guardian.UK: Rancher on horseback lassoes would-be bike bandit in Walmart parking lot.

I use a rope every day, that’s how I make my living. If it catches cattle pretty good, it catches a bandit pretty good.” No CCW required!

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Techdirt: New York Times Says Fair Use Of 300 Words Will Run You About $1800.

FYI. I asked in 2000 via direct phone call about blogging excerpts. They said (NY Times, WaPo): “Source identified clearly, no more than three sentences and a link back.” I’ve pretty much tried to stick to that policy throughout my blogging career. Perhaps it is time for another phone call.

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The New Yorker: The Media Called the Democratic Race a Day Early.

The media seems intent on putting their collective thumb on this election, particularly today’s primaries. It’s not at all ethical, and I don’t like it. The Clinton campaign has *not* declared the win, though many sources are making it sound as if she had.

This is egregious manipulation, and I’m offended. I am taking note of the sources, and they’re being eliminated from my news feeds.

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Vanity Fair: Can Anyone Save The New York Times from Itself?.

It is impossible to imagine a world without The New York Times. But it is also increasingly impossible to imagine how The New York Times, as it is currently configured, continues to exist in the modern media world.” NYT cuts 200 staffers from a newsroom of 1,300. Interesting view into the workings of the Times.

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naked cap: “Networks are Colluding” to Declare Clinton the Winner Before California Polls Close.

Perhaps. Let’s see what actually transpires.

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FishbowlNY: WSJ Editor Reminds Staff to be ‘Fair’ to Trump.

... Baker’s remarks did not go over well with staffers. Some of them considered the speech ‘an insult or admonition.’” Being truthful is being fair, is it not?

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SF Reporter: Trump Stumps in ABQ [Photos].

Steven Hsieh does an excellent job illustrating the event. Consider this a followup to yesterday’s post.

Related: FactCheck.org, Trump ‘misleads’ on Martinez and Syrian refugees. His misunderstanding of simple facts is proving problematic; worse than Reagan’s, in my memory. Reagan had handlers to clean up the mess and assuage the press. Reagan would have a press conference, start ‘winging it’, and his handlers would take three days to clean up the mess. Friday -> Monday, typically. So the Reagan folks stopped having press conferences.

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NYT: Is Single Payer Our Health Salvation?

Listen to the doctors? I assume cherry-picked from a selection of responses; the choices an opinion in itself.

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New Republic: How Donald Trump Plans to Crash Through the Media’s Gatekeepers.

The paranoid style is not just something he occasionally displays, it’s pretty much his whole wardrobe.Good comment.

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125 Years of Journalism at Stanford.


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NY Post: Clinton charity arranged $2M pledge to firm owned by Bill’s ‘friend’.

Do I need to say it? Stupid.

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FishbowlNY: Joe Morgenstern Recalls His Contributions to 1966 Newsweek Cover Story.

How odd. I was only 7 when this came out, but I remember it. Some elders in the family must have flashed it about, starting a discussion about teenagers. The image has stayed in my head all this time.

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CJR: Nate Silver unloads on The New York Times.

Once uneasy bedfellows.

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The Rumpus: Reckoning With The Bros - Trump, Bly, And Swimming In The Sea Of Grief.

There are unseen forces at work. The other night, a friend said she feels like the id is run amok. I chose Jung over Freud, arguing that the unexamined shadow is emerging from the unconscious. I just wish Joseph Campbell were around to interpret all this for us.” Oh, it’s a good one. Make time to read it.

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The Atlantic: Ta-Nehisi Coates on Homecomings.

It is true what they say about celebrity—people suddenly don’t quite see you. You walk into a room and you are not a person, so much as symbol of whatever someone needs you to be.” The downsides of being a ‘somebody’.

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Metafilter: I Read the News Today, Oh Boy.

If anyone’s basing their issue-priorities on Facebook Trends, I truly pity them. I’ve complained about its irrelevance many a time previous.

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Going to cool it on politics today. Or try, anyway.

You’ll no doubt read volumes elsewhere. The realization that he is completely unqualified and unfit to run the country is finally settling in. No doubt the press will bow before him; they see ad impression profits beyond imagined Clinton ‘scandals’. To most of their circulation departments, he represents $$. Defy ‘normalizing’ the man. Any article of such you see, avoid it. Mephistopheles (Goethe’s demon in Faust) was a very compelling character - doesn’t mean you’d want to have him as lord and master. Every candidate has a good idea or two; you have to look at the whole. But raising these narrow ‘good’ policies artificially, obscuring the ‘bad’ - these daily (hourly on social) purposeful imbalances wear on your resolution like drips of water wearing down iron. It’s slow, but it has an effect. Remember: He is not a serious candidate for the Presidency of the United States. Period.

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TechDirt: Facebook Has Lost The War It Declared On Fake News.

Many of these fake news pieces contain headlines for stories that some people want to believe, typically for ideological reasons. This is why a family party recently saw me trying to explain to my grandmother that, no, Michelle Obama probably does not in fact have a penis.” And that’s just the egregious category. There are subtle misdirections and purposeful leading-by-the-nose that make quality linkblogging a real chore.

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Flutterby™!: On Afghanistan and Higher Education Funding.

Dan’s at the same place I am. I doublethink my linking efforts here constantly, because vetting even the most benign articles is now a requirement.

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WSJ: How Trump Killed Reaganism.

Be even better if I could read the whole thing. When are newspaper sites going to give us micropayment per-article prices?

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The Atlantic: The Two Contradictory Ideas Many Americans Have About the Economy.

Many Americans, then, are holding two contradictory ideas in their mind at once: the optimistic belief that their success is in their hands (on display since Tocqueville’s Democracy in America) and the acknowledgement that wages have been steadily stagnating (on decline since the band America).” Dumb reference, that last one.

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I wish I could link some of the good articles at The Nation.

After three ‘free reads’, they start putting popup roadblocks in the way. So I can’t expose you to their work. There is one today on Sanders and Progressivism that I wanted to comment upon.

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CJR: For enthusiast media, ethics can be costly.

I got a snort out of this, at least: “The profile suggests a readership of fewer aspiring Olympians than what cyclists call M.A.M.I.Ls, or ‘Middle-Aged Men in Lycra.’

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PS Mag: Shakespeare the Social Scientist.

Also, I note that PS Mag is now on ‘white-label’ Medium.com. Seems too spare, with fonts just a bit too large, compared to the original non-Medium version.

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