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Israeli secret footage blunder.  Accidental broadcast of ‘secret’ missile tests, including audio of computer access codes.  Whoopsie.

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NY Times:

When observing candidates for Darwin Awards, one has to take the good with the bad.

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NY Times Letters to the Editor:

Two good ‘uns.  Faith and the Atlantic Divide.  And, a former Iran hostage comments in Our Prisoners at Guantanamo.  The second letter mistakes the prisoners at Gitmo for *convicted* terrorists, rather than suspects harvested by combat operations.  A pretty big difference.

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NY Times:

Small town USA losing air service.  This hits New Mexico particularly hard, because we’re a long way from everyone.  Cost of gas isn’t making private-piloting it much more attractive, either.  So we’re stuck with driving.

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CNN Money:

Morningstar rips funds.  If you’ve got money squirreled away with Janus, Strong, Bank of America or Banc One, you’d best read this.

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Popular Mechanics:

Evolution of the Football.

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New Criterion:

Priez pour lui.  Since the principals in this were unfamiliar, I had to look about.  Bertrand. Marie 1, 2.

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Enola Gay, restored.

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USA Today:

U.S. search for missing Gulf War pilot focuses on crash site.  “One U.S. official said Friday that investigators are now 99% certain that prewar intelligence reports indicating that Speicher was being held in prison were based on faulty information.”  There’s an epidemic of that going around, it seems.

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has pics of the results of the “Great Blackout.”  Just reminds me of what my father used to yell up the stairs, when we’d go in to visit Manhattan: “Wear sturdy shoes!”

Later: Grant Barrett at World New York has more.  Well-written and illustrated.  Thanks, Cam.

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Santa Fe New Mexican:

“Santa Fe Municipal Judge Frances Gallegos says she’ll no longer assign defendants to a defensive-driving class taught by the court administrator because the controversy detracts from more important initiatives—- like tai chi.”

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