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Mashable: Belle Gibson built a career on curing cancer — but did she have it?

How many people do we read, every day, who are also obscuring the truth?

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NY Times: Germanwings Co-Pilot, Andreas Lubitz, Deliberately Crashed Plane, Prosecutor Says.

I join with the rest of the world, in being horrified.

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Mashable: ISIS is keeping tourists from ‘Tatooine’

In the midst of Yazidi women being kidnapped and raped, innocents having their throats cut, more ... this matters?

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Mashable: German flight’s 8-minute descent is key mystery in crash.

The Airbus 320 has not recorded the slightest accident since it has been used by Lufthansa group.” Yet the 320’s been cited for being prone to ‘glass cockpit blackout.’  Power outage with no navigation and no communication capabilities. On a cursory glance, it would certainly fit the overall profile.

Later: Photos have been released of the crash site. As with any mountain crash, the slopes and terrain shred airplanes to tinfoil. There are no survivors. My deep condolences to the families.

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AP: Police find no evidence of gang rape at U of V.

In interviews with The Associated Press, however, the same friends said the opposite was true: They said they insisted Jackie contact police, but she refused. The friends said the article didn’t match what Jackie had told them that night, and that she didn’t appear physically injured at the time.

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Newsweek: O’Reilly’s JFK Reporting Was Impossible. I Know Because I Was There.


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FishbowlNY: Branded Content Studio’s Study Reveals Branded Content is Fantastic.

Fantastic for advertisers and the Times, certainly. For the readers? Are you getting facts, or hyperbole?

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NY Times: Hillary Clinton Prepares to Address Her Use of Private Email as Secretary of State.

Hillary Rodham Clinton is preparing in coming days to address her use of a private email account while serving as secretary of state, according to people close to Mrs. Clinton, even as she continued to avoid questions about the matter on Monday after speaking at a Clinton Foundation event in New York.” *sigh*  Her vulnerability.

Later: How much better would we be, if we dropped the dynasties (Bush/Clinton)? Bill Clinton came out of nowhere in ‘92. Perhaps it’s time to have faith in the process.

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The Week: Why a Clinton-Bush presidential race fills me with nothing but despair.

They’ll both say they are for the middle-class families. They are friends of small business and the little guy. They want border security and a path to citizenship. They want to put the social safety net on a secure footing, but keep taxes low. They want a strong assertive foreign policy that confronts our enemies but not with the costs of the Iraq War. Perhaps they’ll venture that they want to make health care better and cheaper. It will be like the presidential campaign of 2000. But darker.” I was just gathering up to write such a piece. Now I don’t have to.

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FishbowlNY: Study - Fox News is Loved and Hated.

It’s better to be loved and hated than to be ignored.” Which is exactly why I ignore them.

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Toronto Star to end paid digital subscriptions on April 1.

Of note.  Went looking for backstory, found this.

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Welcome to the new CJR.

CJR redesigns. Looks good, first impression.

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Pondering the confluence of ‘the dress’ and Scott Walker.

Both subjects of no real value, overdramatized. We live in a meta-world where a name mention — whether positive or negative — increases saturation for that subject, ultimately proving a boon. Instead of feeling the need to express an opinion, there’s significantly more value in just ignoring such things.

And if you don’t know what the hell I’m talking about, I stand up and applaud in your general direction.

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Channel4.com: Islamic State fighters smash historic statues in Iraq.

According to Eleanor Robson, chair of the British Institute for the Study of Iraq, the majority of original statues have been taken to the Baghdad Museum for safe-keeping. [snip] Nonetheless, the stone winged bull you can see being destroyed is an original, probably one at the gates to Nineveh, dating back to the seventh century.” My italic emphasis.

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Public Policy Polling: Americans divided on Williams return.

Of note.

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Guardian.UK: Stop calling for a Muslim Enlightenment.

Marked for later reading.

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Pacific Standard: Who’s Really to Blame for the Black Death?

I get tired of every friggin’ event getting viewed (or bodily into) a climate-change lens. You know I believe in climate change; it’s just that it’s become the go-to culprit for every historical crisis now, to the exclusion of all other influences.

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SF New Mexican: Allow buns on campus, advocates say, to deter rape.

BEST TITLE EVAH. Click it before it’s gone.

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Vox: Steven Brill on Obamacare, how to write a book, and the future of media.

Of note.

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MeFi: RIP.

Goodbye, David Carr.

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NPR: Getting Caught Up In Telling Stories.

I have a slightly different hypothesis: Brian Williams is a storyteller and storytellers can’t resist a good story.” We all gild the lily at times. However, I can easily see where telling a story gets the attention of a higher-up; what do you do, come clean, or hope the story just gets broadcast the once and forgotten about? A character-building moment, that. Worse if you decide you like the attention, and gilding becomes a habit. That doesn’t seem to be the case here.

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Mashable: How Jon Stewart lifted America out of the gutter

No, it points out the tragedy of American news ... that citizens flock to a comedy show to learn how to feel about major events. “Don’t make me think.” Don’t get me wrong, I like Jon Stewart. But the number of people aping his exact pronouncements, without a shred of independent thought, makes me queasy. It’s become left-wing gospel, his monologues. Similar to the blind devotion to Michael Moore; I critique his poor filmmaking skills (I consider him sloppy), and some distant left-wing friends then characterize me as an evangelical gun-toting Republican [I am Democrat, for those who don’t know]. Forget playing devil’s advocate - only my readers here seem to understand that subtlety anymore.

Later: As I’ve mentioned previously, he was a decent bartender at City Gardens, a venue I used to frequent in my wild-and-crazy youth.

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New Yorker: Bob Dylan, Extending the Line.

You know, I can’t help but contrast Dylan’s resentments with Brian William’s embellishments, and it softens my feeling about Mr Williams.

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The Awl: The Next Internet Is TV.

The prospect of Facebook, for example, as a primary host for news organizations, not just an outsized source of traffic, is depressing even if you like Facebook.” Of note.

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NY Times: Artists Find Audience for Painstaking Letterpress Printing [Craig of Booknotes, famous!]

Craig does simply stunning work. Words cannot describe the meticulous craftsmanship. See his site, also: Booklab II.

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