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Vox: 3 reasons the American Revolution was a mistake.

Pffft. When I read #3, I thought “Thereby, Vox loses whatever conservative readership they have left.”  Took some cojones to print that just before July 4.

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KOB: Former CNN reporter shoots, kills armed robber at Westside motel.

The big news here in the state. Former CNN anchorwoman Lynn Russell and her husband were attacked. They both have CCWs, and together they played along with the assailant until one of them could arm themselves. Long story short, Ms Russell’s husband got to a gun first and is in the hospital, took three shots, two bullets in the abdomen. The assailant is dead.

Unsurprisingly, they recommend CCWs. Best wishes for your swift recovery, Mr de Caro.

Later: I have to comment further ... usually the most lethal things at a Motel 6 are the rugs. No, wait. And the bedspreads. I’ve been known to lay trails of clean towels from the bedside to the bathroom, some have been that bad.

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CJR: Under Spain’s gag law, covering the news could cost you.

The so-called Citizen Security Law makes it illegal to disseminate pictures, video and other content deemed “damaging” to Spain’s police and security forces. Coinciding with a wave of demonstrations over austerity programs and bank bailouts, the law criminalizes demonstrations in front of some government agencies and public buildings, and includes stiff fines for documenting the police response.” Keeping an eye on this kind of thing.

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Jalopnik: The Truth About Press Cars.

Interesting! Among the press cars I drove, the Audis always stood out for overall perfection, every car. The most fun - the Hybrid Hyundai Sonata. The electrics are set up for torque at low speeds, and dang ... total fun winding up that thing between stoplights, without sipping a drop of gas. I’d make Denise (McCluggage) giggle in the passenger seat every time the light turned green, as we headed off to our bimonthly/semiweekly ‘lunch meetings’.  I also liked the Mini Coupe to drive, but two things challenged me ... headroom (there is none), and where do you put that damned key/lozenge to start up the car? All hilarious to remember now.

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TechDirt: Apple Informs Bloggers It Will Be Using Their Content Via An Opt-Out Only ‘Agreement’.

If we receive a legal claim about your RSS content, we will tell you so that you can resolve the issue, including indemnifying Apple if Apple is included in the claim.” How helpful.

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Smoking Gun: NAACP Imposter Sued School Over Race Claims.

The story gets weirder: “The court opinion also noted that Dolezal claimed that the university’s decision to remove some of her artworks from a February 2001 student exhibition was ‘motivated by a discriminatory purpose to favor African-American students over’ her.

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LA Times: Legendary Gore Vidal-William F. Buckley rivalry coming to screens.

Vidal, unsportingly, called Buckley a ‘pro-crypto-Nazi.’ Even less sportingly, Buckley shot back, ‘Now listen, you queer, stop calling me a crypto-Nazi or I’ll sock you in you goddamn face and you’ll stay plastered.’ On live television.”  Ah, nothing like the good old days.

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Lifehacker: LastPass Hacked, Change Your Master Password Now.

Hmmm. Exactly why I chose 1Password over LastPass.

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Register.UK: Brace yourselves: Facebook plans MORE PHP jiggery pokery.

Multi-page; don’t miss the extra content reached via very small page number/links at the bottom.

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Vox: How to make sense of Rachel Dolezal, the NAACP official accused of passing for black.

Hmmm. Remember Iron Eyes Cody? Born of immigrant Sicilians. 100% Italian. Balance that against the good this advertisement did.

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New to me: Pressreader.com.

Check it out. Seems to be able to reach behind paywalls.

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BusinessInsider: Most affordable small towns.

BWAH-HAH-HAH. Waterflow, NM sits between two powerplants - true. Tip of the iceberg. Surrounded by oil wells, some of the worst air quality in the country. Unlined waste pits. Still seem like a bargain?

Nagasaki, Dresden, etc. were probably cheap too.

This post puts Business Insider on my ‘probation’ RSS list.

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Mashable: BBC journalist’s tweet causes panic over Queen’s health.

BBC, a precipitate “Queen sacrifice” will only rarely win you a chess game ...

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The Economist: Manhood.

No news as to whether the Caitlyn Jenner treatment will help ... (ducking swiftly) ...

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The New Yorker: The Cinema Isn’t a Place; It’s An Idea.

... distributors have been using the Times policy to generate free advertising for themselves. That’s why the policy change is good news: distributors can no longer, in effect, buy themselves coverage.

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FishbowlNY: Anthony Bourdain Follows Website Investment with Content Curation.

Roads & Kingdoms seems another Medium knockoff, with shades of Exposure.co, pointed at a specific niche. I have to say it, I see many of these around.

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FishbowlNY: The Economist Gets a Proper Canadian Rebuke.

Vienna, Vancouver and Geneva always seemed to do well. Pleasant cities, yes, but mind-numbingly boring. What right-minded person would rank Vienna a better city than Rio, or Vancouver preferable to Paris?” Ooooh, them’s fightin’ words. I know a couple o’ folks who’ll take umbrage ...

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Yahoo: Actor Sam Shepard arrested for drunken driving in Santa Fe.

The second actor in short order.

I have to say, some joints mix powerful drinks. There’s a particular place I’ve gone to, where a single margarita successfully socked me between the eyes and rendered me unable to walk. [I’ve not returned. And no, I didn’t drive.]

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Vox Media Acquires Re/code Owner Revere Digital.


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NY Times: In Flight.

OK. The animations are just childish ... did we really need them? Why not use real video, if you feel the article needs that kind of embellishment?

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BBC: Obama restricts ‘military’ gear going to police.

Militarization of police has not made us safer. From my reading, available statistics post-9/11 show very little improvement in murder rates, and surprising increases in drug offenses. CJR needs to pull some stats and do an in-depth report.

Tangential: Why did police forces stick with revolvers for so long? Glock showed up in the US in 1988. Anyone my age will remember the fits over “plastic guns” ... the biggest complainers (law enforcement) became the biggest purchasers, ironically.

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CJR: The media’s reaction to Seymour Hersh’s bin Laden scoop has been disgraceful.

Barrels of ink have been spilled ripping apart Hersh’s character, while barely any follow-up reporting has been done to corroborate or refute his claims — even though there’s no doubt that the Obama administration has repeatedly misinformed and misled the public about the incident. Even less attention has been paid to the little follow-up reporting that we did get, which revealed that the CIA likely lied about its role in finding bin Laden, which it used to justify torture to the public.

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FishbowlNY: NY Times Relaunches Free, New Look NYT Now.

Trying it out again. Verdict shortly.

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Guardian.UK: ‘Texas Ranger’ Chuck Norris warns of government plot to take over state.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ... butofcourse we in America will take the word of an actor over any other person in authority. If y’all in Texas are looking for political asylum rather than insane asylum, I believe New Mexico may be able to accomodate you. Then again, we have Carly Fiorina coming by. And we’re supposed to have nefarious internment camps ready in the southern portion of the state [look up “internment camps new mexico” on Google; I refuse to link ‘em]. Teh batshit crazy seems inescapable.

America, what the hell happened?

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Yow, the home page for Atlantic ...

The Atlantic went full-on responsive, I suppose, sometime in past months. I’m SO GLAD I read it through RSS. My fingers would die of scrolling. The cacophany of images and text may be great for smartphones, but on desktop I can’t parse it to find linkable stories. I find it overloads my brainpan.

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