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Flutterby™!: On Afghanistan and Higher Education Funding.

Dan’s at the same place I am. I doublethink my linking efforts here constantly, because vetting even the most benign articles is now a requirement.

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WSJ: How Trump Killed Reaganism.

Be even better if I could read the whole thing. When are newspaper sites going to give us micropayment per-article prices?

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The Atlantic: The Two Contradictory Ideas Many Americans Have About the Economy.

Many Americans, then, are holding two contradictory ideas in their mind at once: the optimistic belief that their success is in their hands (on display since Tocqueville’s Democracy in America) and the acknowledgement that wages have been steadily stagnating (on decline since the band America).” Dumb reference, that last one.

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I wish I could link some of the good articles at The Nation.

After three ‘free reads’, they start putting popup roadblocks in the way. So I can’t expose you to their work. There is one today on Sanders and Progressivism that I wanted to comment upon.

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CJR: For enthusiast media, ethics can be costly.

I got a snort out of this, at least: “The profile suggests a readership of fewer aspiring Olympians than what cyclists call M.A.M.I.Ls, or ‘Middle-Aged Men in Lycra.’

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PS Mag: Shakespeare the Social Scientist.

Also, I note that PS Mag is now on ‘white-label’ Medium.com. Seems too spare, with fonts just a bit too large, compared to the original non-Medium version.

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FishbowlNY: NY Times Public Editor Offers Paper Advice.

It’s good advice.

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The New Yorker: When Men Wanted to Be Virile.

... the defining quality of virilitas was self-control. Virilitas was an ethic of moderation, in which strong or “vigorous” powers were kept deliberately reined in, in the manner of a standing army. If a man became too aggressive, too emotional, or too brawny—too manly—his virilitas could be lost.

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CNN: A Sunday without Donald Trump for first time in 5 months.

Can’t make a mistake if you don’t open your mouth. It’s been so enjoyable, not having to hear the orange maw howling on multiple feeds.

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NY Times: Megyn Kelly Muses on Donald Trump, the Election and Journalism.

There was a time when the presidential candidate used to call the Fox News host after a particular segment he enjoyed to offer compliments, or send news clippings about Ms. Kelly that he would sign.” Creepy, if you ask me.

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Okay, let’s see, news today ...

Still dumping on Trump, GOP blues with Cruz ... Bernie’s still ‘unable to win’ and doing his monologue, Hillary’s still a corporate shill.

How many times can the media regurgitate the same headlines?

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Mashable: The horrifying moment a man narrowly escapes a raging wildfire.

Why you don’t mess with Mother Nature. Imagine being in steep canyons, as we have here in NM, when the winds change (and are blowing at 50MPH). Another reason we go out of our way to drop food and sundries for firefighters. They do one hell of a dangerous job.

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Slate: A Hamilton critic on why the musical isn’t so revolutionary.

Of note. I particularly enjoyed Ms Isenberg’s defense of Burr (of course).

Colbert’s quote, “I didn’t have to read the Bible, because I saw Jesus Christ Superstar” is telling, even as a bad joke. Should entertainment merely entertain, or should it at least try to educate? As I’ve hinted before, I fear America may be reaching ‘peak ignorance’, in part thanks to media and entertainment sectors.

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ABQ Free Press: APS to Pay Critic $59K Settlement.

The Albuquerque Public Schools will pay $59,000 to settle a lawsuit alleging it violated the first amendment rights of an Albuquerque photojournalist and long-time ethics advocate who said the APS board limited his ability to attend and photograph board meetings.” Score for free speech.

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NY Times: The ‘Panama Papers’ - Here’s What We Know.

One reason there may be relatively few Americans named in the documents is that it is fairly easy to form shell companies in the United States.” The lack did stick out a bit.

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NY Times: Perfectly Reasonable Question - Why No Big Splash for ‘Panama Papers’?

Because The Times was not a part of the global consortium and was not aware that the story was coming, it needed some time to get its own story going.” Wow. Just wow.

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NPR: ‘It Was Torture’ - An Abu Ghraib Interrogator Acknowledges ‘Horrible Mistakes’.

The idea that there’s interrogation, and then enhanced interrogation, and then torture — there is no middle ground [snip] Torture is an enhanced interrogation.” I must quote Hamlet here: “... when the wind is southerly I know a hawk from a handsaw.”

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Mashable: Construction worker hangs Mexican flag on Vancouver’s Trump Tower.

I put a Mexican flag on the roof of the Trump Tower in Vancouver, just to show that he is benefiting from us and that we are working hard on his projects and that we are not all criminals.” After Trump’s statements months ago, we all wondered how his buildings were raised without *any* immigrant work. And how are those buildings cleaned and maintained? Pot. Kettle. Black.

And Brown?

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Guardian.UK: Man who shot and killed Virginia state trooper at bus terminal identified.

So far, framed so ambiguously ... am I the only one suspecting that the shooter thought he was taking down a terrorist? News media seem to be hedging in this direction, to my reader’s eye.

Later: I’m wrong. The individual had an anti-cop agenda.

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Vox: Low-income Americans can no longer afford rent, food, and transportation.

If Vox just noticed, I give Congress a couple of years before it becomes known in the Beltway.

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Others have already called it, but I reemphasize ...

... in the dustup between editorial boards and circulation pencil-pushers, we need a new hashtag/term: #orangejournalism. ‘Trump for ad impressions.’ Trump applied generously to suffering bottom-lines. CNN, case in point.

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NBC/The Lid: The Down-Ballot Donald Dilemna.

Nearly every recent poll measuring a potential Trump v. Hillary Clinton general election matchup shows the real estate mogul with a double-digit deficit. And a potential blowout loss could have a major impact on down-ballot races.” The title of this post is spelled as NBC presented it (shameful).

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Re/Code: New York Times May Limit Free Access From Facebook, Twitter.

... my hunch is that we’ll continue to see paywalls get harder to scale, even as publishers work harder to find new readers/subscribers.” Not much of a hunch; more a modern reality.

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RawStory: Meet the Black writer who called out the media for erasing people of color.

#BernieMadeMeWhite. One of the most astonishing things about this election is how hashtags are being used to correct media spin. Wish we didn’t need it, but ... any port in a storm.

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xojane: An Open Letter to Trump Voters from His Top Strategist-Turned-Defector.

You can give Trump the biggest gift possible if you are a Trump supporter: stop supporting him. He doesn’t want the White House. He just wants to be able to say that he could have run the White House.

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