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Des Moines Register Editorial: Something smells in the Democratic Party.

Work with all the campaigns to audit results. Break silly party tradition and release the raw vote totals. Provide a list of each precinct coin flip and its outcome, as well as other information sought by the Register. Be transparent.” The fact the state’s leading paper says something is rotten, makes me look askance at the result.

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Playboy: Get to Know Miss March 2016 Dree Hemingway, Our First Non-Nude Playmate.

[Link probably NSFW] Nudity is overrated. Our modern culture seems to promote gynecological exams as beauty. I speak for myself and my readers when I say seduction and mystery are infinitely preferable. Longing is given too short a shrift. Does anyone ‘moon’ over their desired ones anymore? It will be so ironic if Playboy is a catalyist to restore taste to our culture.

The color shots are distinctly reminiscent of David Hamilton’s work [look him up, also NSFW].

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NPR: Got A Second For ‘Haikus With Hotties’? Now, You Can Enjoy Them All Year.

Offered sans comment.

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Nice Marmot: Election Thoughts.

Depressing, but something you have to read. Dave’s comment: “Within ten years, I’m fairly certain it will be clear that things have become dramatically and unequivocally worse.” This reminds me of how we viewed the first Reagan Presidency, esp. when Kemp-Roth was passed. I was just getting out of college; a friend and I walked down along Nassau Street in Princeton, and as the deficit began to burgeon we discussed the fact that America was ‘over’. Given that experience, ten years may be too short; America is uniquely resistant to reality. We stutter and start, choke and hobble forward in this country. 20, 40 years on, the fetid breath of imminent extinction may generate effort, likely all too late. Humanity, nothing more than a might-have-been. Watch Nick Bostrom here.

Great piece, Dave.

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Every client had a question this morning.

Links as I have time, now that I get to catch my breath a bit.

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Guardian.UK: Trump may have lost in Iowa but it’s proved he’s a master of social media.

More about what’s wrong with media today, than about Mr Trump. Worth your time, not that you didn’t know it ...

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Useless media today.

Yesterday, the future of the world was going to be decided by Iowa. Today, minimized. Clickbait, clickbait, clickbait. I might as well walk away from the NEWS section of my aggregator ...

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The polls lost tonight.

That’s the biggest takeaway. Trump led the polls, Clinton led the polls. Both by substantial margins. Bernie virtually ties. And Rubio comes out of nowhere.

Crazy days. More to come.

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Guardian.UK: British pilot saved friend before dying from Tanzania poacher bullet.

A high-calibre bullet passed through the floor of the helicopter, hitting Gower first in the leg then in the shoulder before exiting through the roof. Despite his injuries, Gower managed to fly the helicopter down into a tree, allowing his spotter, Nicky Bester, time to jump out before it crashed to the ground.

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Economist.UK: After Jakarta.

If you weren’t aware, there are significantly more Muslims in South-East Asia than in the Middle East. Economic conditions may make young men a particularly easy radicalization vector.

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NM Legislative Session: “No Bloggers Allowed.”


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HuffPo: A Fake Politico Reporter Is Becoming Facebook Friends With Lots Of Journalists.

Just noticed? Kinda behind the eightball, kids. You should click on a few links of your latest Twitter followers. I seem to have a lot of sexy-lookin’ women whose URLs point to unpopular Kindle ebooks. Every week, block and report for spam ... block and report for spam ... failure of the Panopticon.

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WarOnTheRocks: Reflections on the 25 Years of U.S. Military Involvement in the Middle East.

What a quote. “As a Taliban sympathizer reportedly remarked to an American in Kabul, ‘You might have all the watches, but we have all the time.’

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Alternet: How Corporations & Politicians Use Numbers to Lie — and How Not to Be Fooled.

A misunderstanding of numbers can also lead to fear-motivated behavior, and you can be sure the marketers are aware of that fact.

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The Nation: Democrats Should Have a Big, Bold, Rip-Roaring Debate About Electability.

Indeed they should. But doubt they’ll ever air such laundry at a debate. Neither will they air the fact that the ACA is currently unsustainable and needs serious repair. “Don’t rock the boat.” Meantime, Bernie’s dancing the watusi in the bows.

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Vox: Hillary Clinton doesn’t trust you.

The problem is Clinton doesn’t campaign the way she governs.” Ezra Klein pulls a rabbit of the hat for Vox: an actual reasonably-argued article. Hillary needs more than just media apologia, though. Sanders is gnawing at her ankles.

Later: Thinking on this further, the author wants us to believe Ms Clinton just made a mistake in attacking Sanders, she’s the better candidate. But isn’t this part of a string of mistakes? Not approving enough security in Benghazi, voting for war in Iraq, hosting her own emails, etc.? The old mix of sloppiness and self-righteousness will bite her, again.

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Politico: Al Jazeera America shutting down.

A strong Al Jazeera presence in the U.S. is both viable and crucial, but i think what you need is the international channel to have an expanded presence there. [snip] Al Jazeera’s coverage of the world is strong, and something Americans would want, because it comes from a global perspective, not a made-in-New York perspective. It was a miscalculation that they could outdo the American news industry in covering the U.S.” There is an elephant in the room here; if they’d simply renamed the channel, they might have had a better chance. I found their coverage remarkably good.

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CNN Video: Tavis Smiley - Donald Trump is ‘religious and racial arsonist.’

Watch the whole thing. Tavis is a good guy; I’ve thoroughly enjoyed his discussions with Cornel West.

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I wonder if there’s a way mathematically - as in very precisely - to calculate the probability of where the media’s giant lens will focus next. You know Trump is still Trumping, Gaga’s still going ga-ga, Hillary’s still climbing her hill, Cruz is still cruising, Kardashian is still butting in. Yet the ‘lens’ only chooses very specific instances upon which to pull focus on them.

I used to be so good at gauging ‘linkability’ ... my strategy was cobbled together from observation and gut instinct. Yet I firmly believe there’s a formula somewhere in the back of my head, that if I could just have translated it to an equation ...

Today ‘linkability’ and ‘virality’ can be induced artificially. Many more factors to consider now. But I still think there’s a formula to be calculated.

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What do you want to bet ...

... the “Oregon Standoff” eventually ends with a “Bilbo Baggins” move? A dramatic exit to garner what little attention will be left: “We’re leaving - NOW!”

The media celebrate. And the populace neither particularly notice nor care.

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I really do think we exist in a post-fact, post-objectivity world in journalism today.

This whole Oregon militia standoff thing has sort of broken my faith in all news organizations. We now exist in a journalistic world of 24/7 prevarication.

I call it, as of this post. It’s about ad-impressions, not accurate information anymore. There are no ‘newspapers of record’ left.

How I’ll adjust here, I just don’t know. But I felt it had to be said. I’m spending so much time trying to verify article ‘facts’ and ‘sources’, my frequency of posting is dropping through the toilet. Cat photos are even becoming an attractive option (joking) ...

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FishbowlNY: National Enquirer Set to Launch in Germany.

Apologies, my German friends. You will now suffer through “Werewolf baby” and “JFK photographed alive and wrinkled” style articles.

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NY Times: Democratic Debate Poses Challenge for Hillary Clinton Rivals.

With just six weeks until the Iowa caucuses, her two rivals are running out of time to blunt her momentum.” Erm, ‘blunt’? Noone here in Santa Fe is talking about Hillary [we’re bluer than CA, by the way]. It’s all “Bernie, Bernie, Bernie.” Can’t blunt momentum that doesn’t exist.

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FishbowlNY: Mother Jones Readers Debate NYT San Bernardino Stumble.

Even at the mighty NY Times. If you mortgage your opinions to a news channel these days, you’ll find you’re spouting arrant nonsense. As I’ve known for ages, double-check EVERYTHING before quoting to others. Reduce the amount of noise vs. signal in the world.

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NY Times: I Worry About Muslims.

Not what you might think.

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