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Civil War Memories: William Forstchen and Newt Gingrich Massacre the Crater … Again.

As I suggest in my review it seems to me that the authors want credit for acknowledging a progressive racial past without alienating those who for whatever reason don’t want to be reminded of the darkest aspects of our civil war. Well, without it you haven’t climbed far at all out of the realm of fiction.” My emphasis.

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Slate: Excerpt from Carl Wilson’s Let’s Talk About Love - Celine Dion.

Working from an old article I recall, her ‘big note’ is an F, and all the songs she sings are tailored around that talent. I can’t handle more than one of her songs in a row, but there are many, many artists I say that about (Adele, for one, who also has one or two ‘big notes’).

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British Pathé releases thousands of newsreels on Youtube.

There goes a month or three ...

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WaPo: Jenny McCarthy says she isn’t anti-vaccine.


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538: A Statistical Analysis of the Work of Bob Ross.

So many things of real benefit to analyze, and they choose Bob Ross. Obviously trolling for viral content. Color me disappointed.

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PDN Online/Vimeo: James Estrin - Career Tips for Photojournalists.

Great, great advice.

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Vox: The short guide to Capital in the 21st Century.

“Capital in the 21st Century essentially takes the existing debate on income inequality and supercharges it. It does so by asserting that in the long run the economic inequality that matters won’t be the gap between people who earn high salaries and those who earn low ones, it will be the gap between people who inherit large sums of money and those who don’t. Piketty’s vision of a class-ridden, neo-Victorian society dominated by the unearned wealth of a hereditary elite cuts sharply against both liberal notions of a just society andconservative ideas about what a dynamic market economy is supposed to look like.” I may end up liking Vox. All the info without the blather.

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rc3.org: Relationship advice from Malcolm X.

What occurred to me after I let the post sit on my brain for awhile was how broadly applicable Malcolm X’s quote is; not only to other social issues but in my personal life as well. For example, women in the technology industry owe men no gratitude for any progress that has been made on the gender inequalities, because the ledger is still far from balanced.

Much later: Courtesy of Humans of New York, a very good snippet to understand the issue more completely.

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CounterPunch: First Blood, Bloggers!

In other words, unless you get paid, you don’t get to call yourself a journalist. First blood: Bloggers.

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Guardian.UK: Exxon Mobil’s response to climate change is consummate arrogance.

A paraphrase: “We plan on overheating the planet, we think we have the political muscle to keep doing it, and we dare you to stop it.

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BBC: Ketamine ‘exciting’ depression therapy.

Only 28 people in the study. Eight showed results (about a third). I wouldn’t get too excited. And I wouldn’t have put it in the news yet, really, if I were the BBC.

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Guardian.UK: James Lovelock - environmentalism has become a religion.

The government is too frightened to use nuclear, renewables won’t work –because we don’t have enough sun – and we can’t go on burning coal because it produces so much CO2, so that leaves fracking. It produces only a fraction of the amount of CO2 that coal does, and will make Britain secure in energy for quite a few years. We don’t have much choice.”  Last time I looked, sir, Britain was plenty windy.

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Re/code: There’s a Zucker Born Every Minute (Comic).


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Singularity Hub: More News Is Being Written By Robots Than You Think.

“Software is writing news stories with increasing frequency. In a recent example, an LA Times writer-bot wrote and posted a snippet about an earthquake three minutes after the event.

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The Economist: Drone journalism - Eyes in the skies.

In the past few months drones shot the most revealing footage of the protests that toppled Viktor Yanukovych, its corrupt president. They have also offered a bird’s-eye view of civil conflict in Thailand, Venezuela and elsewhere. They let journalists capture scenes that previously would have put their lives in danger, and made it harder for governments to lie.”  When they start flying over private property and shooting what they find … that’s when the #%@$@ is going to hit the fan.

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The Nation: CNN and the Phenomenology of Breaking News.

We’re out of facts, but we’re not letting that stop us!

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10,000 Words: Everything Upworthy Can Teach Journalists.

“Ah, the infamous Upworthy style headline. [snip] Every media outlet can do this, and if you want to garner more traffic, you should. If you feel icky about changing the headline after it’s originally published, just add a note.” Trying to keep my breakfast down after reading this ...

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MIT Tech Review: Data Mining Reveals How Conspiracy Theories Emerge on Facebook.

“Conspiracy theories seem to come about by a process in which ordinary satirical commentary or obviously false content somehow jumps the credulity barrier. And that seems happen through groups of people who deliberately expose themselves to alternative sources of news.” All the more reason we bloggers should work a bit harder to vet what we find.

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TJ Radcliffe: Why Speculation About MH370 is Evidence of Innumeracy.

Still, apart from the rather goulish entertainment value, we should all understand that this is a time for mourning, and silence, and careful study of the few data we have in the hope that physically searching —which is nothing but the testing of the ideas ‘MH370 is at location X/Y’ using systematic observation — will lead us to evidence of what actually occurred. The thing we can be practically certain of is that speculation will not.

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The Week: L’Wren Scott, and the awful truth about women’s obituaries.

Never, ever characterize an accomplished woman as “so-and-so’s girlfriend/wife/partner.” Using a male yardstick sounds so ‘50’s.

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New Scientist: Flight MH370 - The allure of the conspiracy theory.

Psychologists suggest that part of the reason so many think this way is because we are all biased towards seeing ambiguous events as the product of someone’s intentions rather than a mere accident.” There’s a reason I don’t link the theories-du-jour. Lack of evidence from which to make any judgments.

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BBC News: Ypres - World War One weapon explodes, killing two.

Coincidence. I was just looking at Ypres via Google Earth, in association with a book I’m reading on WWI.

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KRQE.com: Increased radiation in Carlsbad not related to WIPP leak.

“He says high wind speeds are causing natural radiation found in the Earth’s soil to land on the filters. ‘This is not man-made stuff, but God-made stuff that’s in the ground that’s getting blown around.’” There’s the quote of the week.

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CNet: Courtney Love/I may have found missing Malaysian plane.

The oil slick, maybe. A plane hundreds or even thousands of feet down in the ocean? No.

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FiveThirtyEight: What the Fox Knows.

Exciting, really.

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