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The Millions: 450 Years of Juliets - On Women Making Shakespeare.

Shakespeare’s Juliet is bold, Romeo’s equal. She initiates their relationship, telling Romeo ‘take all myself’ before she even knows for certain of his interest or commitment, bubbling over with her desire past the bounds of what might be considered correct behavior, and yet her frankness, as she calls it, is what makes her magnetic.

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The Atlantic: Booksellers - We Got Shakespeare’s Personal Dictionary on eBay.

Scholars say that William Shakespeare used as many as 30,000 different words in his plays and poetry. They further estimate that he knew about a quarter of all the words circulating in English during his lifetime. This is remarkable, and it raises a question: How did he learn them?” My emphasis. Hmmm. As I’ve said before, these ‘miracle’ finds with little or no provenance are fodder for forgers.

[Oh, and Happy Birthday, Will.]

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MeFi: The Moral Question Of Our Time - Can We Share The Planet?

A kick-ass FPP.

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Italian Ways: Signature Italian style with the Stilus 405.

Ornate. I wonder if the texture wouldn’t be distracting.

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BBC: UK non-Christian claims ‘absurd’, senior Tories say.

Sorry to see the UK drop to American levels of idiocy.

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365/2: 112. Checking baselines the *proper* way.

365/2: 112.

I need a haircut. When the curls start back up again … just makes the remaining hair look thin.

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Medium/Razvan Onofrei: Aligning type to baseline the right way using SASS.

Of note.

[Also, I’ll adopt this title style (source/author) when linking Medium from now on. Just a ‘Medium:’ gives no useful info.]

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OneHeadlightInk: Viggo Mortensen is Captain Fantastic.

Aragorn alert for Santa Fe in June.

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Rio on Targa 8.  ShowPro V and Procall X on Genesis through Doves.

Talking A/V talk. Just because I don’t want to forget (and perhaps someone with a similar work background will find this). My TVL 32-bit video system, alas, seems to have disappeared from internet history.

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HuffPo/Roadtrippers: That Time Subterranean Aliens Killed 60 People in New Mexico.

His fears were realized when after drilling underground he came face-to-face with a 7-foot tall, stinky, gray alien. Obviously he freaked out and grabbed a pistol he was carrying (because that’s what engineers do?) and shot and killed two aliens.” I’ve heard a lot of strange alien theories, living here in NM. Everyone seems to have a ‘close encounter’ story of some kind. Never heard this one, though.

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Tired of your house’s existing state of decoration?

An article I just skimmed said, “Put furniture in other rooms, in unexpected positions.”  I just put a living room chair on the bed. I have a feeling that when Sandra sees this, all hell will break loose.

Later: Yup. “No room for you. I guess you want to sleep on the floor.” Woof.

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iTunes: The Great Big Book - Single by The Heartbreak Time Machine.

Frequent readers here should know Jeremiah by now. His single is out on iTunes.

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SciAm: Pine Beetle Outbreaks Increase Groundwater Supply in Rockies.

Rocky Mountain marshes?

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ProPublica: Meet the Doctor Who Gave $1M of His Own Money to Keep His Gun Research Going.

I did a gun show study. When I started crunching numbers on gun show sales, and looking at the surveys, I came to realize — as interesting as this is, gun shows themselves are not a big part of the problem. I felt obligated to add this into my report.”  Unexpurgated scientific study will out.

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Geek.com: Physics-exploiting axe splits wood in record time.

This rocks. Perhaps a new item for my Xmas list.

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The Baffler: The Tyranny of Time Management.

According to a press release by Vanderbilt University, the researchers found that test subjects ‘overwhelmingly viewed the actors using the electronic calendars as being more authoritative.’ Additionally, one of the authors said that ‘actually being able to operate the devices really isn’t all that important, provided you know enough to look reasonably competent. Just possession is 90 percent of the game ...” My emphasis. Via the unquenchable Dr M on Twitter.

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Dissent Magazine: Phyllis Schlafly - Still Wrong (and Mean) After All These Years.

Why is she still a subject? I thought we’d moved beyond the 50’s beehive-hairdo historical revisionists (‘submit to your husbands, slam those ‘mothers little helpers’). I suppose this means the old GOP still wants some PR traction.

Related: “Supersisters” feminist trading cards of the ‘70s.  Great.

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NPR: Does Kin Selection Explain The Evolution Of Religion?

Kin selection turns on the concept of inclusive fitness, the idea that an organism’s biological fitness derives not only from the direct production of offspring, but also from aiding the reproduction of its other relatives.” My emphasis. Good luck with that in these net-connected personally-disconnected times.

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ArtDaily: Lunar-landed artifacts from moonwalker Alan Bean set for lift-off at auction.

I wonder how much that real ‘space pen’ will go for ...

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Sorry; busy morning.

A full email box this morning meant I had to spend a deal of time writing replies. And, whereas I’m short and concise on this blog, I tend to go deep on email. I’ll get to links soon.

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Autoweek: Steve McQueen’s Jaguar XKSS in the Hollywood Hills.

You will, I hope, remember that I got to check the ‘Green Rat’ out in person.  Some other shots of it (and other Jags).  Here, here and here. And here. Also here.

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365/2: 111. Storms hovering around this afternoon.

365/2: 111.

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BoldItalic: The Gutters in Buena Vista Park are Made Out of Old Headstones.

Even a gravestone isn’t immortal. For some reason, these photos serve to remind me that blogging is even more ephemeral, another warning about where I invest my time.

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NY Times: Repatriated Works Back in Their Countries of Origin.

Some works, returned with great fanfare, have taken on greater meaning back on view in the countries or cultures that produced them. Other times, after the triumphalism fades, they fall victim to benign neglect, or are not always easy to reach.” Then there is the problem of Egypt.

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SciAm: Mega-Heatwaves Mechanism Pinpointed.

The study shows that soil drying is the key link in the intensification of mega-heatwaves …” Oh yeah. Anyone who lives in the southwest can tell you this.

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