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NY Post: Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia dead at 79.

Holy cow.

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Planet Princeton: Police Show Reporter Video of Princeton Professor’s Booking.

More backstory.

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Boxes ... and a dust bunny.

Rosemary ...

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ArsTechnica: Warning - Bug in Adobe Creative Cloud deletes Mac user data without warning.

It got me. Auto-update, turned off from now on!

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Obviously, busy day.

Did a little renovation here - had to get rid of about 3,000 spam comments. You’d think these folks would have given up against Akismet and other schemes years and years ago.

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Debates, 2/11/16.

I was otherwise occupied, so I couldn’t catch it live. I’ve printed out the transcript (37 pages single space 10pt), and am reading through. Sounds much the same as last time, but I’m only halfway through. Some cheap shots on both sides. I need to view some video see if Hill’s presentation style has calmed down.

Anyone else have any impressions they’d like to share?

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Not even a snip of post.

Not even a snip of post. Enjoy.

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Planet Princeton: Police Release Video of Princeton Professor’s Motor Vehicle Stop and Warrant.

Not quite the incident one expects, given the early news. My immediate take: Township police have gotten politer than I recall. We were white kids, and we got threatened with jail as we were drawing on the pavement in chalk (1970?). An elderly neighbor disapproved and called ‘em. “Urchins!” The sargeant was particularly “mean.” Times have changed from those days, of course.

There’s a statement from the professor, here.

This sounds a little precious to my ears: “But I can say that what I experienced was far more likely because my skin is a deep brown, my nose is round, and my hair is coily.” A Beyonce reference, methinks. A little dramatic. She is also maximizing her treatment and minimizing her own guilt (“handcuff to a table for a parking ticket”). No mention of the sum total of outstanding legal issues. They really can’t be considered in isolation.

There’s are a couple of other details those outside of P-town would miss. Besides speeding (22MPH over the limit), the speed was done in an area that is a prime location for deadly accidents. You see her zoom over the Stony Brook bridge just below the battlefield. It’s a slight ‘S’ that is blind, with the concrete abutments both blocking sight lines and allowing limited shoulder space. A lot of people have shimmed over the line there and had deadly head-ons in my day, and harvested many a cyclist. Cops love to sit that area because of the young-professional-powerful-car population overestimating their capabilities at that particular spot. Everyone who frequents the road should be familiar with the place, the danger, and the police penchant for lurking there.

So, as a policeman, what would you do at the car window with this: Speeding 22mph over the limit in a known accident-prone area, suspended out-of-state license (with incorrect address), two unpaid and unresponded-to parking tickets that officially require an arrest? Benefit of the doubt and let her drive away?

I can sympathize with the Professor’s fright, especially as a person of color. But I also wouldn’t expect any better treatment as a white person. I would have expected to be unceremoniously tossed in the slammer for being caught speeding with a suspended license alone.

As a professor - a person I expect to be intelligent - she shouldn’t be driving at all with that alleged fruit salad of legal issues.

But as all urchins who grew up in P-town know, the ‘intelligentsia’ tended to be the most ridiculously illogical of our neighbors. Professors, uniquely protective of their reputations, at any cost. I knew one to argue over a ticket for driving with parking lights in fog, because low-beams won’t travel as far (physics, as opposed to the law on the books).

Color or not, same old P-town. It should blow over.

Later: On Facebook, other Princeton residents have chimed in their experiences, all remarkably similar. This was not an abuse, but normal operating procedure no matter your color. Something the professor could have found out, had she asked before accusing. However, knee-jerk reactions are in vogue, so all is forgiven.

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FactMag: SoundCloud could be forced to close after $44m losses.

... SoundCloud was heavily reliant on ‘further capital investment’ to continue operating in 2015.” Ruh-roh. Hedge your bets if you’re using the service, peeps.

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WarontheRocks: As the Field Narrows, Presidential Candidates talk Foreign Policy in South Carolina.

In some weird way, I read through this and think of a giant game of “Kick the Can.”

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Internet Archive/Software Library: Windows 3.x.

Oh, the memories.

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Another Democratic debate? Tonight?

I don’t think I’ve recovered from the last Dem and Repub debates. Maybe I’ll just sample it, and if Hill’s using the same rhetorical style and Bernie’s hitting the same points over and over, I can shut it off knowing the result.

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NY Times: Oregon Standoff Ends as Last Militant Surrenders.

Over. And, they got Cliven Bundy as he stepped off a plane - the original mastermind of these protests.

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American Yoga School: The Colossal Failure of Modern Yoga.

... head on over to social media, where the world spends a whole lot of time. See there that yoga rock stars like to teach how to “get” fancy poses with a few words that are not based on reality, and are always accompanied by a flattering photo. Or scroll down a bit further and find teachers who share videos of people they’ve deemed to be bad getting killed, posted along with their clucking comment that this is karma, revealing that they are profoundly misguided about what karma is and what a yoga teacher’s job is.” I’d wondered how bad it was getting. The use of stock photography seems rampant on yoga school pages, in yoga social channels. Thanks, Craig Jensen on FB.

Reuters: Fed’s Yellen sticks to her guns as global market rout worsens.

Yes, well. If you look at every time the Fed has mentioned raising rates in the recent past, Wall Street has had some sort of rout to blackmail the Fed into not making a move. This doesn’t seem much different. Yellen is letting them know she won’t be blackmailed, methinks.

But oh, the pain in my IRA ...

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c|net: Gravitational waves do exist, and astronomy will never be the same.

The discovery marks not just the first time that gravitational waves have been confirmed, but the first time researchers have observed binary black holes.” I look forward to textbook-shredding new discoveries!

Later: Andrea’s got the roundup!

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Mashable: Andrew Lincoln on his ‘Love Actually’ character - ‘He is a stalker.’

Hmmm. He’s not following her outside of normal social interactions. The video is not an attempt at an upskirt, for goodness sake. He’s not stealing things she leaves on tables, or snitching stuff she leaves at her boyfriend’s house. He keeps making her experiences with her boyfriend/husband amazing, only because he wants to see her happy. I don’t think that is ‘stalker’ territory. I think that’s “mooning over a girl you’re briefly obsessed with.” He steps out of propriety with the cards at the end, but it’s his final gesture before he moves on.

This also reinforces, subtly, that men are the majority of stalkers. I was never a ‘looker’. But I had male friends who were constantly pursued by girls. These young ladies would make friends of the sisters so they could rummage around the guys’ stuff in their own house. Does that count as stalking? If it’s earlier than 13 years of age? Older? Does it matter? Creepier than Love Actually, no?

Another needless kneejerk that harms a reasonably-enjoyable movie. It’s a fantasy.

Later: You know, in rethinking, the actor does matter. Imagine the role if it had been Colin Frissell (Kris Marshall) ... personality context matters, too.

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Mashable: Titanic II replica will set sail in 2018

Until I see “in process” pix ... I’ll restrain my interest.

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Too much built up in the news feeds. “Mark all as read”. Wait.

Links as they catch my interest.

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CW Memory: Civil War Museum Under Fire For Displaying Items From the Civil War.

Read it. Make your own judgment.‘Tis the year of outrage.

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Messy Nessy Chic: Take an Eerie Tour of Greece’s Sinking Ghost Town.

The village is entirely uninhabitable and yet residents are still required to pay property tax on their broken abandoned homes.” Ye gods.

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PS Blog: This Photographer Broke His Back 2 Years Ago, And Got Back Up.

Inspiring, as I recover from my latest spine ‘twang’. “I hates it, Precious.”

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Mashable: Your new dream pet ...

When doing a show on Maui, I went into a tourist shop and wanted to simply buy an a-shirt. The clerk would not sell it to me until I could pronounce humuhumunukunukuapua’a. Which, after three tries, I succeeded. They told me it means “fish that looks like a pig.” Well, I give you a pig that looks like a sheep.

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Re/code: Donald Trump’s Secret Weapon in Winning New Hampshire.

I still see such endeavors as owing their existence to Cam’s original work on the Clark campaign.

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GroopSpeak: GOP Congress Breaks With History For First Time In 41 Years To Snub Obama.

Beyond just gridlock. Remember this in November.

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