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365/2: 259. Odile ain’t doing much yet.

365/2: 259.

‘Course when I dare Nature, she comes back and pounds me to death. We’ll see tomorrow.

Later: For Throwback Thursday, from the ‘80’s.

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Gawker: Iranians Sentenced to Six Months, 91 Lashes for Dancing to “Happy”.

Can we talk about implementing a worldwide “Prime Directive” now? Between IS and this. Those who want to go back in time and be medieval, well ... they can be medieval. Noone in the modern world does business with them. No arms. No supplies of food. No internet. No health advances. You break with the modern world, the modern world cuts you off until you choose to rejoin it. Enjoy the dentists.

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Weezbo: Bizarre Bird-Inspired Stilettos by Masaya Kushino.

Weirdsville. Something else for Lady Gaga to fall off of.

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Hollywood Reporter: Were ‘Longmire’ Viewers Too Long in the Tooth to Matter?

“Every second and a half an American turns 50, which means that in a very short time, we will be the largest demographic in the country — and with our longer life spans, we’re not going anywhere. It also just so happens that 50-plus-ers account for of 75% of disposable income in America.

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Crazy iOS8 question. How do you stop your iPad from alerting you when your iPhone is ringing?

One noisemaker is enough! Don’t need both ringing.  It’s gonna drive me batty. I can’t find the preference.

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SF New Mexican: LANL’s burst barrel has sister drum at WIPP.

Veritable time-bomb. My concern includes cousins still at LANL, sitting outdoors in canvas tents.

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Slate: How do you differentiate good acting from bad acting?

I agree.

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iPPinka: Convertible Shelf Table.

Cool idea. As long as you’re not stocking books.

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PodioBlog: Stop giving me productivity tips.

For me productivity is all about getting started, and getting started is all about motivation. So I make sure that I actually want to do most of the things that I have to do, and they are relevant and interesting for me. I check regularly that I am happy with what I am doing (you don’t need any tools for that).

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Updated to 10.9.5 (plus security updates) last night.

Startup seems a bit pokier than usual ... but it may just be oversensitivity on my part. Sometimes these things need to ‘burn in’ over a few days to optimize. Just thought I’d mention the circumstance.

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Metafilter: “remove line breaks? where have you been all my life!”

Welcome to TextMechanic.com!

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Guardian.UK: Deciding who should pay to publish peer-reviewed scientific research.

But how can these [open-access] journals survive? They do that by charging the author. Fees range anywhere from $100–$1000 or so.” So, as we continue to argue our points, we need to be careful to source the journals we’re pulling studies from. I promise to try to link the originating journal’s source docs when I pull a study from now on.

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Guardian.UK: Secrets of a badger’s toilet.

Linked for the title. Well, mostly.

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365/2: 258. How I know it’s autumn ...

365/2: 258.

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Slate: Should gentlemen still open doors for women? Pragmatism and patriarchy, considered.

On this, I open. 99% of the time, I get a verbal “thank you”. 1% of the time I get “misogynist bastard.”  I can handle that - I’ve been called worse. Besides, I’m somewhat equal-opportunity. I do it for encumbered and aged men, too.

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NY Times: Artificial Sweeteners May Disrupt Body’s Blood Sugar Controls.

So then ... what’s the point?

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NY Times: F.D.A. Panel Weighs Restrictions on Testosterone Drugs.

A fifth to a quarter of men who are prescribed testosterone have not had a baseline test for their testosterone level. And 60 percent of the prescribing is done by primary care doctors, while just 20 percent of the drugs are prescribed by specialists like endocrinologists and urologists.” So it’s treated like the depression pharmaceutical market then. So what’s the problem? (tongue in cheek)

09/17/14 • 02:07 PM • HealthScience(5) Comments

BarnFinds: California Z-Car Dreamin’

$5k.  Fond memories of my own Z, similar but silver. The slide control in between the seats was the choke. When was the last time you saw a choke in a car?

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InspirationFeed: 20 Simple Tips That Will Dramatically Improve Your Writing.

Don’t use words unless you know what they mean.” @^#$@$%^@

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ISAW Papers: “The Cosmos in the Antikythera Mechanism.”

This is a couple of years old, but since the mechanism is in the news these days, I thought it might enlighten some who didn’t take the time to skim through it.

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$3 Million Gift Creates Stuttering Institute at UT Austin, Provides Free Treatments.

Free treatments. What a brilliant thing. I may peek in next time I’m in Austin, to see how therapies have changed. Thanks for the heads-up, Mark!

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Youtube: The Story of You+Me.

Alecia Moore and Dallas Green. See if you recognize Alecia. She remains so charmingly “Doylestown.”

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Watch Odile hit Arizona and NM on the National Weather Services’ advanced weather data display.

Here. Took a minute or two to boot up on my browser.

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SERoundtable: Bing On URL Keyword Stuffing Spam.

Of interest.

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Science of Us: It’s (Mostly) Smart to Trust Your Fellow Humans.

In other words, over time, the gains you get from choosing more often to trust your fellow humans tend to outweigh the rarer losses.”  Hmmm. Maybe we should ask Richard III (see previous link in today’s blog-scroll).

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