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Wikipedia: The Great Dictator.

Interesting to read, in the wake of “The Interview” and NK.

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365/2: 351. Eschewed the traditional stuff this year, went with a Scandinavian red/white theme.

365/2: 351.

A bit more spare; room to be, room to think. The visual clutter of Xmas gets to me.

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Canon tip.

I’m still doing some tests to verify, but it does look like a repeatable phenom so far. Using multiples of 160 ISO render greater dynamic range in still images than other ISOs. Found the comment on a video thread; most of us knew to use 160 for best video, but I’d never heard this applied to stills. YMMV.

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Archaeology News Network: Secrets of Roman concrete revealed.

The mortar resists microcracking through in situ crystallization of platy strätlingite, a durable calcium-alumino-silicate mineral that reinforces interfacial zones and the cementitious matrix. [snip] The dense intergrowths of the platy crystals obstruct crack propagation and preserve cohesion at the micron scale, which in turn enables the concrete to maintain its chemical resilience and structural integrity in a seismically active environment at the millennial scale.

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Archaeology News Network: Dental plaque reveals key plant in prehistoric Easter Island diet.

Sweet potatoes, not bananas or taro or breadfruit.

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Archaeology News Network: Taxes and costs, 70 Italian castles on sale.

I need to win a lottery.

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Stanford: Stanford psychologists show that altruism is not simply innate.

Digging deeper.

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Dazed: The top 20 music videos of 2014.

Observations: Precious little beauty, other than pretty girls.

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EOSHD: Fuji X-T1 v3.0 firmware now available/24p video mode/full frame with Speed Booster ULTRA.

Of note.

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Washington Examiner: Future uncertain, Romney sits atop GOP polls.

In discussions this week, they pointed to what they think is a widespread belief among voters, certainly among Republicans, that Romney was right about some key issues in the 2012 campaign.” When your average American can’t even remember Obama’s campaign promises about Guantanamo, how can a reasoning individual claim *anyone* remembers a Romney position?  Other than his use of hair gel?

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Colossal: Spectacular Ice Formations Atop a Windswept Mountain in Slovenia.

We’ve seen similar pix before, but never so dramatic.  Enjoy.

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Dazed: The cult of buying fake followers exposed by Instagram cull.

There were incredible scenes at the top of the ‘percentage lost’ table, where a user called @chiragchirag78 lost 99.998% of his followers, falling from a gargantuan 3,660,448 followers to a measly eight.” Said it before, I’ll say it again. Be careful who you mortgage your opinions to.

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Github: Vulnerability announced - update your Git clients.

Of note.

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DiscoverMag: Aspirin May Help Prevent Skin Cancer.


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GigaOm: Flickr kills sale of Creative Commons prints, issues refunds.

Even though the Flickr Wall Art service only offered images for which the owner had granted a Creative Commons license for commercial use, some complained that they believed the terms of the license only extended to online use — and not to physical prints as well. Some withdrew their works from Flickr altogether.”  It should have been opt-in. Really dumb. Previously discussed.

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Art Daily: Hebrew U. archaeologists find 20-meter-high corridor at Herodium National Park.

Better and more photos, please.

Later: Two impressive interior photos here.

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Supercharged: Akrapovic Full Moon Motorcycle Concept.

Wild. Art Deco and modern.

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It is astonishing, that on Flickr ...

I can have absolute no views, but someone’s favorited a photo. Astonishing.

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365/2: 350.  Just after dark.

365/2: 350.

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Mashable: Texas plumber baffled after truck ends up in the hands of Syrian rebels.

What’s more disconcerting is that no commercial - or national security - sources seem to know how these trucks ended up in terrorist hands. I hope reporters follow up on this, find the paper/shipment trail.

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Client Christmas parties.

Never heard of “White Elephant” gifting before.  Next year, I’m hitting Archie McPhee.  Instant (just add water) underwear, anyone?  I can’t wait.

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TechDirt: Tennessee Town Passes Policy Banning Negative Comments About The Town’s Government.

Well. Does TechDirt moderate comments?  I can’t tell from their site.  I’m not defending the town, mind you. But another article on TechDirt quotes this opinion in positive manner: “I do delete comments from time to time. If I notice them and they are ‘excessively violent’ or ‘harassing’ or ‘otherwise objectionable,’ I delete them. Why? First, its my blog, so my fucking rules. You have a right to express yourself, but not necessarily here.”  My italics.

Everyone loves the First Amendment until it ends up bristling and ugly in their own comments section or social channels.

I come down on the side of, “If tax money is being used to support those sites, then any taxpaying citizen can comment.”

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The Mischiefs of Faction: Four perspectives on Jeb Bush and the Republican nomination.

Doesn’t really go anywhere, but still worth the read.

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USA Today: Dramatic video shows turbulence rock AA flight over Pacific.

Commercial airliners are, if my memory is correct, able to handle -1.5 to +3 g’s.  Unspoken as yet, turbulence seems to be on the rise. Global warming, one assumes.  We certainly see more lenticular clouds over the mountain ranges here, than in past years. Lenticular clouds have (as opposed to the above article) broken even military aircraft to pieces.

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Italian Ways: Delio Tessa and Milan’s trams.

Santa Fe needs trams. But wireless ones. Wires would ruin the aesthetics of adobe. And they’d have to look vintage. Modern space-age looking trams would just be wrong.

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