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Pantone formula guides have gotten cheap.

Sandra’s just broke, after limited use. The plastic screw-hinge sheared off on the fifth open. A shame that one must, after a high $ purchase, seek third party help. The paper’s gotten thinner too. For shame, Pantone. For shame.

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Guardian.UK: ‘Texas Ranger’ Chuck Norris warns of government plot to take over state.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ... butofcourse we in America will take the word of an actor over any other person in authority. If y’all in Texas are looking for political asylum rather than insane asylum, I believe New Mexico may be able to accomodate you. Then again, we have Carly Fiorina coming by. And we’re supposed to have nefarious internment camps ready in the southern portion of the state [look up “internment camps new mexico” on Google; I refuse to link ‘em]. Teh batshit crazy seems inescapable.

America, what the hell happened?

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Random Tumblr link ... a photo of the Kennedy Assassination I’ve never seen.

I doubt you have, either. And here I thought we’ve seen everything associated with the event a bajillion times.

Later: See the comments here. It’s a reenactment. Jeez-o-man (slaps knee), they got me.

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Mashable: Tourists just trying to take a selfie severely damaged a marble statue in Italy.

Exactly like what early skateboarders did to architectural treasures. What it used to look like before the crown was pulled off.

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Vox: Radio signals puzzled astrophysicists for 17 years; solved.

Some long-term employee was opening a microwave oven while it was running.

I haven’t laughed this hard in at least a week.

05/05/15 • 02:58 PM • FoodScience(5) Comments

Vox: Can Bernie Sanders push Clinton left on climate?

It would make her more palatable to me. A nice incentive for wind and solar would go a long way, along with a turn away from fracking.

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Globe and Mail.CA: Movie-fan bloggers the new Hollywood influencers.

While the fan connection has long been cultivated at conventions such as Comic-Con or Disney’s Star Wars Celebration, young writers such as Jones – whose posts have been read nearly 11 million times – are increasingly being courted at events once reserved for traditional media outlets.” 11 million times! I should just shut up shop and retire to the back of my sock drawer. But that’s a good example of the popularity a niche blog can stumble upon.

05/05/15 • 02:46 PM • EntertainmentInternetSocial MediaWeblogs(3) Comments

500px ISO: That ‘Most Used Cameras’ Stat Sharing Sites Like Promoting is Full of Holes.

Stats need context.

05/05/15 • 12:20 PM • GeneralPhotography(2) Comments

Mobile Mouse: Turn your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch into a Remote for your computer.

OK, seriously cool. With an iPad and a stylus, I could have a Wacom tablet on the cheap?

05/05/15 • 11:33 AM • AppleMobileSoftware(6) Comments

FashionBeans x Timex Watches: Weekender Collection.

Cute, affordable ... but loud. I blogged about buying one - many I encounter comment on the loud tick, and not in a complimentary fashion. I sprang for a Seiko self-winder, which adds day/date over the Weekender. The only negative is the small set knob; fiddly for my big fingers. Very accurate, good looking and almost silent. The Weekender has been relegated to solo weekend use.

If a jeweler came up with a low-cost way to quiet a Weekender, I imagine they’d make a mint pretty swiftly. Buy cheap b/w ads in the back of men’s fashion mags.

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Youtube: Fenati and Ajo clash in Moto3 warm-up.

Childish and dangerous. The guy in the blue punches the other’s engine kill switch at 0:30. He received a well-deserved penalty.

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Yow, the home page for Atlantic ...

The Atlantic went full-on responsive, I suppose, sometime in past months. I’m SO GLAD I read it through RSS. My fingers would die of scrolling. The cacophany of images and text may be great for smartphones, but on desktop I can’t parse it to find linkable stories. I find it overloads my brainpan.

05/05/15 • 10:51 AM • DesignInternetMobileNewsPersonal1 Comment

Smithsonian: The Media Needs a History Lesson When Addressing Civic Unrest.

... I think the way the media is depicting Baltimore, especially, is as if the choice is either don’t protest, which may lead to violence, or accept the lot. I mean part of the notion of calling people thugs is painting a lot of people with a broad brush and I think that’s a challenging thing to do.

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ArtDaily: In US, all presidents want their own temples.

Like the pharaohs, the presidents get to literally construct their own monuments, starting while they are in office, as we are seeing, and thereafter.

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Mashable: Your beard is dirty as a toilet?

Glass half empty? Look on the bright side - grow a beard, give yourself a free fecal transplant. There.

Later: Apparently a bit overblown, in sensationalist style. Your smartphone may worry you more.

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SF New Mexican: Santa Fe ranks as top capital city for selfie-taking.

Sunny weather is posited as the reason why.

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DWB: Tweet from Command Line with t.

Thought I’d posted something like this before, but a quick search shows I haven’t. Perhaps I shoved it in Evernote.

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NY Times: Fracking Chemicals Detected in Pennsylvania Drinking Water.

The nearby gas wells, which were established in 2009, were constructed with a protective intermediate casing of steel and cement from the surface down to almost 1,000 feet. But the wells below that depth lacked the protective casing, and were potentially at greater risk of leaking their contents into the surrounding rock layers, according to Dr. Brantley.” Anyone surprised? And when these wells are played out and capped, the cement plug and casings are as prone to leakage as ... your sidewalk is to cracking over time.

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Yahoo/Music: Hear It First - Jeff Beck Previews Live Track, ‘Going Down’

Glorious noise. I miss Vinny C.; Joseph is more workmanlike. [Didn’t realize he was married to Joss Stone’s mum.] And Jimmy Hall is no Beth Hart. But I’ll take it. Two new tracks on the album, too. Turn it up loud.

05/04/15 • 02:18 PM • Music(3) Comments

BBC: Nepal earthquake, ‘Worst-affected’ village of Langtang.

Wiped out by landslide and avalanche. The video is harrowing.

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Medium/Burton: Modern minimalism in web design is the right choice.

Of interest.

05/04/15 • 01:32 PM • DesignInternetMobileProgramming1 Comment

High Camp Teardrop Trailers.

I’m a sucker for stainless, in this case.

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Hugging wild lions, snuggling rhinos ...

I get fed up with the ‘loving/nurturing Mother Nature’ meme. Never more than this morning. A raven swooped on the robin’s nest in the piñon tree out in front of our house, ripped their babies to pieces, and ate them as the parents screamed bloody murder. Sandra is disconsolate. Puts a pall on the day. And that’s nothing compared to Kathmandu ...

05/04/15 • 12:10 PM • NaturePersonalSanta Fe Local(3) Comments

The New York Review of Books: ‘Nadja à Paris’ by Nadja Tesich.

A pleasant visual confection.

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SciAm: The Anti-Drone Drone.


05/04/15 • 11:55 AM • HardwareLawMotion Graphics(2) Comments
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