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SF Reporter: What happened with nuclear waste leak at New Mexico’s at WIPP?

About 700 barrels that contain the nitrates and kitty litter are now stored with extra precaution at the lab and at a Texas holding facility where they were already awaiting transportation to Carlsbad at the time of the detected problem ...” Time bombs? Hope they’re being stored in A/C; doubt it.

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NY Times/Well: Acetaminophen No Better Than Placebo for Back Pain.

... there has never been much research to support the recommendation, and now a large, rigorous trial has found that acetaminophen works no better than a placebo.” It has *never* worked for me. For any kind of pain. I haven’t touched Tylenol in over two decades.

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Adobe: Creative Cloud desktop applications and Mac OS X “Yosemite”.

... currently, running Creative Cloud desktop applications on the pre-release versions of Yosemite is not supported.

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National Post: Student finds something that sets the archaeology world abuzz.

We have found other religious objects in Ferryland but none from the 1620s, not from that time period when Calvert had cemented his vision of a colony of religious toleration. [snip] And then here we have it, the physical manifestation of his belief.

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ownCloud 7 released.

Of note.

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Mashable: Officials Search for 3 Days; Drone Finds Missing Man After 20 Minutes.

Match point, FAA. What are you going to do about the very positive aspects of quadcopter/drones?

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Blue Magic/Sideshow has ‘bings’ that exactly match iPhone’s text alert.

Thought it was important for everyone to know.

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CR4: Dangerous Rail Tankers - Coming to a City Near You.

Worse than I’d imagined. Read the whole thing.

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Guardian.UK: Dogs feel jealous of rival pets, study finds.

Too many babies and toddlers lie under grass because owners say (tragically too late), “But my dog would NEVER do such a thing.”

Tangential: CNN gets in hot water for implying we should eat pets instead of euthanizing them. We haven’t always felt that way. Lewis & Clark would agree - over 200 dogs were eaten on their westward trek. Minimal-maintenance portable protein. Some of the natives encountered found the practice disgusting. Causes one to recontemplate the definition of ‘civilized’.

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Hemingway App for Mac OSX.

Of note.  Does a bit of editing while you write.

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Sublime Forum: Sublime Text 4 is on its way.

Of interest.

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Bicycling: New Pro Gear at the 2014 Tour de France.

Ceramic bearings and more.

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Removed a post for the first time.

About how publishers should contemplate “director’s cuts”. I decided my comments and critiques were not phrased well, and offered too wide an opportunity for misinterpretation. My apologies. Sometimes it is indeed better to shut one’s cake-hole and listen a bit more.

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Slate: Almond milk bad for environment? Tom Philpott and Mother Jones are wrong.

Hmmph. Try looking at growing watermelons ... or chickens, for that matter. My complaint is the cheap fast-food burger. I don’t believe that $1 meat exists! Even when I see it. But that’s fodder for another post.

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Medium: Let’s fly.

Authorities recommend arriving two hours before international flights. I say four. Get there four hours before your flight.”  We learned this when travelling for work in the 80’s. That way, little bits of graft to skycaps would get your heavy equipment on board without huge overage fees.  I doubt that’s the case now. But still - arriving early gets special attention, always. Another tip - I purchased an Amex Platinum card, which gives special travel concierge service. One phone call, I could have a personal assistant reroute my interaries in minutes, get me access to all the airline lounges.  Don’t know if that’s still the case, but if you travel a great deal, the $400 bucks a year was more than worth it. So many times it make the difference between sleeping on a sofa in a strange airport and sleeping in my own bed. I remain a faithful Amex user, though no longer a platinum card holder, because of those experiences. [And this is an unpaid plug, in case you were wondering.] Via Kottke’s sharp eyes.

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Guardian.UK: E-readers vs books - the debate.

Never thought I’d say it, but I miss our old Borders Books.  I preferred NYC-style B&N’s, but all Santa Fe had was a Borders. I support independent bookstores, but they just don’t have the huge storespace, the strollspace that the chains had.  And I could kill hours - even days (after returning from a long a/v tour) - in bookstores.

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Lens Between Us.

Another cute attention-getting gimmick. Similar to the ‘woman leading photographer around the world’ that we saw a month or so ago (endlessly relinked).  Why can’t I think of something like this to go viral with?

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BBC: My friend, Picasso.

I had the opportunity to film Pablo Picasso in his home in Mougins … A few years later Picasso died and left me an artistic orphan.

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The Airship: Reading in Public - Tales of Love and Literature, Pt. II.

I actually didn’t like the book. But I still really like you.” Begging the question ... can you live with another person if they don’t like the same reading material? If the beacon of your life is prose, then I’d say tread carefully.

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Guardian.UK: New stem cell operation could revolutionise treatment of knee injuries.

The procedure, which is being trialled at Southampton general hospital, involves coating damaged cartilage with stem cells, taken from a patient’s own hip, and surgical glue.”  Obviously, there is a ‘knee’d’ for this ...

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NPR: ‘Rocket Girl’ Is A Jetpack-Powered 21st Century Angel.

It seems DaYoung wasn’t any ordinary teenager in her version of 2013. She was a member of the New York Teen Police Department. Now back in 1986, armed only with her flight gear and some awesome fighting moves, she beats down baddies of all stripes while pursuing her mission to stop the evil mega-corporation Quintum Mechanics.”  Sounds like fun.

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The Atlantic: Why Do Other Rich Nations Spend So Much Less on Healthcare?

Compared with the average OECD country, the U.S. delivers (population adjusted) almost three times as many mammograms, two-and-a-half times the number of MRI scans, and 31 percent more C-sections.

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OneHeadlightInk: Turns out movies DO make money for New Mexico.

It is interesting that on average full time movie jobs pay over $50,000 per year. Over 8000 jobs have been created over the last four years.

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Mavericks update was successful.

Don’t know if you all saw the comment thread on an earlier post.  My upgrade went pretty flawlessly, all things considered.  Today’s my first day running it.  What I’ve found:

#1: Mavericks does NOT eject external disks properly when the system goes to sleep. This is a major pain, with four external drives connected.  I’ve found a widget for the menu bar that allows me to ‘eject all’ quickly, but that’s still a kludge. Apple, fix this NOW. I’m tired of verifying disks to make sure nothing was borked.

#2: I had a random Finder window crash.  I decided to fix permissions right after (forgot to do it after updating).  No crashes since.

#3: If you’re using Mamp Pro 2.x, be sure to upgrade to 3.0 before the Mavericks upgrade. It’s a pain.

I am tickled to find I can text-message cell folks from Mavericks - then it occurred to me, I can have family, friends and clients all popping alerts on my screen all day long. Erk. I may have to find a way to turn that off easily.

Speed is about the same as my previous 10.7.5.  Some things are slower, but I think the update has to finish optimizing things - I understand it’s a constant process.

So overall - a good experience so far.  Have to catch up on updating some apps still.  Much more functionality in apps, compared to pre-10.8.  Some learning to do.

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ReadWrite: An Ode To Jim Rockford’s Answering Machine.

Funny; my old man was an attorney, and drooled over the idea of having such an answering machine. Problem was, they were expensive at the time. Eventually a dual-cassette one was purchased ... and come to think of it, very similar to Rockford’s.

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