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c|net: A tour of the Royal Air Force Museum.

75 photos, all great. Some examples of German WWII aircraft that I didn’t realize still existed in physical form [HE-111, ME-110].

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Jarvis - Your SMS Personal Assistant.

Interesting concept.

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Version control Wordpress with Capistrano. Also handles the database.

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Guardian.UK: US climber condemned for filming his children in Mont Blanc avalanche.

Mont Blanc is not the New York marathon. It’s not a trek. It’s mountaineering.

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Franck Goddio/Projects: Sunken civilizations - Heracleion.

Thonis-Heracleion (the Egyptian and Greek names of the city) is a city lost between legend and reality.”  Check the photos. Amazing trove.  Would love to dive this.

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ArtDaily: Ukraine rebels go to the museum ... to steal World War II tanks and two howitzers.

When an AFP journalist visited the museum Friday there were still markings on the ground from where the separatist fighters had revved up their vintage loot and made off.” Old reliables.  Whether they can find ammo in the right gauge, is a question.

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Youtube: Mad Max: Fury Road, Official Comic-Con Trailer (2015).

Action, sure. But for all the techno-punk gadgets, I get nothing from this. No connection. The trailer’s not particularly well-edited, so I’ll leave my jury out for the moment. I’m not hopeful.

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Aeon: Can you have self-worth without self-love?

We can learn not to care about display, and not to crave the admiration of others. We could even learn to display fewer selfies.”  A nice tempering of the current personal branding mania.  Worth the read.

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Colossal: This Is What Happens When You Attach a GoPro Camera to a Moving Car Wheel.

Barf alert.

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365/2: 207.

365/2: 207.

Contemplating the sadness of an empty martini glass ...

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365/2: 206. Too hot to shoot anything else!

365/2: 206.

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Ancient Origins: Archaeologists recreate Elixir of Long Life recipe from unearthed bottle.

Loorya enlisted researchers in Germany to track down the recipe in an old medical guide, which revealed that the potion contained ingredients such as aloe, which is anti-inflammatory, gentian root, which aids digestion, as well as rhubarb, zedoary, and Spanish saffron – ingredients still used by herbalists today.

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BBC: Newly-found gut virus ‘abundant in humans’.

They are now trying to grow the virus in a laboratory. And they say the next step would be to work out exactly how the virus affects our gut bacteria.

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365/2: 205. Impromptu hatrack.

365/2: 205.

Still need to buy that proper summer cowboy hat.

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iainclaridge.net: Propellors.

The link’s spelling (should be -ers). Just beautiful engineering. I miss props on commercial airliners; they were like white noise for the mind. I could zone out for an entire flight, watching them.

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Bicycling: How Female Cyclists Pee in Bib Shorts.

I’d wondered. Bib shorts make a huge difference in biking performance, IMHO. The removal of a stricture around the waist frees up the breathing. If you’ve never tried them, you should. You really should. I don’t ride in anything else.

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Planet Princeton: Feds - We Have No Jurisdiction Over NJ Transit Rail Line Moves.

If any of you know Princeton, you’ll have heard of the ‘Dinky’.  The shortest rail line in America at present. Now becoming even shorter, it seems. I’ve ridden it many times.  I’m happy to see the original building will survive - I just hope they’re updating the utilities, otherwise it’ll end up abandoned. I remember too well what happened to the historic Princessville Inn. A note - for us legitimate Princetonians, the preferred name was “PJ&B”, said exactly that way. “Princeton Junction and Back.”

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Paris Review: The Best Medicine.

Can a reader and a character be simultaneously amused?”  Hmmm. Interesting. Conflict tends to drive dialogue, not amusement. I can’t think of a single example of mirthful characters, off the bat. Mercutio’s mirthful wit, perhaps.

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Center for Public Integrity: How oil and gas firms gained influence and transformed North Dakota.

All I wanted to do was farm and ranch, from the time I could stand up. And it’s stolen the future for a lot of people who wanted to retire here, who wanted to live out their days here. It’s stolen mine.” Scroll about a third of the way down, perhaps a little farther, to the Google map of drilling sites. Then use the Google widget to zoom out a bit. See if you have the same reaction I did (“Holy sh-t!”).

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Art of VFX: Hercules.

Nice kitty.”  I dig the giant warthog.

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DEDPXL: Fuji X-T1 Review.

Zach Arias gives his opinion.

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The Airship: Have You Failed as a Writer If You Aren’t Famous?

True failure doesn’t lay in being unknown, but ceasing to write.

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Popular Archaeology: Ancient naval ram found in Phanagoria reveals history of unrest in 63 BC.

When the ship was first discovered, scientists suggested the ship was an ancient Byzantine merchant vessel. However, the newly-found ram dismisses the previous version and proves that the ship was a bireme, an ancient oared warship with two decks of oars that Mithradates used to quell unrest. The ship was later burned by the protesters in 63 B.C.

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Guardian.UK: Shipwreck excavation may explain how 17th-century warship blew itself up.

A surprising number of the human remains recovered so far have proved to be female, suggesting that as well as the 350 crew, plus extra gunners for the newly mounted artillery, the ship was carrying many of their wives and sweethearts.”  In between tours, they’d allow wives and sweethearts on board, to prevent the crew from deserting if they got off the ship. Having read various maritime novels about the era, one could imagine the crew being pretty lax, what with the captain not on board, and wenches all over.

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Dazed: Life on Earth is dying again.

Don’t say we weren’t warned – yesterday several studies published in the journal Science advised that we’re in currently in the middle of the Earth’s sixth mass extinction. While the human population is flourishing (no doubt part of the problem), other species are in rapid decline.

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