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DYT: Discover The Abandoned Orient Express Train In Belgium.

More artful, beautiful rust.

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Reddit/Space: There are now five spaceships parked at the ISS.

If I were still a kid, I’d be building models and dreaming of exploration ...

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RABA Research: July 30 Poll Results.

Among likely voters, Clinton garners 46% support to Trump’s 31%. Libertarian Gary Johnson now captures 7% of the vote, while Jill Stein sits at 2%.” Interestingly, Johnson’s down a percent since the RNC. I assume some Bernie people having a tiff followed the crowd.

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NY Times: The Blog That Disappeared.

If you use a service, be warned. Back up your stuff locally! Before using any new service, make sure you can get out what you so carefully put in.

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Foreign Policy: This Bikini-Wearing Swedish Cop Tackled a Thief — Then Instagrammed It.

Maybe I’m strange. I imagine this kind of thing happens frequently. And I never saw “Baywatch”.

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c|net: Dems hit by another hack.

Hmmm. Timing’s fishy. This hurts Trump more than Hillary, after his recent ‘supposed sarcasm.’

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NY Mag: Fmr. Fox Booker: Harassed by Ailes for 20 Years.

He’s a predator” Speechless. Just speechless. You’d see this stuff in NYC in the ‘80’s and ‘90’s, and having moved to NM I never really ever saw it again. Seems it hasn’t died, this behavior.

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Mashable: Watch Shonda Rhimes’s video honoring Hillary Clinton, narrated by Morgan Freeman.

As I said, the video is brilliant. It did half the work for her. It humanized her in a way that her rhetorical skills never could. I only hope she has shorter versions to run before EVERY speech she gives across the US. She has enough money for such a thing - I’d recommend it in a Hollywood second. It gets her over the ‘hump’, and you ignore her performance and hear her message after.

Just reinforces the power of well-shot, tightly-edited video. With a fantastic, charismatic narrator, of course.

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TechDirt: DNC Claims That Wikileaks Has ‘Malware Embedded Throughout The Site’.

We’ve seen various organizations impacted by Wikileaks come up with all sorts of excuses and claims about why people shouldn’t use the site, but “the site is embedded with malware” is a new one. It also seems hellishly unlikely.

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TPM: The Reviews Are In = Conservatives Say The DNC Was ‘Disaster’ For The GOP

I referenced Martin Seligman’s “Learned Optimism” before. You should take it out of the library, borrow it, read the chapter on predicting Presidential election outcomes. I believe the observation was the candidate with the more optimistic rhetorical style wins, every time. A change in tone - even at the last minute - can tank a candidate. Makes the upcoming contest even more interesting.

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New Scientist: Autoimmune diseases may be side effect of a strong immune system.

So healthy, you’re sick.

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Autoweek: The best of the Monterey auctions

Here’s your car, Emmett. Not exactly perfectly art-deco, but close enough. Gorgeous.

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PS Mag: A New Analysis Suggests Hillary Clinton’s Economic Plan Will Boost Employment and GDP.

And on the flip side, a non-economist view.

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NakedCap/Michael Hudson: Obama Said Hillary Will Continue his Legacy – and Indeed She Will!

*Sigh*. Hillary supporters, wait until the laughing gas wears off before reading. Michael Hudson’s Wiki entry.

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Electralube Light Bulb Lubricant.

File under “things I never knew I needed.”

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ArtDaily: Whey to go - 17th-century cheese found in Baltic wreck

But in the Kronan’s case, the blast was so powerful that pieces of the ship were scattered over a wide area of seabed. Fishing nets, minesweeping and the forces of the sea have added to the dispersal.” Given the fact it’s a bit ripe, maybe someone ... cut the cheese. Explosively.

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Italian Ways: The imposing Castle of Catajo.

There are mighty staircases built for the passage of horses, and huge gardens with redwoods from America.” And not a single photo of a staircase? Come ON!

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Meeting this morning.

A biggie. With y’all later. Run along, read all about the end of the DNC. It’ll take three days for the glow to wear off. Then it gets real.

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Vox: 9 prominent feminists on what Hillary Clinton’s historic candidacy really means.

Of interest.

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NY Times: Russia, Suspected in Hacking, Has Uneasy History With Hillary Clinton.

And the Times wonders why we think they’re shills. Not a peep about this (linked before), about the uranium deal from ‘09 to ‘13. Reported in their own newspaper! And ignored.

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The Nation: Can Hillary Clinton Convince America That She’ll Fight the Rigged System?

She needs a ‘corker.’ I’m sure she can hire great speechwriters. Question is, delivery.

07/28/16 • 01:39 PM • Politics(2) Comments

Slate: The Democrats court GOP defectors.

It is time. Time to move center from here, to court as many Repubs as possible. I will critique her shift in stances only if they directly affect causes I believe in (moral, ethical). Otherwise, go for it, Hill.

[I remain concerned about the Russia/Uranium/Clinton Foundation issue, and the DNC emails. Haven’t forgotten.]

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Guardian.UK: Tim Kaine to Republicans: ‘We have a home for you in the Democratic party.’

Even more ‘yuk-yuk’ than Biden. I sincerely hope this isn’t an upcoming fashion for VPs. I really liked Biden. This won’t come hard, but it’ll be a tax on my patience.

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CNN: Trump urges viewers to skip Clinton speech as Democrats rack up ratings wins.

Overnight Nielsen ratings indicate that Wednesday night’s DNC viewership was about 15% higher than last Wednesday night’s coverage of the RNC.” Next weeks polls become even more interesting.

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BillMoyers: Patriot Games.

Echoes of Tricky Dick.

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