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fri 08 aug 03

+ met some nice artists, did some schmoozing. some of the best shots, with a storm at sunset. kept waiting for that painting to sneeze:

storm at sunset, santa fe, new mexico, august 8, 2003.

old license plate, santa fe, new mexico, august 8, 2003.

calm aspect with flowers, santa fe, new mexico, august 8, 2003.

winged native, santa fe, new mexico, august 8, 2003.

+ out to crawl the friday night art gallery openings on canyon road. see y'all later ... mebbe some pix!

+ los angeles magazine: the wonk who blogged me. looking at mickey kaus. "there's a lot of bad writing out there, and a lot of bloggers who think that just because they don't have editors or fact checkers, they don't need editors or fact checkers." what disturbs me most, given the recent focus in multiple blogs on 'weblog ethics', is this: "do it right, he adds, and you never even have to say you got it wrong in the first place." to me, that's a perversion of what weblogging is, the reverse-chronological slice of time & history. going back to edit after the original posting in order to be 'right,' without recognition of the original misperception, is wrong. (in my opinion.) as i hold others accountable for their behavior, so i hold myself accountable for my own behavior. after committing to a post, i'll only add to it ... never rewrite it, except in an extreme case [i think there have been two occasions, in my almost-four-years of doing this; both were flagged as such]. retractions and apologies are part of the game, in order to be taken seriously as a news source or petit-opinion-columnist. one can't help but notice that in the virtual metacosm we have an overpopulation of 'perfect' news and politic bloggers. i'm beginning to become concerned that our reputation will be shattered when the 'jayson blair' of weblogs turns up, modifying his posts, and his archives, giving the impression of infallibility ... only to be outed by the traditional news media, resulting in the discounting of every internet publication. we simply must admit to the limitations in our expertise, in order to be taken seriously. there's an inherent danger in weblogging, of posting opinions about that which one knows little. that siren song even catches those who are 'veterans.' those who brook no public recognition of fallibility shade the entire metacosm as a bunch of opinionated jerks. on some days, i read my own weblog and think, "if i met this guy at a party, i'm damned sure i'd head for the opposite side of the room." nobody admires such overbearing righteousness ... but i could be, and often am, wrong about such things ... (grin) ...

+ nature: more than six degrees separate us. the effectiveness of social networks relies on motivation. specifically, lack of interest is what makes them fail. and that's too bad, because the ability of humanity to maintain attention has been decreasing for years.

+ webref: 3d modeling for profit. there now, maybe i could turn my years of time with form*z to something that makes cash ...

+ kalsey consulting: remember me, movable type.

+ dp review reports on a new sensor from foveon. near 5 megapixels, 1 1/8" ccd size. coming to consumer cameras, soon? this could be close to 35mm quality at a low price point, if the previous sensor is any indication.

+ dna interactive.

+ msnbc: a different 'axis of weasels' card set gets pulled from ebay. curious. (scroll down, no anchors).

+ slate: arnold's nazi problem.

+ times of india: solomon islands warlord to lay down arms. but his six hostages are dead.

+ times of india: two dead, seven injured in a cookie fight.

+ guardian.uk: making the web pay. so i was right? micropayments are working for some.

+ ny times: the probability that a real-estate agent is cheating you (and other riddles of modern life). the ability to ask good questions is an asset, and one that gets beaten down in our youth. "the entire drop in crime, levitt says, was due to more police officers, more prisoners, the waning crack epidemic and roe v. wade." there's a political bomb for you ... abortion reduces crime.

+ del sol, the boston comment: post-post dementia. "... post-post poets write the real stuff, the basics, the poem without the baggage of meaning and connection ..."

of course i have to try it ...

digital hammered flexion
bespoke the rodent
telling tales of
political puffery."

okay, so it stinks ... too much connection.

+ santa fe new mexican: u.s. navy looks to blimps as an anti-terror tool. what a fine idea.

+ santa fe new mexican: tex-exodus update ... democratic senators file lawsuit asking for ban on their arrest. isn't it time for the republicans to give it up? "the senate democrats claim there is no extraordinary occasion because the state has a legal congressional map approved by the u.s. supreme court that is valid through the 2010 census." stop with the blatant abuse of power, and let everyone get back to work.

+ ny times: invitation to the dance, hollywood version.

+ ny times: rivals say halliburton dominates iraq oil work. mix with this from yesterday. i'll be flat-out ... pretty damned crooked, if you ask me.

+ ny times editorial: muscle beach politics. "it is possible to oppose the recall but still make sure that if mr. davis goes, there is a good alternative on the ballot, stuck in there amid the pornographers and exhibitionists and terminators." what a motley crew. yet the issue isn't gray davis, it's the state of california. all we hear outside of the state is pro/con davis rhetoric. i've heard no answers to the problems that exist.

+ cnn: elephants believe in the death penalty.

+ watering trees this morning. beautiful and cool, but it's going to hot up real quick.