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thu 07 aug 03

+ moveon.org: al gore, at nyu. full text. his statement, "we wouldn't have to worry about a return to big budget deficits - because all the new growth in the economy caused by the tax cuts would lead to a lot of new revenue" underlines congress', the media's, and the populace's silent acceptance of the return of voodoo economics. hearing/seeing it is better than reading it.

+ how to hide a fire alarm in santa fe:

coyote cafe fire alarm, santa fe, new mexico, august 7, 2003, canon powershot g5.

+ there's a review of the canon powershot g5 up at photo.net.

+ sitepoint: build an automated php gallery system in minutes.

+ wired: a van that doubles as a giant camera.

+ la times: immunity for iraqi oil dealing raises alarms. "... the two-page executive order seemed to completely shield oil companies from liability even if it could be proved that they had committed human rights violations, bribed officials or caused great environmental damage in the course of their iraqi-related business."

+ the pew initiative on food and biotechnology has an interesting pdf of the u.s./e.u. wto dustup. didn't realize the e.u. had approved a g.m. modified soybean.

+ the economist: fish farming, the promise of a blue revolution. "he believes his firm can cut the use of marine resources in half again without reducing the amounts of a key fish oil omega-3 which is the main reason why fish is seen as a healthy food. replacement feedstuffs such as soya, rapeseed oil and corn gluten are being developed." we've had cornfed catfish for years. but much good info in this little article.

+ ny daily news: cnn anchor who struck cyclist cops a plea. "... at least five pedestrians witnessed the accident and chased cafferty's sedan, screaming at him to stop as it blew two red lights while dragging maldonaldo's bike ..." bicyclists continue to get treated differently, as if they don't have every legal right to the pavement as an automobile. too bad they don't teach anything about the uniform vehicle code in driver's ed much anymore.

+ it has come to my rather surprised attention that earth shoes are still around. a height-challenged friend of mine had a vintage pair of yellow ones, that made him look like a more handsome version of one of willie wonka's oompa-loompas. always wanted to try a pair; now's my chance, i guess. i've worn a pair of birks down to the cork.

+ better humans: the vatican supports g.m. food. "the book of genesis clearly establishes the domination of man over nature ..." and you can cry all the way to the weather service with that little bit of tomfoolery. there is a backstory to all this.

+ fair: when journalism becomes 'terrorism.' "if perle makes it through his current difficulties, it will largely due to the general compliance of the mainstream media with his attempts to squelch investigation of his business dealings."

+ dp review: minolta introduces its successor to the dimage 7 series, the a1, with image stabilization on the ccd sensor.

+ mysongbook.com. tabs, etc.

+ 28mm for august.

+ times of india: production of generic aids drugs begins in africa.

+ discovery: genome music. i wonder if we'll find that listening to your own sequenced dna will bring forth some sort of 'cosmic om' ... or reset the body in some manner.

+ spiked online: stuck in the present. history is getting short-sheeted.

+ ny times letters to the editor: hiroshima, nagasaki and america. good to see deep, rather than shallow, responses.

+ ny times editorial: keeping a lost world alive, the last remnant of iowa's tall grass prairie.

+ ny times: fine points of dashes make a buzz. i'll restrain myself from making the obvious one-liner.

+ ny times: the kinko's caper, burglary by modem. beware your consultants!

+ ny times: i see rats are on the upswing in nyc. when i first went to work in manhattan in, what was it, '82? 83? ... anyway, the garbage strike was on. mounds of garbage as high as a second story stood in the streets, in a sweltering summer. the stench was horrible. and the mounds were crawling with rats, as was central park. gives me the creeps just to think about it.

+ santa fe new mexican: get ready for some chuckles. "basinger film to shoot in new mexico." miss b hasn't been a great box office draw lately, but the fact that she " ... will star as a cosmetic saleswoman who ends up on the run from the f.b.i. after she leaves a train of dead elvis impersonators" strikes me as an unfortunate career choice. but i could be wrong. and 'hundreds of new mexican elvis impersonators'? i just spewed coffee out my nose. i think someone mistook new mexico for nevada.

+ santa fe new mexican: update on the tex-exodus, two g.o.p. senators fly to albuquerque to meet with democrats. will the dems kidnap the repubs? just kidding ...

+ cnn: mario cuomo knocks 'democratic babble.' but i disagree that gore could be a 'uniter' at this point.

+ cnn health: "eye gel" to remedy the vagaries of age?

+ cnn science: how to walk on water.

+ national endowment of the arts, via gmt+9: for the love of creativity, the passionate pursuit of self-taught artists.

+ washington post: the "flying cloud" is put to bed. you'll recall the story of the antique airliner which ditched in seattle. a bittersweet ending.

+ power's been out for the last hour. catch-up time ...