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wed 06 aug 03

+ apparently, back in june kodak released upgrades to their 14mp dcs-14n, which improved it greatly. i've been sitting here calculating out my 35mm 'used' inventory, and getting depressed at how prices have tanked since the last time i looked.

+ if i get any more enthusiastic, i'll bring this website to it's knees in image downloads. but you'll forgive my exuberance, i hope. i've already collected a gigabyte of raw files ...

+ "bad" sunsets are always a challenge. the goal is to find something worthy of burning pixels. subtle colors in the midst of foreboding clouds is one technique. not sure if it was worth standing on the roof for two hours, but it gave me time to get more acquainted with the new camera:

sunset clouds, santa fe, new mexico, august 6, 2003, canon powershot g5.

sunset clouds, santa fe, new mexico, august 6, 2003, canon powershot g5.

sunset clouds, santa fe, new mexico, august 6, 2003, canon powershot g5.

sunset clouds, santa fe, new mexico, august 6, 2003, canon powershot g5.

+ how the sci fi channel can dump farscape but finance this rehash, i'll never figure out.

+ the historic fireboat john j. harvey, and sept. 11. one, two. from what i've read from other accounts, this 70-year-old fireboat had more pump capacity than the newer ships, making it and its crew truly heroes.

+ i had thought i posted this yesterday, but i guess not ... mozilla thunderbird is working exceedingly well. the junk mail mechanism is working so well, i removed spampal ... and tbird's working even better. (i could never get the bayesian plugin dialed in.) so far, no spam has resided in my active folders at all. can't ask for more than that, except to flag spam as 'read,' and to eagerly await their blacklist implementations. i wouldn't have contemplated trying it at this early stage, except for rafe's recommend. thanks, rafe.

+ the experimental aircraft association's airventure fly-in (oshkosh!) just ended. don't miss their excellent photo galleries. if you're as big an airplane nut as i am, you'll love it. next year, i'm there. it's been a dream for a long while. anyone else interested? we oughta make it a digital camera/weblogger event. look at some of these images.

+ reason online: revealed libertarianism. what a great title. goes on file on the left side of the cerebellum.

+ center for independent studies: gulliver unbound, can america rule the world? "if u.s. defence spending proceeds as planned, this 'hyperpower' by 2007 will invest more in defence than all other countries combined." as i overheard in conversation the other day, "your tax dollars, in light of sept. 11, ain't buying much, bob." shouts of righteous indignation followed, of course.

+ ny times: what happened to sex in movies? alas, noone seems to recall that m*a*s*h, when first released, was rated "x."

+ the telegraph.uk says short videos reinvigorate art, while the globe.ca says the short film is dying or dead. draw your own conclusions.

+ two from the times of india: u.n. nuke experts begin talks with iran. let's hope it's not too little, too late. and, "al-qaeda widening gap between muslims, u.s."

+ ny times editorials: shortchanging security, and karl rove's water policy. one could suppose they've considered hiring the salmon as air marshals.

+ ny times: a khomeini breaks with his lineage to back u.s. "rather than religious rule, he suggested that shiites should overcome their historical persecution complex by pushing for a democratic government that respects their rights."

+ ny times: around the u.s., a house is a home ... but not a bonanza. housing rates continue to climb swiftly in the santa fe market. you'd be hard-pressed to find a house in the area where i live for less than 220k now. there are no 'starter homes' ... and it's a huge problem.

+ ny times: creativity as an ingredient of madness. extending the theory that to do great art, you must be nuts. they're coming to take me away, aha! they're coming to take me away, oho! ...

+ santa fe new mexican: richardson's getting serious about building a rail line between albuquerque and santa fe.

+ santa fe new mexican: draft clark. in spite of dean's early success, i still think clark would have the best chance at overthrowing mr. bush.

+ santa fe new mexican: update on the tex-exodus: dewhurst might turn to legal action to get democrats home. and, texas senators affirm stance in new mexico. as an aside, i was passed by a grey sedan bearing 'state senator' plates; the car was doing a liberal 85/90 mph in a 75 mph zone. hmmmm.

+ reuters: rumsfeld cautious on increasing the size of the military. as he should be.

+ remember hiroshima. photo. info. the mayor of hiroshima has criticized the u.s. for pursuing new nuclear devices, and allowing the nonproliferation treaty to languish.

+ up very late last night, working on various & sundry items. groggy. hate that feeling.