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tue 05 aug 03

+ note to self; when shooting underlit clouds, dial in a bit more underexposure. and don't fuss with the autofocus. do a manual for infinity. now that i've got the g5, i believe i'll set up my tripod on the roof, and get serious about sunsets ...

+ more great cloudage during sunset. the bottom shot shows precip that's not hitting the ground, but lit by the sun from below the horizon:

great clouds, santa fe, new mexico, august 5, 2003.

sunset, santa fe, new mexico, august 5, 2003.

sunset, santa fe, new mexico, august 5, 2003.

+ washington post, via mefi: persuaders or partisans? and then doonesbury nails the issue. i can't speak for all of the left, but it is that football-fan-unwavering-faith 'peer group dogma' that we just cannot accept, or emulate ... even for political gain. the right believes in political spontaneous generation, especially when it comes to the economy.

+ video performance restored at 75hz; thank goodness. i really need to spring for a proper graphics card.

+ i figured my regulars needed an explanation for the strangeness here. i feel like i'm changing my bedrock; all is flux right now.

+ my online world here is changing radically, which is why posting is becoming such a problem. i'll be moving some hosts, moving this weblog to movable type. just purchased a canon powershot g5 to replace my aging kodak dc-4800, to get higher quality for some upcoming shoots (one took place yesterday). the learning curve is a bit longer than i expected, to get the full benefits of the camera. needless to say, i'm pulled every which way from sunday. and i used 'windows update' last night, to be gifted with a new nvidia driver that won't give me my usual 1280x1024 at 32 bit color at anything other than 60hz. grrrrr. so postings will be *very* thin. and this weblog may disappear for a short time, though not without notice.