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mon 04 aug 03

+ cs monitor: terror and the constitution. "but the government violates the constitution when it claims it can remove u.s. citizens in the united states from the criminal-justice system, indefinitely detain them without challenge, and deny them access to a lawyer."

+ nj.com/ap: west virginia advertisement warns women that bad habits can harm their babies. future offspring. i fear this is somewhat misguided, and will result in the opposite effect. so many friends, when younger, were adamant about "never having a child." all are now mothers multiple times over; yet any "of course you will" comments would generate great anger and opposing behavior at the time. one must time friendly advice appropriately, and not preach.

+ dp review: lexar delivers a 4 gb compactflash card!! 600 raw 6 mp images on one card. sheesh.

+ nontoxicinteriors.com. i'm still putting off finishing the interior painting i need to accomplish, because of the dread of 'voc paint hangover.' there's a store in town with german nontoxics, that i still have to check out.

+ nzoom.com/nz: sweltering europe fans global warming concerns. learn from the american south: ceiling fans, broad deep porches. iced tea and lemonade. and from the tropical-experienced brits, g & t's for the malaria ...

+ kuro5hin: apache mod_rewrite primer. check the comments, too.

+ ny times: a bioethicist's take on genesis. i usually avoid those 'compound' specialties, but in this case, it sounds quite interesting.

+ in businessweek, a writer says goodbye to the beetle. his tale reminds me of my brief sojourn with an mg midget. i drove it with the top down from tennessee to new jersey, accumulating second-degree sunburn on my shoulders and almost third degree burns on my right leg (the tranmission tunnel along the middle of the car gets mighty hot). i won't even touch the issue of the front suspension and the sphincter-tightening effects of 'bump steer' ...

+ spiked: the children who won't grow up. nostalgia, escapism, and delusion.

+ toronto star: porn becomes mainstream. obviously in the minority, i for one will mourn the beauties of mystery.

later: and somewhat tangentially, city journal: what's wrong with twinkling buttocks?

+ ny times editorial: playing the religion card. the majority party always employs a philosophical litmus test prior to the congressional litmus test, but only points to the latter as being obstructionist.

+ ny times: white house letter, economic woes follow bus tour. somehow, given the akerlof's interview from yesterday, i don't think the administration really cares. have we become such a dissipated society, that even after the fact we'll pat the administration on the back for successfully taking the money and running?

+ ny times: taliban are killing clerics who defy holy war call.

+ santa fe new mexican: the joys of grid-tied solar power. though, at $13k, i do wonder at how many years it will take to recover the costs. i keep waiting for the prices to come down further.

+ happy four, anil. your 'daily links' have become a must-read.

+ a particularly fresh morning ... and client meetings start soon, to last most of the day. i'll be here sporadically.