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sun 03 aug 03

+ great clouds, rainstorm over the jemez mountains [some payback for advice from reid]:

sunset clouds, santa fe, new mexico, august 3, 2003.

storm over the jemez, santa fe, new mexico, august 3, 2003.

clouds, santa fe, new mexico, august 3, 2003.

+ santa fe new mexican: i told you about the 'trail of painted potties,' but you didn't believe me, did you?

+ independent.uk, via booknotes: speaking of anti-war, "u.s. anti-war activists hit by secret airport ban." just plain warped. i'd think militias, neo-nazis and other more shadowy organizations would be on the short list.

+ der spiegel, via follow me here: interview with nobel prize economist george a. akerlof, "a form of looting." more on mr. akerlof. did you realize he was the one who first coined the term 'lemon,' for a ratty used car? the right will, no doubt, discount his opinion, because he co-signed an anti-war document. but we've experienced the economic effects he describes, during and after the reagan budget fiascos.

+ we had a lovely bit of rain last night, so the morning is exceptionally cool and fresh. the poor plants even look perky. the heat has been crushing at times this season.