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fri 01 aug 03

+ the high-water mark on weblogs.com just got freaking bazooka'ed out of the stratosphere. 3,793 weblogs pinging. jeez-oh-mama.

+ ft.com (via mefi): the fed is in a dangerous game with china. "it would not be possible for u.s. treasury bond yields to be at current levels were china not a willing and able supplier of savings to the u.s. ... [snip] ... the flow of chinese savings has enabled americans to borrow more and spend more." the republican administration's fragile "economic stability" mostly financed by the communist chinese. oh, the irony! where's ms. coulter? what if they foreclose? heh.

+ offhand comment: i find that howard dean's success on the internet, if nothing else, shows the potential of weblogging to be congruent with that of talk radio in the '90's. whichever party embraces it fully, could gain a significant advantage in setting issues going into 2004. issue: for political sites, the necessity of some technology to bridge the 'anarchic' weblog [comments/discussion enabled] and the 'dictatorial' weblog [no comments/discussion enabled]. crack that conundrum, you've got yourself a market. a politico can't spend all day ip-banning opposition shills, yet must be responsive to her/his constituency. weblogs can also be used as a political-organization tool, bringing the national issues to the local level .. and vice-versa. local weblogs can do much to organize voters; i experimented with it here in new mex in 2000, but this state was not sufficiently 'wired' at the time. and those people operating the 'logs wanted to be paid. but it can be done, if someone gets their ---- together *now*!

+ findlaw's writ: john dean, the 9/11 report raises more serious questions about the white house statements on intelligence. caught this thanks to susan of 2020hindsight.

+ msnbc: latinos fastest growing group on the net. the historical patriarchal nature of latino culture remains manifest, i notice.

+ sitepoint: build your business through referrals. an important aspect of sole proprietorship. set the ground rules, and work to 'open opportunities' everywhere you can.

+ web page design for designers has an article on 'factor x.' you'll have to scroll down; i detected no anchor tags. my take on the article is, print flavor, not slavish devotion to print's hard-and-fast rules.

+ ars technica is requesting redesign input.

+ cs monitor opinion: horse sense. i believe we'll all take seabiscuit and springsteen, over schwarzenegger and the state of the union.

+ cs monitor: congress is regaining its measured 'no' against the pandering 'yes.'

+ bleublancrouge.ca. if they're truly as fun as their website, i'd love to work there. creativity shouldn't be bridled ... it should always be on a long leash.

+ curvation. ladies, "celebrate your curves." funny thing is, most of the product, at first glance, seem bent on restraining curves.

+ washington post: yesterday, exxon-mobil. today, texaco-chevron posts a "quadruple" quarterly profit. higher prices at the pump usually mean less gas pumped ... and worldwide production has been down. it doesn't compute.

+ the times of malta: "landfills are forever." a local landfill issue, but written with feeling.

+ food ingredients first: i don't know if i'll ever eat a meat pizza again, given this report. so, what's the filler? soy? and, a bit off the subject, has anyone else noticed the subtle increase in the use of soy products in almost *everything?* margarine! chips! it's everywhere. called to my attention by an acquaintance who has an allergy to soy. reading food labels, it's amazing. must be dirt cheap these days.

+ eircom: german police arrest man firing potato 'bazooka.' i've covered potato guns before, but i can't find it in my archives. drats. well, potato guns have a long and glorious history of backyard engineering. and more serious engineering, too. i can hear it now ... "goodness, does the department of homeland security know about this threat?" pffft. seriously, though, we all ought to chip in and buy a couple for nasa, so they can learn the basic physics lesson about impact of 'soft' objects at high velocity.

+ cnet: european firms threaten mass p2p lawsuit. but, "article 270 of the spanish penal code specifically allows people to share files as long as there is no profit involved."

+ yahoo news (via mefi): around the world in 4,000 days. "rubber duckie, you're the one ... who makes world travel lots of fun ..." apologies to sesame street.

+ times of india: zapatistas on the air. maybe they'll expand to internet 'pirate' radio to garner international audience. i won't even start the concept of 'rebel' weblogs ...

+ times of india: u.k. judge quits case as his dog appears for the defense. will he hold the dog for treason?

+ the new yorker: big dead white male. on 200 years of ralph waldo emerson. "if a man would learn to read his own manuscript severely becoming really a third person, & search only for what interested him, he would blot to purpose & how every page would gain! then all the words will be sprightly, & every sentence a surprise." something i constantly aspire to, and continue to fail gloriously. but the attempt is what's important.

+ msn/slate: loaning and trading cultural treasures has positive merits. think about all the antiquities we take for granted today; how many would have survived if say, belzoni hadn't wrought his 'devastation?' look at cambodia, afghanistan, etc.

+ the age.au: joe stalin tried to knock off 'the duke.'

+ guardian.uk: cambodia's forgotten temples fall prey to looters. the circumstance is accelerating, it seems. did lara croft set the wrong precedent? [grin.]

+ ny times: poindexter will be leaving. the administration seems to feel he's too potent a lightning rod. no tears; he'll probably show up on the government dole as some sort of freelance consultant.

+ ny times editorial: offensive prayer offensive. and letters to the editor, "bush sinners and gay rights." hmmm. it seems most of the angst is the hegemony religions feel over the word 'marriage.' i know of no historical precedents for same-sex 'marriages;' good to review some historical roots. a civil authority must award appropriate rights to unions, devoid of religious prejudices, but i guess in the face of historical precedent, 'marriage' cannot be the term used.

later: globe and mail, "republicans see a vote-getter." and i think they're right [oof.]. it's may be the perfect issue to split the electorate, and attract the more 'traditional' left to garner a majority in 2004. best of all, they can just sit back and let the left and the media yell; just push a stick in the fire from time to time, stir up the coals. it's all to their advantage. dems need to get their message crystal clear, real quick. legal rights and tax benefits are one thing, the term 'marriage,' another. separate them clearly. thanks, j.j.!

+ ny times: north korea agrees to multilateral talks. did the bush administration play this card right? as you know, i've been far more concerned about n.k. than iraq. i'll be patient now that this impasse seems to have been broken. but jong-il is unstable; we'll see. i think kristof misses the point; negotiating and talking hasn't done a whole hell of a lot of good. what guarantees could n.k. possibly give, in the face of their historical deceit? but i understand his concern, i share it too. 'waiting for north korea to collapse' is an anxiety-filled exercise.

+ santa fe new mexican: council measure opposing plutonium pit facility in los alamos fails. as i've mentioned before, we have winds predominantly from the west, which puts parts of the santa fe area directly downwind of los alamos. and they're upriver on the rio grande, which fortunately, we don't tap water from ... yet. plutonium's been detected in the downstream lake at cochiti, already.

+ santa fe new mexican: first human case of west nile in new mexico, and toddler vaccinations are lagging.

+ santa fe new mexican: texas-legislators-on-the-lam update ... n.m. republican legislator questions use of state police for democrats. and the new york times has general info. "... paying their own way in albuquerque, where their hotel rooms average $115. all said that while in new mexico they were refusing per diem payments, which run $1,700 a month."

+ rabbit, rabbit.