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thu 31 jul 03

+ mozillazine: newsmonster 1.2.

+ american rhetoric.

+ digital morphology.

+ usa today: "scientists are planting genetically engineered trees in dozens of research projects across the country, ignoring the pleas of environmentalists who fear dangerous, unintended consequences."

+ approaching sunset:

sunset, santa fe, new mexico, july 31, 2003.

+ oh, yucca:

yucca, santa fe, new mexico, july 31, 2003.

+ so busy. knee-deep in the box model and topstyle ... and digital photography.

+ miami herald: bush 'honeymoon' with hispanics is over. remember what i said ... "what have you done for (or against me) lately?"

+ remember to 'rabbit, rabbit' tomorrow. extra points for wearing your 'rare alaskan tibbar' coat ... (channeling fred flintstone).

+ plastic: beware of farm-raised salmon? high in pcb's, apparently.

+ wired: the apple cube, alive and selling. such a great form-factor. someone needs to jig a water-cooling situation, that recycles from a matching aquarium or something.

+ bill maher has a weblog now? i wonder if it's legit [it has no personalized domain]. if so, welcome to the metacosm, bill. god knows, we need more humor around here. via le blogeur.

+ the spectator.uk hints around at something i was theorizing about a while ago; the southern influence on american politics. when i lived in knoxville, tn, two neighbors got arrested. one had shot the other in the rear-end for raiding his chicken coop. the judge tried very hard to explain 'manslaughter' to the two, with no success. he ended up asking, "would you shoot him again?" "yessir, if i caught him in my chickens." "are you going to try to steal his chickens?" "no sir." "get the hell out of my courtroom, the both of you." or at least, that was the story related through the neighborhood gossip mill. legal niceties aside, 'honour' predicates the protection of property over human life.

later: i grew up in new jersey. as kids, we used to cut across neighbor's property all the time; never had a threat, never had a thought about it. you don't do that down south, unless you're *very* well known to the property owners. a shotgun full of rocksalt in your backside is often your reward for 'traipsing' across others' property. the southern 'culture' took a deal of getting used to, for a born northerner. it's looser in some ways, tighter in others. and i don't mean to imply all is bad, or ignorant. just a different take on america's "freedoms."

+ times of india: 'pooty-poot' says russia will refrain from nuke tests if others do.

+ msnbc: "a journalist takes his family around the world to rescue them from cocoa puffs, cell phones and third reruns of 'buffy.'" he gave his kids a great gift. i only hope he truly balanced the worldview with beauty, as well as ugliness.

+ national post: guardians of memory through history. on libraries.

+ ny times op-ed guest contributor, todd buchholz: all bets are off. echoes many of my concerns yesterday. those who believe the terrorism futures market is a smart expenditure of limited funds, are wrong.

+ ny times home: tackling architecture with a table saw.

+ ny times: first study on patients who fast to end lives.

+ ny times: exxon mobil ... higher prices, higher profits.

+ santa fe new mexican: bill returns ancestral lands to pueblos.

+ santa fe new mexican: tex-exodus update. drop me a line, folks, we'll have a barbecue while you're waiting.

+ cnn: "rappers want to be pimps." er, you don't have to degrade women to wear a zoot suit ...

+ lots to accomplish today ...