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wed 30 jul 03

+ monstah is back at her regular url.

+ houston chronicle: what goes around, comes around ... "global warming ... [snip] ... is interfering with efforts in alaska to discover yet more oil." if this in-your-face evidence doesn't shake the administration, i sincerely doubt anything will.

+ onlamp: simplify your life with apache virtual hosts.

+ cnet: apple to sell macs at 'best buy.'

+ as for 'terrorism futures,' check futures trading sites. "when trading futures, there is significant risk of loss." it's that understatement that makes me question the value. markets have been really good at losing us our retirement plans, and historically are easily 'gamed.' surely there are more efficacious programs to spend our limited deficit dollars on?

+ reuters health: herbal extract kills prostate cancer cells. if you've ever wondered why i link so many prostate-health stories, my paternal grandfather may have died of the disease. consider these as bookmarks i hope to never have to use ...

+ websiteoptimization.com: july 2003 bandwidth report. broadband is at 36.7% of all internet users in the u.s.!

+ jordan times: oil smuggling still going full steam in iraq. ah, democracy ...

+ the advertiser.au: mars and dogs save farmer. "... after he arrived home, putting off ringing the ambulance until about 8am because he did not want to disturb anyone."

+ bikemagic: watson jumps le tour. "... partially separated shoulder, sore back, neck and a severely bruised groin." sponsor a study, "do extreme mtb'ers reproduce?" ...

+ still waiting for fashion to recycle shenandoah boots and wallabees ... both concurrent in era, and 'hipness.'

+ village voice: cyborg liberation front. "should humans welcome or resist becoming posthuman?"

+ edge.org has a talk with elaine pagels. what a strange still image to use.

+ economist.com: storing e-text for centuries. paper bound into books, still remains the most archival of methods. which reminds me to check booklab 2.

+ the new york sun: solemn spaces without joy.

+ the new criterion: the politics of oxymoron. brings to mind a lowbrow, apropos name for someone who isn't aware of climate change: "carbon-dioxy-moron."

+ the inquirer.uk: it will take the r.i.a.a. 2,191.78 years to sue every file-sharer.

+ ny times op-ed: maureen dowd has some good points, in 'blanket of dread.' "senator lincoln chafee, republican of rhode island, responded to mr. wolfowitz's oration about saddam's tyranny by noting sharply that liberia's charles taylor is also a vicious tyrant famous for dismembering and burning victims, and spreading war." this same charles taylor, supported by pat robertson.

+ ny times editorial: poindexter's follies. we already have good reasons for suspicion over the 'rehabilitation' of watergate and iran-contra figures; they should not be active in government.

+ ny times gets in-depth on howard dean. i'll have to dig more into his environmental record.

+ santa fe new mexican: other countries recognize the effects of e.m.f. ... it seems chinese elms do, too. if you live near power lines, you might want to try an experiment.

+ santa fe new mexican: fire ash threatens nambé water. authorities have been letting the fire burn, to clear away excess fuels. if nambé lake needs dredging and rehabilitation, certainly the authorities should pay for it.

+ reuters: higher mortgage rates are killing the refi industry. "in coming months, cash flow to homeowners will start to dry up ... [snip] ... refis will be a negligible component of the economy if rates are at this level or higher by year-end." we'll see credit card rates start creeping up, i believe, if this effect continues.

+ cnn: high-tech study fails to find nessie. the '34 photograph, in shape and scale, always brought to mind a hefty swimmer's arm, hand cupped.

+ huh?

+ python 2.3 released. what's new.

+ rained last night. glorious to wake up to humidity.