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tue 29 jul 03

+ ny times: ozone layer is improving, according to monitors. "... the phasing out of chemicals that harm the ozone layer is having a restorative effect." proof that human activities do have global effect (thinking of climate-change naysayers)?

+ brainstorms and raves: movable type tags within your text editors. topstyle, dreamweaver, and textpad.

+ zend: paypal, a php approach.

+ seattleslew.com. if you're tired of gnawing on seabiscuits.

+ if you're on broadband, eccentris.com. on a dialup, forget about it ... the interface doesn't respond fast enough to figure it out.

+ wetsand.com, "a waterman's guide to the internet."

+ hi pakistan: "toting babies and stirring cooking pots, village women are occupying a shell oil installation in a peaceful demonstration amid surging ethnic violence in nigeria's restive oil delta." good for you, ladies. make 'em clean up their mess, too.

+ the wilderness society: wyoming court decision removes roadless forest protection.

+ science daily: well, global warming means we'll be eating more corn, seems like ...

+ i'm being pulled in many different directions this week. postings will resume when i have the opportunity. "ah gotta make hay whal the sun shines."

+ ny times: centrist democrats warn party not to present itself as "far left." few probably now recall how clinton frightened the existing majority far left wing of the democrats during the primaries. he was way too cozy with big business, and republicans hated him for aping their philosophies. whichever democratic candidate is fielded, must take the best of clinton, and improve upon the weaknesses. demonizing president bush, rather than treating him as merely the latest political malady in a long line of maladies, is a mistake, and will not encourage crossover votes. i have little hope for the democratic party, given the milque-toast, reactive candidates.

+ ny times: has the sea given up its bounty? after the recent dna research showing how many whales there ought to be, i'd have to say yes.

+ santa fe new mexican: pentagon plan would take bets on terror. i thought this was a hoax?

later: apparently it's real, and been dumped.

+ santa fe new mexican: u.s. war on terror rankles chicano activist. this one article, and the comments below, give you more of a flavor of new mexico than anything i could put into words. history is inextricably and directly linked to the present, at all times.

+ santa fe new mexican: texas dems "take that left toin at albuquerque" ...

+ i see dvorak and i are on the same wavelength, sort of. if the trent lott affair was really precipitated by weblogs, where was the backlash? if congresspersons are reading weblogs, it probably falls into the category of affluent-white-man-opinion, tempered by the notion that "it's the internet." one can't even be sure some longer-term congresspersons can even hold a mouse with the correct orientation ["but on a mouse, the tail goes down!"].

later: that's not to say weblogs cannot foment political change. i just am not convinced that weblogs are the cause, or the perpetuators, of public and/or media political tremors. yet.

+ swamped again. slow posts.