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mon 28 jul 03

+ sometimes (all the time?) css just wants to make me scream. or, conversely, browsers in general ...

+ ny times magazine: a bad trip down memory lane. i believe it was carl sagan, in 'this demon haunted world,' who first posited that alien abduction has replaced historical angel/god/demon encounters.

+ washington post book review: an entertaining one, 'the mouths that roared,' by anne applebaum. "even the company of maoist insurgents would be more intellectually invigorating than that of ann coulter. more to the point, whatever side this woman is on, i don't want to be on it." an aside: since mentioning ms. coulter on this site, all the google searches on her seem to focus on "ann coulter nude."

+ new york post: the belasco, a haunted theatre.

+ times of india: there may be a decided negative to sleeping in cast iron beds. conduct thyself appropriately.

+ ny times letters to the editor: delay's mideast tour. be sure to read the originating article.

+ ny times: red ink in states beginning to hurt economic recovery.

+ ny times: it seems bob hope is working on one last adventure, the greatest ... "the road to heaven."

+ swamped. posting will be difficult.