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sun 27 jul 03

+ drugstore.com: chocolate body tattoo set. looking for some other item, this gave me a chuckle. scroll down. they've posted the nutrition facts.

+ amit's european travelogue. you can sign up for updates. gotcher digital camera packed, amit?

+ bbc sport: tdf final stage photos.

+ in light of oday and qusay, did it put anyone in mind of 'myst'? the two evil brothers ... their stash of horrors that you get to rifle through ... though saddam is hardly an atrus. the cyan folks really hooked into some powerful modern archetypes, i deem. interestingly, myst was built right after the first gulf war ended, if i recall.

+ ny times: america yawns at foreign fiction.

+ cross currents: feminism, the body, and the machine.

+ times of india: $1 billion in aid to afghanistan? more international largesse, while america is in deficit ...

+ physics today: marie curie in the lab, on the battlefield.

+ ny times arts, frank rich: finally, porn does prime time. fascinating, that this didn't surface during an adulterer's span in the white house, as many predicted. we get a 'fundamentalist' in office, and sodom and gomorrah come to our television screens. well, it rehabilitates phil gramm, if nothing else.

later: then again, maybe it is a measured return to the 'idyllic' 1950's. "the smell of ink, the thrill of testosterone." no wonder so many women took refuge in "mother's little helpers" ...

+ ny times editorial: nuclear breakout. i'm afraid civilian nuclear plants should be neither assisted, nor encouraged. wind, solar and other means should be pushed by international consortium. no matter the benefits of nuclear technology, it is too easily perverted.

+ ny times: wolfowitz says u.s. must act, even on 'murky' data.

later: a couple of thoughts here:

1. where do you draw the line? consistently? it seems 'interpretation' and 'faith' become the triggers when the intelligence is prehistoric (in intelligence terms). one man's sin is another man's virtue. i place the bar for war on a higher plane.

2. 'terrible price.' just so. but we also exacted large sums from iraq's neighbors, because we pulled back in '91 leaving the snake with its fangs intact. "you want protection? you buy x amount of military hardware, keep it ready for use, hire our advisers, and we'll come and protect you." i'd like to see a reporter correlate the price of armaments and provisioning made in the area, post gw1, against costs of no-fly zones and other american actions, and see if we posted a profit or a loss [taking into account the pre-existing bases and costs in the area, as deployed pre-gw1].

finally, using 9/11 and terrorism as a boogeyman to elicit desired response. it's overused, sir. we hear it every day, at least once. save it for when it's directly applicable. if civil defense had done it's *existing* job, with no homeland security 'improvements,' 9/11 might have been prevented.

+ ny times: armstrong makes it five. allez, lance!

+ ny times: as clock ticks for hubble, some plead for reprieve.

+ santa fe new mexican: you'd think new mexico, dry as it is, would have approved the use of gray water a long time ago. but, alas, state government and common sense don't often meet.

+ santa fe new mexican: the 'night sky office.' unshielded lights are a waste, as well as an eyesore.

+ santa fe new mexican: apparently spanish market has exceeded sales expectations ... and attendance. is the recession over, finally?

+ lazy.