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sat 26 jul 03

+ i've been slow noticing ed's change of venue. so shoot me. i've been busy.

+ decided to catch up on some work today. outside or inside, it wouldn't matter. i'd sweat to death anyway. there's a storm over santa fe; i can see the sky fire up every few seconds. come over here!!!

+ "the w3c ecommerce/micropayment activity is now closed." ah, so i was late to the game.

+ flight 404.

+ guardian.uk: farmers wrecking archaeological sites. "bodies buried without coffins in the upper levels of the romano-british cemetery were almost obliterated ..." imagine, the items you might find in your potatoes ...

+ heart center online: exercise can counteract genetics. lose that spare tire!!

+ webref: a (css) horse of a different color, part two.

+ eff: riaa subpoena database. and, how not to get sued by the riaa for file-sharing (and other ideas to avoid being treated like a criminal).

later: cringely, the pulpit, snapster, son of napster. fractional ownership!

+ the independent review: the cultural politics of propaganda in world war 2.

+ times of india: bush may overhaul iraq administration again.

+ ny times arts: the secret of goya's black paintings.

+ ny times home & garden: at home on the new range, the cowboy concierge. yessiree, you can have conversations with cowboys out here, that can include spanish wines, jungian philosophy, navicular disease ... you get the idea. best to avoid stereotypes and prejudgment.

+ ny times letters to the editor: were the 9/11 attacks preventable? good 'uns here, too.

+ ny times letters to the editor: the poor and tax relief. read it. "the deficit for this year is estimated at $455 billion. that represents a debt of roughly $1,569 for each of the approximately 290 million american citizens."

+ ny times movie review: "seabiscuit" sounds a bit labored. i'll probably wait for the dvd.

+ ny times editorial: california chaos. "loophole" democracy, more like.

+ santa fe new mexican: more 'water wars.' and don't miss this article about how hot it is in phoenix, arizona right now. "it's so hot that windshields are shattering or falling out, dogs are burning their paws on the pavement and candles are melting indoors."

+ santa fe new mexican: it's spanish market weekend in santa fe. we pray for tourists. another longtime business in the plaza has announced they're going out of biz. and, to cap it off, santa fe shakespeare is closing down. seeing shakespeare performed, versus being forced to stultifyingly read the prose in english class, was a particular high point for me. a damned shame to see such a cultural resource disappear.

+ there was a simply adorable baby rabbit under my bedroom window this morning. and the dawn was spectactular. thanks for chewing so loudly, bunny.