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fri 25 jul 03

+ sunset this eve:

sunset, santa fe, new mexico, july 25, 2003.

another sunset view, santa fe, new mexico, july 25, 2003.

+ been using the latest build of thunderbird, recently released. a bit more solid.

+ i was going to post some thoughts about our beloved weblogs.com yesterday, but couldn't find the right words. these were my notes, which i don't have time to put into prose:

hits. when aol journals come on line, i wonder will they be pinging too? community seems to be burgeoning.

format. tab interface [programming, web design, politics, personal, photo, whatever]? smart filtering?

cost of upgrades. we used to talk about micropayments. try this: "a penny a ping." if even 20% of users donate that, weblogs.com is in gravy. calculate it out, based on hourly .php# of blogs updating.

competing pay-for service. a subscription service with advanced features. (support/sponsorship from major blog programs?)

later: billsaysthis says this. well, i knew mentioning micropayments was over the top. call me naive; if it ever worked, we'd have a richer environment for pennies ...

+ everything burns. run your cursor over the poem. now *that's* elegant.

+ slashdot: seems there are issues between ownership, apple's definition of said ownership, and itunes downloadable music. a downloadable music version of "regions" on dvd's?

+ physics post: the consequences of physical immortality. "creativity and ingenuity are infinite in capacity. so long as we have something to do and are alive, there will always be problems to solve and better ways of solving them."

+ cs monitor: now it's the right war, for the wrong reasons? the new republic comes closest to postulating that scientists may have been feeding hussein a line, out of fear.

+ photographer john arsenault's site, pony 71. flash.

+ seattle times: environmentalists balk at project to protect venice. for a minute there, i thought i'd have to make a choice between my environmentalism, and my reverence for history. this one turns out to be easy; embrace both answers. venice belongs to italy, but it's impact on western culture makes it valuable to all.

+ washington post: parallel universes. brings to mind morpheus ['the matrix'}: "what is real? how do you define real?" makes me think of philosophy class, and 'chair-ness.'

+ guardian.uk: saudi governmental links to 9/11, not iraqi?

+ zdnet: startup aims to simply xml.

+ sessions.edu: web design one. online course.

+ times of india: north korea has a 'trial in absentia' of ten past u.s. presidents. i'm without words.

+ times of india: 23 african states facing food emergencies.

+ new yorker: the devil's disciples. "totalitarianism, authoritarianism, the mob, and the masses are abstractions, but they do real work in the world." beware the 'isms.'

+ bbc: downloads will 'revive the singles charts.'

+ ny times op-ed, krugman: dropping the bonds. greenspan as 'yes man.' one has to wonder what occurred during those conversations with the administration prior to the first bush tax cut.

+ ny times journeys: last exit before the wilderness.

+ ny times editorial: nature's lessons in yosemite. channeling chris stevens ['northern exposure']: "we've opted for the zoo, where the lion can't eat you instead of the jungle, where he can. quelle dommage. what a drag."

+ ny times letters to the editor: bushes and husseins. i'd like to see barbara bush singing opera.

+ findlaw: 9/11 report: joint congressional inquiry. you can download the entire document from here, or as bits and pieces. pdf's.

later: mebbe it's time to dredge this up again: salon, bush, oil and the taliban. i don't like conspiracity theories; i find 99% of them a waste of time. just picking out commonalities from memory.

+ ny times: so, how do you feel about loud motorcycles? i'm not a fan of deafness. walking miles back in the wilderness, i can hear an unmuffled harley clear as day. sentence offenders to sitting behind an rx-3 [wankel] with no muffler ...

+ santa fe new mexican: senate approves $38.1 million to pay final cerro grande fire loss claims. took just over three years.

+ santa fe new mexican: in the spirit of leonard peltier. if you haven't read "in the spirit of crazy horse," by peter matthiessen, do. it will make you *very* angry, if you have any heart at all. don't take it on a vacation; you'll walk around with thunderous brows of zeus [i made this mistake] ... glowering at everyone.

+ santa fe new mexican: read more on our water wars in santa fe. las campanas is the uber-expensive [$ millions] development northwest of town, with a huge golf course setup [36 holes, i believe] that requires huge amounts of water.

+ reuters: genetic study shows extent of whale slaughter. "whaling records indicate about 40,000 fin whales once swam the north atlantic and the i.w.c. says there are now 56,000 fin whales. but the genetics of 235 fin whales suggest there were once 360,000 of the animals." i hope this study will help end whaling for my lifetime, at least.

+ nice plaster job on the hussein brothers. they look like aged route 66 tourist attractions. does noone in iraq, or in the chain of command, understand anything about the culture they're trying to support?

+ cnn: north korea threatens tactical nukes. feel free to compare and contrast with "... a dictator was arming to threaten the peace, and he defied the demands of the world ..."

+ cnn: dealer arrested for "jesus box" forgery. three cheers for skepticism.

+ up early.